Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle, Pretty in Pink

Main features

  • Educational toys that help children learn
  • Made using safe and high quality materials
  • Toys for all age groups
  • Clear rattle with colorful beads enhances auditory and visual development
  • Textured handle is easy for baby to grasp
  • Mirror and colorful Beads inside reflect light
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item supports breast cancer research

Verified reviews


Cute but haven’t used

This rattle is cute and affordable. That’s why I ordered it. It’s also gender neutral. We have no children so it hasn’t been used.

Hester Saint Louis, MO

Best baby rattle

This is the best rattle. It’s small, lightweight, great bright colors, easy for the smallest hands to grab and not overly loud. One end is a clear globe, the other is mirrored inside which catches the light and give s abit of added visual interest. I am horrified to see it listed for twenty bucks though as they are a dollar at Wally World!!

Mayra Christmas Valley, OR

bright star toy

i didnt like this toy well first of all i payed way too much on amazon, i think it was close to 8$ mean while i found it exact one in walmart for like 2 something dollars….that was a bummer ….besides the price my lil girl has no interest in it what so ever….i give it to her to play all the time, and she troughs it away…havent seen her even once with this toy!!!! personally waste of money…

Chrystal Big Flat, AR

It’s a rattle!

Hey, it’s a rattle. It makes a rattly noise, and the little bits inside move around. Not too exciting, but it seems to make my daughter happy sometimes. It is durable, and stands up to being smacked against a table, a wall, the ground over and over again. There seems to be a very small window in which this object is interesting to babies, so get it fast, and let ’em play.

Jennie Waunakee, WI

Research Homework Guru

My two rules are: always do your homework and never pay full price. I have two, one for boy and one for girl. Built well and child safe. I stand by this product for quality, price, and Amazon customer service with free 2 day prime shipping.

Vivian Milam, TX

Great for a 9 week old and a 9 month old!

My son loves this rattle. It was one of the first things he can old and he still plays with it at almost 10 months. He lvoes music and now often goes and finds this rattle to shake and make music. Great toy/gift!

Erica Shepherd, MI

Great baby toy

Great for babies and infants. Easy for tiny hands to hold on their own. The rattle noise is fun for the little ones. Durable and reasonably priced.

Rosanna Morristown, OH

Good rattle overall.

I like this rattle since it is easy for my 4 month old to grip and shake. The colors on it are great to stimulate his brain.

Avis Kieffer, WV

Not very noisy

This is a disappointment as it doesn’t make much of a rattle sound and that is not holding my granddaughter’s attention for very long. She’s a year old; maybe OK for younger babies.

Margo French Camp, MS

Great toy for grasping!

Purchased this toy in pink from Target and it is certainly a purchase that I don’t regret! Handle is small enough for small hands that are learning to grasp, and the rattle is light enough for baby. Rattle is not too loud either!

Rosemarie Christiansburg, VA

Great rattle!

My 6 month old daughter loves to look at the colours and watch the little balls move. This is one of her favourite rattles.

Avis Sheppton, PA

Great rattle

Great rattle. We have two of them – both gifts – which is convenient because I can keep one in my diaper bag. Nothing fancy here – bright, shiny colors and fun noises for the baby!

Stephanie Portsmouth, OH

Bright Starts Rattle and Shake Barbell Rattle

Very very good toy/ I like all of Bright Starts…….I love everything that this company lets out. I have still bought gym for my 3 month baby

Leola Higdon, AL

easy to hold and great noise

my daughter loves this rattle. it is easy to hold and makes a lot of noise. the noise encourages her to play and stimulates development.

Brittany Rollinsville, CO

also pretty awesome

our boy loves this (ACTUALLY he’s playing with it at this very moment), would buy for a friend or baby shower for sure… in the top 5 of his favorite toys

Juana Lascassas, TN

easy to grab

This was the first thing my son could grab when he was a newborn. The only problem is how hard the rattle is, he kept bonking himself in the head with it.

Jacklyn Monmouth Beach, NJ

It’s good

Our granddaughter is four months old and can’t really hold things super well yet and I like the fact that the middle of this rattle she can grab on tight. Delivered fast and on time. (I ordered it between Thankgiving and Christmas)

Lakisha Benzonia, MI

Just an OK rattle–there are better ones out there.

