Britax 2013 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System, Red

Britax 2013 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System, Red

Designed to be an on-the-go travel system, the B-Agile stroller and B-Safe Infant Car Seat fit together seamlessly to create one of the lightest and easiest to use travel systems on the market. The integrated Britax Click & Go system provides a quick and secure connection so you can easily move your sleeping newborn from the car to the stroller. When the infant car seat stage is over you have the luxuries of a one-hand fold and a lightweight stroller with a weight capacity of 55pounds.The B-Agile stroller features a quick-fold design and only weighs 16.5 pounds. The B-Safe Infant Car Seat is designed and engineered to the high safety standards for which Britax is known. Featuring Side Impact Protection, and an energy-absorbing foam liner, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. The padded, supportive seat on the B-Agile features a 5-point harness system with head pad that is adjustable without having to rethread or unhook any straps. With a weight capacity of 55 pounds and an infinite recline, the B-Agile is suitable from birth. The extra large canopy with a mesh ventilation window allows you to see your child and, and your child to see you. The B-Safe Infant Car Seat has premium, push-button latch connectors, a built-in lock-off and an ergonomically designed carry handle make the seat easy to install and carry. The travel system includes stroller, infant car seat and infant car seat base.

Main features

  • The B-Safe Infant Car Seat, features side impact protection which distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head and body
  • The B-Agile Stroller, suitable birth to 55 pounds, features a lightweight aluminum frame and a one hand quick fold design
  • The B-Safe Infant Car Seat features a 30-pound weight capacity, a tangle free, five point harness, and energy-absorbing foam liner
  • The B-Agile Stroller, has three-wheel design which provides improved steering and maneuverability

