Britax B-Agile Stroller, Plum

Britax B-Agile Stroller, Plum

The B Agile stroller from Britax is a lightweight, compact stroller featuring a one hand, quick fold design with an automatic chassis lock. Designed to be an on the go travel system using the Britax click and go system, the B Agile stroller accepts the Britax chaperone and b safe infant car seats without having to purchase additional adapters. The B Agile is also compatible with other major manufacturers infant car seats when used with the Britax infant car seat adapter (sold separately). The padded, supportive seat features a 5 point harness system with head pad that is adjustable without having to rethread or unhook any straps. With a weight capacity of 55 pound and an infinite recline, the B Agile is suitable from birth. The extra large canopy with a mesh ventilation window allows you to see your child and, and your child to see you. The comfort ride suspension ensures a smooth ride, and the swivel front wheel improves maneuverability. A single step locks both rear wheels simultaneously. Caregivers will further appreciate the padded handle, large under seat storage and the convenient zippered pocket on the back of the seat. The Britax click and go infant car seat receivers are included.

Main features

  • Click and go integrated adapter system works with britax infant car seats. Also compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with britax infant car seat adapter (sold separately)
  • 3 wheel design provides improved steering and maneuverability
  • No re thread, adjustable, 5 point harness and head pad with reflective binding
  • One hand quick fold design
  • Large under seat storage and additional pocket with zipper

Verified reviews


Color not as pictured!

Waited for this color for about 2 months, finally came but….. The peacock color is not as pictured. Color is more of plain blue with a darker hue to it… quite far from the image shown for advertisement, so sad, I thought it would be pretty. Returning it for kiwi. Here’s to hoping kiwi color is same as pictured!

Christi Meadview, AZ

You can use this as a snap and go!!

First, we love this stroller… Second, we love this travel system… Third, I figured out how to make the travel system even better for the early months when the baby isn’t big enough to use the actual stroller alone and when mom is still recovering from child birth and every extra pound makes a difference when lifting.Here’s what I did, I took the seat completely off the stroller and used the frame as a snap and go for the carseat. The seat is connected with velcro and a few snaps. The hardest part was taking the quick release handle off because it uses a keyring type of connection, but with a little work it comes off just fine. The entire process of taking the seat off took 10mins or less. Putting the seat back on took about the same time or just a little longer since I made sure I put it on correctly.This was awesome for many reasons:1. The carseat still snapped into the frame with no problems, because the clips are connected directly to the frame2. The stroller is lighter (at least a pound or two)! This made a huge difference for me being able to lift it in and out of the car3. The basket underneath is so much more useful. You can throw a huge bag in there because the seat is no longer in the way. We were also able to put folding chairs over the basket for a day in the park and the stroller held up great4. Takes up less space in the trunk because the middle of the folded stroller is now a space you can put other things (instead of putting things on top of the seat that was there)We have since put the seat back on the stroller because the baby is now able to use the stroller without the carseat, but consider this option for the early months. It saves you the money of buying a snap and go if you were considering that. Also, this way is much sturdier than a snap and go, because you still get all the great features of the B-Agile including its quick fold.Happy Strolling!!!

