Britax B-Nimble Stroller, Cowmooflage

Britax B-Nimble Stroller, Cowmooflage

At 14 pounds, the Britax B-Nimble stroller is the lightest weight, travel system compatible stroller with a 55-pound weight capacity. Utilizing the Britax click and go integrated adapter system, the B-Nimble stroller accepts Britax Infant Car Seats and is compatible with other major manufacturer’s infant car seats (with included adapter strap). Infinite recline positions, large canopy with sun visor and all-wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride for your child. A unique, one step parking brake automatically locks when the stroller is folded. Removable/reversible seat liner pad allows you to easily clean or change the look of your stroller. A drink holder, rain cover, chaperone click and go infant car seat adapter system are included.

Main features

  • Suitable from birth up to 55 pounds
  • Click and go integrated adapter system for use with the Britax infant car seats
  • Travel system compatible with other brand infant car seats
  • Lightweight 14 pounds
  • Large canopy with sun visor and peek-a-boo window

Verified reviews


so far so good…

Let me just start off by saying that yes, we did receive a 2010 model BUT the product number does NOT match the recall product numbers. I called Britax and they confirmed with me that our model was not part of the VOLUNTARY recall. The brakes on our B-nimble do infact engage, the stroller does not roll. Our 17 month old even tried pushing it and it didn’t move except sideways when he was dragging it. Second, you MUST read the fold up intstructions. It says right on the tag ” doing so out of order will cause the folding mechanism to break” I read a review or two on here complaining their stroller’s folding lever broke. If you do the steps out of order to fold it, yes it will snap it! I had originally ordered the Ignite stroller by The First years. While I loved the color and the price, the seat was very hard and didn’t recline that well; the canopy didn’t do too much. The Ignite pushed effortlessly, very smooth. But, we decided to try the B-Nimble and so far, I really like this stroller. The seat is more padded and I LOVE that you can unhook the shoulder straps and just use the waist buckle. Our 17 month old hates any shoulder straps except in his car seat! The storage basket is easy to get too unless the seat is fully reclined. I love that this seat reclines all the way back, although it’s a two handed process and can be annoying. The extended leg rest is AWESOME! our Son loves it! The cup holder is useless, it pops off every time we fold up the stroller and it’s within reach for our Son, he was trying to pull the straw out of my Iced Tea. Our Son was 33″ at his appt a month ago and he has about 4″ before his head reaches the top of seat back. He is only 25lbs and this stroller can be used for up to 55lbs so I hope we get years of use out of it. We purchased this stroller mainly for mall, outlets, quick trips, vacations. The canopy is nice and if you don’t velcro the storage bag on the back, the shade rotates forward, blocking more sun. There is no other storage on this stroller besides the useless cup holder and the pouch on the back that holds the free weather cover so I ordered the Britax stroller pouch. It has two cup holders and they are deep, a magnetic center pocket, and two mesh front pockets that hold my iphone very nicely. The stroller is easy to carry with the shoulder strap but watch the wheels don’t hit the back of your pants and get them dirty. This stroller fits great in our 08 CRV. Another thing we LOVE about this stroller is the handles bars are high! I’m 5’8″ and my husband is 6’2″ and we have no trouble pushing this stroller, we are not bent over at all and we don’t kick the wheels. The stroller is very sturdy and can be a little “harder” to push but IMO, it’s not terrible and I manage with one hand just fine. We’ve had this stroller for 4 days now and have taken it out on walks daily and so far no problems. I will update if we come across any issues but for the price, this is a great light weight stroller and it looks great!UPDATE 8/15/13:Just returned from our annual New England trip to visit family and we took our B-nimble along. This stroller did an awesome job on gravel and rugged terrain at a Wildlife park. Our 18 month old sat so comfortably with his leg rest extended, for 3 hours he never fussed or wanted out. On another day we took the B-nimble to Mystic’s annual art festival and the streets were so crowded but our B-nimble made it’s way through easily due to how sleek it is. Again, our son sat for probably 3+hours and never complained. I reclined the seat back for him thinking he’d nap but he just laid there taking it all in:) Still very happy with this purchase.

