Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals, Dragonfly

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals, Dragonfly

Bright Starts Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals, Dragonfly

Main features

  • High contrast colors and patterns help develop baby’s sense of sight
  • Rattle and clacking rings help stimulate baby’s hearing
  • Crinkle and satin ribbons stimulate sense of touch
  • Mirror for self-discovery
  • Fun Link attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on-the-go fun

Verified reviews



The zebra is rather bulky and too difficult for little hands to grab. I guess the original idea of the manufacturer was for it to be a hanging holder for all these rings and teether, etc. i was hoping for more of a "grabbable" toy for my daughter to play with. She still likes the rattle and the apple teether, but the zebra itself just lays there (or hangs there) without my baby being able to play with it (she is 6 m.o.)She lost interest in it, and though the toy is cute, it is still kind of useless.From the adult’s point of view, it is beautifully made, nice balanced colors and soft surfaces. I would probably not buy it if I knew that it was going to be so big though.

Tanya Collinsville, MS

only issue is how low this hangs

We bought this to hang from my grandson’s play gym and it hangs so low it hits him. He doesn’t have a chance to reach for them on the gym so we hold this and play with him. He loves the zebra!

Samantha Blackwater, VA

nice big size, daughter loves the rings

I have this hanging on my daughter’s car seat (off to the side so it doesn’t hit her in the face), and it’s just the right length for her to interact with it. She loves grabbing the rings. She isn’t as interested in other parts of it, but I’m sure she will be later. So many of the dangling toys for car seats are too short for the baby to reach; they’re cheaper, but if they aren’t functional, who cares if they’re cheaper?!

Faye Saluda, VA

From Birth Til Now & Plenty More Months Down The Road

My LO loved this from day one & 8 months down the road this is still one of his favorite toys even out of all 3 of his walkers, bouncer, electronic toys, teething toys. He has everything that is bestselling on amazon right now and still this is one of his favorites.

Traci Lake Geneva, WI


This Zebra is adorable. Made really well and it makes great sounds. I like that it’s bigger than I had expected. The clip is sturdy and there are lots of parts to teeth on.

Amanda Saugus, MA

Great for car seat

This is a fun toy to hang from the infant seat bar – the colors are very eye catching and hold the baby’s attention. The little items dangling off of the zebra’s feet provide for hours of exploration every time we are in the car – there is a ring, a rattle and a mirror – all fun items. This is a well designed toy that any child would love!

Cindy Solon Springs, WI

Both Babies Love them

I bought one of the Zebra and one of the giraffe. My granddaughter and great-granddaughter love them. I attached them to their tummy-time mats and my granddaughter will fall asleep holding onto her zebra. It is the first toy she reaches for.

Terri Oak Bluffs, MA

Lots of fun

My 4 month old loves this zebra! We purchased it when he was 3 months old, and he still is very interested in it. It has nice and bright colors, and the toys on each "foot" keep him entertained.

Lindsey Elizabeth, PA

Love it

My 3 1/2 mo old LOVES this toy. There are so many textures to touch and lick and it’s just perfect for little hands to experiment with grabbing and grasping.Right now he’s sitting in my lap talking to it and munching on the ribbon tail.

Cecelia Manning, SC

Best early toy!

We hung this toy from my son’s carseat and he loved it. It’s the first toy he really interacted with. Granted, it was hanging right by his face during our drives in the car, but he seemed to love it. It’s the first toy he started putting in his mouth! It was a fun milestone for us. I highly recommend.

Erika Ravinia, SD

Great Product, Engaging and durable

I bought this product for my 4 month old. We use it for car rides and play at home.It has multiple sensory toys attached to the legs of the Zebra.-Rings-Rubber apple shaped teether-Mirror-A See through rattle bee!For car rides it easily attaches to the car seat and we move it to the middle so he can see and grab it. It’s great that it doesn’t move even when he moves it around. (Cause I can’t fix it when I’m driving anyway!)At home we use it to entertain him in the bouncy seat or anywhere. The Zebra is easy for him to grab. My only comment is that the main Zebra toy it’s self really it’s very useful but it’s good to look at the colors for the babies. It’s really there to just hold up the activity legs but it’s still cute!It also washes well so I hope we have it for while

Lorraine Oceanside, OR

surprised there aren’t more reviews… this is my daughter’s favorite toy!

Before my 3 month old was born, I spent a lot of time researching on Amazon and reading reviews to find out what toys would be worth buying for her. I immediately went forLamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toywhich she likes a lot, but we received this one as a present, and she likes it so much more!the PROS:-i read that babies can only see black, white, and red in the beginning, and what better animal than a striped zebra for her to look at-she likes holding onto the little rings right now, and i’m sure that she’ll start to discover the other cool parts of this toy soon-super cute and well-madethe CONS:-i wish the ring was thinner.. i hang this on herTiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gymbut sometimes she is able to pull it off because the ring is too thick and doesn’t fit. it’s thicker than most links that come with baby toys

Barbara Sarona, WI

Best car seat toy out there

This is the best car seat toy out there. It is not only adorable, but well made and well thought out: black and white for baby, mirror, rattle sounds, teether. Awesome. also cheaper here than Babies R us

Lynda Kaaawa, HI

cute and fun

This is a cute and fun item for a very young child to play with.. Can’t go wrong with the price.

Ollie Middlebury, VT

Very cute.

I thought this toy would be smaller than what it is but my lil guy enjoys it. He’s a month old and when he’s cranky I put this in front of him to stare at and he is calm.

Bette Ashville, PA

3rd plush pal we own

Got this to go one the center of a play mat we bought and my son loves it. Colorful with lots of surfaces for him to chew on and play with. We also own the zebra and the giraffe. Would recommend them all.

Olivia Peralta, NM

Fantastic toy!

I love everything about it and my 5 month old too. The black and white colors are great, they really catch her attention. The things that hang from it are great too, she lover chewing on the apple and the rings. The size is great because I am sure she will still find it appealing when she gets older. Very happy.

Paige Dorset, OH


This toy is beautiful, good quality, the size is good and very colorful. is very appealing to babies. i liked!!

Maureen Saint Clair, MO