Bright Starts Start Your Senses Safari Activity Gym, Spots and Stripes

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Safari Activity Gym, Spots and Stripes

BodySize :W80*D80*H50cm

Main features

  • Soft giraffe prop pillow promotes tummy time development and fun
  • On-the-go tiger with lights and 20 and more minutes of melodies and sounds help develop baby’s senses of sight and hearing
  • Large, baby-safe mirror for visual development and baby’s self-discovery
  • Zebra ring rattle, tiger chime, and dragonfly teether
  • Machine washable play mat

Verified reviews


baby loves it

My baby loves the stimulation she gets from this play gym, yet I wish the quality of the toys are a bit higher (the mirror is made out of a cheap material that the reflection doesnt work well, for example) and have more interestnig toys dangling. I think the color patterns are awesome.

Gail Pierce, NE


Captivating. Very versitile play for baby. The little tiger comes off and can travel with you, which is nice. The music is catchy. Plus it has some nature sounds that are great for soothing. The lights arent overbearing and the attachable toys are quite cute. My son especially liked the chimes. The mirror has a bit of funhouse effect but he didnt mind, he could still see himself so he was happy. Overall, this is an awesome activity gym.

Rosalinda Cecil, PA

Amazing! Best baby purchase we’ve made

This activity gym is amazing. I honestly couldn’t decide which one to get our daughter but eventually decided on this one. This activity mat is the best baby purchase we have made.The best feature by far is the take along tiger toy included with this mat. It has changing lights and wonderful exciting tunes that coincide with red, yellow, blue, and green lights on the toy. The lights pulse with the music and are not too annoying. There is a strap with Velcro on the back so you can take it with you–attach to your carseat, stroller, whatever. My daughter has colic and is extremely fussy a lot. This toy mesmerizes her and calms her down almost immediately, something no other toy or drops have been able to do. The toy also has a setting just for nature sounds. You can set it to play music continuously or put it to movement mode where it responds to movement. It playes for about ten minutes and shuts off. There is also a volume control with a loud and soft setting.The mat itself is also wonderful with bright, colorful animals and lots of included toys that make noises that you attach via plastic rings on premade loops around the mat. They also give you extra rings so you can attach your child’s favorite toy or one of your choosing. There is a dangling bee, catlike toy that jingles, a rattle, and a large stuffed giraffe as well as a large mirror. They also included little teether leaves.When I put my daughter down on this, she smiles and gets really excited. This mat is worth every penny.

Tammy Franklinton, NC

Baby loves it!

I just got this for my 2 month old, and he is a big fan already! He really likes the hanging tiger chime, which hangs low enough that he hits it with his hands causing it to chime. The black and white print of that toy really attracts his eyes.He also really seems to enjoy the mirror, which of course is distorted because it’s not made from glass. He doesn’t mind; the warped looking kid in the reflection keeps him entertained!I am so glad I purchased this play mat! The mixture of black and white and color is perfect for his developing eyes. All of the toys are detachable so that you can take them with you, and there are 4 extra rings so that you can hook more toys onto the bars. Baby is happy, so Mommy is happy!

Evelyn Cayuga, ND

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Safari Activity Gym, Spots and Stripes

Bought for his son. At first there was no reaction from him. And after playing for several months. Is washable, you can swap toys and additional rings change their height. We had our own additional rings.

Selma Lineville, IA

The best Activity Gym

This item deserve my time to write the review, because my baby love it!!! was the chippest one on the market (Target) and it is great!! estimulate my son, he is elate for the colors, shapes, mirrow, sound, everything he like it, and entertain him for aprox 30-40 min when he laugh like crazy….on the down aspect, the mat is a little thin but we use it on top of the carpet. I hope this help somebody!!! I will definitelly recommend.

Flora Abbott, TX

Amazing! Best purchase made for our baby!