I purchased several rattle toys for my son. This one is pretty cute, but among the set of about 3-4 others, it never really gets played with. Relative to the other toys, it feels a bit heavy and is a little awkward because the balls on either end are pretty heavy vs. the thin handles in the middle. Unfortunately, this one sits in the bottom of the toy bin. I would suggest looking into the Winkel. That was quite the hit!

Melissa Serena, IL

very cute

my 3 1/2 month old loves to shake this rattle, and it is very easy for her to grab onto and make it make noise. Also a very good price!

Pauline Oatman, AZ

My son’s first toy

I have a basket of toys for my 2 month old. Of course he doesn’t really care for them yet. I will try to pick some up and shake them and get him interested, but he just looks at me like I’m nuts. This is the only toy so far the is the exception.I love the little handles on this. I can uncurl his fingers and wrap them around it the toy fits perfect in his hand. It’s light enough that he can pick it up and shake it. I know he’s not doing anything of that purposefully, but he seems to enjoy the noise it makes when he shakes it all around. Slowly he’ll learn to control his movements and I’m sure playing with this toy will help. Speaking of the noise, it’s not a really annoying rattle sound, its tone is more tolerable. Yesterday he had it in his hand for 15 minutes, he did bonk his head once or twice, but there’s nothing sharp on here so he didn’t cry or have any little red bumps. It’s a great size to throw in a purse or diaper bag. The colors are attractive, I have the multi colored one. Like I’ve seen others mention, you can get it cheaper if you look around at stores.

Kaye Crescent Valley, NV

Glad I purchased

I went to the store looking for my daughter a rattle to play with, and this was not what I was looking for at all. I was looking for the old school rattle that looked sort of like a plastic lollipop. I was disappointed to see that they were nowhere to be found. So I read some of the toy items and came across this rattle which I thought was cute and a different style rattle then I recall. I went ahead and bought it and I must say I am far from disappointed.

Bobbie Valley Stream, NY


This item is perfect for babies. The handles are easy to grab and it entertains my daughter for a while! Her favorite rattle.

Queen Lewiston, ME

Cute and captures baby’s attention

My baby likes watching and listening to this rattle. It grabs her attention.This toy is great in that my baby can actually get her small fingers to grasp the middles section of this toy.Unfortunately, this toy is made of hard plastic, so she’ll accidentally bonk her forehead when bringing this toy to her mouth. Maybe in the future, she’ll play with her toys more ….Still love this rattle though!

Jasmin Carman, IL


I am giving this as a gift at christmas and I am sure it will be a hit with all the bright colors.

Audrey Frazier Park, CA


The two bars in the middle are small enough my 3month old can hold it which is nice but the only down fall is it’s very hard and I just have a feeling when she gets older and is holding it without any help she may end up hitting herself with it and hurt herself.

Brandy Trout Creek, MT

My daughter LOVES this rattle

We literally cannot leave the house without this thing. I bought this on a whim one day and I am so glad I did. She loves it. She is just now learning to reach out and grab and this was the first thing she learned to hold. She can even shake it a little bit. Only thing is that the rattle is hard, so if she gets too vigorous she can hit herself in the head. I would definitely say to use caution with this toy and lot let your child play with it without supervision just in case she konks herself on the noggin.

Cornelia Munday, WV

10 Star Rattle

I have bought this rattle from Target. My baby still play with this. It is not heavy and it is colorful. The best one out there. I just love it. So does my baby. I would recommend this to every mom.

Faith Richville, MN

This was my kids’ favorite rattle

Both of my kids loved this thing. When my oldest was a baby, this was actually one of the few things she would play with. This toy is definitely on my list of most recommended items for new parents.

Letha New Harmony, IN

Great rattle for nearly any age

I gave this rattle to my daughter as soon as she could grip things and it remains a favorite of hers several months later. It is easy to hold, super colorful and interesting to look at. She chews on it now that she’s teething, has thrown and dropped it numerous times, and the rattle still looks like new! It is easy to clean and disinfect because it is hard plastic and is sealed well so even in her bath, it won’t fill with water the way other toys do. I highly recommend this!

Mabel Newbern, VA

Lightweight and easy to hold

my baby did not get into rattles until she held this one. This was the first that she could really hold. It’s so lightweight and makes lot of noise. She’s loved it since 5 months and is 8months now and it’s still one of her faves

Tessa Viola, IL