Britax B-Agile Stroller Adult Cup Holder

Britax B-Agile Stroller Adult Cup Holder

This lightweight cup holder will work with most compact fold strollers that feature a square rear tube.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Lightweight
  • Works with most square tubed lightweight strollers
  • Developed by britax

Verified reviews


Total crap- Buy the organizer instead!

If I could give this thing 0 stars I would. I can’t attest to it with the B-Ready, but its terrible on the B-Agile. The connector can’t fit completely around the frame, and the cup isn’t sturdy at all. Not to mention that you CAN NOT FOLD THE STROLLER WITH THE CUP ATTACHED. It also sticks out about 6 inches from the frame.I sent this back to amazon almost immediately and replaced it with the stroller organizer that Britax makes. The organizer is AWESOME! It has two insulated cup holders and a pocket for all kinds of stuff. Definitely get that instead!

Debora Wild Rose, WI

Not worth the price

I personally feel this is trash – the typical plastic expensive trash that is provided to us in the marketplace these days. The attachment is a little plastic piece that latches onto the small plastic harness that you screw onto your britax. And once it is attached, it is not that sturdy. I would give this a much better review if it was $1.50. Highly over-priced. Even $2.50 would be overpriced. Send this crap back to China.

Louella Littlerock, CA

Great for Maclaren Techno.

This cup holder is great for square tubed Maclaren techno.It came in the box with 2 attachments and screws (for regular and square tubes), and assemble was super easy. The item number is S857000 and it says that fits Britax B-Nimble, B-Agile and B-Scene, it was made on April 2011 (just in case there are some other versions).I had a can of Monster on the way to the store and no complaints, only when going through bumps some spills when can was still almost full. For thinner cans like redbull it might be more rattling around. I folded the stroller and cup stays on, awesome. I added 2 pics to take a closer look at the cup holder on the stroller.

Dessie Dumont, NJ

Britax B-Agile Stroller Adult Cup Holder

Buy the Britax stroller organizer instead. With two insulated beverage holders, it’s conveniently mounted ahead of the handle.The adult cup holder gets knocked off every time you fold the stroller. Plus, hanging off the side of the stroller, it gets whacked constantly. Again, buy the Britax stroller organizer instead. It’s arguable that they shouldn’t even sell this.

Pat Cameron, MT

get it

We have a B-Agile. I needed a place for my phone or coffee. The holder came with two bracket attachment options depending on the stroller you own. It was Very easy to install. My one criticism has been mentioned before, that the holder itself pops off when you fold the stroller up. I was prepared for this and just placed the cup holder in my diaper bag.

Brandi Finlayson, MN

FRUSTRATING cup holder.

I would not purchase this again. I don’t know if it’s just the one we got, or if it’s a design flaw, but the cup part falls off CONSTANTLY on our Britax B Agile. It falls off when we collapse the stroller, if we brush up against it, if we brush up against another object (I’m not talking a big bump, it falls off it it brushes up against clothing hanging on a rack at a store, and probably would fall off if we even looked at it wrong. lol. Drinks also shake back and forth like crazy when you’re rolling the stroller on even a smooth surface and spill all over the stroller. Our water bottles generally don’t sit in it level for some reason.Would not recommend.

Letha Glennie, MI


me and my husband always fought over who got to use to cup holder so now we got 2! took alittle time to put on but worth it!

Pearl Schererville, IN

Don’t care for useless cup holder!

We have no use for this item at all. Though it would be great to hold my drink on the go, I was wrong! high price for some thing that will get in your way when you fold the stroller away. Always fall off and never stay on. Waste of money.

Angelina Spring Garden, AL

Cheap clip

Cup holder does exactly what it’s intended to do, however there are a few negatives. The connecting clip is quite cheap and allows the holder to swivel quite a bit which could lead to spills. Also the stroller will not fold with the cup holder attached requiring to keep up with the holder while storing or transporting the stroller. We also purchased the inside the handle dual cup holder with the pocket in the middle and that is our go to when we take any of our strollers out.

Mercedes Alzada, MT


When folding the stroller it pops off. Can’t find a good place where it will stay put! When it’s there, i like it though!

Deanna Lakeview, TX

works great

I wondered how well this would attach to the stroller, and it’s sturdy. Hubby said it wasn’t hard to install. We love it!

Liliana Petersburg, IN

I lost it

Because the cup slides on to the stroller handle, you have to take it off every time you fold the stroller down. I took it off and don’t know where I put it so it is lost.

Heidi New Paltz, NY

Works well with Maclaren Techno XT.

I was looking for a cup holder that will fit Maclaren for a while. After reading reviews this one seems to be the one. Amazon shipping was very fast. It fit Maclaren Techno XT very well. Perfect fit for wider cups. Might not be so great with cans. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

Eileen Lebeau, LA


Very disappointed. I love my britax b-agile stroller, however it lacks a cup holder. This one is not a good option. Falls every time you fold the stroller and is not safe for hot beverages.

Dionne Breaux Bridge, LA



Rose Denmark, NY


I got it and thought it would be easy to install as other items I purchased for the stroller, but nop.Any ways seem it will be usefull to once installed.

Glenna Quincy, PA

Very handy

I love taking my son for walks and often like taking a drink along with me. Only wish I had bought this sooner.

Bonita Goodrich, TX

eh, its ok

you’d think that a cup holder by the same maker of the stroller would be perfect?! no. sure the part that attaches to the stroller is good but this cup holder is so unstable!! and it keeps falling off. i give up on having a cup holder.

Bobbi Andover, CT

Universally Bad

The wife and I have the Britax B-Agile stroller and we’ve been very pleased with it so far. She frequently takes walks with our baby boy and wanted to purchase this cup holder to primarily hold bottled water or travel mugs. I wish we had read the reviews of this product before purchasing it.The Good:(+) It’s from Britax and matches the color scheme of our stroller(+) … that’s about it——————–The Bad:(-) There are two universal mounting joints included in the box with some really terrible installation instructions. Seriously, a few extra phrases and clearly labeled bags for the mounting brackets would’ve gone a long way.(-) After installed the cup holder still swings back and forth quite a bit. For any drink holder without a cup you’ll definitely get spills and top-heavy items are prone to falling out.(-) The B-Agile stroller collapses easily for portability and storage, however, the cup holder pops off when folding the stroller. This is a very annoying issue that shouldn’t exist given that this is a OEM product.(-) For what this is (plastic and two small screws for the mounting kit) this is expensive. A fact that’s made worse given the design fault of the cup holder popping off when folding the stroller.——————–Bottomline:Many other reviewers have said it already but there are better products out there. Not recommended.

Diann Saco, MT

Nice add on

We have a B-Agile stroller so the cup holder fits great, and seems pretty secure with a drink in it. The only real problem is when you fold up the stroller, the cup holder doesn’t stay on. Besides that it’s nice to have somewhere to hold our drinks.

Juliet Benton, KS

Makes the stroller great for taking places longer than a few minutes.

Unless you are using the stroller for a few minutes here and there, this product is necessary. You can put your other children’s cups in there, bottles, even the grown-up SAFE drinks. Its awesome, and my husband loves it even more.

Clare Port Gibson, MS

Fits maclaren.

I use it for maclaren techno and it fits great. I can fold the stroller, as a matter of fact I constantly throw stroller in and out of the car and the cup is still great and never broke etc after months of use.

Samantha Jones Mill, AR