Britax Advocate 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

Britax Advocate 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

The Britax Advocate 70 G3 convertible car seat accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 70 pounds. The Advocate 70 G3 is purposefully designed and engineered to minimize the forward movement of your child’s head during a frontal impact to reduce the risk of head injury with the following revolutionary Britax head safety technologies: Base with SafeCell Technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat. Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Energy Absorbing Versa Tether features a two point attachment and staged release tether webbing to slow the forward movement and reduce the crash forces reaching the child. HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning while SafeCells compress to manage energy and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash.

Main features

  • Plastic, Steel, Polyester
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Side Impact Cushion Technology features energy absorbing cushions on the exterior of the child seat to reduce side impact crash energy by 45% by diverting crash forces away from your child and providing extra protection for the adjacent passenger
  • True Side Impact Protection to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them in true or aligned
  • Click and Safe Snug Harness Indicator is an audible aid that provides extra assurance when the harness is within range of appropriate snugness
  • Base with SafeCell Technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat
  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash

Verified reviews



We bought this car seat for my daughter when she was 12 months old. We bought it because of it’s high safety rating and extra impact protection. When my daughter was 14 months old we were sitting at a stoplight and were rear-ended by someone going 40 MPH. I had my daughter rear-facing. The impact was so strong that it pushed the back of the car up to our backseat where she was. Because of the steel frame she was saved! We were both transported to the ER and the doctor said he was amazed that she had no signs of any injury. He said that 99% of the time all kids have red marks or bruising from the straps of their seats. My daughter had neither! She was in PERFECT CONDITION! She is 20 months old now and still rear-facing. I credit this car seat AND the fact that she was rear-facing on her being unharmed! I encourage ALL parents to purchase this car seat!Before I purchased this carseat I talked to a representative from Britax who was very helpful. I wanted to know about the fire resistant coating that was supposedly “toxic” that I had heard people talk about. She informed me that they were only toxic at a certain temperature (I believe it was over 500 degrees). If this ever happened we probably wouldn’t be alive to inhale it. I would rather have this coating than not.

