Bright Starts Silly Sounds Safari Rattle

Bright Starts Silly Sounds Safari Rattle

It’s a jungle out there baby and what better way to keep your little one entertained than with the Bright Starts Silly Sounds Safari Rattle. This adorable, electronic rattle is packed with fun ways to delight baby including jungle character sounds, sweet melodies, and colorful bead chaser.

Main features

  • Electronic rattle with fun jungle character sounds
  • Animal sounds and short melodies activate when shaken
  • Easy to grasp

Verified reviews


Broke quickly

My baby received this rattle as a gift and enjoyed it until it started incessantly buzzing. The sound mechanism must have malfunctioned and went from cute monkey noises to a constant and loud buzz. Replacing batteries did not fix it so it’s just a hard plastic toy at this point.

Debra Clayton, IN

Great Toy

My baby loves this toy, but it has a super sensitive sound activation! If you have this on the floor and walk by it goes off. Nothing worse then having a sleeping baby and hearing jungle monkey noises. LOL!

Miranda Jamesport, MO

singing forever

my little one can play with this toy forever. shakes it, sucks on it and claps with it. really cool is not too annoying, but toy is quite sensitive and makes noise with the slightest move

Hilary Coalmont, IN

Great toy

I bought this toy elsewhere but searched for it on Amazon because it deserves a five staring rating. This is a great toy for the money, silly animal sounds and at least four short songs. Easy for little hands to hold and it’s one of my grand daughter’s favorites.

Thelma Lattimore, NC

Obnoxious has its place

I bought this rattle on clearance, without hearing the sounds, and they are pretty darn obnoxious. That said, my little guy absolutely loves it! It stays on the changing table, and it’s a special treat that keeps him occupied while I change his diapers. There is a place and time for obnoxious!

Ola Silver Lake, NY


This rattle is very cute. It is a nice size and is made of a harder plastic. I sometimes worry that the baby is going to bop himself on the head a little too hard with it. He loves to slap it on his thigh like a tambourine and it doesn’t seem to bother or hurt him. It plays various jungle animal sounds – monkey, elephant, etc – as well as short melodies. It is pretty sensitive and will sometimes play the sounds when I walk past the playpen. It seems to be made well and I have no worries of it breaking or coming apart. The battery has lasted a few months so far and doesn’t seem like they are dying yet.

Georgina Parkman, OH