Bright Starts Start Your Senses Play A Tune Piano Toy

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Play A Tune Piano Toy

Bright Starts Play A Tune Piano Babies are often responsive to soft, soothing music. Bright Starts Play A Tune Piano works on this idea to help develop musical sense and encourage tots to create their own tunes. Multiple sounds, colors and textures inspire children to produce different melodies. As children press the keys of the piano, it lights up for a fun surprise. An assortment of fun melodies and sound effects introduces children to the boundless world of music. Plus, the colorful bead chaser on the high contrast handle adds to the fun. Why You’ll Love It: Watch with delight as your little piano maestro explores creativity through music. Age: 3 months and up Features Musical keys light up when played 5 fun melodies and sound effects Colorful bead chaser on high contrast handle Rattle beads produce fun sound

Main features

  • Musical keys that light up when played
  • 3 fun melodies and sound effects
  • Colorful bead chaser on high contrast handle
  • Colorful rattle beads for added sound

Verified reviews


LO loves this toy

My daughter is 7 months old and has loved this toy since we bought it. It has held up well, and survived many falls. I read other reviews that there is no way to replace the batteries once they run out, which is the only negative. It is cheap enough however that I will just purchase a new one when the time comes.

Cara Harpursville, NY

Cute little music maker

This is a cute little toy that my daughter played with enough for it to be worth the money. At the time we got it for around $8.00. She liked the different songs that it played. Each of the three big keys plays a different tune and the top is a little spinning rattle. Cute and colorful and entertaining for a few months.

Ava Rockland, ME

Well-made but boring musical toy.

Only in the very loosest sense is this a “piano toy”. The three keys are all connected, making one big key, and the two “sharp/flat keys” aren’t keys at all–they’re they “light-up” part and are fixed in place.The worthwhile part of this toy is the spinner on top, which is fun for the very young, but it’s also easy to find similar spinners on better toys. The handle is a nice touch, but the size of the toy makes it hard for infants to hold. And when they’re able to hold it and move around (young toddlers love carrying toys with them, just because they can), the toy itself has long since ceased to be interesting.The other good thing about this toy is that it isn’t too loud. I wish there were more positive things about this toy. It’s a cute idea and ven the very young would love the cause and effect learning of being able to press separate keys to make different tones (or, at least, activate a different song for each key).Bottom line: Skip it. There are better spinners (Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle, for instance) and better smallish musical toys (Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes, for instance) for young and old babies alike.

Deanna Sweet Springs, MO

Love it

My 10 month old loves this. Some folks don’t like the speaker being on the back of the unit but my baby picks it up and holds it with two hands. She loves that it has buttons that she can push. For the price this is a fun little take along.

Hallie West Nyack, NY

I wish it had an on/off button….

Ok, this toy is super cute and perfect for little hands. I bought it for my son for a plane trip thinking he would just love it. (I always try a new toy when flying for the peace of those around me.) My son just doesn’t seem very interested in it however. (he is 7 months) It plays several cute tunes at a good volume level and lights up. The little plastic part at the top has balls in it that move around as you spin it which was what Jack liked the most actually.The thing this toy needs is a power switch. It constantly plays in the carry on, diaper bag, any time any of the keys is bumped or touched, which is quite annoying and a battery drain. I like to be able to switch off the toys for travel and at night, and it is just not possible with this one. I suggest the baby einstein handheld music toy instead…he’s had that since he was a newborn and never tires of its tunes or lights. Plus it has the power switch. 🙂

Luisa Copperopolis, CA

Great for babies

My daughter has gotten a lot of enjoyment out of this product. She likes to spin the balls around and play the music. Even as she has gotten older, she still likes it. Great baby shower gift idea!

Elena Wilmington, NY


I love this toy more than my baby does. I thought she’d love it! It lights up, plays music, rattles and has a great handle for her. She’ll chew on it if I put it in her hands but she could care less about this toy.It plays like it should and it’s a sturdy toy! I like it…

Sandy Frohna, MO

For younger babies.

Our baby is 9 months and she likes it but i can tell it will get boring very soon,like in a few weeks.It is alot smaller than the pictures make it seem,about the size of a small womens hand. The keys are all connected, so its not really a piano,its more of a toy that lights up and plays songs. Definately fun for smaller babies that have some hand cordination.

Sharlene White, GA

Great Purchase

My daughter has lots of rattles but this is probably the favorite she had. She received this when she was only a few months old and even at 2 loves playing with it. The top part that spins was a giant hit when she was a small baby and this was one of the first toys she interacted with on her own. She always has and still does enjoy the music. I am so glad we purchased this toy and I would recommend that everyone buy this adorable little piano. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could!

Aida Dingess, WV

Amazing Little Toy

I bought this for my 7 month old son. He really enjoys it. It has a few different songs and lights up. It’s easy for him to grasp and he always seem to go for this toy. My favorite part was the price with free shipping through Amazon Prime.

Emma South Butler, NY

Sensually Stimulating for Babies

“We” have gone on a baby toy buying binge lately, and this Bright Starts toy is “our” latest purchase. Mrs. Spudman picked this up for about six dollars at WalMart, but the price here on Amazon fluctuates so just keep revisiting the page.I think this is a nice, worthwhile toy with its five melodies, easy to push buttons, rattle with tiny, colorful balls, and two sliding rings on the handle. Of note is that the handle and rings are made of a softer plastic than the toy’s body, with enough give to make teething or chewing safe.There’s now on or off button, and no volume control. For a toy in this price range with such pleasant sounding melodies, the lack of such controls is a non issue.You may be shocked to learn that this Bright Stars toy was manufactured in China.NOTE – The careful reader may have noticed that the Amazon listing states three tunes, and I wrote five. This isn’t a mistake. Our toy plays five and it has the same bar code number as shown here.

Sharron Powhatan, VA

My daughter used it for about 2 weeks.

This toy looks like it has several buttons but in reality it only has one. My daughter played with it for a couple weeks before she could really press things accurately. Once she could work more complicated toys she lost interest in it.I do still try to give this toy to her and she’ll press the button once, watch it while it plays a short tune, then fully turn away from it. I have left it on her entertainment jumper in the hopes that she may play with it again. There are so many slots on the jumper that losing one slot on something she only plays with occasionally isn’t a loss.For the price I think I would pass this one up. Luckily it was a gift so I don’t feel too cheated.

Patty Annville, KY


This is a fantastic toy and a great price. My 5 month old twins love it. Great for teething, lights up, easy to press button, and plays 3 songs. Loud enough to hear, but not overly annoying. No off button, just plays when pressed.

Lucile Rail Road Flat, CA


I bought this when my little girl was 4 month old and this still working after a one year use. Good quality

Marlene Kennard, TX