Traci Bear, DE

So far we are VERY happy…

I did a lot of research before I got this car seat and this is our first Britax/convertible car seat. When we received it, it was in a box with holes in it for easy carrying. We did open everything and left it “air out” for about a week in our breezeway. It did not have a strong smell, even though it was manufactured only the month before (July), but we did it to try and “burn off” some of the toxins. The Opus Gray is scaled at “Medium” for toxins, which there aren’t many of Britax car seats that are lower unless you get an infant car seat.[…]STRAPS:I was happy to see how easy it was to make it “fit” your child. We have a 8 month old (about 20lbs and 29in long), and he fits in it just fine. Now we did have to remove the padding on the straps because they don’t bend well and made it impossible to strap him in correctly. I agree with another reviewer, when they said that they would not recommend a child smaller than this. I really don’t see how any child smaller than 20lbs would fit in this car seat properly with the HUGS and padding. Britax recommends having the HUGS left on unless 12lbs or under. Again I don’t see how that would be possible since they are pretty big. Other than that, the straps are nice and my husband LOVES the Click & Safe feature! He now feels confident that our son is in correctly. It does take him a bit longer to put him in this car seat vs the infant but with the infant, you had the straps set at a length and kept it there until you couldn’t squeeze your child in it any longer.I did read on other reviews about their child chewing on the HUGS. Ours hasn’t done that…YET. But I think that I will call Britax and ask them about the HUGS that are with harder plastic and see if I can get a pair (since apparently they know it’s an issue), so that when he does start to chew on them, I can switch them out.SIDE IMPACT:My son does not seem to mind the “wings” (as I would call them) beside his head at all. He has quite a bit of room as of right now on both sides, so that could change later on. They are nice when he falls asleep though because it gives him a place for his head to go and not end up in an awkward position. The outer side impact are, basically, big soft plastic “bubbles” (can’t think of any other word right now) that are filled with air and you can make “breath” just by pushing on them.RECLINE:The Britax has 3 positions. The lowest you use for rear facing, which isn’t as low as the infant car seat, so my son is happy with that. Once you place it forward facing you have 2 other positions to choose from. I’m sure we will stick with the middle position, as long as our car corporates, until he is bigger and want to sit fully up and down.INSTALLING:The seat is quite heavy and would not want to have to move it from one car to the next. But I guess that is to be expected with how solid it is. I definitely feel better with our son in this car seat vs the infant. We used the LATCH system and it does not move an INCH! (unlike our infant car seat) Britax does recommend, for rear facing, to use the 2nd tether up at the top, but we did not see how we would be able to get our son in and out without undoing it EVERY time. Now, we did have to roll up a small towel to put under the car seat where the crack of the seat is to make the car seat level (Britax does recommend using either a rolled up towel or a pool noodle) since our car seats slope a little towards the back of the car. We were able to install the car seat in the middle rear facing with it reclined all the way down, as recommended by Britax for rear facing, even with my husband’s seat where it needs to be (he is 6’1″). When we tested it out at Baby R Us, it will fit perfectly when it is forward facing in the middle also. We tested a Graco My Ride 65 along with the Britax models and the My Ride did not fit at all in out ’08 Civic (Sedan) rear facing or forward facing unless you want your seat ALL the way up.The ONLY problem that I have found with installing the car seat in the middle is that, you really don’t have room to fit in the back on either side. Now, I did for a ride or 2 to make sure that he was ok in his new seat (and I’m short BUT lets just say I’m not quite that skinny anymore). It was a tight squeeze and was uncomfortable for me to sit back there. I’m sure a skinny person would be ok, but if you wanted to put another child in that likes to move or that needed a car seat also, you would have to remove it from the middle so that they could fit. But I’m sure if you had a bigger car (not a compact car like us) you would have more room. Once we decide to have #2 and all, this car seat will be moved to the side, but I feel A LOT better doing it with this car seat (with 3x the side impact protection) vs any other car seat when that time comes.SIDE NOTE:The car seat does come with a little “insert” for smaller children (is shown in picture), like our son, BUT if your child is smaller than that; Britax recommends another/different insert which does NOT come with the car seat. If our son was smaller, I would definitely look into getting it when ordering the car seat itself.UPDATE 11/10/12:I received an e-mail from Amazon stating that Britax was VOLUNTARILY recalling their HUGS pads on this model, along with others, because of children being able to chew pieces off making them a choking hazard. When we called Britax to get our harder HUGS pads FREE IF CHARGE, they said that ours were already being mailed out to us since we had registered our car seat. It is nice to know that Britax is on top of things when it comes to our child’s safety.

Lena Lebanon, KY

Ended up returning this car seat

I originally bought this car seat based on the specs and the excellent reviews. I have a tall, average weight 14 month old and a 2010 VW Tiguan.Pros:
• love, loved, the padded straps. They felt soft and secure against my child’s chest
• liked the idea of the side air bags, although I was never in an accident to test them
• easy to tighten strapsCons:
• very little leg room while rear facing. There was no way I would be able to keep her rear facing for very long. My child is is in the 70th% for height, but was already having to bend knees and hips to 90 deg to fit in the seat.
• huge! I wasn’t able to use my baby mirror to see her because I couldn’t see around the car seat
• the sides of the seat wrapped around too far to make it easy to get my child in and out of the seat.
• overall, there was very little room between the car seat and the vehicle seat while rear-facing.I used the Britax Chaperone infant seat, and the B-Agile, and have been very happy with both. I was hoping the Advocate would be the same, but was disappointed. I returned the seat due to the lack of leg room, difficulty getting my child in and out, and not being able to use the mirror due to the size of this carseat. I have a small SUV and couldn’t imagine this fitting very well into a small car.