Janette Sesser, IL

Almost perfect stroller

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller. We use it 365 days a year in the Midwest. It gets us through beautiful sunny days, rainy days and even snow. Here are the things I love most:-The canopy. This stroller has to offer the most sun coverage of any stroller I have ever seen. The only time baby gets blinded by sun is at sunset time when it’s right at the level or the opening. The canopy has 3 sections so it can be partially pulled back. This canopy is so great that we were walking when I torrential downpour started and baby was dry except for her feet.-The material & padding. The material is easy to wash (with a hose). Like I mentioned above, we use this thing all the time, so it gets dirty (we have the solid black color). Just today I hosed it down and set it in the sun to dry and it looks like new again. Also, the seat seems very comfy. For it being a lightweight stroller, they still made the ride comfy (or so it seems!)-Maneuverability. It handles all terrain well and even functions as a jogging stroller. I would not run marathons with it, but for a quick jog it’s great. The front wheel can lock straight or swivel which makes it versatile.-Compact folding. I can honestly say in the 2 years I have owned it, I have only folded it once because we use it everyday and have another stroller for on the go trips. However, when it is folded, its compact. It even fits in our small 4 door compact car trunk, with ease. It’s easy to fold & open as well.-The legroom for the stroller pusher. The basket underneath (which is a nice size and easy to access) has a curved bar on the back side which gives ample room when walking. I have not once hit that bar, which is great.-Removable zip pouch/storage bag. On the back, there is a zippered pouch that is decent size. I put sunglasses, tissues, cell phone, etc in during our walks. If you want max ventilation, it can be removed (by unzipping) and gives nice air flow to the baby.Now, for the reasons it only got 4 stars:1.) As a 6′ tall parent the handle bar is not tall enough. It would be so easy to make this handle bar adjustable and go up another 3-4″. That alone would make it a 5 star stroller and perfect for tall, average and short parents.2.) Not necessary, but magnetic closure for the peek-a-boo window would be nice. The velcro is loud and if baby is asleep startles or wakes baby. I would prefer magnetic.3.) It reclines pretty far, though not flat, but it does not sit very straight. I have the seat as upright as it can go and my toddler sits forward because she likes to see everything. Allowing it to go up another 2″ would be nice so they could sit back and still have a nice view.2 products I recommend to go with this:-The Britax child tray (Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray) is nice when #3 above occurs and the child wants to sit more upright to get a better view. She holds onto the tray to do this. It’s also nice for snacks and a sippy cup. We didn’t attach the tray on until she was 10 months.-The bug net. (Britax B-Agile Stroller UV Mosquito Net) Though it doesn’t keep 100% of the mosquitoes out, it saves baby from getting eaten alive during our summer evening walks.Overall, this is a great stroller. We have put thousands of miles on it and it’s still awesome. Now I just need Britax to make the above improvements (mainly the taller & adjustable handle bar) and apply to the double so I can get it before baby #2 arrives!

Tanya Clinton, NY

Love this stroller

It is so easy to open up and fold up. It works so well with my B-Safe carseat as well.I love that I can also lock the front wheel to jog with it, and the little window in the canopy is awesome — i love seeing little one look up through it at me.The recline adjust takes getting used to, and could use a little tweaking. It’d be nice to be able to adjust so that both sides stay level with each other instead of making each side recline independently.I don’t like how the end of the canopy is a flimsy flap; little one would love it if the canopy would stay stretched out to shade his face. There is limited storage space; I can’t fit baby’s bag in it and I don’t feel like I pack that much stuff in there.But overall, this stroller has great versatility, seems comfortable enough for little one to pass out in, and seems like it will work for a long time, even when my child is bigger.I get compliments on it all the time.

Maryanne Forrest, IL

Happy with product

We’ve been using this stroller for 4 months now, have put many miles on the stroller, and are very happy with our purchase. This stroller folds up so easily and we love the travel system when combined with our b-safe carseat. Our little man is at just the right height to maintain eye contact through our travels and he seems to love it. The downside for us right now is like other users say, the lower basket doesn’t have room for much. I also find that I need a place for a cup and wish I didn’t have to drop more money for this. While I’m still using it as a travel system I find that the canopy will hold my keys and a drink adequately, but I’ll need to make the accessory splurge once we start using the stroller alone. All in all we are more than happy with this stroller and look forward to using it through future kiddos.

Tara Ringgold, PA

Fabulous Stroller!

I knew I wanted this stroller, it had great reviews and useful accessories and I could see this growing with our baby. We got the bassinet attachment as well – both were baby shower gifts. She actually ended up not using the bassinet very often as she spits up quite a bit and needs to be at an incline. This stroller is great for that, it keeps her inclined far enough without me worrying about her being too upright (since she is still a newborn). I knew I did not want to keep her in a car seat like the popular travel systems as there had been growing concerns about keeping babies in car seats for extended periods of time when their neck muscles aren’t developed. So the incline is great for that, and since she is still small I purchased a snuzzler by Summer Infant to help keep her cozy.The stroller maneuvers very easily and is light. It’s very easy to collapse and pack up as well. I like the little viewing window in the canopy and the zipper pocket for keeping some personal items.Incredibly inexpensive stroller for all it’s convenience! I definitely recommend it.

Beatriz Petersburg, TX

Great stroller even after 2 years of heavy use.

