Bright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar

Bright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar

Bright Starts Take Along Carrier Toy Bar

Main features

  • Baby activated light and 4 fun melodies
  • Spinning zebra roller ball with colorful beads
  • Spinning paddle mirror for self discovery
  • Bead chaser with textured rings
  • Straps easily attach to infant carriers for on the go fun

Verified reviews


Good but……

I really like this toy. I love the music, it’s so catchy! Oh, and my baby also loves this toy too! The only problem is that when you pull up the handle on the car seat, the music goes off while the baby is sleeping – super annoying!! There is no “off” switch. It is also too close to the baby, when it is pulled down in front of him when he is awake. He likes to lick on it, which I don’t like, because I am sure this toy is not BPA free. It is also super annoying to move the toy up the handle when the baby is sleeping and move back down when he is awake. I almost returned it but then I ended up tying it to hisBaby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blueand it worked out better because he can still enjoy the toy and it’s far enough that he can’t lick it. Life so much less annoying and simpler without having this toy on the car seat.

Elsa Kayenta, AZ

Doesn’t really fit the stroller well and a lot bigger than it looks online

This thing is a lot bigger in real life that it looks online. I wanted something somewhat low profile and not completely obnoxious for my little girl’s carseat but this thing is kind of insane and cheap plasticy looking. It also doesn’t fit right on my Graco carseat. It is too far away from her or too close. I am sending it back. I think the solution is to just get a clip thing with one toy on it.

Erna Forestville, CA

Neat toy but didn’t fit my Baby Trend

This was a cute little car seat toy, and I would have used it if it would work with my Baby Trend car seat. The straps would fit on the carrier bar, but it was waaaay too close to baby’s face b/c the bar didn’t come down far enough to keep the toy at a better distance. It would have put the toy like, 2-3 inches from baby’s face. Too close.Otherwise, seemed to be pretty nifty.

Lora Hasty, AR

Cute toy, 2 month old loves it buuuutttt..

This is a great little toy. I was able to try it out in Target to see if my little one liked it and he did! He was entranced by it and smiled and cooed. He loves it, the only small downside is that it is kind of annoying when attached to a baby carrier (we have a Chicco) because when he falls asleep and we move the handle back, the toy nearly hits his head and it’s kind of annoying to have to readjust it each time. Small little downside but worth buying for sure! The music is cute and not too loud or obnoxious.

Katy Sharples, WV

Can not be used in a moving vehicle

It’s cute and baby seems interested, but the warnings in fine print say it is not safe in a moving vehicle. Since the product is designed for a car seat, this makes it useless. Returning it.

Marietta Sheridan, OR

Worth the purchase!

I bought this for my 5 month old son, who doesn’t seem to like being in his car seat. It keeps him entertained for a few minutes before he gets bored. I think it’s pretty cool though, and it is super easy to connect to his infant car set (Chicco Keyfit 30). I only wish there was a way to use it on his convertible carseat, which we will begin using in the next month or two.

Velma Almo, ID

Worth purchasing

My daughter likes this toy. It attaches to your stroller or carrier and has three bright toys to keep your little one entertained. The first is a black and white zebra rattle, the second is a tiger whose nose lights up and plays music when pressed, and the third is a little blue spinning mirror.The rattle makes noise and studies show that small babies are attracted to black and white, so that’s a good one. The spinning mirror is fun, but probably the least exciting of the three, but still entertaining. What makes this shine, however, is the light up tiger toy. When you push his nose, he plays one of four short melodies and the red light pulses with the music.I would agree with a previous poster who noted the light flashes a bit quickly, but what is especially annoying is that it lights up in the shape of a pulsing letter x which I don’t care for, but since the baby loves it, I can’t fault the toy for that.This would be the perfect take along toy if wasn’t for the tunes themselves. There are four tunes, but they are very short, especially the last one which plays for about 5 seconds. If you are trying to keep your child entertained, you’re going to be hitting that button a lot.However, the fact it lights up and plays songs keeps my daughter entertained as well as the fact that this is way less expensive than similar carrier toys, makes this a worthy purchase.

Concepcion La Ward, TX

Cute but doesn’t work with anything.

I have a Graco Snugride 35 from 2012 and it doesn’t work with the carseat design. The carseat’s handle is curved, so the toy is either above his head (unreachable) or the tiger’s eyes are about 2″ away from the baby’s. Not a bad toy (I even like the music), we just can’t use it the way it’s supposed to be used. I tried to put it on a baby: carseat, stroller, swing, bouncer, and jumper (all popular brands) and the toy bar doesn’t work with any of them.

Denice Pocahontas, IL


This toy keeps my daughter occupied in the car, but I can’t strap it onto the car seat as pictured! It comes waaay too close to her face! Can you imagine something only 2-3 inches away from your face when your strapped into something? It’s pretty horrible.