Verified reviews


Good Not Great; At Least One Major Safety Issue

My wife and I received the Britax B-Agile Travel System as a baby shower present and have used this stroller and car-seat combo exclusively since our son was born seven months ago. In that time I’ve come to love and hate certain features and design characteristics of both the seat and stroller.——————–CARSEAT:The first thing I noticed about this car-seat when I picked it up is the weight. Compared to other brands we shopped prior to our son’s birth – Graco, Evenflo, etc. – the Britax is significantly lighter coming in at approximately 16lbs. A lot of car-seats we shopped were well over 20lbs so the weight savings is significant. This is particularly important for my wife as she would find it challenging to port a heavy car-seat and our son.The B-Safe car-seat is designed to accommodate babies from 4-30lbs and up to 32 inches long. At seven months my son is starting to really fill out the seat at 22lbs. And we’ve already purchased the Britax Marathon 70-G3 convertible car-seat in anticipation of him outgrowing the B-Safe model.All in all the B-Safe seems well built and has good crash test ratings. For being considerably lighter than other brands we found the seat to be both plush and sturdy. The car seat base is detachable and has a built-in level to make proper installation easier. The base can be attached to both cars with car-seat latches built-in (both of of cars have this feature) and to cars that only have traditional seat-belts. The latch system is particularly nice making installation a lot easier. The latch-belt and clamps are built into the car-seat base and are adjustable via a slide-lock mechanism.The other nice thing about having a system like this is the ability to go from the car to stroller in just a matter of moments. The car-seat latches into both the car-seat base and then the stroller. The seat is released from the base by using a sliding hand grip on car-seat back. We also took to purchasing extra bases for our family members so that they could easily port our son around if necessary.My complaints with the car-seat primarily lie with the materials used in the padding, While they look good and are relatively easy to clean our son tended to get very hot in this seat and was prone to sweating considerably even with our car’s AC running. This was a particular problem in our hot, muggy Midwest summer. The other issue is the actual belts that secure the baby. While very sturdy I found that the actual metal, locking piece twisted around the belt too easily. This led to some frustration as we’d have to stop, take our son out of the seat, flip the belt, and then place him back in the seat.——————–STROLLER:The B-Agile stroller is very nice, glides extremely smooth, and is able to cope with a moderate amount of rough terrain and bumps in a road or sidewalk. The car-seat snaps right into to locking adapters located on both sides of the car-seat and stroller. This is not the same locking mechanism that is used to dock the car-seat to the seat base in vehicle. Rather this locking mechanism is located directly below the pivoting handle.The stroller features some nice rubber wheels; wheels in the back are larger than the two collocated wheels in the front. Another nice feature is a heavy duty foot-brake that locks the rear wheels. The foot-brake is surprisingly strong even when pushed on by an adult holds the stroller in place. The front wheels are collocated giving the stroller a tricycle like stance. While this lends the stroller a great turn radius it also makes the stroller somewhat unstable over rough terrain. This is compounded when using the car-seat with the stroller as it shifts the weight and center of gravity to the top of the stroller.Without the car-seat this is a regular and more stable stroller. Our son is now old enough to go without the car-seat and that’s our preferred method of travel with him. The B-Agile features a three-point locking mechanism on the harness that really secures the child to the stroller. The mechanism is mostly plastic, however, has held up nicely to almost daily use.Both the car-seat and stroller feature a great amount of shade to protect the baby from the sun and elements. The car-seat features a built-in behind the baby shade than can be brought up and forward. The stroller features a bottom-up shade that meets with the car-seat shade giving you a complete canopy over your baby. There’s a seam where the two shades meet so the canopy is not water proof but sufficient to keep your baby mostly dry and out of the sun’s reach. There is also a Velcro flap that opens and closes a mesh protected window that allows you to check on your baby without letting in insects.A few areas of complaint or where improvements are needed include storage, the locking mechanism for the car-seat and stroller, the Velcro window, the handlebar, and how the seat-back is adjusted. It sounds like a lot but these are all worth mentioning.First storage, or really the lack thereof. There is one small storage bin at the very bottom of the stroller. Unfortunately unless you’re using a very small diaper bag it likely will not fit under the stroller. We end up using the handle bars to drape our bag’s should strap over. The Velcro window should really feature sewn-in magnets to keep the flap closed. The Velcro is both loud and has the habit of attracting debris. The handlebar while very comfortable seems to be made of a very porous rubber-like material. It’s both very tough to clean and feels sticky, particularly during hot days. The material has not aged well compared to the rest of the stroller. Not a fan of the handlebar at all. The seat-back is something that could work so much better as well. The mechanism for adjusting the recline angle on the seat-back is a complicated setup of straps and a sliding plastic handle. It feels both flimsy and is difficult to adjust and almost impossible to adjust if your child is sitting in the seat. Lastly, and this is my biggest compliant and a possible safety issue is the locking mechanism between the car-seat and stroller. I have major concern over how Britax made the mechanisms unlock from each other. Mainly you have grab the car-seat by each side, near where the pivoting arm is located and press two spring-mounted releases up and then life the car-seat straight up to un-dock the car-seat from the stroller. This leaves you holding your baby and the 16lb seat in an awkward position and not in a position to easily transition to grabbing the handle. Both my wife and I have come close to dropping our son in the car-seat because of this.——————–STYLE:We opted for the black-on-black styling and it looks very nice. Everything has held up well minus the rubber handlebar on the stroller. We have friends who have the exact same combination in red and that is also very sharp. Our color, black, is gender neutral so it’d be suitable for both a boy or girl.——————–THE GOOD:(+) Very well built and good impact test ratings(+) Material is attractive and easy to clean(+) The stroller glides perfectly and is noiseless; no creaking or squeaking here(+) Entire ecosystem of products – car-seat, stroller, bases – are interchangeable(+) Stroller folds for portability(+) Add-on products from Britax are available for the stroller including an organizer, cup-holder, covers, and more——————–THE BAD:(-) Badly designed release system for the car-seat when paired with the stroller is potentially dangerous(-) Rubberized handle is very porous and difficult to clean(-) The seat-belt buckles are prone to flipping on the strap(-) Limited storage space(-) The release tabs for the stroller to both fold and unfold (separate tabs) are difficult to depress making it harder than it should be to fold and unfold the stroller; also since the stroller is only locked into the folding position on one side the stroller tends to open very suddenly, I call it “crashing open”(-) The add-on cup-holder is very poorly designed and pops off the stroller whenever folding it for storage, definitely not recommended——————–CONCLUSION:Britax makes a good product that could be a great product with some design changes, most notably to the mechanism that releases the car-seat from the stroller.

Grace Salton City, CA

Love it

This is super light, easy to use and maneuvers wonderfully. This was a gift for my sister who is due literally anyday now. She was so excited when it showed up that she didn’t wait for or need help putting it together. She then proceedeed to take my 4 year old nephew for a walk in it. She admitted she hoped it’d help induce but found it glides so easy even with his weight that it didn’t work. :)We’ll update after we get a bit more use.