We got the B-Agile shortly after it debuted in 2011. It has survived and actually thrived over the past 2 years of heavy use.Things we love:-Britax customer service is 2nd to none.-Extra large sun canopy-One hand collapse. Makes getting into the car quick and easy, especially when it is raining or snowing!-Generous storage. I still can’t believe how much I can fit in the storage basket.-Travels really well. Takes up limited space in the trunk when you take the wheels off. It can even navigate the beach if you prop it up on its back wheels and pull it! We’ve done that several times.-Not too heavy. I wouldn’t call it lightweight but my husband can pick up the stroller with baby inside and carry it up a few stairs.-Lots of space for a growing child. My very tall 2 year old still fits comfortably.Things I would change:-Adjusting the recline is annoying. The straps didn’t bother me at first but over time they have become cumbersome.-I wish I could make the handle taller. I’m 5ft 10 and some days I feel like I’m hunched over when pushing this.Accessories I recommend:Balboa Baby Stroller Liner, Black and White Leaf- Fits perfectly and is washable. Very useful once the snacking starts.Britax B-Agile Stroller Child Tray- annoying that this doesn’t come with the stroller. It is a must have.Britax B-Agile Stroller UV Mosquito Net- More than a mosquito net. This can block out light when installed properly and is perfect for naps.Britax Stroller Organizer, Black- Not perfect but stays attached and doesn’t get in the way when the stroller is folded.

Ella Wascott, WI

Great stroller

We bought this as out second stroller now that baby 2 is on the way. It is so easy to use and my toddler loves that she can climb in and out of it herself.

Candice Falls City, TX

Love it except…

Just received this today :)I do love it except one minor thing.. the color is much darker than in the picture it’s not nearly this peacock blue it’s closer to being on a deeper green found in the peacock feathers. It reminds me of a lighter forrest or hunter green.Other than that I love it so far. I was able to put it together in less than 15 mins ( it took me closer to 15 mins because of the 7 month belly 😉 ) It’s harder to move around however if you get this early or have your partner put it together piece of cake ;)It’s light weight and sturdy! I was also able to clip the Chaperone car seat into it easily as well. I am excited about using this when the baby arrives.

Kirsten Kingsville, MO

Not great for city living

If I had a garage or lived on a clean, quiet street and in a flat neighborhood with even sidewalks, this stroller would be quite good. However, I live in an apartment building on a busy, urban street and have street parking only in a hilly neighborhood with sidewalks that could use some love, and the stroller is less than ideal under the circumstances.The pros:- It looks nice (I have the plum color, which is lovely).- It’s lightweight.- It fits easily in the trunk of my car.- I’m 5’9, and the handle height is almost perfect for me (just slightly low).- I have the B-Safe car seat, and it is very easy to get it in and out of the stroller.The cons:-It’s a bit unstable with the car seat in, even with the front wheel locked. It’s difficult to maneuver without it feeling like it might tip over on even slightly uneven pavement. Curbs require extra caution, even when there is a ramp on the corner.-When folded, if you want to lean it against something without it falling over, the handle rests completely on the ground. On a city street or public transit, that’s pretty gross.-Similarly, when you fold it, the material where your child sits is on the outside, so anything it touches will then be in direct contact with your child. Again, forget laying it flat anywhere that isn’t very clean. Not exactly convenient.-It isn’t hard to fold and unfold it, but it isn’t super easy, either. I’ve injured myself on it twice (albeit it slightly). I just saw that the previous year’s model has been recalled because of the danger of finger amputation when unfolding it, and I won’t be surprised if this one gets recalled for the same reason. They look pretty identical. ([…])

Rosemary Lima, OH

Good all-purpose stroller

I’ve had several strollers between my 2 kids, and this is my favorite so far. It’s more compact and streamlined than the Chicco Cortina stroller, and better balanced with more practical storage than my MacLaren Volo. The Volo was lighter and folded smaller, but it’s recline, folding and single-handed handling were all weak points. Conversely, this stroller reclines nicely, folds easily and securely, and is really easy to push with one hand because the handle is a single bar that can be gripped from anywhere. I wish the recline mechanism (a spring-loaded catch-release clip that shortens or lengthens straps) was a little easier to use, but it does recline fully or go upright. I bought a separate cup holder ($14) which I think is pretty necessary. I wish the storage basket was a little deeper, but it has good clearance space for putting things in and taking them out. It maneuvers really well with the small front wheels, I feel more flexible with it in narrow store aisles. The wheel lock is easy to engage and disengage. It fits both my 1yo and 3.5yo comfortably. Highly recommend!

