Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer

Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer

Every little princess deserves a soft pink throne. This bouncer features an ultra-plush contoured seat, seven melodies, vibration and 3 fun toys. Features and Specifications include, 7 melodies with volume control , vibrations and gentle bouncing motion soothe and comfort baby ,3 fun toys: Water-filled teether, plush flower mirror, spinning rattle, one handed removable toy bar provides easy access to baby and a cradling seat shape and deluxe fabrics offer supreme comfort.Soothing vibrations with 7 melodies and auto shut off after 15 minutesToy bar removes easily with one hand for easy access to baby3 toys: water-filled teether, plush ladybug, spinning rattleRemovable head support and seat pad is machine washableCradling seat features faux suede, channel stitching and embroidery as well as 3-point harness

Main features

  • Soothing vibrations with seven melodies and auto shut off after 15 minutes
  • Toy bar removes easily with one hand for easy access to baby
  • Three toys: water-filled teether, plush ladybug, spinning rattle
  • Removable head support and seat pad is machine washable
  • Cradling seat features faux suede, channel stitching and embroidery as well as 3-point harness

Verified reviews


Daughter loves it!

My daughter is eight weeks old and she loves this bouncer! So far, it is the only thing that will keep her happy for more than 60 seconds (other than a car ride). She is already able to bounce it on her own, and is happy with or without the vibrations. I like that the music has two different sound settings. Sometimes, she falls asleep in it, so I’ll keep the music at the lower setting. However, I would not purchase this chair.Even though my daughter loves this seat, I only gave it three stars:-The music stops before the vibration stops. This isn’t a big deal if my daughter is just playing in the seat. However, if she falls asleep in it, she will wake up when the music stops.-The toys on the toy bar are next to useless and are not removable. The teether is pointless, because she can’t get her mouth anywhere near it. The mirror spins, so she can’t see her reflection in it (or much of anything else). The rattle is the only cool toy. She likes to bat at it.-My daughter is only eight weeks old and her feet are hanging off the edge. She is also able to kick the hard plastic piece that causes the music and vibrations. The material of the seat does cover it, but I do not think the padding is sufficient to keep her from hurting her feet.-The straps for the harness are right under her armpits and they are not padded. If she isn’t wearing long sleeves, the straps cut into her skin.

Maxine Gomer, OH

Almost perfect! We like it and so does our daughter.

This is the second bouncer we bought for our daughter. The first, another brand, didn’t have any head support and just wasn’t comfortable for her. Her head either flopped forward or to the side. This one, though the pillow doesn’t attach, is much better. We’ve had no problem with the pillow and I like that it’s not static actually. We just place it behind her head and it stays put.The gentle vibrations are very nice and the songs are cute too. Our daughter loves to hit the toys with her hands and kick so that she bounces.The pros:-Softness of material-Color, not too loud and bright-Music and vibrations are both very nice-Headrest stays put and provides enough support-PriceThe cons:-Daughter hits her feet on the battery/buttons box. We just fold up a blanket and put it there. I don’t think it would hurt her feet, but we figure this is more comfortable.-The toys are not detachable. It would be especially nice if the loops weren’t sewn on/together so that you could interchange the toys. I will probably cut the straps and attach velcro to fix that issue.All-in-all, this is a great bouncer and was a good purchase. Our daughter stays happy and occupied in it for 20 minutes or so at a time, so long enough for me to wash bottles or take a shower. Just what I intended. I recommend it!

Alba Mooresboro, NC

Just what we were needing

Yes it’s cheap, yes it’s very pink, and yes it’s battery powered, but we use it more than our swing, boppy, or pack-n-play.My baby is 2 months and she loves being bounced in this. I love that it’s low to the ground so she can see whats going on all around her. I also like that it’s low because I can bounce her with my foot while pumping, working, or being at the computer.The only negative thing I have to say is that the first bouncer I had was defective. I had it for only 2 weeks and the motor for the vibration stopped working properly. I thought it was the batteries, but when I replaced them it was still a slow sputter rather than a constant vibration. I contacted amazon and they were willing to replace the item for me, and so far, so good. Obviously not amazon’s fault, but they were still willing to accept my request. Thank you Amazon!

Erica Kingsford Heights, IN

Very Cute

I love this bouncer. It’s very cute and seems to calm my daughter down when she’s a little fussy. All in all its nice I just wish the toys came off like all her other bright start items. I love putting her favorite toys on whatever she’s using but I can’t with this one.

