Britax B-Ready Stroller Bassinet, Red

Britax B-Ready Stroller Bassinet, Red

The Britax bassinet provides a comfortable location for your child to sleep in your home or on the go with the B-Ready stroller.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Suitable from birth/up to 20 pounds
  • Works with all Britax click and go compatible strollers
  • Soft fabric belt to secure your child
  • Large multiple position canopy
  • Removable bassinet cover

Verified reviews


Awesome quality like all britax although mainly unnecessary product

I actually received the bassinet for free when I purchased the britax b ready during the britax free ride event (buy stroller, get car seat, second seat or bassinet free). I knew I was getting the b safe carseat at my shower because it was no longer on my registry, so I decided to get the bassinet and purchase second seat later since the bassinet was more expensive.Anyway, with a fall baby, this accessory may not get a lot of use. When baby is first born, you may not want to take baby outside during the first two weeks, then when it gets cold outside (I live in Wisconsin), taking a small baby out for a walk outside isn’t great idea either. I honestly only had one or two days where I used this. I can try and use in the spring but by that time he will probably want to sit up. Perhaps walks during nap time will work? I haven’t ever packed this up in my car to use at the mall since his carseat snaps in anyway, seems like a waste of space in the car. Also if he falls asleep, I would have to transfer him back to his carseat when we left-in the cold.On the other hand, this is very well made and adorable and one of the cheaper ways to have a pram.

Cecile Endicott, WA

baby loves it

I wasn’t sure if this would be worth the money when I registered for it. It definitely isn’t essential but my infant has loved taking naps in it. I like how cute the pram style looks, so that’s really why I got it.

Bobbi Ismay, MT

Large and roomy

I bought this to attach to my britax b-agile stroller. It is large and roomy. The padding is so-so and I recommend airing out the foam before use. I ended up returning it because I didnt like the fact that you have to remove the stroller’s canopy on the b-agile in order to attach this. I believe if we had the b-ready it would work perfectly. But I bought the B-agile because its a light weight stroller. The B-ready is was to heavy for me.

Natasha Norris, TN

Made it work for B-Agile, wish I got it at the very begining.

After 2 months of complains from my Mom that car seat can not work as walking stroller for the baby as the baby get all scrunched I have finally decided to invest into this bassinet. My only concern was would it fit B-Agile, but reviews with pictures were very helpful. so here I am happy to report that yes the bassinet works, it does require a bit of tweak. We took the stroller seat so we got bare frame which make it look absolutely nice and not bulky, but the bassinet was tilting down at the head side. I used elastic strap with the hooks on each side (you can get it in Menards or Home Depot) to put tension to the foot side of the bassinet and stroller frame. Works great. I’m getting the compliments all over the place. And I didn’t have to pay extra for B-Ready stroller. Please see my pictures for the visual.

Amie Drewryville, VA

Great accessories

This is a great accessory for the Britax it is a large bassinet that is comfy for baby. It lets them stretch out and sleep and in a pinch lets you use it as a changing table if you throw a changing pad down. My baby falls asleep in the bassinet and it stays nice and cozy when it is chilly outside. I also bought the sun cover and rain cover is that I can use it under a variety of weather conditions.

Kim Ottine, TX

Great accessory!

I’m really happy I bought this. Yes, it is used for a short amount of time compared to the regular seat but it was so nice to have this option, especially the first few months. I didn’t like to keep my daughter in her car seat for longer walks so I would use the bassinet for walks and the B-Safe with the B-Ready frame for quick shopping trips. My daughter always looked comfortable in the bassinet and fell asleep during walks. I used this until she was about 4 months old and wanting to sit up and look around.

Crystal Bethania, NC

Free baby bassinette for stroller

Nicely made. Excellent for a month or two after birth. Very well constructed. With stoller this may be all the basinette a family needs.

Jewel Laveen, AZ

baby well protected from cold and wind in winter stroll.

I really wanted this bassinet to go for walks with my daughter. It offers good wind protection and is waterproof. I prefer to walk her in this (she can sleep and stretch) than in the carseat on my be agile stroller. The mattress is hard and soft at the same time and seems comfortable.It is easy to connect to the be agile stroller. you don’t need to go to the website it just takes 10 minutes to remove the canopy of the stroller to replace it by the bassinet.I gave it only 4 stars because there is a smell of chemical when you first open the package. I left it outside to take the fresh air for 1 day and it does not smell anymore. I just hope that it is ok .

Doris Hunt, NY

Great product

We under estimated how large this bassinet really is. It’s definately worth it for long walks and you want the baby to sleep flat. It provides good coverage against sun and wind.

Debbie Willow Grove, PA

Lve it!

Very big and comfortable. A lot of space for the baby and very light at the same time. Easy to carry from room to room and easy to install.

Bethany Philo, CA

Fair quality

I like the color, but size of a pad isn’t thick enough. Id like to get an extra pad, but it has different size than all these bassinet pads. It narrows at the end making it impossible to use a standard size bassinet pad. I’m gonna have to figure out smtng else..

Megan Shelbyville, MI

Love it!

Love this bassinet. My baby falls asleep as soon as we go for a walk. It’s a big bassinet and she will be able to use it for a while.Easy to attach to stroller base. Good price and fast delivery.

Tori Franklinville, NY

VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!

My mom loves it very much! It is essential in cold area ~ baby keeps warm and calm inside~ We bought black and we love it

Marlene Conejos, CO

It’s wonderful and wonderfully compatible.

I got this because it’s compatible with the Britax stroller we received. It also fits nicely into a “Jolly Jumper Rocking Moses Basket Stand”. It’s not a perfect fit but it works nicely. Now we just need the baby to show up.

Sara Head Waters, VA

Love it

Item came promptly. It’s very cute and has such a unique look. We get compliments on it. Lots of room for baby and toys.

Shelley Stafford, TX

Loved it!

Great price when you buy it through warehouse deals. Can’t wait to have baby to see how he likes it! If he likes it as much as I do – GREAT!

Arline Pickens, AR