Lenora Richmond, IL

HUMONGOUS! But quick install, nice looking, seems safe

We just got this and theBritax Pavilion 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Onyx, so I’m able to give a side-by-side review. It looks like just a few dollars more, this seat gets you two huge pieces of armor on the side of the seat. I don’t know how to describe the side things: they’re sort of like air filled plastic. Whatever it is, it makes the seat seem VERY formidable, and also HUGE. This went into our “Mommy Car,” a Buick Enclave with bucket seats, but if this was going into the backseat of my Camry, I think this would basically take up two seats. I can’t imagine how this would fit in a 3-across configuration in even the largest of SUVs!But it seems like a big safety innovation, for not that much more. Assuming you have the space and the dough, I wouldn’t even blink.The install was FAST. Granted, this is my 5th Britax installation… I think the very first one took me hours to figure out. But the CARES hookup that Britax provides is really helpful. I didn’t think it was anything special until I tried a cheap-o travel seat my wife bought for a vacation. The speedy installation was really nice on a freezing December afternoon.The pull to adjust height is also a big plus. I’ve seen the Britax evolve over the years, and while some of the safety design stuff might be imperceptible, this is one of those features that really has been very apparent and has been very positive. I used to have to uninstall the seat in order to change anything, then in later models, I had to turn clunky knobs.I’ve seen comments about strap length being too short on some reviews; I can’t comment on these because this is for my 11-month old petite little girl. We don’t like the straps though. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with them, but they’re a bit weird. You have to pull both at once, instead of one of a time like we’re used to.My Advocate is Onyx, which looks very slick, but I would greatly prefer Cowmooflage. They don’t seem to offer that anymore though, and the Zebra just isn’t nearly as fun :(I can’t comment on the actual safety of the seat, but my wife has done a bunch of research and assures me that the ratings are tops.What I *can* say is that my 11 month old daughter does NOT like this seat. It might just be that she was used to the infant carrier (which she also didn’t like!), but she cries a lot in this seat now. We’re trying to figure out if it’s anything in particular, or if she just doesn’t like rear facing car seats. Or car seats. Or maybe she simply doesn’t like cars.

Consuelo Oakville, IA

Great Toddler car seat

I purchased this about 2 years ago for my 3 year old daughter. She has used it now and just upgraded to bigger cat seat.I have it 4/5 stars because the way the seat is designed my daughters legs dangle up high and required a stool for long car trips.I do like everything else about it and really am happy to invest in safety protection in the car.I will say that while the seat rating is for 70lbs she outgrew it since she is quite tall, already 50 inches.

Allie Inkster, MI

Great protection+little note about the straps.

Advocate is the biggest car seat out of Britax family. We own Boulevard, Pavilion and this one. Advocate has additional big side protection on both sides that will take some space in the car. Other than that car seat is awesome:- baby is comfortable in it,- breathable fabric doesn’t make kids to sweat,- I like easy buckle system,- click and safe snug harness indicator helps to adjust harness (it can click few times, depends how much straps were pulled out),- good quality base and fabric, I saw other car seats in the stores and didn’t really like them, most of them felt cheap,- easy to clean,- not really hard to install both ways (we use it rear facing right now).There is a new feature, HUGS “chest pads which are affixed to the car seat for proper positioning and protection during a collision or sudden stop”- Sounds good in theory, but the method of accomplishing this is a fixed length strap that runs underneath the larger chest belts and attaches to the chest pads. That fixed length strap doesn’t let you fully pull the chest belts out which means if your baby is a reasonable size (say 35 lbs or more) and/or is wearing something bulky like a winter coat….. you can’t get them in. It’s really a bad design. Luckily you can remove the strap which of course negates any benefit from this feature. It basically renders the seat unusable until you remove the extra strap.If I had to choose only one car seat from Britax family it would be Pavilion, without bulky head part, but if someone wants additional protection or have a bigger car than this is the way to go. I own VW Tiguan and the seat is perfect for the car.

Addie Rio, WI

Never own another brand!

My husband is an attorney who specializes in personal injury (including car accidents!), and when we got pregnant 3 years ago Britax was the brand his boss reccomended.The first seat we owned was the Chaperone infant carrier and base. That thing is built like a tank! We started noticing that it made all other baby carrier brands look like a doll’s toy compared to it. After that, we were hooked on Britax. When our son outgrew that seat, we purchased the Advocate 70-CS convertible seat. We loved that (so did he!) and we used it for over a year. He was rear-facing until after his 2nd birthday.Recently my son and I were in a pretty serious car accident. At the scene of the wreck, we were complimented by both the fire and police officers for having such a great seat. My son only had a burn on his neck from the car seat strap. I ordered this seat (Advocate 70-G3) to replace his seat that was in the wreck. It arrived just a few days after I ordered it and I am more than pleased with it.I will say this: if you have a child that is 20 lbs or heavier, you will need to call Britax and get the longer harness straps for this seat. My in-laws have this seat in their truck and I’d noticed that it was more difficult to loosen the harness than on the Advocate 70-CS. After placing my order for this seat, I called Britax customer service and asked them about it. They said that there are actually two sets of straps for this seat and that they would ship me the 20+ lb straps free of charge. Those have made a huge difference.

