Bright Starts Tug Tunes, Styles and colors may vary

Bright Starts Tug Tunes, Styles and colors may vary

Music to their ears, eyes and hands! These plush, go-anywhere animal pals happily play one of four different melodies when baby gives them a tug. Each comes with Fun Link for easy attachment to carrier, stroller, and more. Little toys, big fun! Styles and colors may vary. Assortment of 2, each sold separately.

Main features

  • Cute characters play 4 fun melodies
  • Soft materials are easy for baby to touch
  • Attach Fun Link to carriers, strollers, and more

Verified reviews


Cute toy, I wish it did more though

I was lucky enough to get both the monkey and elephant at my baby shower. This has been a cute little toy for my 3 month old. He smiles and laughs when I pull it and it makes noises. I have probably done it 100 times with each toy and the batteries are still good. I’m always worried about buying these types of toys in the store because I don’t know how many other people have come along and played with it in the store and used up the batteries. I always try to grab one from the back of the shelf, hopefully my friends did that when they bought them for me. I see someone posted a way to replace the batteries, but I don’t think I’m that motivated to do it when they die. I’ll try to update my post when the batteries die so you know approximately how long they last.To activate the sound you have to pull on the bottom pretty hard. I’m sure it will be quite awhile before my son has the strength to do that. Until then he gets a kick out of someone else pulling it. There’s only a couple things I would change on it. I wish there were a little more to the toy. Like crinkly ears, a squeaker or a rattle inside. The noise it makes is the only thing it does. When the battery dies it’s pretty useless. I also think it’s overpriced for what you’re getting. Aside from that, I think it’s a cute little toy that is a good addition to our toy box. I carry it in the diaper bag so when we are waiting around someone (like my older daughter’s soccer practice or the doctor’s office) I can get a few minutes of entertainment out of it before my son gets bored and fussy.

Clarice Thorp, WA

Love it

We bought this for our son and niece. It took them a while to figure out how to use it but it’s great for tummy time when they are on their backs and it hangs above them to pull on.

Willa Weymouth, MA


We had this maybe a month before it stopped working. A major disappointment! What a waste to throw it out, but the kids were getting so frustrated when the music wouldn’t play.

Jillian North, SC

Great Toy

My 5 month old loves this toy. It occupies her while we are driving and it is sensitive enough that she is able to pull on the toy to make the music come on by herself.

Robbie Morrison, IL

Second time buying this

Someone gave this to me at a baby shower. We took it with us on a plane ride and I forgot to take it off the carseat. The tail unwound from the yellow loop and when we got his carseat back, the elephant was missing. Our son loves it so much we had to buy it again. I don’t mind the cute little sounds it makes, because it makes me proud of my little boy’s hand-eye coordination.

Cathryn Green Sea, SC

Doesn’t last long

My son loves to play with this when he is in his car seat. The music isn’t too loud or annoying. My only complaint is the batteries in this item do not last very long at all, and they aren’t replaceable. My son is 14 months old and we are on monkey/elephant number 4.

Dollie Wellborn, FL

Cute and Fun Monkey

This was a baby shower gift for my son. This monkey was perfect for my little boy. It plays fun music that I don’t get annoyed by like many other baby toys. It attaches easy to many things. My little boy likes to chew on it. He can’t really pull it for music on his own yet so either I do or my 4 year old does it for him.

Gale Keasbey, NJ

Good for a few minutes of smiles

We got this toy when our baby was 3 months old, but she wasn’t able to activate the songs until around 7 months. It takes a pretty determined tug!Now that she knows how to use it, at 8 months old, I will occasionally hold the top ring, she will pull the bottom, and I make the monkey dance around when she gets the song to play. But unless we put it on the car seat, that is the only time it is used.She was never able to activate it when she was using the baby gym, which was what I had hoped for.

Christa Bass Harbor, ME