Britax B-Safe Base Kit, Black

Britax B-Safe Base Kit, Black

The B-Safe Accessory Base works in conjunction with the B-Safe Infant Car Seat to provide industry leading front, rear and side impact protection to manage crash forces and minimize injury. Engineered to self-guide the car seat into the proper locked position, the base also features premium push-button latch connectors, a built-in lock-off and a 5 position height adjustment feature. The B-Safe accessory base is easy to install and use correctly each and every time.

Main features

  • Easy to install seat-to-base design self-guides car seat into proper locked position
  • Easy to install base with Latch connector storage
  • Premium push button lower latch connectors for a quick, simple and tight installation
  • Built-in lock-off tightly secures the base when installed with the vehicle seat belt
  • Height adjustment button with five positions for proper seat angle and positioning

Verified reviews


Great…once it’s broken in

The B-Safe is a fantastic car seat in almost every single respect. The ONLY complaint I had about it was the difficulty I had in adjusting the height of the base to make it level. After searching online and reading some tips from others who experienced similar issues, I was able to adjust it. The more that I worked the mechanism, the more it broke in. Once broken in, the adjustment was no longer a problem.Having a second car seat base gives me the flexibility to not have to worry about which car my wife and I are going to take, because we can easily place our baby in either now. It was definitely worth the purchase.

John Aldrich, MN

Need for two car family.

This is a must have for a two car family. Moving the base from vehicle to vehicle was a hassle. This way we can use our infant carrier in both vehicles and not have to worry about moving the base.

Edith Gratis, OH

Just what we needed

I prefer this base to the base that was issued with our BSafe car seat as it sits a little lower. Fits perfect in our vehicle and has all the needed features.

Debbie Franklin, WI

Love the Base but hate the price

Britax is great as a product but I don’t understand why the base is so much more expensive than other car seat base brands! We have bought 3 of these and it becomes reason why I wish we had perhaps bought a cheaper brand.

Melody Fort Rock, OR

Must have for this car seat if you have two cars.

They make the b safe car seat so that you basically have to have a second base if you plan on installing it into another car. The fabric covers the belt hooks on the seat and it’s such a pain to get on and off. I thought about just taking the base in and out into the truck when we rode in there but that was not easy as our truck is hard to get to the latches and we have a toddler car seat already installed in there also. I think the price is a little up there but if you watch it on here it goes up and down so just wait it out. Amazon has been the most affordable though and trust me I checked EVERYWHERE. So unless you can find one on craigslist like even if someone is selling the seat and base they usually want too much, here you will get the best deal.

Meagan Rockmart, GA

Works as intended…

I am a satisfied customer! This works exactly as intended. What else cold anyone say about a carseat base? This is a spare one to have it in my mom’s car.

Luann Cheswick, PA

Great car seat base

I purchased an extra base as to have one in each of my cars. I am using the seat with the new car mounts. I think it would be easier to get in if perhaps the straps were 1/2 inch longer, but they are plenty long after they are installed and tightened down. It’s easy to clip in. I have only used the item with our child twice as she is a new born. So far so good

Gracie Simsboro, LA

Easy to install/ convenient

We love the B-Safe car seat and getting an extra base has made using my husbands car even easier than before.

Dana Hooven, OH


Very easy to install, very secure when installed correctly and is easy to snap in and out of with the infant car seat.

Mariana Little Orleans, MD

Easy to install

This base is really easy to install and the carseat easily snaps in and out of it (once you figure out how it works – if you’re not a reader of directions).

Hattie Gilead, NE

Second base for my car

Bought this for my car so that my wife and i can alternate taking and picking up our child from day care.Works just like the one that comes with the b-safe car seat. No complaints!

Geraldine Lyons, NJ

Five Stars

Easy to install and easy to place the seat in, no complaints!

Linda Itasca, TX

Easy Peasy

Bought two, one for my car, one for my husband’s. They were very easy to install. We have one installed with the seat belt and the other with the LATCH system. Both are rock solid and it’s easy to get our little one in and out of the car.

Roslyn Wrightsboro, TX

Worth it for Daycare

I purchased an extra base for my son’s daycare provider to install in her van. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that my son is as safe as can be when riding in the car. Also, my daycare provider appreciates the ease of just clicking him in and out without having to thread the seatbelt through the seat every time.

Fanny Norcatur, KS


We needed this base for another car so that we wouldn’t have to keep taking i out and put it in another car. Very convenient for us. Glad you had this for us to order. It is working out well for us.

Lourdes Stanton, CA

Great investment!