This gym is amazing! Me and my husband are so glad we purchased this. Our daughter loves it. She is a month old and sometimes she gets fussy and just wants to be left alone. We will set her on the mat for the gym and she is happy as can be, for up to an hour and a half!Whats better, is ALL of the parts to the gym attach to her car seat as well1, so we can bring them with.The white striped cat that blinks and plays music has three different settings. One plays music for 10 minutes and blinks, one plays nature noises for 10 minutes and blinks, and the other just plays short blurps. Whats better, is that it has 2 volumes, the quieter one is perfect for our quiet house, and the louder one is loud enough for her to hear over the tv, but not so loud as to annoy us.There is also a mirror (which she loves cooing into), some soft leaves, a zebra rattle, and a jingling white striped cat.I have to say that if your baby doesn’t self entertain well, this is not a product for you, but if they like to look at blinking lights, themselves, and can entertain themselves with minimal adult involvement, this is great!

Marion Higginson, AR

The Fun Started at 8 Weeks

At 8 weeks old I could tell my son was ready for a baby gym and I started looking for one that was 1) a good value and 2) featured lots of black and white items, and this Bright Starts baby gym fit the bill. My son loves the tiger, it’s his best friend I think. I didn’t load batteries in it until he got a little older because he loved it even without the flashing lights and music, but now -a-days when I turn the tiger on he goes nuts. Always trying to talk to the tiger! My husband and I are just as entertained as my son, just watching him smile, coo, and bat at the toys. I deducted one star because the giraffe pillow is random and not attached, so I used some sticky velcro to secure it one of the bars so my son could kick at it, which worked out great. I don’t think it’s as portable as other gyms too. But on the plus side, you can throw the mat in the washer and because of the light weight material it doesn’t even need to go in the dryer, just a few minutes in the sun and it’s ready.

Ruby Great Meadows, NJ


I like this product because of its bold, contrasting colors. It was really easy to put together, plus my three month old son enjoys the lights and sounds.However, the mat is slightly smaller than those on other, similar products and I also wish the material was stain-resistant.

Michaela Imlay, NV

Baby loves it!

Our 3-month old baby usually starts smiling as soon as we put him on the mat. He gets fussy if we’re not interacting with him or holding him, so this is a wonderful way for us to keep him happy while doing things around the house. He especially likes the white and black striped tiger that hangs from the top–when you switch it on, it has multi-colored lights that flash in time with the music it plays (I think there are three different songs). Baby smiles/talks to it and becomes very animated (kicking and waving arms around). The tiger comes off, so we sometimes fasten it to the side of his crib too. We’re only had it a month, so I don’t know about wear and tear yet–but we’re very happy with it so far.

Katina Darien, IL

Definitely NOT as Pictured

We got this floor gym because (1) our baby’s occupational therapist advised that we get one because he has low muscle tone and needs to work on reaching his arms, (2) it got good reviews here on Amazon. I’m really not sure how this product got such high reviews. It looks really poorly made and the design is just plain stupid. When following the instructions for assembly, it definitely can cause the mat to close up on the baby. To avoid this accidental trap, you actually need to NOT follow the assembly instructions and criss-cross the bars (like someone else had advised in the reviews).But my chief complaint is how low the toys hang. Two of the toys, in particular, actually get so close to my baby’s face that they touch his face and makes him cross-eyed. Instead of trying to reach for them, he just rolls aways from them. One of the toys even touches his face! The toys are supposed to be adjustable in length with the given rings, but each ring is at least 2-inches in diameter, so you can only adjust them 2-inches down if you want. You can’t actually hang them from the bar without the rings, so each toy is intrinsically going to be at least 2 inches down from the bar, which is how far they are when they stupidly hang so low that they hit my baby’s face. I grant that my child has a big head, but definitely not big enough to be his fault for such low-hanging toys.And this light-up tiger that everyone raves about in their reviews is just not interesting to our baby. He doesn’t even care.To sum it up…Pros:Lots of black-and-white featuresGiraffe pillow is good for tummy time and encourages reaching in a tummy positionCons:Overly low-hanging toys (don’t be fooled by the picture on the box or on the website)Little flexibilty in getting toys to hang at the "perfect" lengthCheap-looking materialsCan be a trap when assembled according to manufacturer’s instructionsI’ll be looking for another floor gym.

Vicki Panacea, FL

Best Gym Ever

This gym is incredibly hard to find. I bought one and loved it so much that I wanted to buy another for grandma’s house. The toy in the middle lights up and plays music. The black and white toys really stimulate early on. The bright colors stimulate as the baby ages. The included toys all capture my baby’s attention. The multiple loops have allowed us to hook other toys to the gym as well. If you see this for sale, buy it!

