Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray

Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray

The child tray easily attaches to the stroller frame and features a designated child drink holder and a flat surface for snacks or other items. The tray is easily detachable with the push of a button. Either side can be released to individually swing the tray out of the way when loading and unloading the child.

Main features

  • The child tray easily attaches to the stroller frame and features a designated child drink holder and a flat surface for snacks or other items
  • The tray is easily detachable with the push of a button
  • Either side can be released to individually swing the tray out of the way when loading and unloading the child

Verified reviews


Two minor issues but it IS better than nothing.

I’ll begin with my two minor issues. One, the cup holder is in no way deep enough. With my son’s sippy cup, a sharp turn will cause it to capsize. Or a kick to the tray with his foot.Secondly, overall the space on the tray is poorly organized. With the cup holder in the middle and very shallow edges all around, snacks I’m sure will easily fall from this tray. I wish there was a small bowl to place snacks in, even something to cover the snacks and keep them from going stale.Over all, it’s better than using a non-Britax made “this may fit but it’ll probably fall off” tray for the stroller.My two year old also already smoked his lip on this tray. Ouch. It’s a hard plastic with no fabric on it, as you can see. I guess he learned his “don’t lean forward” lesson. No fabric is great for bar-chewers… but it’s not friendly impact wise.The tray also gets in the way while folding the stroller. You either need to reach under it to fold the B-Agile or flip it up and over the side of the stroller. Not a major inconvenience, but still an inconvenience.All that being said, I do like that the tray flips up with the little levers under each side of the tray. Meaning all I need to do is flip it out of the way to allow my son access to his stroller.So far this tray is a love-hate relationship. Now all I’m going to be doing is waiting to see if it snaps due to being able to rotate around.

Josephine Georgetown, KY

It’s a stroller tray

It’s a stroller tray and it serves it’s purpose. I gave it three stars for the price and I wish Britax would include it with the stroller. It really seems like an essential item that should not have to be bought separately.

Abbie Slate Spring, MS

Should be included with stroller

My only complaint about this product is that I believe it should be included in the price of this very expensive stroller. While I LOVE my Britax, and don’t mind the extra cost for purchasing one, I do believe the tray should have come with the stroller. It is needed for the stroller to function properly after the baby is sitting in it instead of the car seat.

Arline Wartrace, TN

better than most

I like that this tray actually has a cup holder, many do not. It has enough room left over for some cereal or some other snack. I do wish the cup holder were a bit deeper, as the previous reviewer mentioned- though my daughter’s cup fits ok (tommee tippee explora straw cup). It’s easy to put on too. My only complaint is that I have to take it off to fold the stroller- which I know is the case with many strollers. I just wish that it were like the Peg Perego Pliko, where the tray actually collapses with the stroller. It’s going to be a pain to take it with us when traveling, and my daughter really likes to hold on to it while leaning forward, so I can’t just leave it off for the trip.

Sophie Pollock, LA

Great Tray

So easy to attach to stroller, the cup holder is deep enough for even tall sippy cups. Easy to lift up one or the other or both sides to allow child to climb into the stroller.

Shannon Edmonds, WA

Want your baby to reach the tray?

And be able to sit your baby straight in the bagile?Simply modify your stroller!I used to attach my baby’s bottles to her ‘Ah Goo bottle straps,’ basically a piece of fabric with Velcro on both ends…I looked at it one day while it was attached holding nothing…and thought… Hmmm….So I strung it across the back of the stroller and attached it to the other end, and voila!Baby can now sit up straight 90 degrees, can see the world AND be able to reach the tray for her drinks and snacks.I hate this tray: it’s too narrow to fit much, it gets banged up and scratched up when I fold the stroller/take it out of the car, because it sticks out way too much, and the cup holder is way too shallow.. It acts more like a snack holder!But it is better then nothing. It does make her feel more secured in there, and at least she has someplace useful for snacks.I wished it was better designed!

Jolene Elrama, PA

Extends too far out

The snack tray is positioned incredibly far away from the seat, so my 16 month old could not reach the snack tray without pushing himself as upright as his harness allowed him and then using his fingers to rake the food closer to him. This was probably done for safety reasons, but makes it pretty useless. The tray also has to be removed before collapsing (or it just juts out making it impossible to store the stroller.)

Raquel New Milford, NJ

Works great!

