Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Black

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Black

The new B-Safe infant car seat from Britax is designed to be lightweight and travel friendly yet engineered to the high safety standards of Britax. Designed to be compatible with more vehicles and equipped with the click and go system to fit seamlessly with Britax strollers and your on-the-go lifetstyle. With Side Impact Protection, and an energy absorbing foam liner, the Britax B- Safe Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. Removable comfort pad, harness pads, and an extra large canopy keep children comfortable and safe throughout their first year of life. Premium push button latch connectors, a built-in lock-off and an ergonomically designed carry handle make the seat easy to install and carry. The B-Safe fits infants rear facing from 4 to thirty pounds and up to 32″ tall. The B- Safe is compatible with all Britax B-Series strollers through the Click and Go system and fits most other major stroller brands (requires use of adaptor or adapter strap – sold separately).

Main features

  • Side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head and body
  • Tangle free, five-point harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit
  • Energy-absorbing foam liner absorbs and distributes crash forces
  • Stroller compatible design-integrated click and go adapter system works with Britax “B” Series strollers
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Not what I expect from Britax

I love Britax car seats and have been using them for my children for the past ten years. The B-Safe was our first experience with a Britax infant car seat and I am rather disappointed in this seat. My first issue with the seat is the car seat base. When the seat arrived the base was broken right out of the box. Britax customer service is great and after having to email photo proof that the base was indeed broken, they agreed to send a replacement. The replacement base was defective and one of the level indicators did not work. Customer service wasn’t exactly willing to replace the base for a fully functional one at first, but after I insisted that I wanted them to honor their warranty and replace it with one free of defects, they agreed to send another replacement. Turn around time from when the seat was delivered to when I was actually able to use it with the base was a full month. I was also saddled with the inconvenience of lugging the base that had to be shipped back along with an infant to the UPS store twice.Once I was was able to install the base in the car I found myself annoyed by the base which claims “superior ease of use” on the base box. Adjusting the foot of the base is not as easy as a Chicco KeyFit or Graco Snugride base. The locking clip on the B-Safe base is very stiff and you feel like you are going to break the clip when you try to open it. It was so difficult to release that I needed my husband to do it and even he had some difficulty with it. The button that allows you to adjust the base foot does not function as the owners manual states when you are trying to put it back in it’s original position. I cut several of my fingers adjusting the base. If I were to recommend an infant car seat based only on the car seat base I’d rate this product only one star and tell you to steer clear of it at all costs.The seat itself isn’t horrible. I like that it is slightly lighter than our Chicco Keyfit 22 and can accommodate an infant up to 30lbs. The canopy on the seat is generous and is more user friendly than the Chicco Keyfit canopy. The fabric on this seat wipes clean quite easily which is a plus if you have a baby who spits up frequently. The headrest for the seat is nice and plush, but it is unclear as to whether using it is optional or not. Chicco comes out and states that it does not have to be used past 11lbs, but Britax makes no mention as to whether or not it must be used.I found the harness straps easy to adjust as is typical of Britax car seats. I was disappointed that the velcro tabs to hold the harness straps open when you are loading the baby into the seat which are typical on the convertible models are not part of the infant seat design. That small touch would have made the seat much better in my opinion.If you have a compatible Britax B series stroller, this seat can be used with it to form a travel system. I have a B-Agile stroller so I tested this seat out with the stroller. The seat snaps on to the stroller nicely and sets the baby up a bit higher than the Chicco Cortina travel system has the baby, but I didn’t like that the car seat seems to wiggle and have some play when it’s attached to the stroller. I also do not like how the seat detaches from the stroller. You have to use both hands and press a release button on the sides of the seat which leaves you holding the seat not by the handle but by the sides. I don’t like this feature at all and see it as a great way to increase the risk that you might accidentally drop the car seat.Overall, I really don’t recommend this seat. For the money, you’d be better off buying a Chicco Keyfit seat. The Keyfit is easier to install and is more user friendly than the Britax B-Safe.

