Britax B-Agile Stroller Rain Cover

Britax B-Agile Stroller Rain Cover

The B-Agile rain cover provides complete protection for your child in wind and rain. This rain cover is custom designed to fit the stroller and is easily secured using hook and loop attachments.

Main features

  • The b-agile rain cover provides complete protection for your child in wind and rain
  • This rain cover is custom designed to fit the stroller and is easily secured using hook and loop attachments
  • Fits the britax b-agile stroller

Verified reviews


Good product!

I got this rain cover to fit my Britax B-Agile stroller. It fits perfectly (as it should since it’s made to fit my stroller!).It’s really easy to put on and there are several velcros to make sure it stays down and secure. TWhen I first received the cover, there is a strong plastic smell. I let it air out in our balcony for a couple days and the smell went away.I normally leave the rain cover on all the time. When I don’t need to block wind or rain, I just lift up the front part. It doesn’t take up too much room! When folding the stroller, it’s fine that the rain cover is on too. However, it does make accessing the parents’ consoles, which we added to the stroller, a bit harder. Therefore, I just move the console out of the cover but this does mean that if we were rained upon, the console would get wet.I did remove the rain cover when taking the stroller on a recent plane ride. Didn’t want to take the risk of it being messed up while in the plane cargo. But to me, the plastic seems pretty sturdy, it probably would’ve survived just fine.

Effie Park, KS

good quality

Please make sure to air this out for a few days, there is a slight plastic smell, but the quality is nice (pliable but thick). It has held up well with the abuse we put it through on our Europe trip (putting it on, taking it off, folding it up, tying it down multiple times a day) and has not ripped or torn. I was able to fold the stroller with this attached (undo the front attachment and keep it attached to canopy). Great protection from not just rain, but wind and cold as well. The air vents are nice and has not let any rain through that I can tell. The cover did not bother my LO (9months) during the trip. So glad I had this especially since it was FREE with my purchase of the stroller 🙂 I can never repack items back the same compact way it comes in which means I could not make it fit into it’s original bag but this does fold down easily enough. I used the bag that my bed sheets came in (king size, durable plastic that I can see what the item is and has a zipper) and that has worked well.

Liz Landingville, PA

Good Cover

This cover does a good job of protecting my son from the rain while he’s in the stroller. The cover did have a strong plastic odor when it first arrived, but I just set it out in my garage for a week and the odor went away. We store this cover in the zipper pouch on the back of the stroller so that we always have it on hand. Great addition to our b-agile!

Michael Belvedere Tiburon, CA

Stay dry

This rain cover is excellent to bad the stroller was recalled and I had to get a new one so all the parts I ordered the try rain cover bug net ect are now useless

Maryann Wampsville, NY

Fits perfect

This goes on very easily and like everything made for the b-agile it fits perfect with velcro fastners. It seems well made. I only tried to put it on once, but did not notice any problems with the seems yet.

Roseann Hamshire, TX

This fits nicely. I also use it on my Bob Sport …

This fits nicely. I also use it on my Bob Sport Utility stroller. It doesn’t fit the same on that stroller but its better than having two.

Florine Huletts Landing, NY

If it weren’t for the price…

…I’d give it 5 stars. It rains so rarely here, I’d rather not pay as much. BUT, after having said that, it’s great. I bought it, I used it. It fits. It works. What more could you want (besides a lower priced item 😉 ) ?

Janna Ingalls, IN

does what it needs to

I think this is a little over-priced but it fits the stroller well, is easy to put on, works well and is not too hot—my baby can still breathe well and seems fine with the cover on. Wish it was a little cheaper or came with the stroller, but overall glad we got it.

Angelita Westbrookville, NY

Perfect rain cover

Love this cover. Strong and durable, it covers the whole stroller so the baby is nice and dry. I will highly recommend this product to any B Ready owner

Lucia Tilton, NH

Great but pricy.

Works great but it could have been a bit cheaper. It fits perfectly and it’s not too bulky to carry with you in the stroller.

Minerva Sagamore, MA

not too crazy about it

so i ordered this rain cover for my stroller and i got to use it a few days ago. i have to say the design is a little off. its a pain to have to keep bending down to open or close the Velcro that attaches the cover to the stroller …another thing i disliked is that it has the little holes for air to flow through in the area that it does…. my sons feet kept getting wet. it rained a few days and i had to go out and my sons feet kept getting wet hes only 3 months old)and the whole area by the handle bar did too. i think they should redesign the whole cover.

Pamala Mayfield, KY

REally nice and thick

Covers the entire stroller and has a velcro at the end which is great for windy days. My previous cover for my other stroller would fly away, it was really annoying.

Paula Colstrip, MT

great for jogging and walking

great product allows for full view and very thick plastic, so its very safe keeps wind and rain out. worth the money.

Jacqueline Moselle, MS