Kenya Dickeyville, WI

Safest Carseat

This was the carseat that was in my car when myself and my daughter were involved in a rear end collision by a drunk driver going at least 40MPH as I was stopped at a red light. I left with back and neck injuries and my daughter, without a scrape on her, thank goodness. I credit it all to this amazing carseat. It is huge, it is bulky, but it is one of the safest, if not THE safest convertible carseat on the market.

Hollie Laveen, AZ

So glad that I returned it

This carseat seems very solid and would likely be safe in a crash. . . . if it wasn’t so impossible to strap the child into the seat. Just to reinforce what many others have said:- It is enormous. It is such a small price difference to go to the top of the line model that we upgraded to the Advocate. The longer it was in our car the more we thought about how this would never work with two kids and how nice it would be if another adult could sit in the backseat.- The straps are too short by 10 or 11 months of age (under 20 lbs) which seems strange for a seat with such a high height and weight limit.- Installation was OK but when I took it to the police station for inspection they agreed that my little girl didn’t look like she was in there very tight. We read that manual cover to cover and adjusted the straps every possible way. I looked for youtube videos and tried things I read here in amazon reviews.- Those HUGS chest pads are a royal pain.At the end of the day I was losing sleep worrying about how expensive this was. I didn’t feel safe putting my baby in it once the inspector agreed that she didn’t seem all that safe. Returning this product was one of the best decisions I have even made.Is Britax customer service amazing? Many reviews said they had a positive experience. Mine was OK, but Ashley made it very clear that Britax doesn’t sell directly to customers and they really don’t care if customers like their products or not. Our conversation certainly made me think twice about buying a Britax product in the future. Amazon on the other hand was amazing and allowed me to return this seat and get a Recaro ProRide instead – I am very pleased with the new carseat and I think the months of struggle with the Advocate make me appreciate it even more.

Corine Chippewa Falls, WI

Nice car seat

This seat is extremely well padded and comfortable for my daughter. I thought it was convertible in that it was a booster seat as well as rear & forward facing. Shame on me for not reading closer – it is not a booster (to be fair "convertible" usually means booster, at least with the other brands). It’s still a great seat. Make sure you get the right accessories for it – the generic ones don’t typically work.

Mae Buna, TX

Nice seat, but straps are uncomfortably short.

The straps are oddly short on this seat. We have a different Britax in the second car, the Boulevard, and we don’t have this problem with the other Britax. You do get a little more slack if you pull the strap in a certain way, but I just don’t understand why the straps are so short. It is very difficult getting out one year old in and out when she is wearing her snowsuit.Anyone else share this experience?

Reyna Blue Springs, MS

Good features, but some dislikes

I bought this after the Britax Boulevard 70CS I already owned was discontinued before I could purchase a second. Since the Advocate replaced that model, I decided to buy it. Installation was easy, however my husband and had a lot of difficulty loosening the straps after they had been tightened. This doesn’t seem to be as great an issue anymore, but I have no difficulties with my other seat. Otherwise, the seat is well-made, has wonderful safety features, and is definitely worth the price.

Adrian Deweyville, TX


When researching car seats to replace our infant seat, the #1 recommendation was Britax. So I bought the best one. I don’t care about the Click-Safe feature, it’s stupid. I KNOW when my child is secure. I chose this seat over the others because of the redundant side padding. I don’t care about the extra cost. They print more money every day. But I only have the one kid.It is very durable and well-made. Plush fabric, strong seams, nice print. Solid buckle and padded straps. Nothing felt "cheap". Arrived quickly, pre-assembled in a giant box. Easy to install (with a rolled-up towel underneath). First test was a 12-hour car trip. After we got the angle right our giant, 25lb 8-month-old seemed quite comfy.The center latch never gets in the way when putting him in the seat. There are little velcro tabs to keep the straps out of the way as well. These… don’t work AS well. The straps are so heavy with "stuff" that the velcro is inadequate at holding them at bay. There needs to be a better system for that purpose. I am working on modifications that would work better for us, but maybe people with tiny babies will have more luck with the velcro.This car seat fits great in our 2012 Ford Explorer. Considering a second one for our other car.

Carly Vincennes, IN

Sometimes hard to wrangle the straps

It’s very difficult to get my child in the car seat when he’s wearing his coat. (Yes, I know he’s not supposed to be wearing a coat in his car seat…you tell that to him when it’s -20 degrees F in the car.)