Emilia Holland, TX

Okay for the cost…

I have the Bright Starts deluxe play place as well. My daughter prefers that over this bouncer, but all babies have their own personalities and preferences.It did not work well during the first two months at all. She was too small for it and the top of the strapping triangle was nearly under her chin. That might be the lead reason she wasn’t happy in it for even a minute. Now at 3 months she will do up to 20 minutes in it as long as we put it up on something. She hates being in it on the floor. She doesn’t like the vibration or the music to play. She just discovered that when she kicks it bounces. The toys seem to be at a weird placement. She can hit at them but they are too far away for her to grab. So I hang a strand of baby rings from it and she gets a hold of those and makes the other toys bounce around by yanking on the rings.We use it for two purposes. When we are eating we put it on a big chair next to the table and if she is fussy, I can make it bounce for her and still eat. When we are cleaning the kitchen or cooking, we put it on the chair again and have her face us and talk to her while doing our task.All and all, for the price it isn’t a bad purchase. You really won’t know if your baby will like something until you try it out, so for something much more expensive like the deluxe play place, I would see if a friend has one to try out first if you can.

Ada Calvin, LA

will cause injury

First of all this isnt safe for any infant that isnt big enough to support their own head. Then when they are big enough the toy bar becomes a problem. It is not very secure and wiggles way too much, and yes we followed the instructions to assemble and had it on the right way. My baby hit a toy and the bar came up at her face and the hard rattle toy hit her head and left a nasty bruise. She is now terrified of any bouncey seat.Get the Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker. It sits the baby comfortably and the toys are secure. My nephew is the same age as my daughter and her loves his fisher price one. Lets just hope my baby gets over her fear of toy bars.

Holly Herron, MI

It works and it’s inexpensive!

Took a few minutes to put it together and it does what it’s supposed to do for a better price that Toys R Us. Nice materials, sturdy, and well engineered. No real complaints except that I wished that the three hanging toys could be removable. What is the point of a teether when it can’t be detached from the arc?

Erin Cleveland, OH

It’s ok… but I wish I had bought another one…

It’s really pretty and it’s great when baby’s older.But for the first 2-1/2 months, I had to put a folded towel beneath the front feet of it to tilt it back. It sat up way too high for a newborn. I wish I had gotten one that’s a little more laid back.

Margie Oakford, IN

Horrible – I recommend buying something else.

My advice on the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer is to not waste your time or money. Yes, it is affordable, but in this case you are getting less than what you paid for. It is cheaper than cheap. You are better are spending a few extra bucks and purchasing a bouncer of better quality. I suggest Fischer Price bouncers.I purchased the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer for my (currently 3 month old) niece. I babysit her once a week and her parents are always lugging their Fischer Price bouncer over, so I thought it would be more convenient to purchase my own. I found the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer on Amazon, and thought I had hit a gold mine. It is super affordable, looks adorable, and the overall star rating was decent. I unfortunately, didn’t take the time to read the reviews and instantly regretted it when the Bright Starts Bouncer was delivered.My only pluses/pros for the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncers is that it is extremely affordable, easy to assemble, and the hanging toys are adorable. Let me start by saying that I wasn’t expecting to have to assemble it quite so much. Every aspect of this bouncer needed to be assembled. The assembly and instructions were easy and it was relatively quick to assemble. This product also takes three “C” batteries, which are not included (of course). On the other hand, this product unfortunately is an epic fail in every way.My first problem with this product is the pad in which the baby lays. Once I attached it to frame and secured it in the back, it was so extremely tight that I could have bounced a quarter off of it. I was actually afraid it was going to rip when attaching it, or when I put my niece in it and it got stretched by her weight. There is not an indentation for where the baby lies, as it appears in the picture. I figured it is possible that this might stretch after some use, but I am not sure with any amount of washing if the pad would continue to fit with time. It barely fit at first assemble. More importantly, I was afraid for the safety of my niece with how taunt the pad is and the extreme angle of the chair. I was afraid she would have slid down, or get an extreme wedgie, and even more so that with any movement she might fall forward (like when she starts to “try” to lift her head).My second issue with this product, one in which I never saw mentioned in any other reviews in the sound of the vibrations. The chair has one level of vibrations and two levels of music, a softer level and a louder level. Unfortunately, even at the loudest music level, I could barely here the music when the vibrate setting was on. The vibration was SO LOUD. I could literally hear whatever was oscillating inside the plastic box to make the chair vibrate. Some babies may find the sound soothing, I certainly didn’t want to listen to it though. It was LOUD, and it seemed to defeat the purpose of having music. I mean if you can’t hear it over the vibration, then why have it?Lastly, I had issue with the toy bar. The toy bar location is not adjustable. This would be fine, except that since the pad is so tight/taunt and the chair angle so extreme it literally makes the bar inches away from the babies face. It was just too close for comfort.In the end, I returned this product. I didn’t see the Bright Starts Sugar Blossom Melodies Bouncer lasting the few months that my niece would be using it. I was more so worried about her safety in using. And despite being affordable, it wasn’t even worth that. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this product even for the price. I suggest spending a few extra bucks and get something safe, durable, quiet, and fun for the child.

Deana Southborough, MA