Britax B-Nimble Cup Holder

Britax B-Nimble Cup Holder

This lightweight cup holder will work with most compact fold strollers that feature a square rear tube.

Main features

  • Lightweight cup holder accessory for the britax b-nimble stroller
  • Fits most umbrella strollers that feature a square frame
  • Dishwasher safe on the top rack

Verified reviews


Would not recommend

When I got this cup holder it did not come with the right nuts and bolts. I had to call Britax directly to get this resolved which they eventually did after several emails and then when I finally called them directly. Once they sent me a new cup holder I found that I never even used it and when I did it just slide down the rail it was attached to because of the weight of the drink. I would not recommend this cup holder.

Ollie Westbrook, MN

Perfect accessory for the Britax Blink stroller

This is a fabulous add on for the Britax Blink stroller! I added this cupholder along with the JL Childress Cups n Cargo stroller organizer and now I feel like I really have the perfect lightweight stroller! This is great for holding pretty much any beverage since it’s hard and keeps it’s shape. The stroller organizer is really more for holding water bottles and/or baby bottles, while this is great for regular cups.It’s nicely designed because the base attaches with screws to the stroller frame, and the cupholder slides snugly into the base. So the cupholder itself is removable (great for plane travel – I’ve had several non-removable cup holders broken), yet it fits snugly enough that it doesn’t fall off when folding the stroller.

Ladonna Darrow, LA

awesome cup holder for maclaren stroller

It fits nicely on my maclaren techno xt stroller. The cup holder is simple and not as bulky as others(munchkin and valcobaby). It fits on SQURE tubing, not round tubing. It will work for all maclaren models volo, triumph, quest, and techno XT. Not sure about maclaren XLR. If maclaren XLR has the same rear tubing as other maclarens, then this cup holder will fit. I loved it! It is a godsend considering there are few choices out there for maclaren strollers, which do not have any cupholders.

Nadia Lanark Village, FL

Fits the Maclaren

Wow! This fits the Maclaren perfectly! Finally my husband gets his cup holder! Easy to install and seems pretty sturdy. Great product.

Alice Petersburg, IL

Another “good for Maclarens” review

I had theBaby Jogger Liquid Holster, and while it was okay, the piece that holds it to the stroller would move all the time and was too bulky to fold my Maclaren Quest easily. I bought this based on the other reviews that it would fit the Maclarens with the square tubing, and it does 🙂 It really fits PERFECTLY and is like it isn’t even there when you fold the stroller. The only thing that’s disappointing is it doesn’t swivel or anything, so it kind of sits at an angle, which isn’t good if you have a super full cup. I can overlook that though since this is basically the ONLY cupholder that fits Maclarens perfectly.

Rosa Saint Edward, NE


duradero y comodo. de un excelente tamaño que sirve para varias medidas de envases. ligero y de un acabado mate bello.

Winnie Skelton, WV