Juana Capon Springs, WV

loving the ease of this seat

So far nothing terrible about this seat. Straps are a little hard to adjust but seat has memory system to eliminate the problem. Latch system is a breeze which I can install w/o my husband’s help. 3 position reclining system is great for the little ones. Seat strap positioning system is SWEET! No rethreading through impossibly tight holes. Very heavy and sizeable but I feel like it is rock solid. Fits great in my Armada. I think people w smaller back seats may have issues especially if you have multiple seats or will use this rear-facing. I’d suggest doing a test run at Toys r us before you buy!

Angelita River Forest, IL


I have a love/hate relationship with our Advocate. I know it’s super safe and all that jazz, but some of the features just cause a lot of difficulty. Our daughter is now 15 months old, about 23 lbs, and is still rear facing. The chest pads, for a child of her size, are awkward and always seem to be in the wrong spot. And they aren’t easy to adjust. Also — I’m not sure what the feature is called, but there are thin straps under the straps. These things are so awkward and make it difficult to loosen/tighten the straps. Finally, the Click & Safe — kind of whatever for me. I don’t always tighten it to the point of clicking. If I did, I feel like my daughter would be pinned to the seat.So, I want to love the seat — we have always had good experiences with Britax, and this one is supposed to be the "best" Britax, after all — but every time I put my daughter in it, I am moaning and groaning about what a pain it is. Unlike other Britax seats we have had, it is not just click, click, click, tighten, go. It is pull, no pull here, oh pull there, then adjust this, no adjust this before you adjust that, no now this is off, is this twisted?…We bought the Britax Roundabout for our nanny, and I like the simplicity of that seat. I often wish we had it in our car.

Leticia Cabery, IL

Wonderful car seat!

The safety features of Britax car seats are well known and tested. What most parents want to know – especially experienced parents – is how easy is the seat to install, and more importantly, what about the straps? This car seat was a breeze to install. Even better, the buckles and chest strap are easy – no twisting, no major struggle to buckle our daughter into the seat. The chest strap remains in the correct position and is not constantly sliding down like we’ve had trouble with on other seats. The straps do not twist, and you don’t have to spend forever digging out the little silver buckles from under your child to get them buckled in. The strap length is easy to adjust – this is particular important during those winter months when the winter coats are coming off and on. And of course, first and foremost, we do take comfort to know all of the wonderful safety features on this seat in the event of an accident. The extra side impact protection was particularly important to us. I would recommend this carseat to anyone with a newborn all the way through the toddler years. My daughter is the primary user of this seat (forward facing) – she is 3 1/2 years old, 38″ tall and weighs 30 lbs. She fits into this seat comfortably with no problems.

Liz Sibley, IL


Wow! What a high quality car seat. Definitely worth the price. It is obvious how sturdy it is. I feel as if my daughter is very safe. The material is also super soft. Excellent quality. She is very comfortable in it.

Shauna Tuckasegee, NC

Great carseat!

I love my Britax! I put my daughter in it when she was four months old and around 12 pounds. I also loved my chicco key fit but she began to start fussing every time we would load up! She has not cried one single time I have used the Britax! I have a GMC Acadia and her seat is rear facing. I have the bench seat and had to use a pool noodle (per the manual) to make the seat reclined enough to make the level read correctly. I will say it is a pain in the butt to install but that in my mind just shows that it is not going to move in an accident. It is a great seat and I would not change a thing. The price is high but she will never need another seat so it is worth the money.

Nelly Columbia, CT

One look and you think SAFE!

I love Britax products. Everything is simple to operate and is just as simple to install. It looks comfy and extremely safe! We also purchased the Boulevard for our other vehicle. There is a 3 in. difference in strap length, even when they are adjusted exactly the same. I called Britax and without hesitation they offered to send me longer straps, free of charge. Britax is a wonderful company to work with!