Darlene Danevang, TX

Lacks a lot.

I got this stroller for my first baby, being completely inexperienced and not knowing what I will need and not need.aside from the fact that this might be a very "safe" car seat I do not see many other redeeming qualities. It has very little storage on the bottom. I also had to buy hooks so I can hang stuff (due to lack of other storage) as well as a cup holder. The button used to open the stroller from the collapsed position constantly sticks. In fact I hate having to open it and always ask my husband to do it.It’s virtually impossible to navigate this stroller with one hand, tough to turn. It’s also very unusable and I almost tilted it over on several occasions.The straps on both the trolled and car seat are horrendous. Constantly getting twisted. My little one hates having to go into the car seat because it takes forever to untangle everything and get him strapped in.I really can’t think of many nice to say unfortunately. It’s agile I guess?

Latasha North Richland Hills, TX

Just Buy It Already Will Ya!!! 🙂

YES! I love both the car seat and the stroller. It’s easy to fold and slide the car seat into the trunk of my small car (Nissan Sentra) its cute and not at all bulky like the other car seat stroller combos, it doesn’t scream MOM WITH BABY OVER HERE!! lol. I haven’t used the stroller alone without the car seat yet because baby boy is only 3 months. I love the red color. the only thing is that my boy gets really hot in the car seat and his whole back is sometimes damp from sweating, must be the material. I am overall impressed with this travel system. Buy this and you won’t be sorry. 🙂

Christina Eagle, AK

Super User

Although, more expensive it was of good quality and serves the purpose of car seat, carrier, and stroller which makes it convenient.

Petra Milton, FL

The best!

This package is totally worthy. The high quality of Britax with a great price has not comparison. You are secure and safe with Britax.

Lou Leesville, OH

Best investment

The britax travel system is expensive but so worth it! You get a car seat base, the seat, the stroller which works with the car seat and on it’s own… essentially it’s all inclusive. The quality is excellent, the stroller is highly maneuverable, folds very easily, and is light enough that it’s easier to lift than the baby in the car seat. I love it.Also, setting it up/putting it together was SO easy, which is always appreciated.One note is that I purchased black, but now that summer is here I realize that the grey or sandstone would have stayed cooler in the sun, which is important for baby’s comfort.

Caroline Black Diamond, WA

We love this travel system

We love this travel system! It is much sturdier and durable than any Graco systems we’ve seen. Since it does not come with a stroller tray built in, the system is very compact when the car seat is snapped into the stroller. The stroller itself is amazingly easy to fold and un-fold.Our only complaint is with the car seat. The angle is awful when it is set on the child seat of a shopping cart; instead of sitting up, the baby is practically lying down. Still, if given the choice, we would choose this system many times over.

Simone Saint Amant, LA


Bought this for my daughter and it is a beautiful color. The wheels are so agile that this will be very easy to maneuver. Very happy with the purchase, delivery, and the cost was $100 cheaper then in the store.

Merle Avalon, NJ

Good, realizable n stylish travel system

We have been using the Britax travel system from last eight months ands quite happy with it.Stroller: this is the best part of the travel system.Pros:Easy to navigate. Nice big rubber wheelsWorks well with the car seatFolding n unfolding is easy, can do with one handNot too bulkyWhen we are using just the stroller, the hood is really good and covers the baby well from sun lightLooks good (we got red color)Cons:Only problem is storage. Only storage it has is a small basket underneath the stroller. It is small, not easy to reach. I understand that not having plastic trays and holders other strollers have is what makes this stroller light weight and easy to navigate, but just a small pouch that I can reach to keep a baby bottle and burp cloth would have been appreciated. I bought Britax stroller organizer and it works well to keep small baby items.Car seatPros:Good safe car seatCons:The straps twists easily, not too easy to straighten them out. This sounds like a small issue, but a real pain to deal with on a daily basis.Manual says it can accommodate until 35lbs, at 18lbs my daughter is all ready filling the car seat, I highly doubt that we can use it until she reaches 35lbs.Over all, it is a safe travel system and I would recommend buying it.

Mitzi Galva, IA

Stroller is amazingly light and easy to maneuver. Carseat is really heavy and the straps are constantly getting twisted.

