Bright Starts Soothing Safari Mobile

Bright Starts Soothing Safari Mobile

It’s lights out and sweet dreams for baby. Bright Starts Soothing Safari Mobile creates a soothing environment for baby to drift off to sleep. It has five melodies and three silly sounds with continuous play and baby activated modes. The two plush butterflies and four spinning shapes captivate the babies. It has a large mirror for peek a boo fun and the detachable base can be used alone as a musical crib toy.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • 5 soothing melodies play for 15 minutes
  • Perfect fit universal attachment easily and securely attaches to most crib rails
  • 4 fun characters captivate baby
  • Detachable base can be used alone as a musical crib toy

Verified reviews


Great Mobile for Price, but Music Sucks

This is a really great mobile for the price, but I don’t understand why they didn’t make it so you could at least turn the music off! I just want the mobile function, not the sound, but there is no way to turn down the sound or turn off the sound.I gave it three stars because I have other crib toys that make better music, but I can’t use the music on them cause I got this lousy sounding thing going off instead. I suppose I could just have multiple songs playing at once, but how annoying is THAT?So, its a good mobile, but the music isn’t good quality and it isn’t optional… your stuck with it.

Blanche Stoutsville, MO

Good Mobile

One of the few toys that my baby is actually entertained by. i’d tried several other mobiles this is the first one that’s actually caught his attention.

Elena Keaton, KY

Very cute

My baby loves this mobile. The colors are very nice and the music is soothing. It lasts about 15 minutes though and I wish it would last longer or have like a repeat switch or something. It was easy to put together as well.

Camille Teton, ID

Non-Operational right out of the box.

We purchased this at Walmart, for a little more than this one cost. Right out of the box, the music did not work. The mobile part worked for a few seconds before it quit. We are returning and will not get another. This is cheaply made and I would not risk buying it since most likely you will just return it.

Alisa Myrtle Point, OR


The mobile is too heavy and it simply does not attach properly to the crib (it slides forward and since the construction is so cheap I have no confidence that it won’t dettach and fall in the crib). I was very happy to find such a cheap mobile to replace our old/broken one since I was only hoping to get 4-6 weeks of use before converting to a music box since my (preemie) baby is already 5mo old but still unable to get up on hands and knees.

Renee Dupuyer, MT