Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Cute Frog

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Cute Frog

Learning to walk has never been this much fun. The Bright Starts Walk a Bout is perfect for babies who are on the move. The high back seat with a cute frog character provides extra support as baby is perfecting those steps and getting stronger. Also, the 3 position height adjustment allows the Walk a Bout to grow with baby and be used over time. 3 fun toys and 2 links for attaching more toys will keep baby entertained while on the move. The Walk a Bout conveniently folds for storage.

Main features

  • 3 fun toys: Spinning frog with bead chaser, bee spinner ball with colorful beads and bendable leaf stalk toy
  • High back seat with frog character provides extra support for baby
  • 3 position height adjustment to grow with baby
  • Built in toy tray and includes 2 links for attaching more toys
  • Easily folds for storage; Machine washable seat pad

Verified reviews


Stationary seat/No way a Walker.

Worst purchase yet from Amazon. 9 mo old has a Cosco walker at Grandparents. Flies all over the place. Purchased this for home and he hates it. He knows how to get around in walker, so this one frustrates him to no end. The back wheels do not move! How do you call it a walker if the wheels are too stiff to move?I tried to remove Rubber coating hoping that would be remedy. No such luck, the wheels are too stiff to turn. Now I am stuck with this piece of junk. Alot of people reviewing, have babies too small to use as a walker. That is why review count looks so favorable. They should wait until child gets big enough to use for intended purpose. This is a joke to call this a walker. Truthful rating would be 0 stars

Tabatha Harwood Heights, IL

Great Walker!

Perfect for our needs, little wheels glide easily over our wood floors. They have a little bit of trouble on the carpet but most of our house is tile or wood. Easy to assemble, very feminine and the toys keep her occupied when she isn’t buzzing around the house. My only complaint is that I found it for 34.99 at Ross the day after it arrived, but $5 isnt worth a return for something already assembled and my little loves it.

Cheryl Fulton, OH

Let down

Does not roll very well. I should have listened to the other reviews. Its cute but that is about all.

Tricia Prospect, PA

You get what you pay for.

It is fine for the few months my daughter will use it. It does not have 4 articulating wheels so it is harder for her to steer and manuever. She does enjoy the attached toys and appreciates being upright in the kitchen or wherever I am so she can be part of what is going on.

Coleen Mc Cool Junction, NE

Too cute!

I bought this for my 3 month old. This is my first child so I didn’t know when it would be appropriate for her to use on of these. The product description does not indicate the minimum age for usage either (but they say the minimum weight is 6 lbs??).Unfortunately, my little one is WAY too little to use this. So it will sit in the closet for at least 3 months. I did put her in it once though and she loved the little toys on it. It was very easy to assemble, but the directions were not clear as to which part of the base is the front/back. So I had to flip it around because I had it backwards. Also there is a little push/pull & rotating mechanism to raise and lower the seat. Kinda tricky at first but I figured it out after messing with it for a couple minutes. Also this information was not in the directions.Overall, an awesome buy, especially for the cost!!! Would definitely recommend!

Elda Mount Lemmon, AZ

Goin’ to Grandmas

Bought this before my trip to California. I had it shipped to my parents house and they had it set up in seconds.I needed a way to entertain my son while I went to visit my parents in California. Great colors, not cheapy looking like some walkers. Great price, toys are removable so baby can play with them on the floor.Obviously, it is meant for hard/tile floors. We put it on the carpet to keep him completely stationary (for feeding time). Serves two purposes for us 😉 LOVE this product. I’d ship it back to Arizona if it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Alana Crawfordsville, IN