I bought this for my stroller. Been using it for about a year now and its great! Its easy to put on and take off, sturdy, and holds most sippy cups.

Deena Sedgewickville, MO

To high and far from reach

This is the only bad thing i found in britax. It ended up being useless for me and my child. The tray is to high and to far from the baby’s reach. My daughter is 12 months now and we bought this when she was 10 months, and she still can reach anything we put there without an effort (she actually is bigger than other babies her age so it is not a problem of size).The britax stroller (b-agile) doesn’t get up to straight so it is even worse.I don’t know if you can put any other tray on a britax stroller but i hope so.

Rosie Independence, CA

Needed it

This item is kinda far away from the child once installed and I think this should have been a part of the stroller in the first place. This is one of those things I don’t like about Britax how things that should be standard aren’t included in strollers and car seats. Which makes you spend more money with their company for things that should be included and that they know you will eventually need.

Yesenia Big Rapids, MI

Useful to parent.

I guess it is okay but I haven’t asked the person using it. It looked like it was of good quality.

Juana Meadow Grove, NE

easy installation

This tray easily snaps in the B-Agile stroller. We just started using this item. I put it on once we were no longer snapping in the B-Safe car seat. My little one likes to have something to hold onto when she is in the stroller. We haven’t tried out the cup-holder yet. I think it is worth the price and a great add-on to an awesome stroller.

Christine Gray Hawk, KY

Great addition to the Britax B-agile stroller.

This is a great addition to the Britax B-agile stroller. I only put it on when we need it and it is very easy to take on and off. It also swivels to make getting the child in the stroller very simple. I have found the cup holder to be deep enough for regular walks on sidewalks. I do wish the cup holder was on the side of the tray though and not in the middle. And of course it would be nice for Britax to include this with the stroller.

Winnie Mulga, AL

I never thought a tray would make me so happy.

This one totally did, though. It fits perfectly on the stroller, you can still fold the stroller with it attached and it doesn’t add noticeable weight. Plenty of space for snacks and it hold a sippy cup or bottle in place well in the cup nook. Get it! You’ll be glad you did.

Pamala Highmore, SD

Terribly designed

The person who designed this tray can’t possibly have ever tried it out attached to the stroller and in the presence of a child. It sticks so far out from the stroller that even with the restraint straps fully extended, my son leans forward and is still several inches away from being able to touch the tray. It’s also a challenge to unlatch so you can flip it out of the way. If left in place on the stroller when the stroller is folded, it adds almost an entire foot of additional length to the stroller which made it so that I could no longer fit it into the back of my 4Runner without turning and tilting the stroller at an odd angle that takes up the entire cargo space of the SUV. I have been using Britax products for my children for more than eight years and loved them all, this item is a huge failure and has tarnished the quality Britax name.

Kristen Weed, NM

Love! Great addition to the Britax B-Agile stroller

It only took 2 seconds to pull it out of the box and snap it onto the stroller! Our son is too young (6 mos.) to actually use it but we clip toys to it to keep them from being thrown out of the stroller and it also makes a nice foot rest for him during walks…it also swivels into a flat position for easy storage! First accessory purchased for our stroller and I’d say it’s a must have.

Mollie Townsend, WI

Decent tray

This tray is decent, nothing special about it but it is nice to have for older babies/toddlers. It fits perfectly and doesn’t get in the way of folding the stroller at all. It has a pretty good cup holder and plenty of room for a snack. It does sit out quite a ways but my main issue is with the B-Agile stroller itself, it doesn’t sit upright enough for older babies who want to see what’s going on.

Liz Clarkson, KY

Also works as a leg rest

The cup holder isn’t the greatest, a full sized sippy cup will fly out of the holder if you move or stop too quickly, it’s basically for a small cup, my little one basically uses the tray as a leg rest, but it’s a good addition to the stroller. and you can still fold up the stroller with it attached.

Beatriz Herron, MI


nothing like seeing your son put his feet up on this like he is in a recliner rather than a stroller

Deidra Matherville, IL

Fits perfectly.

Fits perfectly but it has a lot of room for the child to grow. Our 11 month old might have a hard time reaching it, so we will wait to use it when she is a little bigger. It just snaps in to our B-Agile stroller. I do wish it was adjustable so we could use it now.