Kelly Coyote, NM

Britax B-Safe vs Chicco KeyFit 30

This is a review of the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. I am a mom with two small children and have owned and/or tested over 30 car seats in the past 5 years. Overall, the Britax B-Safe is a wonderful infant seat that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family. It is very similar in features and price to theChicco Keyfit 30 Car Seat, so I’ll give a basic comparison to help parents decide between the two.First of all, if you want to use a Britax stroller, such as theBritax B-Agile Strolleror theBritax B-Scene Stroller, choosing the B-Safe car seat totally makes sense. The click-n-go adapters that come with the car seat (already attached) and the receivers on the strollers (easy to attach, takes under 30 seconds) make it seamless to convert those Britax strollers into fantastic travel systems. If you want to use a non-Britax stroller, check with that stroller’s manufacturer to see if they make a car seat adaptor that’s compatible with Britax infant seats. It does take practice to line up the connectors when you’re dropping in the car seat, but it does get easier with time.Moving beyond travel system usage, let’s take a look at the car seats themselves.Fit: The Britax B-Safe and the Chicco KeyFit 30 both have a 30lb weight limit. The B-Safe has a stated height limit of 32″, vs the KeyFit’s 30″ limit. In reality, both seats are outgrown when your child’s head is 1″ from the top of the shell, and in reality, the Britax shell is no taller than the Chicco. So don’t let that stated limit trick you into preferring the B-Safe.Both the B-Safe and the KeyFit 30 fit tiny babies really well, thanks to the infant padding provided by each manufacturer. Both of these seats fit small babies FAR better than the Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat. The B-Safe’s head and body pad is removable for older babies at the discretion of the parent, whereas the infant body padding in the KeyFit must be removed after baby weighs 11lbs, though the head pad removal is at the parent’s discretion in that seat. Both seats also fit older infants well, with plenty of harness positions (a major downfall of the Graco Snugride 22 Infant Car Seat, which only has two harness heights). I give a slight edge to the Britax because it has two crotch strap positions. I’d recommend that parents buy an infant seat with a 30 or 35lb weight limit rather than the 22lb limit any day — avoid the SnugRide 22!The Britax B-Safe has one drawback on the “fit” side of things: the straps can be somewhat “twisty”, e.g. they can get twisted in the buckles and can be a pain to untangle. This is because the straps are the thinner, more slippery webbing. The Chicco straps are slightly thicker and do not twist easily in the buckles, which is a big win in my book (my husband twists the straps in the B-Safe buckles every time he takes our daughter out of the car…it’s a talent, really!).Note: After outgrowing either of these seats, you’ll want to move your child into a rear-facing convertible car seat and keep them rear-facing to the limits of that seat, NOT into a forward facing seat. Check the AAP recommendations on this — they recommend keeping your child rear-facing to age 2 or the limits of your car seat, which is usually 35-40lbs and way past age two. Your child is 500% safer rear-facing!Installation: Both seats come with one base, which you install in the car and leave there even when removing the infant car seat. Both bases have an adjustable “boot” that helps you to achieve the appropriate angle of recline, and both have a level indicator on the base. The Chicco base wins for ease of installation, with its pull-strap mechanism for LATCH and easy seat belt lockoffs. The Britax base is easy enough to use, but the tightening mechanism isn’t as smooth, and the belt lockoff requires a TON of force to open and close, making the parent feel like they’re going to break it! For installing without a base, the Chicco KeyFit also wins, since the seatbelt guides are exposed already, whereas with the Britax seatbelt guides are under the cover, so you have to futz with elastic bands on the cover every single time you want to access them.Fabric: Britax gets the edge in fabric, with a slightly easier to wipe clean seat cover. I highly recommend the black for hiding dirt. The KeyFit 30 has light colors in the head and feet area, both of which show sweat and grime marks readily. Both the Britax seat and the Chicco seat are warm — there’s not a lot to be done about this. If you have a sweaty baby, they’re going to sweat in any infant seat.Canopy: Britax wins hands-down in the canopy, with a generous canopy that stays where you put it. I know that would seem like such a simple thing, but the KeyFit canopy really does not always stay fully extended, and it’s not as long as the B-Safe canopy, which is really nice when you want to shade your baby! Added benefit: the B-Safe canopy is so long that if you have two kids sitting next to each other in car seats, the B-Safe canopy can actually prevent them from seeing each other if it’s fully extended, which can be great if you want to encourage car naps.Customer Service and Manual: both Britax and Chicco have well-written manuals. Britax customer service gets a slight edge, with very knowledgeable techs answering the phones.So overall, I give the new Britax B-Safe a 4-star rating, to account for its few quirks and twisty straps, and strongly recommend it. The deciding factor for me would really be stroller compatibility and nothing more.

