Bright Starts Teether, Pretty in Pink

Bright Starts Teether, Pretty in Pink

Teething babies choose fun shapes and textures that are easy to grasp. Fun textures enhance tactile development. A portion of the proceeds from this item supports breast cancer research.

Main features

  • Water filled teethers soothe baby’s gums
  • Fun textures enhance tactile development
  • Easy to grasp shapes include two colorful Hearts and a pink Flower design
  • A portion of the proceeds from this item supports breast cancer research
  • Includes 3 per set

Verified reviews



Loved these and couldn’t wait for my little one to use them until I tried to sanitize them and they melted. 🙁

Shelley Bradley, MI

Have yet to see the benefit of these…

I purchased 2 packs for these and I sanitized the ‘flower’ as it fell on the garage floor but it melted and became really hard, so don’t do that :). I have offered them to my son but he only places them in his mouth for a few minutes and then tosses them away. We keep them in the fridge and we have been offering them to him as everything in sight heads straight to his mouth but he doesn’t seem to care much for them. I intend to keep them and use them when he is much older as I have been told that these are great especially the heart shaped one which is supposed to be very good when they are sprouting the back teeth. So for now, I will say “wait until he is older to try again” and I will be happy to update my review accordingly.

Olga Plaza, ND

the best!

These are one of the best teethers I’ve ever owned. They are very soft, perfect for little hands and work great in my little one’s mouth. We put the flower on her as a little bracelet and she loves biting it. It’s also great that you get three teethers for a great price so you can always have at least one in the fridge. The only down side is that you can’t freeze these, only chill them in the fridge, so they don’t stay cold for too long, but for this price you can get quite a few and just keep them in the fridge for all day use. I definitively recommend them to everyone with a teething baby. If only they made them in more colors and shapes…

Latisha Beach Haven, PA

Smaller than I thought they were

These teethers are okay, but they are smaller than I thought they were. And it says on the pack that you can chill them in the fridge but they don’t stay cold for long so that’s pretty useless.

Michelle Larimore, ND

A great set of teethers

These aren’t fancy but they get the job done. You can put them in the fridge so they are cold and they stay cool for quite a while. These are a must have basic for babies. The colors are so nice and the size is perfect for baby hands. I would highly recommend these, the price is right too!

Cleo Etterville, MO

Teething necessity…..

My baby is only two months old but is drooling a lot… The signs of teething are drooling, fussiness, etc. etc. it’s never too early to get a soother, as it is not necessary to wait.

Miranda Magnolia, MS

Who says you can’t freeze these?

I know these say they are not suppose to be placed in the freezer, but I’ve found that they do just fine in the freezer, and my daughter prefers them frozen. Putting these in the fridge doesn’t seem to get them very cold, and they are room temperature within 5 minutes. I didn’t think these were going to work out for my daughter, but now that I’ve been freezing them she seem to like these teethers very much.

Ollie Saint Helena, NE


My daughter loved this teethers and they were very easy for her to grip and keep i her mouth when she needed it. Best teethers I have owned.

Rena Omaha, TX

Good First Teethers

These are a great first teether, and very inexpensive. Before our baby was teething we used these as grasping toys to help her learn to grip. Once she was teething she liked using these cool or room temp. They are super durable. These have been through a microwave steamer, freezing, the dishwasher, been run over by a stroller, and chewed on over and over. Our little girl is 2 and we still have them. We now use them with our reusable ice things to keep things cold in my husband’s lunchbox lol!Unfortunately, these are only good for front and middle teething. Once those molars are coming in these aren’t going to help a bit. TheComotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Orangeis the best teether for front, middle, and back teeth. It’s silicone so its just as durable with no BPA worries and you only have to buy one teether for all your needs. But you can’t freeze it and you can freeze these, so if cold therapy helps your little one, these are a great set to try.

Alba Auburn, WY

great for a teething 4 month old!

I’d bought these out of desperation after trying almost every other teething toy around and finding they were all too big for my daughter’s mouth.These rings are great! she loves to chomp on them and even just play with them, the size is good for her to hold and chew, and so far they are holding up well so quality seems okay.

Casandra Annandale, MN

The flower shape is great–the hearts, not so much.

This set of small teethers is good, but not great. They’re easy for even a young infant to hold and offer good teething surfaces (especially the flower shape–both of my children loved gnawing on those nubbles). They don’t seem to hold the chill for very long after they come out of the refrigerator. But that’s okay, because the cold seems to be less important for teething relief than the shape of the teether. And these have good shapes.We have a whole bunch of this type of water-filled teether in the refrigerator, ready to go, for our eight-month-old. We did the same for our now-toddler when he was young. Please note that these teethers are best for front teeth. By the time your toddler is cutting molars, she’ll need a harder teether to get relief–and it’ll have the be shaped differently (with long “fingers”) than these so it can reach the back teeth.If you’re looking for other sets of easily-manipulated cool teethers, try Infantino’sOcean Teethersor any fromthis set. The favorite (unrefrigerated solid soft plastic) teether in my house, by far, is the Discovery ToysSuper Yummy Teether.Bottom line: An acceptably good basic set of cold teethers for an infant.

Alyssa Baird, TX

Good teether

These are good teethers, not huge and they wont hurt your child when your baby inevitably smacks them into her face. They are better not actually frozen (too hard) and my baby teethes on them a little. She’s not a huge teether. She likes Sophie the giraffe the best.

Hazel Brookesmith, TX

Fun to play with frozen or not!

