Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Giraffe

Main features

  • A different sensory stimulating activity on each one of giraffe’s legs
  • 4 fun toys includes mirror, teether, rattle, and bead chaser
  • High contrast colors, multiple textures, and fun sounds help stimulate baby’s senses
  • Easily attaches to carriers, strollers, and more
  • 4 fun toys: mirror, teether, rattle, and bead chaser

Verified reviews



First of all, my son LOVES this toy! The feet have fun, interactive objects. The colors are bright. He holds it by the neck and flips it around and around. He’s liked it since he was 2 months old. He’s 6 months old now.Here’s the problem… one of the feet has a mirror on it… the black and white circle foot. This MIRROR insert came loose and presents a choking hazard if the child can pull it off… mine started too.I contacted KIDS II… the customer person (no clue btw!) suggested I needed to remove the plastic covering on the mirror and that the packaging states to remove film covers, etc. Well, that was NOT the problem and she clearly does not understand. I KNOW that you need to remove plastic films from toys…duh! The actual MIRROR can come loose and come off in the child’s mouth and choke them.I have removed the mirror insert now and given the toy back to my son, but POO POO on KIDS II for having no clue on this issue and not even attempting to correct it.Parents, just be aware and remove the mirror. Feel free to contact KIDS II also and tell them what you think if you feel the same way.UPDATE (3-2012): Kids II discussed this item with me and sent a replacement. This one is slightly better, but my son doesn’t have an interest in it anymore.

Lilia Krotz Springs, LA

Still loves it

My son still loves this lil thing many months after he should have cast is asunder. Its his car friend now.

Gilda Morris, AL

We Loved This Toy!

This was one of our daughter’s favorite toys! We bought it for her when she was about 2.5 months old and she played with it until she was almost 1. She would play with this for a loooong time in the car or stroller. We also used it at home on her play gym and on her crib. It went everywhere with us. It was run over by our stroller, spit up on, and washed a ton of times. It still looked almost new when she was done playing with it. We have videos of her playing with it and pictures too. I was actually kinda sad when she grew out of it and we gave it to a friend of ours.It was a really durable toy, super soft toy. The colors were bright and fun. The different textures were great, and as she played with it I could see the wheels going on her mind, trying to figure it all out.This is now at the top of my list when buying gifts for babies or baby showers.

Elnora Winston, GA

Wont get better than this

Got this as the first tyoy for my baby….and it was the best purchase i had made (thius and the v tech crawl ball). My son is 16 months and berlieve it or not he still goes back to it. This toy has beedn part of hius growing up … It went from starring at it in two months since it was hanging in his rocker chair, then he started punching it — barely toyching at first with his sdmall hands; then he started pulling it … Then he started pulling it so he can bite it ; then he started calling it A-guuuu 🙂 now he bites it, chews it, smiles at it and throws it around like it has been shot out of cannon. And its still holding!!!!I had to remove the little part where it has the plastic like handle cauyse he kept stucking his

Claudine Adamsville, AL

This one is easy to hold and chew on too

He loves any toy that’s a giraffe. This one is easy to hold and chew on too. It can be hung too. Nice toy.

Emily Jay, FL

Baby AND bulldog approved

We purchased this toy because giraffes were our "theme" for our baby. This toy is a welcomed distraction to going in to the car seat. The colors are vibrant and the mirrored foot is baby’s favorite. It was such a hit that our bulldog helped herself to it as well, it is now a 3-legged giraffe!

Anne Summer Shade, KY


It’s a cute toy and my daughter likes it, but it wasnt super amusing to her. Maybe she is just hard to entertain, but it’s still cute. she did like the little mock mirror so she could look at herself.

Whitney Casar, NC

Wonderful Toy for your little one

This is a great addition to any play gym, stroller or car seat. I bought it when he was 4 months old and now at 8 months he’s still playing with it.