Ingrid Lyoth, CA

Very high quality, nice colors, feels safe!

Very nice seat, detachable carrier from the base means that you can install the base onto your car (or preferably, have a spouse or family member pre-install it while the mother-to-be is waiting for the kid to be born!) and then it’s all a matter of snapping the carrier to the base.I personally like the darker color, it means that this will not look dirty so easily, and also means the cover blocks out sunlight better.Sturdy handle, the only thing of note is that I’ve seen some where the handle is twisted 90, so that a person can carry the baby carrier for a bit and not have to rotate the arm/wrist. But let’s be serious, it’s not like Britax is intending the parent to be carrying around a kid for long, that’s what strollers are for! Therefore, no minus points for that small quibble.Overall, still highly recommended. This is the gift you hint at to get your friends and family to get for your baby shower! Of course, try to get the stroller as well, as this snaps onto it as a stroller, the same way it snaps onto the car seat base. Especially with very small babies, a lot of anxiety can be removed by not having to lift a baby in and out of a stroller/car/seat, and instead use the snap and lock system!

Tisha Spring Grove, PA

Makes a great travel system with the B-Agile!

If you’re looking for a travel system that’s a bit more expensive but noticeably nicer than something like the Chicco KeyFit one, this is it. The B-Safe carseat is very light, easy to use, and safe. I got it with theBritax B-Agile Stroller, Black, which is also fantastic, FYI. The carseat snaps in quickly (with the provided adapters) and easily, and the canopies of the two overlap to create total shelter if you want.The one minor issue I’ve had is the attachments for the front of the canopy come undone fairly easily, and can detach by mistake if you’re adjusting it and not being careful.

Tia Castanea, PA

Chaperone VS. B-Safe

I received the B-Safe from the Vine AFTER already purchasing the Chaperone to use with the B-Agile I also purchased (although some super lucky Viners did receive them through the program!) I digress…Here’s a major misconception clear up – the B-Safe is NOT lighter or smaller *or minimally so* then the Chaperone. No joke. I was so looking forward to having a second seat, that fit in my B-Agile, that would be light since the Chaperone is really heavy. WRONG.Second major complaint and why I DO NOT recommend the B-Safe over the Chaperone: The canopy is squared.The B-Agile Stroller was released the same time as the B-Safe, they were released together and implied to be made as the “lighter, cheaper” solution to say the B-Ready/Chaperone combo. Here’s the thing. The B-Agile has a ROUNDED canopy, as does the Chaperone. This means when you pull them together you can create a totally covered canopy. This is AWESOME. It allows my daughter to nap peacefully protected from the rain, sun, wind, snow whatever. The B-Safe however, has a SQUARED canopy (that happens to be much smaller btw). This means no matter what way you pull them together there will always be huge gaps between the canopies. Not useful in anything but sun for shade.This drives me insane. Why would Britax do that? It makes NO sense!The fabric on the Chaperone is way better too, the B-Safe feels kind of cheap.The base of the B-Safe is significantly smaller so I guess that is a major plus. We use the Chaperone in a Chrysler 300 and it fits fine, but I’m petite and don’t mind having the seat really far forward.Chaperone for the win since the only real plus about the B-Safe is that it has a smaller base.However, keep in mind the Chaperone is really easy to install and use WITHOUT the base so if you can’t fit it in your car – consider nixing it.

Stacey Karnack, TX

annoying rattling, short straps

I was so excited when it arrived for our 11-month old son who weighs 18 lbs but outgrew his graco snugride car seat in length 29.5″. I figured this would help him stayed rear-facing for at least another 6 months. But i was wrong I had it returned. No doubt that the material is really nice & quality and it’s Britax-a well known reliable brand name..Here are 2 issues:* The straps are way too short..His arms keep getting stuck..& hard to take his arms out when buckling him..I called Britax to ask if they sell longer straps..they dont..* The base level indicator keeps rattling & is noisy when car seat is not attached. It is very annoying (imagine driving your car for an hour with this noise?)

