Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag

Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag

The B-Agile travel bag is designed with heavy denier material to protect your stroller when traveling. The folded stroller fits in the bag without removing the wheels. The bag features a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, which is removable for airport travel.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • The b-agile travel bag is designed with heavy denier material to protect your stroller when traveling
  • The folded stroller fits in the bag without removing the wheels
  • The bag features a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying, which is removable for airport travel

Verified reviews


Didn’t fit City Mini single stroller

We got this hoping it would fit our city mini single stroller (because we wanted to try and avoid having to remove the wheels when we travel- especially when I travel alone with the baby). But sadly it didn’t fit. Returned it and bought the red gate check bags instead and they worked great!

Ella Fairdale, ND

Fits Perfect

I had contemplated buying this bag for over a month due to the ratings. I finally took the plunge and ordered and I’m glad I did. A lot of people are saying that the stroller doesn’t fit in the bag…I got it in the bag and zipped up in less than 2 minutes. Literally no troubles at all. However, you do have to take the infant seat car seat adapters off first, but no biggie because they also fit right in the bag with it. I like how the strap adjusts and I can just tote the bag comfortably on my shoulder. I haven’t used this in flight yet, but I’m sure it will do just as good as any other bag will. I feel confident that my stroller won’t be getting damaged on my upcoming international flight. LOVE BRITAX!!

Terrie Bunn, NC

It does the job

The material is not great–and this is in comparison to Britax’s car seat bag, which has a much thicker fabric (and backpack straps–seriously great and handy). It ripped on our second trip. It’s nothing duct tape can’t fix, but given the price and the fact that the car seat bag shows Britax can make a quality bag, I expected more.All that being said, the bag does the job. Our stroller was clean on arrival.It also was not hard to get the stroller into the bag. You might want to try it at home so you know what you’re doing before the stress of traveling with a kiddo kits you at the airport!

Candace Salem, IN

This is a great travel bag

At first, I wasn’t too sure if this bag was worth the purchase. However, since the B-Agile is not an umbrella stroller and therefore only folds in half, it wa difficult to find a no name brand cover for it while we traveled. It was worth it because it protected our stroller when we had to check it at the gate when boarding our flight. To my suprise, it also helped the people who put the strollers on the plane because they thanked me for having such a great cover when I recovered my stroller at the end of the flight. They said it made it much easier to move the stroller around without harming it and wish everyone checked their stroller with a protective bag!

Dianna Kopperl, TX

has kept the stroller safe and clean

We have used this bag on 2 cross-country airplane trips now, and it has done a great job at keeping the stroller clean and intact. That being said, I would prefer if there was a bit more padding in the bag, This is a single-layer canvas bag. Ideally, it would have some flexible padding on either side to protect the wheels through rough handling. I do like how easy it is to get the stroller in and out. It is easy to carry, and has plenty of extra room for a blanket, clothing, etc. (we actually put a bunch of our stuff in it when our bags were over weight). I like that this is a fairly reasonably priced option for protecting an expensive stroller. I would buy it again

Mellisa Augusta, WI

Great for Airplane Travel

We bought this specifically to use for a trip. The stroller fits in perfectly (without the car seat adapters). We checked the stroller in this bag and it made it through 4 flights – no damage. Good quality fabric. If I had to change anything, I would upgrade to a better zipper, but no issues with it yet.

John Ivoryton, CT

Good, but could use an extra handle

This fit easily on our B-Agile with the parent caddy attached, and I could also fit a light jacket and the baby’s blanket in there. It’s awkward to carry though, as you are stuck either carrying it by the strap and hurriedly detaching it and stuffin it in the bag at the last second, or carrying it like a sack of potatoes, which is quite difficult when you are also carrying a car seat and bags. We went with the former option and it was okay, but would have been really tough if I had been alone. I am not quite sure how necessary this purchase was, however, as we gate checked it without the bag after a very tight connection and it was completely undamaged.

Nell Section, AL

Love the stroller…Love the bag

Very convenient and tidy for a neat freak like me! Protected the stroller from too many scratches during travel and made it instantly recognizable when it came time to claim it at the airport.

Sandra Phippsburg, CO

Britax B-Agile Stroller Travel Bag

The material doesn’t appear particularly rugged. Hopefully it will hope up under the abuse of airline travel.My principal disappointment with this bag is the lack of a hand strap. The shoulder strap is fine, when you want to carry it that way. However, when you simply want to grap the loaded bag and move it about, the lack of a grab handle at the top of the bag is downright stupid. You either have to grab some part of the bag, squeeze and lift, or lift the long shoulder strap way up high in an uncomfortable and ergonomically inefficient manner in order to lift the bag off the ground. Usually, a grab handle is a basic feature, and a shoulder strap is an additional plus. It should have a grab handle at the top of the bag, with an internal reinforcement under the grab handle stretching the full width of the top of the bagFYI: Neither the bag nor the stroller include instructions. The easily removeable B-Agile stroller wheels do not have to be removed in order to fit it into the bag.