Louella Helendale, CA

Updated from 1 Star

I also spent hours/weeks researching a light-weight umbrella stroller with the most bang for our buck. This Britax seemed to fit the bill. When we were able to get it on sale, we were thrilled (same price as Amazon has it for currently). However, after just a few days of use, the D-link to the collapse/carry strap in the back broke off (and we lost it, so we couldn’t reattach it). So, from the first week, basically, every time I want to collapse the stroller, I have to bend down and do it manually. Forget using the strap to carry it…Then we noticed that the front wheels keep locking (not actually with the lock, they just get “stuck”), meaning that where you’re supposed to have a free swiveling wheel to help you maneuver the stroller, you get a locked wheel and it’s like you’re pushing a train instead of a toddler. Keeping the front wheels actually locked straight is easier to push than using the wheels as intended, for maneuverability!The canopy is useless. Currently my son’s head reaches the top of the backrest, and when the sun is anything but mid-day height, he gets it full in his face. In addition, the front wheels get the canopy dirty every time you fold it. What’s the point of a removable seat cover, when what you really need to wash all the time is the canopy?!The recline mechanism is such a bother, I don’t even use it anymore. With a toddler (barely 12 kg) resting against the backrest, forget “smoothly” transitioning the backrest up or down. If he falls asleep, I leave him sitting upright (more like slouched) because trying to get the backrest flat would jostle and wake him.That’s the other thing, I can’t figure out why my son is always slouched in the stroller. There must be something wrong with the back support. He doesn’t slouch in any other stroller or travel system…Most of the other points mentioned by other disappointed users applies to us as well, though they are not my main peeves about the stroller: yes, it tips easily. no, you can’t use it one-handed (this goes hand in hand with the wheels jamming frequently). yes, the basket in the bottom is a joke, you can hardly reach it and what fits is a small bag, at best. yes, you need to flip the footrest back down every time you have folded the stroller. yes, the cup holder flies off at any opportunity. Also, it’s not convenient for either the child to get his drink, nor for you to put yours, it’s kind of an in between, but the kid CAN reach it, so it’s definitely not appropriate for your adult drinks that you don’t want them to have.Lastly, the locking mechanism is TWO SIDED, meaning you need to lock each wheel individually. If I had realized this when I purchased it, I would probably not have bought it. What a hassle…having to lock and unlock each back wheel by itself (double checking, because the click doesn’t mean the wheel-lock is truly engaged.) that’s FOUR foot taps for one brake.Both my husband and I wish we had invested in something else, even a cheaper, more basic type of stroller, since what we are currently using is not much more than that, basic.Every time I remember the model’s name I have to laugh, this is one of the least NIMBLE strollers I have ever used.Oh, the upside: it rides well over cobble stones. That’s about it.UPDATE: I finally got around the calling Britax customer support about the broken/missing D-ring, which made collapsing such a huge hassle. They don’t actually have that ring as a replaceable part, so they offered to send me a brand new stroller to replace ours. All I had to do was give them the serial numbers on the sticker of the stroller and they shipped me a new B-Nimble. There was a label included to send our broken one back, so it only cost me about 10 min of my time to shove the broken stroller in the box that the new stroller came in, stick the label on it and drive to UPS to drop it off.The new stroller is SO much better. Not only does the closing mechanism actually work now, thanks to the intact D-ring, the swivel wheels in the front don’t jam either. Our toddler loves pushing this smooth ride around now.The other issues, alas, are still there, with the front wheels dirtying the canopy and the cup holder being more of a pain to keep track of, than use, but my main peeve was the impossibility of pushing it over smooth surfaces, and that is now taken care of. We must have just gotten a lemon the first time around.I am happy enough with the way it pushes now, and extremely satisfied with the way Britax handled our issue, that I’ve updated my rating to 3 stars instead of 1. Like I said, the other issues are still there (not very smooth to transition the seat back up and down, etc.) so I don’t think the Nimble will ever be more than a 3 in my book.