Kathy Millersburg, PA

Quality car seat that screams safety!

When I think of Britax, I think of safety. I previously owned a Graco Snugride for my daughter. I brought her home from the hospital in it. It is lightweight and I never felt like it was really safe. Quality wise, the Britax feels a lot better and also just screams safe.The one thing I love is the weight limit is 30 pounds! My daughter grew out of the Graco before she was one year old. I am keeping her rear facing until she is two as well. The Britax was very easy to install. I will say it is not small; it is about the same size, if not bigger. Quality wise, you cannot compare, Britax is so well built!I know a lot of people do not like the canopy, but to have one that actually works is a dream! On the Graco, it always fell off! Graco has a very flimsy canopy and never worked. I don’t mind the shape of it, it works! It (car seat) is a tad heavier than the Graco but I feel better knowing it has more weight to it. Again, makes it feel safer.I did not think I would like the dark color but it has been easy to keep clean and also seems comfortable. Comparing it to the Graco again, it breathes well. My daughter does not get overheated or seem too cold in it as she did in the Graco.I hope to get a few more months out of it and then will have to get a convertible car seat. I was uncertain on what brand to get but now that I have used the Britax, I am going to be buying a convertible car seat made by Britax. Sadly when I bought the Graco I was trying to get a decent price, but you can’t put a price on your child’s safety. Very impressed and will stick to this brand!

Leola Pinopolis, SC

So far so good

My newborn is two weeks old now and so far this car seat hasn’t given me any trouble. It’s a little too heavy for me to carry still but I tried carrying a bunch of other car seats at BabiesRus and there aren’t really any that are significantly lighter than this one. It snaps in ever so easily into the base and it’s an easy transition to Britax strollers too. My kid loves the car seat and never fusses when she’s in it. In fact, she almost always falls asleep. It’s easy to fasten all the snaps to secure your little one and it’s even easier to unfasten everything. One tip: the instruction manual sucked at explaining how to loosen the straps that strap baby in. It’s a little silver button that’s hidden by the padding of the seat where the extra tether hangs. If you loosen the straps before buckling baby in, it’ll make your life 10 times easier. Just remember to tighten them after. The sun shade doesn’t extend very far, but I just use a thin receiving blanket (the best are the ones that Aiden and Anais make) to drape over the front to block the sun.

Britney Miles City, MT

LOVE Britax car seats and this infant seat is no exception

I was over-the-moon to receive this infant seat from Britax. We have a Britax convertible car seat for our 22 month old daughter and am happy to have this new one for the baby that is due in April.It installed very easily and isn’t as wide as the Chicco infant seat we borrowed from a friend for our daughter, which is a plus if you do not own a minivan! The level indicator made adjustments a snap and removing the seat from the base is easier for me than the Chicco we used, it feels lighter too. I put my daughter in it, she is petite for her age, and she said it was comfy.The extra padding and stap location options will accomodate a very small baby securely. The canopy is fine, but cannot be reversed for rear sun shading. The colors are dark and will hide dirt and stains very well.I would recommend this to any new parent!

Sue Lyman, NE

Kind of difficult to figure out at first – review from first time mom

As a first time mom, it’s very overwhelming to see all the different choices that are out there for car seats and trying to figure out what might be the safest one for the little one. The Britax looks to be safe and it is made pretty well once we got it. It took us a little bit of time to figure out how it goes in. And if this is your first time, this may happen to you as well as the instructions just weren’t that clear. I ended up looking for a video on youtube to help us install the car seat in. We installed it into our 2011 Prius and once the base was put in, it was very easy to attach the car seat itself in and then release it from the base as well.We also had difficulty figuring out how to get our newborn into the car seat at first. We did have our nurse help us the first time and then it was a little bit easier each time. Both us and the nurse had a little bit of trouble tightening the restraints. It was a little bit tough to tug on the belt to make sure the newborn is secured. So far, the car seat has worked very well. Once we figured it out, it was easy to get her into the seat and then get her out.The car seat itself isn’t very light so just keep that in mind if you choose to get this. Since I had a c-section, I’ve had to have my husband take the car seat in and out. He has said that it’s kind of bulky and heavy even for him.All in all, once you get the car seat secured and figure out how to use it, it does what it’s suppose to. It is a nice car seat but not sure if it is worth the price tag for what you get. I think the biggest complaint is that it is just a bit heavy for us and the directions weren’t clear so it was hard to put in. I would give this 3 1/2 stars.