Tabitha Creal Springs, IL

The bag is good for protecting your stroller, but the carrying strap is not secured well enough .

We used this for a trip to LA with our little one. The bag survived the gate-check on the way there, but upon our return to home when we picked up the stroller at the gate, the carrying strap had ripped off on one side. Upon closer inspection, it is clear that it is not sewn in well enough to carry a heavy stroller in the bag.I contacted Amazon and they replaced the bag no questions asked, so far the second bag has survived one trip… time well tell how it holds up in the long run.

Alyce Meriden, CT


We like this bag but we really wish it had wheels and maybe another handle to carry it with. I’m 5ft and it was a little tough for me to lug around at the airport. But its not a tight fit there is a little wiggle room. Keeper for now!

Althea Morattico, VA

Great product.

Great travel bag. We used it on a flight from Arizona to Minnesota and it didn’t get torn or had any damage. Not sure what people are talking about when they say it doesn’t fit. It fits my B-Agile stroller perfectly. Totally recommend this for anyone traveling by plane.

Sherri Refugio, TX

Good product

We used it during our first trip (we took 4 planes) and the travel bag worked just fine. The stroller fits tight into the bag but it is not so hard to place it in. It protected the stroller as expected.

Marla Stanley, WI

So far, so good

We’ve used this bag on one trip so far, and it seems to be holding up well. We had three connecting flights in each direction (six flights total), and we gate-checked the stroller and our B-Safe infant seat (in a separate bag) each time. It was snowing much of the way, and the bag did its job by keeping the stroller clean and dry. The bag itself endured some scrapes and scuffs, but no tears. You do have to make sure to put the stroller in wheels-first, and we also had to remove the plastic connector pieces for the infant seat and throw them in the bag separately because the stroller wouldn’t fit with them attached. The bag is roomy enough to fit a few extras – I threw in a jacket and a small bag of extra clothes that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, which really came in handy when we got stranded overnight without our checked luggage.UPDATE: I’ve now gate-checked this bag on a total of 12 flights, and it’s still in good shape. More importantly, so is my stroller. I was able to put the stroller in it without assistance while holding a squirming 6-month-old. (Not easy, but doable.)

Selena Justice, IL

it works

pretty tough to get the stroller in – it’s a really tight fit. the stroller needs to go in a specific way but the instructions don’t say that. we had our stroller packed up in it before going to the airport, but if you’re planning to gate check your stroller and pack it away at the last minute, it might be pretty stressful.

Deanna Auburn, WV

did it’s job

Fits stroller with room to add other items as well (was able to fit rain cover, stroller blanket, handful of diapers and a pair of sneakers 🙂 ) how?: zip up the bag with the stroller all the way up on both sides and over the top a little, than start stuffing your goodies, stop ever so often to make sure you can still zip it up 😛 The strap is adjustable, a small padding on it would be NICE so it will not dig into your hand or shoulder.There is no cushion for the stroller, it is just a bag. There is ONE way to position the stroller to get it in the bag, make sure you pay attention to the fit or it will not work. The material seems durable enough to withstand more trips. We recently went international and the bag came back a little dirty but perfect condition.

Jean Stirrat, WV


I have flown on 6 flights in two months and the product works great. I especially love how easy it is to spot in baggage claim

Roseann Washburn, ME

thin as parachute bag

This bag is so thin. Don’t waste your money. You could probably use the Brica travel bag with wheels to fit the stroller. It is big and worth a try over this.

Dawn Titusville, NJ

Works with the City Mini

If you are willing to take the wheels off (which isn’t a big deal) and spend a little time figuring out how to put it all together in the bag, then it works great. If you want a bag that is very easy to deal with, then maybe buy something else. It’s just like putting a puzzle together. The baby jogger brand bag was over twice as much though so I can deal with a little annoyance to save money 🙂

Adelaide Elmo, UT

Fits BabyJogger City Versa stroller

I have BabyJogger City Versa stroller and this cover fits it just fine, when you remove front wheels (there is space to put them inside the bag). We travelled with it twice in the past 6 month and it held up well. We put the stroller into it by the gate. It folds small for storage when not in use. Overall a great buy

Teresa Holland, IA

Using for Baby Jogger City Micro

I didn’t want to take my big stroller on an upcoming trip for fear of damage on the airplane, so I wanted to take my Baby Jogger City Micro instead. It fits perfectly into this bag and the makes it super easy to carry the stroller to the gate or from the car. The bag isn’t what I would call heavy duty, but it seems as if it will hold up to at least a few flights.

