Bright Starts Roll Shake and Spin Activity Balls

Bright Starts Roll Shake and Spin Activity Balls

Bright Strarts Activity Balls,Roll, Shake and Spin for baby fun,5 fun activity balls,Easy for baby to grab,6months and up

Main features

  • Bright Strarts Activity Balls
  • Roll
  • Shake and Spin for baby fun
  • 5 fun activity balls
  • Easy for baby to grab

Verified reviews


Great little toys!

These little balls are great for children with sensory issues. Some of the balls have rattles and some make clicking noises when rotated.

Rhoda Owatonna, MN

Keeps baby entertained and develops motor skills

I had initially introduced these balls to my daughter when she was 2 months old, and she initially had no interest in them whatsoever. In the past month or so, she has come to love these balls and they are her favorite toys at the moment. They are easy to grasp with little hands, and develops great motor skills in babes who are learning to reach for toys, grab them, swat at them, throw them, chase after them, etc. Simple concept for a toy, but she prefers these balls over anything else on her playmat at this time.

Aurora Summitville, IN

My son loves these

Such a simple toy. No batteries needed! My son loves to play with all of them. 2 make noise, one rattles and is a puzzle and 2 have objects that spin around.

Shauna Beacon, IA

Interesting toy

Fisher price one similar to this on their website however i could not find it on amazon . This is one of my son xmas gifts he is now beginning to hold stuff and they are just the right size . Can wait to see him play with them !

Jaclyn Roby, TX


Got as a gift and love love love them. My 6 month old plays with all the time, Very creative make.

Polly Akron, IN