Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Single Child Tray

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller Single Child Tray

The B-Agile Double Stroller Single Child Tray easily attaches to the stroller frame and features a designated drink holder and a surface for snacks or other items. The child tray can be used individually on the left or right seat, or purchase two trays to be used side by side. The B-Agile Double child tray can also be used on the right seating position while the infant car seat receivers are in the left seating position. This is a single child tray for one child, compatible with the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Easily attaches to the stroller frame
  • Features a designated drink holder and a surface for snacks or other items
  • The child tray can be used individually on the left or right seat, or two trays can be used side by side
  • Can be used on the right seating position while the infant car seat receivers are in the left seating position
  • This is a single child tray for one child, compatible with the Britax B Agile Double Stroller

Verified reviews


Expensive and nothing really special

It’s just a silly tray that cost way to much plus it sits so far from the child that my kids, who were 16 months when I got the stroller, have to grab the tray with one hand to bring themselves to the tray and use the other hand to feed or drink with. Kinda awkward for now since they are so young. I’m sure they will grow into it eventually.

Noreen Wilson, MI

Works, but could be better

Since there aren’t a lot of options, I’m okay with this tray and would recommend it to others; however, I do have some complaints that I wish Britax would consider if/when they make an updated version:1) It sticks out really far, which makes it difficult for my child to reach it without pulling his seat forward.2) Because it sticks out so far, I have to take it off each time I put the stroller in the trunk of my car. At least it is really easy to put on/take off!3) As others have said, the tray space and cup holder are very small. Not all cups fit in the cup holder, and the tray only fits small snacks like bunny crackers and goldfish (sandwiches and graham crackers are too big).

Bettye Casa Blanca, NM

Great function, so-so design

Works as described. Slides right into my BAgile double. My issue is with the design of the tray once you fold the stroller. It sticks out up top when it’s folded in half. I find it annoying to have to remove it each time so that it’s not as cumbersome to load in the car.

Winifred Saguache, CO

Fits on B-agile single or double

Got 2 of them to go on our B-agile double stroller. I only gave it 4/5 because it sits very far forward and makes it hard for my 2 year old to reach. I don’t get the design.

Krista Lawtons, NY

Good accessory for Britax B-Agile double stroller

I love having trays for both my daughters, but it really should come standard with the double stroller. It does stick out a bit, so it makes it a little difficult to reach for their sippy cups but it’s not too bad. The arms of the trays come apart so it makes it easy to fit in a bag or luggage for travel. At the same time it sucks that it comes in three different parts because shouldn’t a snack tray come in one solid piece? Oh well. The cup holder itself is deep enough to hold a cup so that it doesn’t wiggle around when you’re pushing the stroller. I do wish that the tray would swivel around from one side so that it makes it easier for the child to get in and out of the stroller. My 3 1/2 yr old climbs out from underneath the tray while my 2 yr old climbs over it. Overall, I’m satisfied with it and would recommend the trays.

Carolina Reynolds Station, KY

Sits very far away from child – awkward

I wouldn’t bother purchasing this unless you feel very strongly about having a child tray… It sits very far away from the child – as in, it’s awkward for even my 2.5 y/o to reach it (perhaps made more apparent because the seats in the B-Agile don’t sit completely upright?). Also, the cup holder is small… None of her cups seem to fit in there at all (I imagine some must, but none of our Gerber, Nuk, Munchkin cups do). We never even bothered opening the second one we purchased since we were pretty underwhelmed by the first… If our 2.5 y/o struggles to use it, then no way her younger sister will find it at all useful.

Jennifer Lake Como, PA


it fit perfectly, took a second to install, perfect height! Highly reccomend works great on our double stroller, baby loves

Latasha Buckland, OH


I had to purchase two of them. They are overpriced in my opinion. They are also so small. When I took it out of the box, I started to laugh. It looked like it belonged to a toy stroller. The cup holder seemed to be a normal size however the snack part of the tray is a joke.

Lidia Godwin, NC

Very functional

It works great. Glad it can be completely removed and you can’t see the attachments. Instead of just folding it up.

Ofelia Cold Bay, AK

Too far out!

I like this handy tray for the stroller but it sticks really far out. My two year old struggles to reach it.

Jacqueline New Holland, IL

Fits well

Received this as part of the britax b-agile double stroller promotion. Fits well and works great, no problems or issues. Would get it even if it was not part of the promotion

Reyna Alma, CO

21 Month Old Can’t Reach It!

I love the idea of a tray on my stroller for my child, but she can’t reach it. My oldest is 21 months, and the tray is so far forward that she cannot get her water cup out of the cup holder. She also cannot get snacks out of the snack tray without spilling half of them while attempting to do so. She has to grab the tray holder and pull herself forward just to make the attempt, and she is in the 80% for height for her age. Basically, it seems the tray is not designed for a child less than 2 years of age.My other complaint about the tray is that it is small. The cup holder in the middle takes up most of the tray space, so you cannot put any other containers on the tray. Some snacks can be placed in the open sections next to the cup holder, but of course, then you’re washing the tray frequently as your child is eating directly off of it.Nice idea…poor design, but I don’t have any other options with this stroller for now.

Alexandra Wellsville, NY