Luz Oak Bluffs, MA

Baby’s first “lovey”

My daughter just loved this and it became the first toy she actually wanted to play with as Infant. It’s very soft and durable. Perfect size to throw in the diaper bag.

Maryanne Andover, MN

Good toy

This is one of the only toys my daughter will play with. She has tons of other toys but this is the only one she really took too

Candace Bluff City, AR

Great toy!!

My son absolutely loves his little giraffe! This actually one of his favorite toys. It keeps him busy!

Amanda Farmers, KY

must-have car toy

seriously. you don’t need any other one. except for probably captain calamari, which is the other bright starts toy. these two toys and you are golden. some of the other car toys don’t have as interesting enough appendages but these keep the kiddos entertained for a car ride. bought some new ones by some other brand to shake things up but my little one is not impressed.

Sherri Huslia, AK

My baby’s favourite toy

I bought this toy just to keep my baby busy when she is in her car seat but she loved this toy so much that I attached it to her rocker and she plays with it several times a day.Each leg has a different sensory stimulating activity. There is a black and white rattle, a mirror, a red flat teether and a bead chaser with multiple textures. The giraffe in itself is quite attractive. It is said that a baby less than 5 month old likes black, white, yellow and red. This toy has all these colors.As other reviewers have mentioned, this is one of the very few toys that lasts long . I bought it when my baby was 2 months old. At that time she used to stare at the rattle and mirror. At 3 and 4 months, she would bat at the toys. Now at 5 months, she would put everything in her mouth. Except for the rattle, everything is easy to chew on and that helps her when she has teething discomfort.I would highly recommend this toy.

Isabel Mc Henry, MD

My Baby Loves It

What else is there to say? Baby loves this giraffe. I purchased it because of the contrasting black and white on his belly. My one month old stares at this thing and loves grabbing the ring and hitting the giraffe’s feet. It seems to be good quality so far and the giraffe is very soft!

Edwina Henderson, MN

fun fun

This toy is fun for baby to hold and examine, my only complaint it that the mirror peeled OFF?? But my son loves it the same!

Kathryn New Florence, PA

great toy, especially in the car

Kiddo loves it (6 mo old), well made. I think she will enjoy it for months more. Great to use in the car.

Mable Rentz, GA

My baby loves it

He is 4 months old and he really enjoys playing with this toy. It is his favorite toy right now.

Ester Easton, IL


to hang it on baby carrier.good product,it’s cheaper than other site. that’s has variety colors, my baby love it.

Kelly Malone, TX

The Babies Love It

Bought the giraffe and the zebra for my great-granddaughter and granddaughter. They both love them and play with them all the time on their tummy-time mats. A lot of different things to stimulate them.

Nadine Greenbrier, AR

Loved by babies.

My friends grandkids loved the giraffe so I bought it for my soon to be grandchild. Hope it is as loved and used by mine.

Teresa Mayhew, MS

4 Month old’s new favorite toy

Bought this for our 4 month old’s first road trip and she loved it! It hangs nicely from our Britax car seat but she prefers to hold it. It now comes with her everywhere. Highly recommend for the price!

Emilia Assumption, IL

Its Nice

My daughter just loves this toy! Their are all types colors and textures to explore. She loves chewing on the teether and the rings and squeezing the crinkly "foot" of the giraffe. The entire bottom of the giraffe crinkles too which was a nice surprise. Overall a great product for this age to keep them entertained and happy!

Madge Stony Ridge, OH

Wonderful baby toy — last for months of interest!