Great for a secondary car! Getting a second base for my britax car seat was worth the money when you have two vehicles. Soooo nice to have one in my car and one in husbands so there is no need to transfer base especially if one needs to drop baby off at daycare and the other needs to picks them up. Glad I got this!

Amparo Emmalena, KY

A must have for Britax car seats!

Once this is installed in your car, you’re able to just pop the car seat in and out without ever having to worry if it’s installed properly, if the car seat is secure, etc. It’s peace of mind that your child is safe in the car, and $100 is WELL worth the convenience and the security. I absolutely recommend that you locate a car seat installation check in your area. A lot of police departments, fire departments and hospitals do these for free you just have to call around and ask. Something like 90% of car seats are supposedly not installed correctly which greatly reduces their effectiveness, we had both of our bases installed by professionals and since we never have to take them out we always know the car seat is secure when we snap it in. SO easy to use, definitely recommended.

Arlene Ellenton, GA

Easy Install!

We got an extra to have two of these (one for each car), and they are great. When we first installed it, it seemed a little challenging, but once we figured it out, it was actually a very easy thing to do. Great product from Britax, as usual.

Katy Pocono Lake Preserve, PA

SAFE but annoying

This is part of a great travel system, the seat clicks in and out very easily. The only reason I am giving 3 stars is it RATTLES like crazy when the car seat is not in it. I think its the little level wheels. Not a huge deal, just really irritating and unfiaxable. I end up turning up my music to drown it out.

Rosalie Prague, NE

Worth having a second base

We own the Britax B-Safe infant car seat and purchased the extra base as my husband does daycare drop off and I do pick up each day. The car seat itself is wonderful and I have given it a 4 star review. The base is simply a base. However, the price is reasonable enough to justify buying and it is safer to have your base installed and left alone rather than taking it in and out and changing cars regularly. The Britax line of products is top notch and the company’s reputation is good enough to give parents peace of mind. Certainly recommend this product.Edit- I have rated this item 4 stars because of installation. It is a little difficult to secure using latch and is definitely more difficult than the Chicco Keyfit base. However, it just takes a little work and is not so bad that I wouldn’t buy again.

Jannie Southbury, CT

Does the job

We bought this extra base for our second car and I think it’s completely worth it, rather than having to use the seatbelt every time. Easy to install, and so easy to get the car seat in and out.

Myrna Bodfish, CA

Easy to install

We bought a second car and therefore needed a second base for our son’s car seat. Just like the original base, this was easy to install and super sturdy once in place.

Latasha Mill Hall, PA

Frustration free. Latch system awesome!

I have 2 of these. They are installed using the latch system in a 2012 Hyundai Tucson and a 2013 Hyundai Sonata. Only took about 10 minutes to get the first one in. (I read the manual briefly I just wasn’t familiar with the latch portion of my car). The 2nd base took less than 2 minutes to install. The levels are easy and accurate, they are easy to set at the right height and whoever designed the latch system in this thing deserves a medal.I was told by my friends that as a dad that Car seats were terrible and hard to install. I was dreading doing this. It was so simple I called them up and laughed at them and told them they were morons. Long story long: Get it, it works.

Willie Cass, WV

Great to have second base

We love our car seat. Great for small babies. The bassinet is heavy, so suggest a stroller for long walks. We love having base in each car.

Brenda Prole, IA

Hard to Find Item

This was on a baby shower registry list but was extremely hard to find. I found the one and only, here on Amazon. This brand was recommended by a friend, so I was happy that I was able to find the item of Amazon, since Brixtax B-Safe has good ratings overall.

Socorro Saint Charles, IL

Makes it easy.

I have one, my husband has one, and my mom has one. Makes popping the baby seat in the car quick and simple. It is not a required component but is sure does feel more secure and is quicker/easier than just using the car seat belt.

Gayle Uniondale, NY

Fits great, works great!

This base came well packaged and installed very easily into our car to fit our Britax B-Safe seat which we already had. The price is steep, I think, compared to buying a whole new seat but we just didn’t need another seat. If you have more than one car and don’t want to buy another car seat, this is perfect for you. It has the clips to clip into your seats if you have the newer connections and also has the ability to be strapped in if you don’t have the newer LATCH system.

Lilly Zaleski, OH

Great Price, Easy to install and use

I like this extra base because it is easy to install and easy to take the car seat in and out of the car. Also, this is the best I’ve seen for an extra base.

Rosetta Sausalito, CA

Love the Britax brand, but too expensive

You can’t put a price on your child’s safety, but $60 plus for the car seat base it a little ridiculous.

Alyssa Molena, GA

Extra Base worth the money

Buying an extra base is well worth the money for the convience of not having to worry about switching cars or who is picking up/dropping off the child.

Charlene Savannah, GA