First time mom, so its the only one I’ve had. Researched travel systems extensively before settling on this one. I loved it and would get it again. Definitely feel like travel system is the way to go.The stroller is really, really light. And really easy to maneuver. It’s also extremely easy to collapse and uncollapse. It folds up pretty compactly too. The only annoying thing about the stroller is there isn’t very much storage space. Britax makes you buy everything separately (i.e. cup holders, storage baskets, etc). But I resolved that with a mommy hook, those things are amazing. I could put full grocery bags on my stroller. Just have to watch so it doesn’t tip when you take the kid out. The little pocket at the bottom is nice for catching toys and stuff the kid drops.The carseat is just ok. Worth it just for the ability to transfer the baby to the stroller without waking. It is so heavy though. Which wouldn’t be that bad if it weren’t so bulky also. But it seems very safe and my baby was very happy in it. She slept in it all the time. She’s about to outgrow it at about 10 months anyway. Would also be nice if you could adjust it to decline less. As the baby gets older, it starts getting annoyed it can’t sit up straighter. But these issues were pretty minor. I’m sticking with Britax for her next carseat.

Ashley Sagaponack, NY

Great Stroller/Car Seat Combo

We have been using this carseat and stroller for four months. The carseat is quite solidly built and was east to install. The stroller is surprisingly light, but sturdy and great for long walks, even on unpaved surfaces (to an extent).

May Michigantown, IN

Great travel system

Both the car seat and the stroller are really lightweight yet sturdy. The system is extremely easy to use and fits together great. The whole system together is extremely easy to push as a stroller, although with a smaller set of wheels up front we do sometimes get stuck in sidewalk potholes. Since I live in a city, three small changes and it would be a five: bigger wheel up front, better room for storage/carrying capacity underneath, and a better natural "foothold" for when I have to give it some extra *umph* to get over a bump. But really, those things are minor. Love this system!

Zelda Glen Haven, CO


We couldn’t decide between the BOB, UPPA, or Citi Mini option. I am so glad we chose this as it is easy, sleek, and is great for either male or female child. It is lightweight which was a big decision factor for me as I have back problems. I would highly recommend as I am complimented on it a lot. The BOB was simply to bulky, would be great for jogging though. The UPPA was too difficult and too expensive. If I purchased a Citi Mini, I would have to purchase an adapter and then it won’t fold with the adapter on. It was a no brainer to get the britax.

Traci Farmingdale, NJ

Modern Design, Safe, and Functional Travel System!

We purchased this travel system based on its reasonable price and wonderful reviews, and we are glad we did. Using the infant car seat with the stroller adapter is extremely easy, as is opening and closing the stroller. The stroller itself is light enough for me to lift into and out of the car, and the overall design is modern, functional, and safe for baby – which is our number one concern. I give this system four stars out of five based on my continued struggle to remove the car seat from its base – with or without baby – although I blame this on human error, as my husband has no issues at all. Also, the car seat is not breathable, and we oftentimes remove our son from it with a back drenched in sweat – even if he’s only been in it for a short period of time. Still, I highly recommend this system and would definitely purchase it again.

Maggie Prudence Island, RI

Great Travel System

I did a great deal of research on travel systems and decided on this one. It was one of the lightest car seats that I could find with a super high safety rating! The size of this was also small enough to be able to put the stroller folded into my smaller car. It is easy to install and put together. The transfer from car to stroller is super slick. I really like how easy it is to fold the stroller up and put in my car. You just have to put the wheel lock on, push the grey button, and then lift the handle in the middle of the seat. The canopy on the car seat and stroller is a must have for our rainy climate too.

Krystal Franklin Lakes, NJ

Awesome system

I ordered this for my daughter for her new baby girl. It’s wonderful! She and her husband love it! It’s solid, easy to open and close and stores nicely in trunk. The car seat is great and fits nicely on the stroller and easy to maneuver even for me to do. However, the baby has spit up on it and it is a pain to take the car seat cushions apart and clean. They cannot be put in the washing machine and dried. It has to be done by hand. Otherwise, it is great.

Misty Byron, NE

Light and safe!

Having had back and hip surgery I needed an easy to maneuver light stroller and this is it! In an attempt to make it even lighter – I looked up the instructions for the UK model and I was able to remove the stroller seat so that I could use just the frame with the car seat and that made it even lighter! So if you are looking for a lightweight stroller at a good price this is it.

Terrie Sigel, PA