Product description:This giraffe toy has four “feet” — one plush black and white foot, one red plastic ring with smaller black and white rings on it, one red flat textured plastic, and one small round mirror with a black and white rim. The feet dangle from the plush body, the belly of which also has a black and white pattern. The head and body are plush, but the neck is floppy. A wide velcro-closed loop is attached to the head for attaching to other things.Review:I have a 6 month old son, and I’m beginning to notice the short timespan many toys are developmentally appropriate for babies. They just grow and learn so fast! This toy is an exception to that rule. We got this as a Christmas present when he was 2 months old, and at first, he mostly just liked to watch it as we dangled it above him. It caught his interest very well, though — we would just hold it and twist it gently, and because the neck is floppy, the toys would just dangle and swing around — worked like a charm at stopping a few fussy fits.We then hung it from the bars of his activity mat, and he really loved batting at it — the big black and white foot was the best (my husband called it the “hypno-foot” because of the black and white swirl and circle design — and it hypnotized the baby.) Once he was old enough, he really liked grabbing onto the ring “foot”. Now he is teething, and the red flat plastic foot and the mirror foot are great things to chew on. He has outgrown the activity mat somewhat, but likes playing with the giraffe while sitting or during tummy time. I have a feeling he hasn’t found the end to it’s uses yet!Very few toys can hold the interest of a 2,3,4,5, and 6 month old (and likely beyond). The fact that this has a nice large velcro loop for attaching to things also means that you can attach it wherever without having to worry about using the plastic ring things — it can wrap around a carrier handle or a crib rail just as well (which are hard to attach things to with the rings).Love this way more than the Lamaze giraffe we also have (he has never been too interested in that one) — so if you’re going for a giraffe toy, get this one instead!UPDATE — my son is now 11 months old, and loves having the giraffe attached to the bar across his car seat. It worked as a great distraction on some long trips. I think he’ll be disappointed when we move him to the next size up car seat and we have no where to hang it!

Jannie Scott Air Force Base, IL

baby loves staring at it!

MMy baby is 7 weeks, loves staring at it. We use maxi cosi car seat, and it hangs on the bar just fine.

Hazel Ravenna, NE

My son loved this in his carseat

Great little toy for what it is. Soft and interesting to young children. We used it often when we took him anywhere. Fits on strollers well too – lets you latch it to something so it doesn’t fly when it gets inevitably tossed.

Gussie Spring Brook, NY

Attaches to swing nicely

This is nice because it has a strap that attaches to my sons Graco swing. He likes to look at the giraffe and grab for the feet. I wish it had music or something but he seems content with it, so I guess it is ok. It is heavy for a baby toy so I can’t hang it from his toy gym and hangs a little low so it can’t hang from his carseat but it works for just normal play time and with his swing. Good toy overall and would buy similar ones

Mildred Massapequa, NY

great product

My infant really shows interest in this toy. He is most interested in the face which he can’t reach in the stroller but that is the only downfall I can think of. Cheap and arrived on time.

Sheri Gary, SD

Five Stars

Great stroller/car seat toy! Lots of textures and things to look at.

Jillian East Grand Forks, MN

Great Toy at a Great Price

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this toy for my 2 month old son to entertain him and aid in his motor skill development.~PROS~- Bright, bold, contrasting colors.- Each leg on the giraffe has a different stimulator – mirror, rattle, teether and beads.- Different textures on the giraffe.- Velcro loop/strap on top makes it easy to attach to many places – strollers, carriers, cribs, activity mats, etc.- Can be used independently without attaching simply as a toy.- Good price. Comparably priced toys in local stores are much less entertaining.- Appears to be well made.~CONS~- None so far!~TIPS~- When washing this or any other baby toy I strongly recommend using a baby-specific laundry detergent such asDreft Baby Laundry Detergent Liquid, 32 Loads, 50-OunceorDapple Fragrance-Free Baby Laundry Detergent 2x – 50 oz.- Keep an eye on the small mirror. As your baby gets older and stronger and the more the toy gets used and washed, he/she may be able to dislodge the mirror which can obviously be a hazard.~CONCLUSION~Overall I am very pleased with this toy. It is definitely one of the better values and interesting toys we have purchased.

Susanna Lehighton, PA

Colorful and fun!!! Great item and great price.

So cute and nice size. I love the different legs and the colors are so bright. My daughter loves it. Works great on her play mat as well as her car seat.

Lilly Barney, ND