Elva Sacul, TX

Peace of mind

I feel a greater sense of security since we started using this carseat! It is so much better than the one we had been using, first with my son and now with my 3 month old daughter. We had the Gracco Snugride carseat and both of my kids would cry constantly in the car. We didn’t understand because we had heard that children love car rides, so we assumed that our kids were different. Since we started using the Britax seat my daughter has been so much more content during car rides. Apparently, the carseat is what makes a difference. First of all the quality of this carseat is awesome! I particularly love the padded headrest (my baby looks so comfortable) and I love the side impact protection that this seat offers. The installation was super easy and I highly recommend this to parents.

Tammie Parker, CO

B-Safe has worked well so far

I purchased the B-Safe for two reasons.1. Because I wanted the Britax B-Ready stroller as a double stroller2. Because I HATED the infant car seat that I purchased for my first born child.I will compare the B-Safe to the Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, Pasadena because that is the only other car seat I have owned.The Snugride only had 2 strap heights, the B-Safe has 4. However, my son was a tall infant and was already using the 2nd to the highest placement at about 4 weeks old. The lowest strap height is probably useless to most parents unless they happen to have a really tiny baby or premie coming home from the hospital. The B-Safe also has two bottom buckle positions, one for infants under 11 lbs and one for infants over 11 lbs.The Snugride did not have a tightening strap which I found extremely annoying and frustrating. It is impossible to get a proper fit on a child and be able to take them in and out of the carseat without developing a headache. On the Snugride I had to manually tighten and loosen the straps from the back which is so difficult and frustrating. The B-Safe has a tightening strap which can be tightened or easily loosened for when you want to remove your child from the seat.The Snugride straps are a little sturdier and thicker and tangle less than the B-Safe straps.The B-Safe cushion insert is a lot softer, bigger and has “side impact” flaps where as the Snugride just has a removable pillow.The B-Safe fabric is easy to wipe down and seems more “water resistant” than the Graco fabric.The base has “lock offs” which can help get a tighter fit when installing the base in the car. Also, the base angle adjustors had a setting that fit perfectly in my car (Pontiac Vibe) and the level indicators made it easy to get the proper install angle.The B-Safe base is narrower than the Snugride base and fit much better next to my toddler’s bigBritax Roundabout 55 Convertible Car Seat (Current Version), Onyxcar seat. In fact, I have three car seats in the back of my compact Pontiac Vibe right now thanks to the B-Safe’s narrowness.Some reviewers complain of the B-Safe’s length but I did not notice it being any longer than my Snugride in terms of Driver and Passenger seat positions.The B-Safe has three handle positions, all of which are safe for driving. The Snugride has 5 positions but as I recall only 2 or 3 are crash tested so you have to be careful to remember to put the handle in the right place when driving. Both handles have gripping to make them easier to carry.I love Britax’s Click & Go system and how easy it is to click the car seat into myBritax B-Ready Stroller, Blackstroller. However, the adapters (which came attached on my seat) make the carseat sit incorrectly on a lot of mainstream “snap & Gos” such as the Snugrider. Britax says you can remove the adapters to get a better fit on them. My baby finds the car seat comfortable which is important since it is also his main stroller seat since I chose not to purchase the optional Bassinet with my B-ready, so he will be riding in his car seat on his stroller until he is 4-6 months and can sit safely in the stroller seat which does not recline completely flat.The main con of the B-Safe is that since it is not as mainstream as other popular infant car seats, most stroller manufacturers do not design for it. I would say MOST strollers have adapters for Graco, Chicco and Peg Perego seats, but I never see Britax on that list. Hopefully that will change in the future because I think its a perfectly good seat.My toddler daughter was a bit tall for her age as an infant and I moved her out of the Snugride around 4-5 months because I hated the car seat so much and I put her in the Roundabout instead. I am hoping that I will be able to keep my son in the B-Safe until 6+ months because it makes doubles integration in the B-Ready so much easier. Also, as a mom of two saving the time of not having to remove a second kid from their car seat when getting out of the car is worth everything.Cons:-Does not have a “no thread” strap height adjustor like some of the higher end car seats-Does not have “true side impact protection”-Made in China-Would like to see velcro on the straps like they have on the Britax Roundabout to make it easier to put child into seat-Strap material seems a little cheap and slippery feeling compared to other car seat models.In summary, I hated my Snugride SO MUCH and am so far really happy with the Britax B-Safe