Emilie Dunnell, MN


The blue is slightly darker in person as others have mentioned. I knew that when I ordered it and am happy with the color. This stroller is very lightweight considering the size. I really like how I can fold it and stuff it in the van with one hand while holding my baby in my other arm. The recline is wonderful! My 3 mo old can ride in it comfortably due to the recline. It fits my 2 and 4 yr old children nicely as well. The sun canopy is amazing. Most strollers have a wussy little canopy that’s worthless. This one is huge and actually keeps the sun off the baby. My only complaint is I don’t know how to unfold it without the fabric touching the ground. I don’t want it to get dirty or scratched so that bothers me a little. Great purchase.

Karyn Biscoe, AR

Great stroller but doesn’t sit upright enough for older baby/toddler.

I love this stroller! It has plenty of storage space between the attached zippered bag and the basket. We use a backpack style diaper bag that can clip onto the handle so we don’t have to worry about trying to shove a diaper bag in the basket. The basket is fine but it’s not as large as some. We are easily able to bring sweaters, blankets, several water bottles, and a small bag with no trouble. Plus the zippered bag is awesome! We also bought the parent organizer and the child tray. My children have been very comfortable in this stroller. For a newborn I recommend the Britax head and body support pillow for a cozy fit.My only complaint about this stroller is that it does not sit upright enough for a older baby/1 year old. We used it with our daughter when she was 2 and she had no problems with it but our son does not like how reclined it is at the most upright position. He is currently 16 months and for several months now he has been obviously upset about sitting back so far at times. He loves it when he’s sleepy or just relaxing but if there is something he wants to see he grabs the child tray and pulls himself forward and just keeps holding on to the tray. He does not seem happy about it though.

Joann New Alexandria, PA

Best stroller for the price!

I love everything about this stroller!!! Looks nice, folds up easily, huge sun canopy, has a recline, maneuvers well, I could go on and on.

Sophie Walcott, ND

In the end, it was the best choice

So we considered several strollers that would go well with our Chaperone infant car seat. We wanted a stroller that is agile, not too heavy, sturdy, collapses easily, and most of all IS COMPATIBLE with our current car seat. Turns out we should have been looking at the B-Agile in the first place because it has everything we were looking for in a stroller. Plus, you get the car seat accessory mounts so that any Britax car seat will fit onto this stroller!The large canopy that comes down was also a good feature that helps shade more of the stroller seat. This is very handy when the sun is low in the sky and you are out and about. The pull strap stroller-collapse feature works nicely and is actually very handy because you can hold your kid in one arm, break down the stroller in another, and put in the trunk all in one motion. Parents– dont take this point lightly, it helps A LOT. One other thing that is often overlooked is when your stroller collapses, the wheels may rub against the fabric. This happened with our previous non-Britax stroller and the silver fabric just got more black as time went on. With the B-Agile, all the wheels are out of the way. And having a range of color choices is also nice. Sometimes, red, black, and silver just isnt good enough. Its almost ready to use out of the box. Just snap on the wheels, velcro on some straps, and off you go. I didnt even read the instruction book and was able to figure everything out in about 20 min by just looking. Its that intuitive.Britax did a great job in designing this stroller. They thought of everything. Highly recommended. If you have the means to get the B-Agile, do it.

Dorthy Warner Springs, CA

I love it

It is a good product and is comfortable for the baby. I like a lot and use again for my next baby! It is lightweight and easy to open and close!

Freda Piedmont, OH


Perfect stroller! Awesome price. Shipping was prompt. Light weight and folds up great. Fits into my small, compact car’s trunk. Very stylish.

Antoinette Matthews, NC

Fabulous stroller!

I really love this stroller and admit I’m a little obsessed with strollers. We’ve gone through several already but this one is perfect for taking on trips to the mall, for walks, etc.Some of the things that I love about it:- it folds up super easy and lies flat. Therefore it doesn’t take up much room in the trunk.- It’s really light – especially in comparison to some of the other strollers we’ve used- The fabric is really durable- I like how it reclines almost all the way down. My daughter has been able to nap in here quite comfortably.- It’s super easy to maneuver and push around- I love the huge canopy!Why I only gave it 4 stars and not 5:- I wish the seat came up a little higher, it seems my daughter is always reclining a little even when its fully up. She is constantly trying to pull herself into more of a sitting position.- I wish it came with a parent tray attached but that’s not a huge deal. I bought the Diono stroller caddy and it fits perfectly (and it’s cheap!)Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer- For some reason the back wheels are a bit in the way and I’m constantly kicking them. It could be because I take long strides/have long legs…. not sure. I do not have this problem with my jogging stroller though.- Does not come with the child tray (not sure why they couldn’t just include this!) but you can purchase it separately. We did and although it sticks out very far and makes it difficult for my toddler to use it, she does like resting her feet up there when the seat is reclined :)All in all, I do love this stroller and recommend it. We also have the Britax convertible carseat and they do make wonderful high quality products.