Caroline Spring House, PA

Love this seat, best one yet–with a few exceptions

I’ve reviewed tons of carseats over the years (approximately eight years worth of kids and carseats), plus I’ve purchased my fair share of carseats over those years, and I have to say that this is by far the best car seat yet. This is the first Britax carseat we have owned and I’m really glad we sported for it. It’s way easier to install than any of our previous carseats. It’s super comfy and our little one doesn’t like to ride in the car, but seems content in this seat. I really like the SafeCell technology and nonskid bottom. Adjusting the harness is super easy and I like that I don’t have to remove the seat or remove the straps to adjust the height of the harness. The harness holders are a plus, although I wasn’t aware of them prior to purchasing the seat, and a definite bonus. I like that this seat meets aircraft certification requirements, not that I travel much outside of my car, but this assures me that additional testing has taken place. Only downside I really have to this seat is that it’s bulky. Luckily we have a van, but it’s real tight in our Corolla. I do think the red latch button is a bit hard to push to release the buckle; I find that if you push the red button, push the buckle down then pull up, then it seems to unbuckle at that point. Over all it’s a great seat. I would recommend this to all my friends and family.Update 09/22/13We’ve had this seat just under a year and one of the HUGS chest pads is already broken. Frankly we don’t drive much, as I’m a stay at home mom, so this seat should be able to stand up to the constant use and abuse for the child of which it’s intended for. In addition to the HUGS pad being broken, the energy-absorbing foam around the head has also broken and is only being held in place the seat cover. We purchased this seat just as my daughter was turning nine months, she is now 18 months old and is not a destructive child. How these two items broke is mind boggling to me. The car seat has never been in an accident, yet it seems so fragile to every day use if the little things can’t hold up. I’m incredibly disapointed about the HUGS chest pads and the energy-absorbing head rest foam. Other than these two things, I think the seat is great and I still like it better than any of the other seats we’ve owned. Truth of the matter is that I take my child’s safety very seriously, however, I can’t afford to replace a carseat every year just because it can’t hold up to normal everyday wear and tear. Now I’m stuck with the chore of finding replacement pads and parts for this seat that I can’t afford to replace. Would I still recomend this seat to friends and family? Well, given the other seats on the market, there are some competetive seats out there that I’m inclined to try before giving a definite “YES” on recomending this seat and ‘only’ this seat to anyone looking for a good quality and safe carseat for their most prized loved one. I wan’t to say that I would buy this seat over and over again, but at the moment I’m not sure I would. But “I like” the seat so I give it 4 stars, but for me to “love it” it would have to last a lot longer than 10 months.

Melody Fair Oaks, CA

Good car seat

We had one for our daughter and we bought a second one for our son. The only difference is that this one breaths a little less, so my son gets quite sweaty in it. Also they have added some safety-straps that will only rip in an accident, so it’s a "proof" that you haven’t been in an accident or something. They annoy me a lot when strapping him in, or getting him out. I’m thinking I will just cut them of, they don’t add anything.

Dayna Buckholts, TX

Not as I had hoped

I had high hopes for this seat but it’s cumbersome and hard to install. Also the straps don’t adjust well. Not sure how it will transition as my daughter gets older. It was very pricey so I’m disappointed we may have to purchase another seat.Bought it for the name and safety aspects. I still like Britax but I wouldn’t recommend this particular line.