Latonya Cabin John, MD


Not to pricey for an attachment and fits like it is supposed to. If you have the Britax strollers you really should order this too. Well worth it

Yvette Neopit, WI

Don’t buy it, there’s better things out there

So, the britax strollers don’t come with trays for the little ones to put their snacks and sippy cups. I bought this tray and I was very disappointed when I finally attached it to our stroller. It’s easily attached to the stroller, just a couple of clicks, but it’s doesn’t serve it’s purpose. The tray clicks in to where you would normally click your infant seat in, but the way the tray is shaped it sits SOO far from the stroller that your kid can’t even reach it. I wanted a tray so that my daughter could reach her snacks and cup ON HER OWN when in the stroller. Even in the fully upright position (no reclining) she can’t reach it…and my daughter is in the 100th percentile so I imagine there’s no other kids her age that can reach their things as well. Also, the cup holder is NOT deep enough to keep a sippy cup (or any cup) in place when maneuvering around the mall or wherever you take your stroller. A tiny bump and it’ll go flying or tip over. I just don’t see the point of making a tray for a stroller that the child is not able to get to and that doesn’t hold their things put. My daughter can’t even hold on to it likes she likes to do in her other stroller (with built in tray). When you collapse the B-agile with the tray attached it makes the stroller a lot bulkier, and you run the risk of breaking the tray off while stowing it if you’re not careful because it juts out so far. I’d recommend you ditch the Britax tray and just buy an attachable cup/snack holder from another brand. BabiesRus sells several attachable cup holder-like things that work great. I also bought the Diono Buggy Buddy Organizer so I can store my cups/key/phone since the B-agile doesn’t have a place for those things as well. Hold the kid’s cup too! And it blends in well with the stroller (I have the black B-agile). Don’t get me wrong, I love the stroller itself, but this silly tray is a waste of money!

Kathrine Ark, VA

perfect for use w/britax stroller

love this to hold snacks for my almost 1 year old – attaches easily to his Britax stroller. wish it was a little closer for his reach but as he grows should be perfect

Britney Dorchester, NE

Works great. Exactly was was needed.

Works exactly as it should. Takes less than a minute to snap on.

Clarissa South Easton, MA



Janelle Ossian, IA

A must have!

This tray is a must have if you have a Britax b-agile stroller. I love how it swings out so that you don’t have to completely take it off when you want to get the child in and out of the stroller.

Clarissa Rural Retreat, VA

Nice Addition to B-agile Stroller

I purchased this tray for my 19 month old and it is a great addition to our b-agile stroller. I do agree that the height of the tray is not ideal, but my son is big enough that he can reach the tray with no issue. It’s great to have a place to give him his snack or lunch when we are out on the go. The cupholder doesn’t work well with my son’s sippy cups, but I just used the cupholder as a place to hold his crackers and it works great for that! I will just continue to use the sippy cup strap to ensure his sippy cups don’t get lost when we are out and about.

Paulette Norvelt, PA

Not as useful as I had hoped.

I expected to use this tray much more, but it honestly just sits in the back of my car most of the time. In a year I have used it less than five times. It sits too far away from the seat and cups don’t stay in the cup holder well. We have done better attaching a sippy cup to a stroller tether and clipped snack traps onto the side of the stroller. Not worth the purchase for how little we have used it.

Julie Amity, AR

Works nice

I’m still a little annoyed that you have to buy this as an accessory for your Britax B-Agile – something so basic should come with the stroller, but anyway, this is a nice tray. It goes on and off very easily, can swing up and out of the way to get your toddler out, etc. It stays in the way when the stroller is collapsed and makes carrying the collapsed stroller more difficult, but you can always quickly take it off if needed.

Sheree Canute, OK

It works but is not fabulous

First of all I don’t know why they had to make this so it sticks out so far from the seat of the stroller. It makes it very hard for my toddler to even reach the tray. Her sippy cups don’t fit properly in the cup holder but we use it to store small treats like cheerios or crackers.The good things: it does clip onto the stroller quite easily and unclips and swings outward to let the child in and out of the stroller. There is so much room between it and the seat though that we are able to pull our daughter right out of the stroller without even moving the tray.Also you can fold and unfold the stroller with the tray still attached.My daughter enjoys using it as a foot rest for when she is fully reclined in the stroller.

Rosalind Wewela, SD