Ada Waco, NE

Issues with Infant insert

For a seat that supposedly fits tiny 4 lb babies, the infant insert is awful. The space between the harness slots is much wider on the insert than the space between the slots in the actual seat. I have a very hard time getting the straps to stay on my average sized 2 week old son’s shoulders, and yes the harness is properly snug. The straps easily stay on his shoulders without the insert but at his size he needs the insert to be supported. I called Britax to ask them about this issue and the CSR told me the insert is just for comfort anyway and I could just buy their head/body support pillow ($30) if I wanted him to fit better. Huh? He’s 3 lbs bigger and several inches longer than needed to fit in this seat at minimum, yet because of the infant insert it’s not a good fit. I would prefer another seat now but do love how the B-safe fits so easily into our B-Agile stroller.Update- after sending Britax customer service pics of how my son fits in this seat, they agreed that the insert caused poor strap placement and sent me a free body support pillow. He now fits perfectly and the straps are routed correctly. They should include the head and body support pillow with the seat, then it would be 5 stars.

Nell Murphy, ID

Great Baby Cart Seat – Best in the World

There is no doubt the Britax really cares about the safety of our little ones, since my son has tried he never was to get off, very easy to install and to carry around with proper trolley (Britax), I used in a VW Beetle 1975 and fix perfectly!!! All products used for my son’s safety are same brand….I will definitely recommend it

Nell Montrose, MI

Not what we expected-buyers remorse

This car seat isn’t as nice in quality as our Peg Perego 30/30 but we felt like we needed to buy it for our Britax B Ready stroller. We regret purchasing since we feel it’s not as safe as the Peg Perego because it has less padding and don’t understand how it gets talked up to be such a safe car seat! If you have two kids under two and have a different brand car seat for your tandem Britax B-Ready Stroller, just purchase the lower adaptor bar to put the car seat on the bottom- it’s a cheaper option plus you won’t be like us and have a better quality car seat just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Oh and I gave this car seat two stars instead of one because I like the fire truck red color.

Glenda Sheldon, MO

4 Months of Daily Use, Great Seat!

Before I had my son I researched carseats & strollers for way..way…way…too long! I decided on the Britax B-Agile Stroller and the B-Safe carseat. I have been really happy with both of these products. The car seat is really easy to adjust, comfortable for my son, and easy to clean. The fabric is soft but easily wipes clean. The canopy on the seat shields him nicely from the sun and wind. The base that it pops into is easy to install and makes getting in and out of the car super easy. It is well worth it to invest in an extra base for your husband’s car.

Ana Milan, OH

I will miss this seat!

My son is 7months and will very very soon be out of this seat. We have the Chicco KeyFit as our secondary carseat and I prefer the Britax B-Safe. To me, the straps are easier to use and the sun canopy is worlds better! I also like the feel of this carseat material better too. Plus, we bought the B-Agile and the B-Safe works great with it. I will certainly miss toting my little one in this seat! Oh, and I got the seat in Kiwi color, which looks awesome in the black B-Agile!

James Addison, NY


Now that I am almost officially done with this car seat, I figured it was time to write a review. I have had this seat since I brought my 4lb baby home from the NICU and it’s been great. I love the snug fit It was able to give my baby. She must have thought it was comfortable as well because she loved riding in the car. The only thing I’m not too in love with is the infant insert, I think it’s a little too hard. I took that out and replaced it with a boppy noggin head support pillow that prevents flat head. It was perfect with the car seat and my doctor approved so we went with it. My daughter is 13 months old and 19 lbs and still fits in it perfectly. We could actually use this car seat for a few more months but I’ve decided to upgrade to a Britax Boulevard. If you’re looking for a good infant seat/travel system the b safe/b agile is the way to go!