Ana Elizabeth, IN

After tons of research

After tons of research I decided to go with this car seat and do not regret it.This product was purchased prior to Thanksgiving and Black Friday by three days. On Black Friday during exceptional lightening deals being offered I saw it come up. I contacted and Amazon rep via chat and they told me they would give me a credit for the difference in price. This was by far the most discounted price available anywhere, with or without the discount on black friday. Diapers dot com had a similar price but does not have the same customer service that I’ve seen with Amazon.So.. the box arrived and it was huge; which is a benefit to anyone with a toddler. We actually took pictures with me in the Britax Advocate box and my son in another box next to me… made for a great holiday photo to share with family.We removed the item and unlike all other baby items no assembly was required.We put it into our car, Toyota Highlander 2013, and it fits great.We read the instructions/manual and realized that the straps are fine for our use.Our son is 23lbs, 8 months old and about 30 inches long and we have no problem with the straps.In reviewing the reviews on here I think it is possible that many of the people using the special harness that is included do not read the directions on how to use it so that the straps fully extract from the harness.So how do you rate a car seat for a baby?You rate it I guess on your son/daughters comfort, the appearance, confidence in its stability, ease of use, quality of received product and features… so here goes:Comfort: ***** Son is comfortable after about 2 weeks of using it. Initially he wasn’t as pleased to be put into the car seat without having been put into the car int his fashion previously. The seat is comfortable, soft and my son fits easily into it. The seat also has adjustments as my child gets bigger so it can continue to ‘comfortably’ and ‘safely’ secure him.Appearance: ***** Fantastic looks; I do not think it looks too big. It is plush and the Bentley of Carseats while affording us peace of mind that we have purchased the safest possible seat.Confidence: ***** We love this item because it offers additional safety devices (side impact) while still offering all the standard car seat benefits.Ease of Use: **** This item installed super easily into our car/suv. The item’s harness system does take some getting use to but we feel strongly that our son is in the safest car seat available to the market so the little extra time is worth our effort. The harness system is something that people need to read the booklet on and or go online and do a video search to see how it is done. With innovative ideas and products comes the need for the consumer to invest a little more time reading up on the product and its functionality as well as getting use to the mechanical requirements of properly utilizing them.Packaging: **** This item arrived in a big box undamaged. The car seat was just sitting inside a box which was surprising to us but that is only because I am use to Amazon stuffing the boxes full of air bubbles in most cases so that no shifting or movement can occur. Because the item was undamaged I can assume that they know what they are doing.Features: ***** As mentioned above; this item has the side impact feature that may prevent our son from being injured should an accident occur. All of the other features, with the exception of a built in bottle holder, are here in this product.The only thing that I had seen referenced that is true and could be a con to someone with skewed perspectives relating to what the purpose of this item is intended for is that of "obstructed views" for the child. Yes, your child will not easily see to his or her left or right because of the design. You know what? I don’t care.. I did not buy this car seat to keep my son entertained.. I bought this car seat so that my son’s safety is maximized. Anyone that would not purchase this item/product because of such a ‘complaint’ is in my opinion looking at the wrong aspects of the product and its purpose.Overall I love this product, love amazon and love the sense of security this product provides my wife and I as well as the safety it may provide to my son should an accident ever occur.I would buy this item again.

Nell New Goshen, IN


This carseat is huge. I have a 2013 Terrain and it fits but I have to maneuver my son around it to get him in. The click you hear which is supposed to tell you that it is tight does not work at all. It clicks after an inch or so no matter how tight it is. The button to push to release the straps are also very hard to get to. I feel that this is a very dafe carseat when use correctly so it still get 4 stars. It is very convenient to adjust and will hopefully work for my son for a long time.

Allie Bennington, NE

The best car seat you will find!

I am so happy I spent the money on this car seat! I bought this when my son was 6 months old because he outgrew his bucket infant seat. It is well worth the money spent! It is very easy to switch between cars if necessary. My son is now 17 months old and still rear facing, and still very comfortable! As a mom, I feel at peace knowing my son is in the safest car seat money can buy! I really love that this seat is good for rear and forward facing, and will last until he moves to a booster seat! I have a few mom friends that have this same seat, and we all absolutely love it! Please spend the extra money to buy this seat, it will be well worth it! We have the seat in the middle of the backseat since I rarely ever have anyone else riding back there. But I have used it on the side before, and there was still plenty of room for other backseat passengers.

Clarice Camuy, PR


We’ve had two of these for about a year now and they are very sturdy. The seat in my car has been thrown-up on multiple times but it washes up just fine and I feel that my son is very well protected in the seat. I docked it a star for sheer size, if you have a 5-seat vehicle it will be a 3-seat with this behemoth in it, but totally worth it to know my child is secure. The Britax is easy to install and adjust, and the side-impact feature is difficult to find. I would buy this carseat again

Myrtle Odessa, WA


Great seat. I feel like my kiddo is very safe and comfortable. However, this seat is tricky to install and adjust. But aren’t they all?

Rosalind Days Creek, OR

Not for short babies!

Prior to purchase, I was unaware that Britax car seats have a relatively short shell. This means that the seat is outgrown rear-facing quickly. This is an issue for me because rear-facing is the absolute safest way for children to travel. I wish I would have purchased a Diono Radian instead, as these seats allow extended rear-facing.If you haven’t done so already, please, please, please do your research about extended rear-facing. It could save your child’s life.

Callie Peabody, KS


My baby loves this carseat we had a Eddie Bauer carseat before which she HATED and always cried in it. However this carseat she never cries in because it is so padded an soft. However it does take up a lot of room in the backseat. I drive a 2010 Nissan Xterra and it takes up a lot room. Makes one side of the 3 seat back seat too small to sit in. But I would for sure buy this carseat.

Lupe Olympic Valley, CA