Selena Montgomery City, MO

Fold and unfold while holding baby

Saw this in a baby store and was trying to figure out how to open and close. The sales associate saw me from across the store (he was helping someone else) and said, "Push the button on the right side and pull up on the strap in the middle of the seat!" Boom, folded in one swift motion! I was sold (but still bought it for less on Amazon!). Lightweight (I can lift with one arm and I’m 5’8" 130lbs pre-pregnancy) and I can fold and unfold while holding baby. Looks sharp and took minimal effort to put it together out of the box (connect wheels, snap on sun shield thingy, etc).NOTE: If you have the Chaperone car seat, you will need adaptors that don’t come with the stroller but Britax will provide for FREE!! You just call their customer service line and they will send to you absolutely free in less than one week.

Keri Fairfax, SD

The best stroller!

LOVE this stroller. So lightweight and easy to open/close. I can do it all practically one handed.. Would recommend to any mom!

Deirdre Calera, AL

great stroller

We use this stroller almost every day and have gotten many compliments on it. It moves so easily and my son loves riding in it. I just wish that there was a good place to store a diaper bag — the opening to the bottom storage was a little too tight to quickly fit our diaper bag through so we just ended up carrying it or using a few caribeaners to hang it from the top. I understand this model was recalled but we have not had any problems with it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the canopy covers a wider range than almost any other stroller. This was one of the best purchases we made as new parents!

Juana Eskridge, KS

Great Stroller!

We have been using this stroller for almost a year now and loving every minute, so I thought it was time to write a review. This stroller is absolutely wonderful and approved by everyone in the family (5’7" mommy, 6’1" daddy and baby). The ride is SO smooth and quiet, and I think that’s my favorite feature. It’s easy to maneuver and steer, even with one hand. The canopy is large, which is great for keeping the sun and rain off my son, even while laying down. We have the Britax B Safe car seat, and snapping it into the stroller is a breeze and super convenient! We’ve now used the stroller in many different climates including the Caribbean, Midwest, South and West, and no matter rain, sun, hot, cold; it holds up great. We’ve also flown with it 3 times, and it held up perfectly through being checked. It’s a bit large and heavy, but that because it’s a quality item; there’s nothing cheap or chincy about it; it’s still easy to load in and out of the trunk of our Chevy Volt. Although the fabric isn’t soft and snugly, I prefer it that way because it is very easy to wipe away spills and messes. We also have the stroller organizer, UV/mosquito net and child tray (cannot have tray attached and still attach car seat) and I highly recommend those as well. Bravo, Britax, on this amazing stroller; I would confidently recommend it to anyone.

Gladys Rolette, ND

Has more Pros than Cons

I bought the B-Agile to replace a super lightweight Combi, so my review will reflect the differences.First, the Cons:
• Cannot be opened with one hand
• Is a little heavy (compared to a lightweight stroller)
• The frame is thick so any aftermarket accessories such as cup holders or mommy hooks don’t fit very well. I’m sure the Britax adult cup holder fits fine but my Munchkin cup holder does not
• Stroller is wide and doesn’t fit well when going through narrow store aisles. The wheels bump everything
• Even when the wheels are locked, the stroller still pivots and moves a bit. To get a solid lock, the rear lock and the front wheel lock must both be engaged, which isn’t hard but it’s two steps instead of one
• The wheels are so big that when I hang shopping bags onto the handle with hooks, they drag and rub against the wheels
• When the snack tray is attached, it makes stroller longer when folded, creating a tighter fit in the trunk or back of car
• Although not technically a part of the stroller, the snack tray that attaches to it sticks out a bit too far for baby’s comfort
• The handle is kind of low and since I’m only 5 ‘3 with short limbs, I have to stand very close to the stroller while pushing in order to comfortably grip the handleNow the Pros:
• Solid and well constructed
• Very attractive, nice fabric
• Straps are good quality and the harness is very easy to use
• Folds easily and with one hand
• Can be used as a snap and go
• Has good wheels and rides very smoothly
• Can be pushed with one hand
• Turns very easily due to the pivoting front wheels
• Has a great sunshade which covers my baby’s face completely and adjusts back easily (no clips to fiddle with)
• Footlock is big, easy to use, and locks both rear wheels
• Has a mesh peek-a-boo window
• The storage basket is a decent size
• Padded handle
• Has a zippered storage flap under the handle
• No-thread harness adjustment
• Doesn’t tip over when there is a diaper bag attached to the handleOverall, I’m pretty happy with this stroller. I know that it will last a long time and that I can push my toddler in it for a few more years. Plus, I can use it again with a car seat should another baby arrive.

