Bright Starts See & Play Auto Mirror

Bright Starts See & Play Auto Mirror

Bright Starts See & Play Auto Mirror

Main features

  • Large mirror with convex shape helps mom see baby
  • Plush elephant and bird friend
  • Bright colors and patterns
  • 3 sewn in loops at bottom attach extra toys
  • Attaches to headrest

Verified reviews


Makes my Baby LAUGH!

Our 10-week old loves to laugh at herself in this mirror. It’s bright colors are really cute and the mirror easily attaches to the crib or our car headrests. I might even buy an extra so I don’t have to move it around – she loves it that much.

Avis Flemington, WV

Very cute mirror

My daughter LOVES looking at herself in the mirror when we go for car rides. It’s also a nice bonus for mom because I can peek back and see her face in the mirror so I know if she’s awake or sleeping (since she is rear facing)

Gretchen Jewell, OH

Cute, But Doesn’t Fit

We were hoping to use this mirror to be able to see our little one in the back seat, and for her to see us. It is cute, and has a good sized mirror surface. But the problem is, it doesn’t work.The problem is, that it is very difficult to get it to stay in position. The straps on the mirror are too small to fit on our vehicles headrests (we’ve tried it on our Explorer and Dodge Ram), and the straps aren’t adjustable. The only way I’ve been able to get it into position is hanging it upside down, and wrapping the straps around one side of the head rest, which causes it to bounce and rock constantly while driving, and then it eventually falls out of position. Even if it did fit, you’d have to have a head rest with the exact size of the straps, because again, it can’t be adjusted.If I had realized it, I would have completely skipped over this mirror. No matter how cute, if it doesn’t work for it’s intended purpose, there’s no point.

Marissa Atlantic City, NJ

Not Adjustable, doesn’t fit

The package demonstrates how it can be used in the car or in the crib. After not getting a good angle in the car, since the straps are not adjustable, I put it on the crib. Since the straps are not adjustable, the mirror just slides down the rails until it hits the mattress. So can’t use it in the crib and can’t use it in the car. There it sits in the toy box and doesn’t interest my baby one bit.

Ethel Davis, OK

Poor design!

This is cute to look at, but that’s about all. It does not function at all in my car. At first I had my carseat behind the passenger seat, and I couldn’t fit it around my back seat’s headrest at all. I recently moved the carseat to the middle where it’s safest. And the middle seat does not have a headrest and it is impossible to attach it to any part of the seat. My car is a 2010 so you would think this mirror would be compatable with newer cars…but it’s not at all. I can’t imagine this working in anyone’s car, no matter what the year or model. Don’t waste your money!

Glenda Kirksey, KY

Very cute

Ok, I really loved the look of this mirror for my new baby. But the hooks to attach it to the headrest in my car are way to short. They are also to short to hook around my crib. The hook actually broke after a couple of times of moving it. I ended up tying it down with string.It is very cute, and very colorful, but it just doesn’t work the way I would have wanted it to.

Molly Center Harbor, NH