Betty Diamond City, AR

Not very nimble

First off, I have to start the review with a disclosure. My previous stroller was a Bugaboo Cameleon, that I LOVED.So, this stroller is easy to put together and very light weight. But, that’s about all I can give it compliments for.It’s very hard to maneuver. For something its size and weight, it’s hard to steer. I have to use two hands to push or maneuver anywhere, and definitely can’t turn it with one hand. It requires a lot more force to push than my previous stroller.It it weren’t for the fact that I’ve used it twice already, I would return it in a HEARTBEAT. It’s just not that great.I love all of my Britax car seats, and I was hoping I’d love this as well…it’s just a miss.

Esmeralda Williamstown, VT

Not ideal for air travel – UPDATED from previous review

Update: My primary reason for buying this stroller was air travel. I researched a ridiculous amount of strollers and somehow landed on this one. While I think it is a really great second stroller for everyday use (going to the store/mall when the Bob stroller is too bulky), I do not feel that it is ideal for air travel. This is especially true if you are traveling alone with a toddler. I took my 15-month-old on two flights (two-way). I had to carry a backpack, roll a carry-on, and push the stroller with my 30lb son in it. Pushing the stroller in the airport parking lot was not super easy one-handed. Once I got into the terminal, the floors were smooth and it wasn’t as difficult to push one-handed, though I will say there is something awkward/hesitant about it. Folding the stroller is not hard; packing it into the B-Nimble stroller bag is. And I didn’t even have the canopy on the stroller – I packed it separately. When you have a toddler on the loose, messing around with stuffing a stroller into a bag isn’t fun. And it is heavy too. Easily over 15lbs. Next time I fly, I’m grabbing a $15 stroller from WalMart and not thinking twice about it.For regular use, this is a really nice stroller. It rolls nicely over our gravel driveway (even my husband was impressed), the basket underneath is spacious and the ride seems comfortable for my son. The peekaboo window is nice too.Original Review (May 2012): I received this stroller TODAY, but I plan to provide an updated review after we do some major travel (air and land) with it in the coming month. Upon unpacking the box, I found all the parts needed (wheels, canopy and rain cover, cup holder, car seat adapter parts). It took very little time to work through the clear directions to assemble the stroller and get it up and running. I will admit that the image for the wheels (to determine L and R) was not exactly a representation of what the wheels look like, but I figured it out. As soon as I had the stroller put together, I pushed it around on our tile floor. Super easy swivel of the front wheels (I like that you have the option to lock them too). The brakes worked, although the stroller still could slide a bit on the slippery floor surface. It was fairly simple to collapse and re-open; I am sure with some practice that will get even easier. I then put my 30lb., 14-month-old in the seat and buckled him up. It wasn’t hard at all to adjust the harness to match his height. I kept the seat in the most upright position. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of depth to the seat – I felt like he was on a sliding board, though he didn’t seem to mind. I am just wondering how he will feel in a year when his legs are longer and he’s bigger in general. He thought the leg rest was interesting when I put it up to the flat position. I am thinking that will come in handy. We immediately took a walk. First we stayed on the paved driveway and sidewalks. Super easy to push and turn – even one-handed. Then we walked on the gravel/rocky driveway to our mailbox (over 200 feet away). It handled very well and I don’t think it was uncomfortable for my son at all. I’m sure a super long trip under those conditions might yield some whining though. I am glad the canopy has a peek-a-boo window. I do wish the canopy was a tad larger. The material that hangs down the back of it has a pocket for the rain guard. To me, the way it hangs is very annoying. I am going to see if I can tuck it in or get it out of the way somehow. So far, my feelings are positive about the stroller. I’ll report back in a few weeks after we’ve put it to the real test. 🙂

