Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat, Little Blooms

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat, Little Blooms

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat, Little Blooms

Main features

  • Soft padded mat makes tummy time play and exercise more enjoyable
  • Water filled teether soothes baby’s gums
  • Baby safe mirror for self discovery
  • Detachable prop pillow is just the right size for young infants
  • 2 removable Fun Links to attach baby’s favorite toys

Verified reviews


Eased the frustration of unhappy tummy time

I didn’t have high hopes for this item, my daughter HATED tummy time and I was desperate to find something to make it easier. This mat did just that! The fabric it’s made out of is soft and slick, different from laying her down on a blanket or towel so I think when she moves and wriggles it’s less of a “rug burn” feel. Also the small crescent is perfect for under her chest, not as bulky as a boppy and she works hard to lift her head because she LOVES to see herself in the attached mirror. The mat did NOT come with a water filled teether as advertised, just a simple plastic toy. The other attached toy is not interesting to her, and the more she moves the pillow starts to move under her neck, but I always supervise her closely during tummy time. I know a lot of people might think this item is useless when you can set your baby on a blanket for tummy time but this made tummy time a lot easier in this house!

Sabrina Ararat, VA


This mat is so cute. Downside is the pillow isn’t attached to the mat itself so when the baby moved so did the pillow

Effie Milburn, KY


Bought this as a gift for my sis in law. Her baby loves it and uses it all of the time.

Bonnie Intercourse, PA

just fine for what it is intended for

My twins love to hang out on this. It is great for travel too. We took it to Lake Arrowhead with us. My twins did take the toys off the little pillow. I hook them back up all the time, but they manage to pull them out. No big deal, though.

Ava Sweeny, TX


The pillow is great! it makes tummy time soooooo much easier for my 3mo old son. it takes much longer for him to get frustrated. i swapped the plastic toy for another water filled teether so it was heavier to help keep the pillow in place and my son just loved to grab onto them while he looks in a mirror.

Pauline Hope Mills, NC


My baby could only slightly lift her head above the floor at 3 months, so my pediatrician recommended that I use a pillow under her chest during tummy time. Today is the third day of using this, and I’m happy to report that she is able to lift her head high in the air and turn to look from side to side. Not sure if it is the play mat, but it’s the only thing that I’ve done differently. No need to purchase the other expensive play mats. This works perfectly fine for its purpose.

Elma Mc Rae, AR

Not Great

I’m giving this 3 stars because I like the size, color, pattern, but the prop pillow does not secure in any way to the mat itself, so when baby moves around, she would start sliding all over. Terrible design, I would look elsewhere and find something that has a velcro attachment….can’t see anything in the little "mirror" either.

Elva Lozano, TX

Great Mat

I bought this so my daughter would have a second playmat so she didn’t get bored. She loves it. I like that it is smaller and more easily portable than her other mat. I also really like the prop pillow for this mat. Even at just under a month she had no problem staying on it. At two months she started scooting around on it. She loves the mirror. its an excellent buy. I bive her her Bright Starts rattle and she just goes to town.I do wish it cam with a few more rings though.

Keri Alma, CO

Slippery pillow and mat

The surface of this mat and prop pillow is slippery, which means that the pillow does not stay in one place and slides all over. I like that I was able to have a little mat that I could throw into the diaper bag and take with me everywhere, but I’m not sure it was any better than a regular blanket. It’s okay for what it is and for the price, but I probably would have skipped this purchase if I had to do it all over again.

Antoinette Stonyford, CA

What I was looking for…

I wanted something that I could easily pack up and take with me besides a blanket for my daughter to lay on and kick, something that was easy to clean and something with a pillow to encourage tummy time. This item satisfied all of these requirements. This mat cleaned up easily in the washer and then it dried quickly (you have to hang dry it). You can’t wash the pillow…only wipe it down but that hasn’t been an issue for me. I’m glad I made this purchase and if you are looking for the 3 things that I was, this is a good item at a great price. I will say that you will want to purchase it early because my daughter is 4 months now and she’s starting to get a little long for it (she’s 26 inches long).

Virginia Clintondale, NY