Britax B-Ready and B-Scene Boot Cover, Black

Britax B-Ready and B-Scene Boot Cover, Black

The Britax B-Nimble Travel Bag is custom designed for the B-NIMBLE stroller and is constructed of denier material providing great protection when traveling. It also features a convenient adjustable shoulder strap.

Main features

  • Custom designed for the b-nimble stroller
  • Constructed of denier material providing great protection when traveling
  • Features a convenient adjustable shoulder strap

Verified reviews


Working great on international trip, very happy!

The last time we flew abroad we took our $400 full-featured infant stroller and it got beat up during airplane travel. Plastic pieces came off and there were black dirt/ grime streaks that could not be removed! It hasn’t been the same since, and I was not very pleased. I’ve purchased a MacClaren Triumph stroller since then and was determined for it to not get damaged as well on an international trip. Purchased this and it works great. It fits my Mac Claren stroller well and has kept it in its new-like condition. The shoulder strap is nice for carrying it down the ramp to the plane. Easily stores in the stroller basket when not in use. My husband did not want me to purchase a stroller bag as he didn’t want to deal with it/ carry it but he has not complained at all with this bag!

Deidre Poston, AZ

Snug but works just fine

I got this bag to put my son’s first years ignite stroller in when we gate check it at the airport. I have not tested it out yet as far as it being on the plane but it seems to be durable enough. It was a snug fit but was not difficult to put in by myself. I would recommend this product. It does not come with a name tag area so I just put my name and number in the white strip below the “Britax” name With sharpie marker.

Carissa Girdletree, MD

Great product

We purchased this for our Bumbleride stroller. It fits great and saved our stroller on the many plane rides we took. It’s durable and worth every penny.

Judy June Lake, CA

Fits the Cybex Onyx too

I just wanted to say that I bought this bag in hopes that it would fit our new Cybex Onyx stroller and I was relieved to find it did perfectly. I’ll probably attach a more comfortable carrying strap eventually, but the one included does the job.

Alyce Eureka, UT

Fits 2009 Uppa G-luxe

I wanted to get a stroller bag since we will be doing some traveling soon. Didn’t want to spend a bunch for the bag so thought of the basic red one J.L. Childress Check Bags but the reviews mostly ranged from only lasting for one trip to a couple trips. So I took a chance and got the nimble cover since they are both umbrella strollers. Even though the (2009)Gluxe is a bit more bulky it FITS! It fits without taking off any of the wheels but it is snug. I will more likely remove the two front wheels since they are easy to remove and will be easier to fit the stroller into the bag. I was even able to leave JJ Cole Bundle Me Lite Toddler on when removing the wheels.Can’t wait to see how it holds up. If it holds up well I’ll update my review and up the stars.

Marci Altamont, IL

A nice bag for the right stroller, tight for for a first years ignite

This bag is nice for the price. The material is relatively substantial. I would like to mention that it was a VERY snug fit for a First Years Ignite stroller. Sitting in the living room and getting it in the bag seemed pretty doable but when I was at the end of the gate with people pushing past while wrangling a toddler and the rest of my carry on luggage, it got pretty frustrating. My husband had to leave it partially unzipped on one of our flights because he couldn’t get it zipped all the way. For that reason I would not recommend this bag for the Ignite, even though it technically does (barely) fit if you get it in just right. I might try to take off the wheels next time. If you have an Ignite, I would recommend you keep looking.

Leonor Curtis, MI

Used it, liked it!

I recently took my 7 month old on a trip from NY to FL and used this bag for my britax b nimble. I had heard horror stories of bag handlers treating strollers like they were covered in Scotch Gaurd…and I didn’t want my $200 stroller to end up dirtied with oil or dirt. This bag did the job! I gate checked and both ways, my stroller got to me in perfect condition. It does take a bit longer to get this in the bag and then out than if you didn’t have it, but for $20– it’s insurance you’ll get the stroller in the condition you checked it when you got to the airport. Tip: I put it in the bag at the gate and before they took my ticket and put the baby in the bjorn down the gateway. Get it.

Marcy Oslo, MN

Good for travel

The bag is a little flimsy, but does the trick. We used it to gate check our stroller on flights to/from Mexico. Everything arrived unbroken. Amazon’s price for this bag was 1/3 of that at Babies R us, so we are happy with this purchase. I don’t think it is worth full retail price!

Crystal Russellville, AR