Nelly Barnum, MN

“Cadillac” of car seats – Works with very small babies.

When we chose this car seat originally, we chose it for it’s safety and good ratings. The only reason we did not go with the step up (the Britax Chaperone car seat) was due to the extra large base of that car seat. We weren’t sure it would fit in my car. This car seat is actually rated for 4lbs+. This worked out well for us as our son came home at 5lbs 6oz. I will say that the fit isn’t as ideal as a larger baby as the top and bottom buckles basically sit right on top of one other when he’s strapped in, but our hospital has a safety seat inspector who checks out all the car seats at discharge and he called ours the “cadillac” of car seats, saying it was a really nice seat and very safe.If you are putting a tiny baby into the seat he recommended removing the shoulder pads as they prevented the straps from sitting securely on my son’s shoulders. But it holds him in nicely and he doesn’t complain much. =)I drive a Pontiac Vibe and we did have to adjust the front seats in order to get the car seat in there with proper clearance. I had thought my backseat big enough but with the car seat in the middle position the outer seats are a little snug.The canopy is nice on this and works well with the canopy on theBritax B-Agile Stroller, Red. The car seat clips in and out of the stroller easily as well.My only complaints about the seat so far are the handle (and I would have his complaint on almost every car seat) and the strap adjusting mechanism. I’ve only seen one car seat where the handle effectively allowed you to carry the car seat from different angles (Baby Trend) but I think all car seats should have the same type of handle theirs does. The same with the strap adjuster. I prefer the strap adjusters that are a knob/crank vs. the strap that comes out of the front of the stroller. I feel like the strap will get messed up more quickly and the mechanism seems like it could get hot if it was in the hot car.Overall I am very happy with the car seat so far. I did not give it 5 stars because I don’t feel like I’ve had it long enough to know if I really love it and I hate reading other reviews where someone gives something 5 stars they’ve had for 10 minutes and haven’t even used. So I might come back and readjust my review once I’ve had the seat longer.

Fran Ranchita, CA

Great seat but could use a few adjustments

I’ve been using this carseat for just over a year and have been very happy with it. I decided to purchase Britax due to their safety reputation and also because I wanted to get one of their strollers. I use it in conjunction with the Britax B-Ready stroller and it is a snap to use. The seat was installed by a professional but seemed easy enough to do by myself. Overall, the seat seems very sturdy and my son doesn’t complain being in it. In fact, he preferred napping in the car seat more than in his crib or bassinet during the first 2-3 months.Overall, this is a great seat and I would recommend it to anyone but there are a few cons that prompt me to give it 4 rather than 5 stars.- The material does not breathe. My son sweats after only a few minutes in the seat. I’ve taken him out on many occasions, with the AC running or on cold winter days, to find his head and back wet and the cushion wet from his sweat.- The harness is easy to buckle and adjust but the straps frequently get turned around in the buckle and it’s not easy to turn them back around the right way. I’m not sure why the straps get turned around so easily but it happens often enough that it’s annoying.- The seat is heavy. I have a hard time lifting it and now that my son is 16 pounds, only my husband lifts it with him in it. I don’t even bother to try. That said, I would never compromise safety for a lighter carseat.These are minor design flaws for a great car seat.

Angelia Kulpsville, PA

Love it! Especially compared to our old Chicco!

We had a Chicco infant car seat for our first baby (now 2 yo) but it did not wear well so we decided to get a new one for our 2nd baby (now 3 month old). After much research and reading reviews we decided to go with this one and I am SO glad we did! The fabric is much softer than the Chicco and the car seat is MUCH lighter (but in no way compromising safety). We actually chose this one because of the high safety rating. The canopy is also bigger and sturdier than Chicco’s. Our infant looks very comfortable, the color is great and it clicks effortlessly into our Britax B-Agile double stroller. We were also able to get it installed very tightly in our car to where it didn’t budge at all. Very, very happy with our purchase and will definitely recommend it to other expecting parents out there!