Robin Mc Rae, AR

Nice, but works for a short time…

Our baby likes it and it entertains him, but only for 5min…after that the screaming starts anyway…oh…and the battery it came with died after only two months…

Gail Slatedale, PA

good product

both my kids have enjoyed having these bars on their carseats.It is difficult to get them in and out of the seat with it on, but I think it’s worth it.. especially on longer car rides. Babies tend to just toss toys out of their seat – and the hanging toys that jingle I find really annoying.I chose this for my second child as my son had a similar one. Great price point, too.

Beryl Amenia, ND

Most favorite toy

We got this as a gift when my son was 2 weeks old. From then on, he has loved it! He especially likes to see the lion’s nose when it is brightly lit and also likes the music from this. Around one month, he use to babble away at the lion when the music stops until one of us presses the nose again. It would look like he is having a conversation with the lion!He is currently 3 months old, the new thing that he started doing was to rotate the mirror in it. And he tries to catch the rattle under lion’s hands now.I think this toy will be useful for another few months until he grows to hold the rattle, and learn to press the nose all by himself. And probably graze into the mirror for another one more year!We have not had any long trips, but he is all smiles when we bring it with us in the car. We are getting the most out of this toy, since we are able to hang this in his bassinet, and then in his gym (fisher price rainforest gym), and then in the car seat. When he is fuzzy, this is a great take along, which I can hold in my hand along with him on the other hand. Good one!

Mellisa Accident, MD

Poor purchase…

Love the idea but not practical with some Graco or Babytrend carseats. Because of the location of the carseat handles when upright the toys end up being so close to the child’s’ face that they cannot focus.

Goldie Orbisonia, PA

Great toy

My 6 month old liked it and played with it while we walked. He likes variety and he got tired of it. I wish this toy could transfrom from one look to another so it doesn’t get boring. When my boy got bored with it i just took it off from the stroller. Other then that the quality is good, nice soft music (2 melodies), not annoying. Fits car seats and strollers.

Belinda Salem, FL

Simple, cute and fun

The simplicity on baby toys is very important to me. This is simple, safe and fun. I love hearing my son play with it while I’m driving

Sheena San Ysidro, CA

Great music!

I really liked this and it grabbed baby’s attention. But, it stopped working after a short time. I think it may have just been the one I received because I bought another and it seemed to work fine. Great colors, fun music and cute toys!

Meagan Van Buren Point, NY

Toy Bar

Love this toy bar! And my infant loves it, too! It fits perfectly on our Chicco car seat and is a great distraction while in the car.

Leann Lebanon, KS

its great!!!

my daughter loves this toy she plays with it until she falls asleep we have it on her carseat. its a great distraction especially for active babies n kids like mine

Alberta Hanover, ME

works great on stroller

she likes to play with it as we walking its entertaining and good value for the price would recommend this product

Leticia Kinston, AL

Exactly what we were looking for

The baby has maintained interest in this toy. We have had it for about a month and he still plays with it and spins the little toys. It’s nice that there is more than one song so that mama doesn’t go crazy hearing the same song over and over.

Lauri Yellow Springs, OH

Most played with

Get one. This toy was favorite of my granddaughter until she hit about six months old.A great entertainer for long car rides.

Ethel Kaibito, AZ

Very cute! Baby loves it!

This is a very cute toy bar. It’s well-made and easy to install. My son loves to spin the toys and the added surprise now and again when the lion lights up and a song plays is a great bonus. Great find!

Vanessa Bird In Hand, PA

Cute toy for the car seat

My son likes this toy, I constantly hear him rattling it in the back seat like crazy. They sell this at Target for around $10 as well

Annmarie Union Star, KY

Kept him entertained

This was the one toy my son would play with while in the car that kept him quiet and entertained. The only think I’m not super happy with is the velco section has come loose. We used this for about 6 months.

Amparo Paguate, NM

Great toy for the carseat!

This works great to entertain my 3 month old who gets fussy if the car seat isn’t moving! It helps to keep him happy while I’m trying to pack up the car and get him situated. It’s great for those down times when the car isn’t moving yet.The only thing I do wish it had was an option to have it stay on for a few minutes. He’s too little to hit the button himself to play the noises and lights so I have to hit the button and I can’t safely do that from the front seat while we are driving!

Shana Long Creek, SC


My little one loved this one ’till he was about a year old. The songs are cute and peppy, they never really got old for me and I found myself singing along most of the time. Great toy for the car!

Rena Cullen, VA

Cheap entertainment for baby that hates the carseat

Ended up buying these to see if they would help make car rides more bearable for my 4 month old twin boys. They do as they are supposed to do and my boys really seem to enjoy them.

Simone Tecopa, CA

Love it

Really cute toy that keeps my 4 1/2 mth old well entertained. God this when he was 3 mths and he really liked it even then. Great sounds and features. Love it.

Millie Aberdeen, MS

Distracting toy

Help her relax while traveling in the car.

Allie Newmarket, NH

Love it!!

My son loves his friends on his car seat! They are great and a super life saver when he needs a distraction. My son likes to chew on the toys and listen to the music. Fits perfectly on his car seat, great colors and still holding strong!

Essie Plainfield, CT