Hillary Colorado City, AZ

I expected more from Britax, and was disappointed…

I purchased the Britax B-Nimble to have as an alternative to our large/ heavy BOB stroller (which I love by the way!). I researched & read dozens of reviews for the best lightweight stroller with all the bells & whistles I was looking for. If I had tested the B-Nimble out in a store – I would not have bought it. It is NOT nearly as Nimble as it’s name! And for the price/ brand, it has a poor design (this is a simple Umbrella stroller being marketed as something more). In summary, the Con’s outweight the Pro’s for this stroller. I wish I had returned right away :-(PROs — Fabric is nice & durable, I think you can also remove the cover to wash (haven’t had to do this yet, since I avoid using this stroller due to the Con’s – see below).- Lightweight- Shoulder strap is handy- The extendable footrest is nice- the center lock for the 5 point harness is nice & easy to use.CONs — Handling/ manuverability is terrible. Maybe it’s the two front-wheel design, but it’s not easy to steer forward on simple ground surfaces – the wheels get caught easily & if they aren’t parallel at all times, one will “flip” around and stop any forward movement until you re-align the wheels.- Canopy is awkward & flimsy. It also doesn’t pull down low enough to shield the sun/ rain/ wind from my daughters’ face.- The rear “step-down” lock that holds the stroller open is broken, and the plastic piece spins around under my foot while trying to lock open the stroller.- The mesh basket underneath is way too small. But I guess that’s what you get with an umbrella stroller.- You need both hands to open & close this stroller. And in both cases, it is just awkward to do.- Doesn’t recline to a flat position.- The parent cupholder is constantly falling off – between opening & closing, and moving the stroller from place to place. It’s just doesn’t stay put, so we end up leaving it off, and not having a place to put bottles/ cups.

Jeannette Dahlgren, IL

Wanted to love it

I received this stroller, assembled it with ease, put baby in it and sent it decided to return it. The seat is so shallow. She is 9 months and without the footrest propped up it was like she was laying on a flat board. So strange and I expect more from britax. Everything else about this stroller was perfect. Very lightweight, easy to fold, and sleek looking. It also strolled like a breeze. I just could not get past the seat issue. I googled this issue immediately and found this stroller has a voluntary RECALL! The break system will not engage on some strollers. Very unsafe. We opted for the mutsy easyrider for $9 more. I will review that stroller when it arrives.

Cassie Malmstrom A F B, MT

Great stroller

I bought this in addition to my Britax B Ready – wanting something lightweight I could just throw in the trunk for quick outings and also something that would fit my britax b safe carseat. When I received the stroller the b safe carseat wouldn’t snap properly into the carseat housing on the stroller. I called Britax and they immediately sent me out new housing for the stroller and the car seat now snaps in securely. They were wonderful to deal with. I like this stroller as you can use it as a travel system, yet it is lightweight and folds up small, so if you have a small trunk then this would work wonderfully.Pros:Lightweight, easy to travel with and handy carry strapNear flat reclineExtended leg rest is really great and large. I had my newborn in this laying flat with no problems.Sunshade is good for an umbrella strollerHandy pocket on back of strollerComes with rain coverSeat cover can be removed and washed and also is reversibleFits my b safe carseat wonderfullyHandle height is higher than most umbrella strollersSteers nicelyEasy to fold and stowCons:If you have the seat reclined, or the carseat installed, forget about using the basket underneath. You won’t be able to access it.Hard to steer one handed – it was dooable but not as easy as my Maclaren VoloDrink holder tends to fall off when foldedFor the price this is a great stroller, plus you get features you don’t normally get with an umbrella stroller – you can use it as a travel system, it has near flat recline and marvelous extended footrest and the hood is a decent size. Plus it comes with the rain cover. I would recommend and believe me, I’ve had a TON of strollers:)

Luella Arthur, NE

Great buy!!

Very good lightweight stroller! Sturdy and great for tall parents. The only take back is the canopy that is a little too high and doesn’t provide great sun protection for the little ones.

Elda Harris, MN

i love this stroller

I’ve had three strollers since my baby was born. And by far this one is my favorite one. It folds easy, it opens easy and it fits every where. If I have more children in the future I will buy another Britax B-nimble.

Sondra Keezletown, VA

b nuts

We bought the cowmowflage (1 star for that), the rest is garbage. The setup is a pain, the fold up is a pain. The brake doesn’t work (yeah, there was a recall but our model doesn’t work and doesn’t qualify).

Jeanette Braymer, MO

This is an awesome stroller.

I wanted a lighweight stroller but I wanted to have a basket underneath as well. This stroller is the best!

Carmella Tunnel City, WI