All over good deal

I researched what seemed like forever on this product, and ones like it, and couldnt be happier. Good price. Got it when she was 5mo and she mostly sat in it until she was ready/figured out how to move in it. She is an avg height and the balls of her feet touched the ground in it. She liked the toys (make sure the froggie is on the right way or baby can hit their heard, learned the hard way :/) Also comes with two toy rings to attach other toys and we use this all the time. Took the bumper things off the bottom (as some other reviews recommended) and she can go on the carpet fine) *** We’ve taken it traveling and its been very handy and served as a feeding spot because there was no highchair available, or just a place to let her play in when there want floor available. Its been a life saver. OH and it can fold up so you can fit it through doorways or get it out of the way if you have company. 🙂 She’s 9 mo now and loves running around, chasing the dog, and tryin to get into everything. She uses it when i’m in the kitchen so she can be near me, for both our comforts, and she can play or have a snack while I cook or clean or whatever. 🙂

Lou Treece, KS

Wish I had purchased a bounce activity center instead of this

This product is fine for what it is, a walker for babies. I bought it in part for the price, and because I thought I wanted my baby to be able to "walk" around. Well in hindsight, after trying it out, I am not ready for him to have this much mobility. I wish I had returned this and purchased a STATIONARY bounce activity center of some sort. However I kept this, and I have an area where I put the baby in it and turn him loose. A nice long hallway would work well with this product. I have learned that babies can learn to stand and walk without such mobility as this provides, and they are easier to keep and eye on when stationary.

Dianne West Wardsboro, VT

Baby loves it, but frustrating

The toys on the this walker are a lot of fun, and on numerous occasions we took the toys off so the little one could play with them without going in the walker. For the most part this walker performs fine, I understand the reasons for its limitations (wide base, low wheels) are all safety related, but sometimes it’s a little bit quirky.On thick carpet, it’s not going anywhere. Bumpers or no bumpers, it’s stuck. On hardwood/linoleum, it becomes a NASCAR race, complete with zipping around turns, and collisions.I have pinched my finger several times trying to set up the walker, or simply carry it. Unfortunately, when it is in the fully ‘closed’ position, it does not lock. This means to pick it up you have to grab both the seat and the base and hold them together. It wouldn’t have been too difficult to add a bottom latch to keep it closed.The seat is annoying to remove, but doable, and cleans up well in the wash. I’d be careful leaving the walker out where the baby can get to it because it will roll away when they try to pull up on it, even on carpet. The baby’s weight is what usually slows it down, but when it’s empty that won’t be a problem for it.

Cindy Vermillion, SD


this is a nice walk about walker for a smaller child. there were lots of reviews that it doesnt move but it glides on my carpet fine.

Lisa Chattanooga, TN

So cute!

Easy to put together.My granddaughter loves this thing! She’s now into zooming :)Sturdy. Baby girl turns this thing on a dime. Highly recommended.

Ila Baxter, IA



Kristine Fogelsville, PA

Very happy with this.

This is totally cute is a great thing to have to be able to put the baby in and keep them occupied. It folds flat for storage.

Mai Dwight, NE


it’s ok. my baby gets bored really fast and the walker gets stuck on the carpet to hard floor because of the little bumpers.

Jillian Huntsville, AR

Bought TWO!

I bought one in pink and one in green for my boy/girl twins. They work wonderfully! At first i thought that because the back wheels didnt swivel that i wouldn’t like them. I am VERY pleased that they dont. If they did swivel it would be much harder for your baby to move around and go straight. Having the back two the way they are helps my babies go straight and not turn all over the place.It moves easily. WHen they hit things the edges of the walker bump them along without damaging anything. The toys are great too. i would definitely buy these again.

Lucile Pendleton, NC

My daughter loved this!

The little toys that are attached are great! My daughter loves playing with them. This item shipped super fast. The only negative thing is it could be a safety issue if you try and change the size while a child is in the seat.

Juanita Glenn, CA

Awesome Walker

My daughter has been using this walker for maybe 3 weeks, she’s only a week away from 6 months and has been backing everywhere in it. It’s cute functional and does what it is suppose to I am satisfied with this purchase. I recommend to all moms looking for a bargain on a walker.

Emma Steamburg, NY

Perfect for the Price

Our daughter began sitting in this around 4 months and she has loved it since. It’s comfy for her and moves around great.