Shelly East Troy, WI


Super lite and easy to maneuver with one hand. The color is unique and not the usual gray and black that we had before. It takes some getting used to as the folding mechanism is a bit differ but the stroller is super lite. The best point!!! I love to wear slippers/flip flops. With other strollers when you have to lift the brake up your foot is bloody. This stroller has equally smooth surfaces on the top and bottom. VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT!

Serena West Jefferson, OH

Super smooth operation

Love this stroller! I don’t love the infant seat that works with it (B Safe) but the stroller, I love! Easy to fold and unfold with one hand, easy to snap the infant seat into it, and easy to adjust the recline on the seat. It is so smooth when going for a walk, and easily maneuverable with one hand.

Chelsea Zebulon, GA

Best buy of the year for me!

I LOVE THIS STROLLER!This is my second stroller and I LOVE ITEasy to fold, easy to openNot too heavyLove the canopyLove the back pocketLove how much it reclinesAmazing colorSuper comfortable for my kidLove the easiness of changing the seat sizeEasy adjustable strapsLove LOVE loveCons:The storage tray in the bottom is not that comfortable or bigStearing is not as smooth as you would think

Jenna Rockaway Beach, MO

Folds with one hand, stands on its own, good price

After dealing with a pricey Uppababy Cruz for 7 months I decided to do some research and get a better stroller. I sold mine on Craigslist and bought this stroller instead.Pros:- Super lightweight, yet sturdy- Rides super smooth, the suspension is great and it feels light- The canopy is great, it covers my baby from the sun very effectively- Folding with one hand – this is priceless- It stands vertical behind my doorCons:- The basket is tiny tiny tiny. I was used to carry groceries, diaper bag, a coat, etc. on my Uppa Baby and it’s been an adjustment to even try to reach this basket. I got the parent organizer and at least I can place my phone, a bottle, pacifiers and other small objects there.- Baby only faces forward (while my baby likes it, I find it difficult to check her through the little window on top)Overall I’m still happy with it – if only they could make a decent basket I’d give it a 5 star rating!UPDATE:After a few months of using this stroller, I must say I’m not pleased. I already wrote about the tiny basket – I ended up buying all sort of accessories to make it work (parent organizer, side net, mommy hook, etc.) but the thing that I can’t fix is how my baby always ends up diagonally, mushed against one corner with her head in a really awkward position. I tried to correct it by using the infant insert (another purchase to make this stroller work….) and it makes it even more uncomfortable. The straps are just weirdly designed, I wonder if this stroller is only good for big, chubby babies… mine is small and she’s swimming here. I’m now researching for my next stroller, I can’t keep making this work.

Ines Alvord, IA

B-Agile it is..

I think this stroller is great. It’s easy to push and guide with one hand. The handle isn’t high enough for my husband who’s 6’7″ tall, but it’s perfect for me. I have the matching car seat and it’s easy to attach to the stroller. The one push button on the side makes it’s easy to fold. It’s not the lightest stroller around, but I can pick it up with ease.

Carole Margie, MN


wow great value for the quality of stroller… lite, folds easy,and wonderful features, can’t wait to use it for my grandson!

Lara Willow City, ND

Awesome lightweight solution

I love this seat. My baby is a rollie pollie baby, and the graco/chicco car seats did not fit him really well. I was debating between this and the Maclaren. I choose Britax because the breath of the seat was greater in britax and I didn’t have to worry about my son trying to get out while putting the belts on. The only drawback I see is that the buckle point is not adjustable, other wise this is perfect. All the wheels can come off in a one click release which is really good for storing in back of the car for long trips. This provided the most padding seat as well over Maclaren, chicco, and graco. I would definately recommend this over the other brands.

Jerri Mantador, ND