Ladonna Etna, CA


Okay we bought this after reading negative reviews about the quality and think it could be sturdier… It’s more of a cover than a robust bag. If you plan on dragging it around, pulling on the strap you’ll be disastified. We didn’t have trouble getting it in the bag like people complained about, you put it in wheels first and it fits. 🙂

Bobbi Trinity Center, CA

Love it!

Absolutely love the stroller cover as it lasted the whole trip with 4 flights and didn’t have any scratch on it, as well didn’t the stroller. This is my I don’t know, 7th Britax product, and all of them fit perfectly, work as expected, and are high of a quality.

Danielle Staten Island, NY

Just ok

This bag is ok. We got it because we are frequent air travelers and didn’t want our stroller damaged. The fabric seems very flimsy to me. I thought it would be a heavy duty canvas, but I would call it light weight at best. You have to remove the clips that hold the car seat in order to get it to fit, which I found annoying. You don’t always have a lot of time at the airport to get stuff ready and this extra step seems unnecessary not to mention that the clips seem very easy to lose once they are detached. My final complaint is the lack of any handles other than the shoulder strap. Anyone who flies knows you don’t want a long handle to get caught on the bag machinery, but if you remove the shoulder strap there is absolutely no where for the baggage handlers to grab the bag at all. If this stroller wasn’t such a weird shape, I’d buy a non-britax branded bag for sure.

Susie Haverhill, MA

Used 2x so far

Nice large bag but it got a small tare in it on only the 2nd use. Thicker material is needed

Eleanor Irvington, AL

Smart buy

Edit: Been on 8 flights with this now and its still in great condition!This bag has been on four flights with us now. The first time I used it, the stroller was hard to get into the bag but not impossible by any stretch. If you have it in backwards, it won’t zip smoothly. Remove the stroller, flip it around and zip it back up. Once you realize which way the wheels should point, you shouldn’t have to keep making that mistake. After one trip, I had it down.The carrying straps are fine, though a small pad would make them much more comfortable.When my stroller came off the plane it was dusty and dirty so I’m very glad I bought this to protect my stroller.

Kelley Garfield, KS

Works but HARD to put on! update-

Purchased this to protect my B-agile stroller on the plane. I am very glad I did since the bag came back FILTHY. I tell everyone who is going to check or gate-check their baby accessories to make sure they are in bags so they are protected.The bag is VERY hard to get on and I wouldn’t be able to do it with a baby in my arms, even if the baby was in a carrier. Its hard enough to do it with one person and 2 hands. It only goes in one direction and then you have to STRETCH it to get it around the stroller and I feel like the zippers are not going to last. Its cheaply made and reflects that. I also have the B-safe seat and love it. I use this bagJL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag, Blackto cover it and I think its working well.Update 8/12/12We used this on SEVERAL recent trips and I am glad I had it. I can’t believe how dirty everyone else’s strollers come back from gate checking. if you flip the stroller over (wheels up) and put the bottom on the bag on first, then flip it over and zip it up, its A LOT easier to put on and will fit better in the bag. That being said, on a trip to puerto rico on Jetblue, something must have gotten caught and someone just pulled instead of figured out what the problem was and the bag AND the stroller grip ripped. I knew the bag wasn’t that sturdy and I think it would have been fine if it wasn’t handled so poorly. Just FYI- JetBlue (and most other airlines) consider strollers a delicate item and do not cover damage. WTF?! I would never have taken my stroller with me if I knew they wouldn’t take care of it AND THEN not cover the damage they caused. The car seat and car seat bag are still doing well.

Jenifer Seibert, CO


perfect cover for my stroller to protect and travel very well, britax rocks!! please show more stroller accesories in the future

Leona Pompey, NY

Good stroller bag for gate check

The travel bag for the B-Agile stroller is made of durable material and easily accommodates the stroller with a reasonably snug fit while also leaving a little room to throw something in last minute at the gate (e.g., baby’s coat or mommy’s sweatshirt). The only problem with the bag is that there should be a better/more comfortable carrying handle. The strap that comes with it is not very thick, and you have to store it in the bag by the time you’re checking it anyway. But this then means that there is no convenient way to hold the bag when you finally drop it at the gate; you just have to carry it in your arms like a sack of potatoes! I’d recommend that the maker add a short, durable permanent/non-removable handle on the side of the bag (akin to a briefcase handle) to give users another handle after the long strap is detached. Also, ideally, the long strap would be a a more padded, sturdier accessory.

Eliza Yonkers, NY

It’s nice but…

Ok so the material needs to be thicker but it’s ok. My other complaint is that the wheels must be removed and you can not leave the infant seat adapters connected and zip it up. If there was a pocket on the inside to put the adapters in I would love this bag except the material it is made from.

Rosetta Billings, OK