Our daughter plays with these even if they’re not cold. She likes to throw them around, chew on them, they help when shes teething and when shes not in pain she just plays with them like regular toys. No real problems with them, they just don’t stay chilled very long so she gets bored quickly when she needs the comfort of the chilling.

Darlene Spencerville, OH

Vday idea

I used these as an infant room valentine. I chews you! I also use them frozen in the bottom of my travel single bottle holder to give a little extra chill, the size is perfect.

Noelle Walkerton, IN

Good teethers

These are good teethers. My daughter had enjoyed them for about a year now, and they don’t show any wear & tear. She likes them chilled. I hand wash them, and they are still in brand new condition.

Jewel White Plains, VA

Good for little hands!

All the other teether rings I have found seem to be too heavy and clunky for my baby to get in her mouth. These ones are the perfect size and weight for her to grab onto and stick in her mouth. They are smaller than they appear in the picture which is good. They are also very cute!

Dionne Tarpon Springs, FL

Looove these!

What’s not to like?- They’re cheap – they come 3 in a pack and I paid less than three dollars for mine, even after shipping.- They’re durable, so far. My LO just recently got her first two (bottom front) teeth, so I don’t know how well they’ll hold up to actual chewing.. but for their intended purpose of helping cut teeth? They’re the bee’s pajamas. Or the cat’s knees, I’m not sure.- Easy to hold size, even for the smallest of hands. If your baby is an early teether, this may be the best thing that ever happened for less than $5. You could get six packages of these with three apiece inside for what you’d pay for ONE Sophie. That’s eighteen teethers versus one giraffe. Just sayin’.- They attach easily to the little sets of linked rings. This is awesome for me because it allows me to attach it to her car seat or stroller at a length that’s easy for her to reach and still not lose them on a filthy grocery store floor while shopping.Honestly? I’d recommend these to anyone and everyone with a use for them. They’re my LO’s favorite teethers and one of her favorite toys on top of it.

Lorena Lake Nebagamon, WI


I’m looking for sth please my daughter’s teeth, the Bright Starts make it! My daughter is very happy to have so cute goods to "eat"!

Geraldine Kulpmont, PA

5 minutes tops

They don’t stay cool long enough. I like the size compared to the munchkin version but I like the fact that the munchkin version can be frozen. These are useless when she is frustrated. She doesn’t like it after the minute cooling phase. Not worth the money.Edit***My baby girl is now 5 1/2 months. This was the 1st toy she grabbed for. She can now pass it back and forth. She likes them even when not cooled. One star deducted because its not cool for very long.

Diane Macksburg, IA


The product is durable and seems to be just fine; however, the plastic is very hard, making it difficult for teething babies to chew on it. My daughter does not prefer them. The colors and shapes are cute, however. 🙂

Stacie Friendship, OH

Perfect Size, Weight and Texture

These teethers are the perfect size, weight and texture for a five month+ teething infant. They are easy to grasp, lightweight for them to hold up to their mouth without getting fatigued, and a softer texture/surface than some teethers – like the nipple of a pacifier, but sturdier. They can be refrigerated to offer a soothing cool sensation for baby since they are filled with liquid. I have one in my daughter’s crib, the toy bin in the living room and in her pack & play that we keep in our bedroom. She hasn’t been a fussy teether, so maybe some won’t have the same experience as me. But they have been the easiest for her to use so far. And for the price, I recommend them.

Sarah Keenesburg, CO


These teething rings don’t stay frozen for long but the best part is that it is small enough for my daughter to hold and small enough for her to put in her mouth. She seems to have a small than normal mouth so the smaller the rings the better.

Lacey Sudan, TX


I bought these teethers for our nonprofit. The shapes are very cute, just as pictured, good quality, colors were great, and they arrived timely. I felt the price was competitive. They are not really big, more medium sized, but fit perfectly for what we use them for. I would definitely recommend seller and product and I’ll be buying more of them.

Susana Pittsford, NY


What can I say? They are soft, gel filled and my daughter gnaws on them with great determination. My television remote can come out of hiding now.

Martina Rogers, ND


My daughter loves these. They’ve stood up to an 18month getting a hold of them a few times as well.

Colette Milford, IN

Perfect teethers for itty babies!

I LOVE these teethers! When my daughter first started teething, I started shopping around for teethers that my daughter’s little hands could maneuver. I found that most teethers on the market were rather bulky and large – I felt like they overpowered her little mouth, or they were just a texture I didn’t find appealing. I happen to come across these teethers and decided to try them out. Couldn’t beat the price, and even if I wasn’t impressed enough to use them as teethers, she could easily play with them as toys. When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how cute they were, and their perfect size! FINALLY, teethers that weren’t too big for her! Thank you Bright Starts for having exactly what I was looking for!

Marjorie Mooreland, OK

Wonderful for teething….

These teethers are great for my granddaughter to chew on…very easy for a 5 month old to grasp and hold…

Dessie Green Pond, SC

Very good for young teethers

My daughter is 4 months old and the other teething rings seem way too big for her to hold or put in her mouth. These are the perfect size for her to hold and chew on. Great for the early teether who is too small for the huge teething toys out there.

Queen Pittsville, VA

pretty great for the price

absolutely a great deal for the price!daughter loves them and I like that they go in the fridge not freezer!

Jasmin Kendallville, IN

Just right for a tiny teether!

My granddaughter could hold these at 3 months. They are small and lightweight for tiny hands. At four months they are still favorites, so they must feel good on her gums, too!

Chasity Columbus, PA