Jennifer Nortonville, KY

Love this! Always entertaining!

This mat is great! My baby has been smiling and cooing underneath it since she was 6 weeks old. The tiger is definitely the best part–it’s great to detach and bring to restaurants, shopping, etc., to keep her entertained. The music and chirping sounds are nice and not annoying like a lot of the fisher price music is.Before this mat we had the tiny love rain forest one for my son and I like this one so much more.

Leann Colman, SD

Activity Gym

This is a great activity gym. The colors are bright and hold baby’s interest with the contrast. I like that there is a lights and soothing sounds feature as well. There are lots of activities to keep baby entertained.

Sharron Docena, AL

Lots to look at, music is cute

My little ones loved this activity mat. Lots of bright contrasting colors, rattles, teethers, lights etc. The best part for us parents was that the music it played was actually really cute and we found ourselves absentmindedly humming along.

Sheena March Air Force Base, CA

Baby Loves This Mat!

We purchased this when my son was about 10 weeks old. He absolutely loves this mat. The best part of it is the cat on top that has lights, a mirror and music. We put it on his car seat whenever we leave the house and he loves it. It keeps his attention and also soothes him to sleep depending on the song we pick. For my son the price was worth it just for the cat. He enjoys batting at the other items as well. We have another play mat with animals that make music when you pull them (including a mat from Bright Starts) but the music has broken on the animal. With the cat, it takes batteries so you can use it indefinitely. Each child is different, but my son has loved this mat.

Roseann Noyes, MN

My 3 month old loves it!

We bought this for my three month old daughter and it has been fantastic. She loves the flashing lights on the tiger most of all. She will lay there and smile and coo at it for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. In new baby land, that is a nice little chunk of hands free time! My husband and I have started putting her down on it when it’s dinner time. We can actually both eat at the same time by doing this! The gym is very versatile. They include extra loops that you can hang toys from, and the included toys can be put in various different positions so your child gets lots of different things to look at (although my girl just can’t look away from the tiger yet). I’ve uploaded a picture of her smiling hugely at the tiger. So cute!

Vicki Milford, MI


I cant wait for my baby to use this! its so colorful and has a lot of neat toys 😉

Eula Livingston, AL

Worth it just for the take-along toy!

I would definitely recommend this activity mat over all others simply for the take-along toy that comes with it! My daughter has been captivated by the light-up tiger since birth and it’s still the most interesting toy that we have for her. We always bring it on outings and we know it will hold her attention for a little while if we’re eating or something. If it ever breaks or gets lost I will pay full-price to get another one, it’s that good! The activity mat itself is pretty standard. It seems nice and the other toys are okay too, but the take-along tiger is the shining star of this product.

Melisa Redmond, OR

Great, cute

I previously owned a baby gym with a single bar that was attached to the mat with velcro. The bar and mat were pretty floppy (and cheaply padded) and my baby was able to take the bar down with a firm grab/kick. When I washed it, it got lumpy and curled up along the edges. Awful thing.This one, however, is very sturdy. The bars aren’t going to fall over or collapse, they are able to hold up quite a few toys and get jostled around. It’s regularly abused by an older child (over 40lbs) and bounces right back. I’ve already washed it (the mat, not the bars) once and it still looks like new. The toys are all cute and provide a wide variety of play methods. My son (that it’s meant for) is only a month old and likes to lay on the mat and look around. I’m confident he’ll like it even more as he learns new skills.Also, I bought this back in February on sale and didn’t open it until July. The tiger light didn’t work but I was able to quickly get a replacement tiger after filling out a form on the company’s website.

Tameka Eagle Springs, NC

Mesmerized baby!

I looked at several play mats and had a hard time deciding on one. I had previously bought a musical toy bar made by Bright Starts that is really cute and has great music! So, I went for this one hoping the musical features would also be cute and interesting… Not annoying like some toys! I like it, and my 3 month old baby LOVES it!!! Musical play mats aren’t cheap… But at least you can remove all of the toys and keep using them when your baby outgrows the mat. The musical object has 3 settings, volume control, and it lights up with the music. The music has an auto shut off, too. Overall, great toy. I’m sure my son will enjoy it for a long time!

Wanda Elmhurst, NY