Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat – Pink

Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat – Pink

Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat – Pink Tummy Time has never been so fun. The Soft padded car shaped mat encourages tummy time play. Activity Dashboard features steering wheel that turns and clicks, crinkle flap, and a baby safe mirror. Removable prop pillow features ring rattle and water-filled teether keys . 1 car shaped link and 4 toy loops to attach more toys. It has a machine washable mat.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Soft padded car shaped mat encourages tummy time play
  • Activity Dashboard features steering wheel that turns and clicks; crinkle flap; baby safe mirror
  • Removable prop pillow features ring rattle and water-filled teether keys
  • 1 car shaped link and 4 toy loops to attach more toys
  • Machine washable mat

Verified reviews


Not worth the money

This product is a waste of money. I bought this because my daughter hated tummy time and I thought it would help her enjoy being on her tummy more. If your baby doesn’t like being on her tummy, this product will not make any difference. Save your money and just use a blanket and yourself to motivate your little one to enjoy being on her tummy, because this product does not help!!

Earline Katonah, NY

Cheap cheap in every way

My father always says, “cheap these ain’t good and good thing ain’t cheap”. We bought this for our daughter’s first Christmas and were very disappointed. I was looking for something for tummy time. This is very flimsy, thin and cheaply made…not good for tummy time or anything else…UGH!

Olivia Genoa City, WI

Great tummy time mat

My daughter loves playing on this mat and I think it’s very cute. She’s only a month old and she seems to get a little mad when I put the pillow piece under her head but lucky it comes off. Maybe when she’s a little bigger she wont mind it. Since the colors are so bright she lefts her head a lot to look around.

Marylou Ault, CO

Eh… Should’ve saved my money

Maybe great for the two/three month old that likes to feel propped up on tummy? It isn’t very long/wide maybe fits up to 20″, but not if they are remotely mobile. This is simply cuter in theory.My LO hasn’t enjoyed this much and prefers music and things to pick up and put in her mouth, this doesn’t offer either, but this toy was a learning curve. If you truly believe your child is advanced and seems to be more active than other children, save your money for books, teething rings or other toys. Not educational or beneficial (for us).

Karyn Wichita Falls, TX

Grandma and Henry approved.

My wife bought this for Henry, our 2 year old grandson. He enjoys it. My wife (a career preschool teacher) teacher, loves it. She feels it is well made and helps with his sensory skills. If it was up to me, I would have bought him a little football. Probably a good thing it was not up to me.

Nettie Grandville, MI

SUPER cute!!

Super cute play mat. I bought this item for a baby shower so I can’t rate it’s functionality, but it was a super cute buy!! I will definitely put this on a favorite list for my children in the future. Love it!!

Cassandra Rocky Ridge, MD

Colorful mat but needs more to do…

I ordered this mat expecting it to look like it does in the picture, but mine came in different, like a zoo theme. Nothing really wrong with that because I didn’t care how it looked, I wanted it to help assist us in teaching our 3 month old son that tummy time was fun. Well the whole thing is kind of boring. Sure it has really bright colors, but really the only toy on it is the wheel which turns and makes a clicking noise. He gets bored by it really fast. I like the fact that he can kick the back of it because he loves to kick and move his feet, but he kind of just face plants the front of it and doesn’t really know what to do. It also is not very padded, I expected it to be thicker. All and all I was expecting more, but it was only $20, so I guess you get what you pay for. Maybe I will get more use out of it when hes older.

Margaret Tylersville, PA

play mat

Love this play mat. My son has been doing tummy time on it since he was 2 month old. Before that he hated tummy time. All the colors are wonderful and keeps my baby happy.

Michele New Holland, PA

Great mat with LOADS of great features

I love the look of this mat, I also love the fact that it comes with toys that are raised up for the baby to look at and grab. This helps the baby to use their muscles, and really improves the length of tummy time for us. I also really like the little prop pillow to put under the baby. This little pillow really helped our son to decide that tummy time was “ok” versus not at all going to happen! He still doesn’t love tummy time, but will tolerate it, and now that he is a bit older it has been nice because he is able to grab for the toys, and get them to his mouth which is cute to watch. I can tell he really likes it, and that is enough for me! More than satisfied with the purchase….

Ruth Shreveport, LA

Amusing for my 1 month old

It a nice little product the support pillow could be a little bigger but overall no complaints. Both my girls like the crinkly noise the "dashboard" makes

Audrey Shaw Island, WA

Bright Starts Tummy Cruiser Prop & Play Mat – Blue

I bought two of these for Christmas gifts and I think the boys will enjoy it. They will be 4 months old and trying to turn over, but not quite.

Angelina Edisto Island, SC

Good little mat

This mat is small if you have a moving or rolling baby but it has very cute activities and he can sit to play with part of it. Plus, it can roll up fairly well for travel if you would need that. I think it was a good purchase.

Michaela Roselle, IL

A basic yet functional beginner playmat for smaller budgets

I purchased this playmat because the one my daugher had didn’t have a tummy pillow that was small or comfortable enough for her to enjoy and truly engage in tummy time effectively. I found while this one was simple, it was pefect for her and at 2 months old, she was able to tollerate tummy time a lot better because the pillow was small and comfortable enough for her to use. Within weeks, she really started to play with the “console” too. She would grab at the key and eventually found her way to the crinkle flap, which for my child, was the BEST part!With time, we transitioned over to her other playmat (Baby Einstien) but still used the tummy pillow from this play mat. While she would occasionally still find interest in playing with the Bright Starts playmat, it just didn’t have the same wow factor and didn’t engage her as long overall when compared to her other playmat, which had more color contrast and more toys to play with. So while the Bright Starts playmat was utitlized for about 2 months, I still found it to be a valuable asset to developing a good tummy time routine for my baby.Overall, this playmat suited my daughter better when she was a lot smaller. It was easy to fold up for travel, and the actual tummy pillow was the PERFECT size for her. While I wished it had more bells and whistles like her other playmat does, the price difference reflects that appropriately. If you are looking for a small, budget friendly playmat for your child, OR a simple alternative to a playmat you currently own, this one from Bright Starts is a great option.

Sara Woodberry Forest, VA