Josephine Pawlet, VT

Pretty cute

easy to put together Cute and fun. its slightly cheap material the fabric on the seat will rip easy and the back head rest part has NO padding. my poor 10 week old kept hitting her head so i had to pad it a bit. Other then that its cute, light weight and compact unlike others so its a big plus for small spaces

Frankie Warsaw, OH

Bought this at the PX

My son was around 3-4 months old when I got this. He was extremely chunky and already about 19 pounds. I usually put a baby blanket or towel on his back for support. When he was months old, he was PRO. Let me tell you he could finally si up unsupported by then so he was walking around like nobodys’ business. NOW he’s 9 months old and STILL loves it. He’s getting too big for it . (he was 29 pounds last time at the Dr) Its scares me because I think he is about to hit thew weight limit but he LOVES his walker so much, he can actually RUN in it now. I wish I had a video (I have lots on my instagram @da808gypsy) He likes to chase things and steal brooms and mess with the dogs water bowl. lol

Beulah Collins, OH

Great item!

My daughter loves this walker. She loves to be in it and play! I love how it folds up for easy storage. I recommend this!!!

Nan Hebron, IL

Does the job but isn’t practical for cleaning

I put this out on our deck during the summer so my little one could enjoy the fresh air and play in a confined area. It works like it’s supposed to however it attracts mold like nobody’s business! It’s not easy to clean either.

Clara Kingston, OH

Ok product

Cute but needs modification to back wheels. Very hard to move back wheels. Served its purpose for my twin grandsons. One even had the rubber on the back wheel come off because it was like frozen and didn’t move.

Sheri Garden Plain, KS

No frills walker

Great basic, no-frills walker; has 2 actual toys and a third ‘toy’ (item? place? not sure how to describe it… it’s the blue leaf-shaped thing in the stock photo) that you can attach other toys to, which is really nice for switching out toys. Very compact design, as far as baby walkers go. Easy assembly. My 3-month-old really likes the independence this gives her and enjoys the toys it came with as well as her own. She’s too young (and too short) to use this as a walker yet, but with a blanket pushed in around her in the seat, she can sit fairly upright and play. She likes it and me and the hubby love it as it gives us some hands-free time! An added plus: the walker arrived the day after I purchased it! And that was selecting the Free Super Saver shipping.

Virginia Long Pine, NE

Not for bigger babies

This was very cute and my little one enjoyed the toys just great. She fit the weight (up to 26 lbs), she had one more notch to go in the height part, but her torso is just too long. The bucket they sit in is really shallow, so unless they’re short-waisted, they look like giants coming out of the top of it. The toys farther back were basically at her chin.I wanted to like it, but I had to return it. I was glad that I read in another review to take off the guards, because it wouldn’t move without that. Moved just great after a little unscrewing. I mention it because it would not have occurred to me to take them off otherwise.Easy to assemble. Well constructed. Just, I guess I waited too long for my almost 7 month old 95% percentile baby.

Cathleen Haddam, KS

Great value.

My 5 month old loves this! Great value for the price. The toys are engaging and the base has a stopper so baby can only roll on flat surfaces and can’t make it over thresholds. We love it!

Veronica Alplaus, NY


Super cute, very gender neutral. We are using it for our daughter but could use it for a boy as well. Good quality!

Tina Burna, KY

Cute little walker, but only two settings

I really like this cute little walker, but there are only two settings on it. It is sturdy and well made, just disappointed in the lack of adjustments available. I am not going to return it, but I don’t recommend buying it.

Luisa Lamar, CO

My baby didn’t like it

I’m not sure why, however my baby would cry everytime I brought her near this walker. We have wood floors with a rug and she was not able to move between the two. We tried for several months until she started walking and got rid of it. The walker does seem nice and well constructed.

Patricia Tipton, TN


Really like this walker! I am a big fan of Bright Starts products, they are the best price for the quality. I can’t really talk about the wheels because we keep it on the carpet to inhibit movement but it works very nicely as a seat and tray for our little one to play at. At 26 inches, our baby can touch the ground at the lowest level.

Lenora New Derry, PA