Milagros Exeter, NE

Love, love, love this!

I was using the graco snugride I had used with my previous child, but since I had the Britax B Ready stroller I needed to purchase the carseat adaptor for the snugride. As this carseat has a higher weight limit than the snugride and could snap into the B Ready stroller I decided to splurge on this and I’m very happy I did. I also bought the Britax B Nimble umbrella stroller to use with this for quick trips and I’m happy with all of Britax’s products. Yes, this carseat seems heavier than the snugride, but it feels sturdier and I know I’ll get a longer use from it. My son seems very comfy in this and I would highly recommend.

Deann Pleasant View, CO

Can’t wait to use it! (updated)

The design is great, even though we aren’t really into how something looks. As long as it’s safe, we’re happy! However, the black fabric and the fun gray design inside is fantastic and appears as if it will keep dirt/spit up/etc. hidden well until cleaned. Always a plus! We also have 2 dogs, each with a bit of white hair and we’ve had the car seat sitting on the floor for the past month. The fabric does not attract the dog hair, which is a definite plus in our house!We love the safety ratings (the reason we chose the seat in the first place) and it appears easy to handle, even for someone who lacks a lot of upper body strength (though, again, haven’t actually had an infant in it yet!). LOVE the canopy (a feature a lot of other seats don’t seem to have) and overall, we’re very happy with our purchase.Update: Our son is now almost 5 months old and we still love the seat. He’s comfortable in it, the material is durable (despite having a reflux baby who spits up all the time) and we love that the seat is incredibly secure in it’s base. We have absolutely no worries with it and would highly recommend this particular seat to other new parents.

Frieda Scranton, AR

good enough

The product is good and solid. Nothing was missing in the box.It is quite easy to remove from base or Britax stroller.It is not very easy to access the user manual storage place, and it will be forgotten.Most of the time the baby is curled inside it, and baby’s head doesn’t remain straight.

Jo Frederick, MD

Comfortable and Secure

I like the Britax B-Safe car seat a lot, is more secure than other brands, the fabric is easy to clean and is fresh this one is not like other car seats, the baby is more comfortable and secure. I like the canopy a lot because it closed from the back so the baby is warmer in the winter it really protects from the wind, it’s a little smaller than the other carriers but is heavy, the base is easy to install and more secure than other brands.I like the fabric design and the colors it looks elegant not like a classic baby fabric.

Sally Gaston, OR


One of the better items I’ve bought for our newborn. It’s easy to install within the truck along with cleaning. The only con would that the latching straps can get easily twisted and have to be fixed constantly, but nothing that’s a deal breaker with this product…..would buy again.

Deanne Coalport, PA


Very easy to carry, light weight in comparison to other car seats. Very Sturdy, strong. LOVE the color. Good Buy !

Genevieve Fort Montgomery, NY

I love it!

It is pretty strong and well made. It is easy to put on the base and take it out. My only problem is the weight. It gets pretty heavy to carry around, especially with a baby in it. Overall, I am satisfied with this product.

Fannie Mecca, IN

Good size, great add on to britax stroller

We have the B-Ready and we’ve been using our current car seat with the snap on adaptor. Our baby is 5 months old and I know it seemed ridiculous to buy a new car seat now but I know we’ll be having more kids and the money would be well spent. I just didn’t like that our peg perego, which is great, didnt sit securely on the snap adaptor. It was somewhat sturdy but I just didnt feel safe that it didn’t “lock in” so I bit the bullet and decided to spend the extra money and get the compatible car seat.I was debating between the b-safe and the chaperone and after much debate I decided to go with the b-safe because of its size. I found the chaperone was just too large and the extender part on the base would push our front seat up further than most can deem comfortable. Im so glad I decided on the b-safe. It looks great, feels sturdy and a breeze to snap into the base. My only one complaint is that I found the shoulder straps are a touch shorter than the peg perego we’ve been using. You wouldn’t notice a difference on a newborn but since our baby is 5 months old, its quite obvious when I have to stretch the straps out straight so I don’t bend his arm too much. I’d say they are about an 1.5-2″ shorter. Not a deal breaker because my 5 month old wont be in it much longer but it would be nice if they were a touch longer like my peg perego so I wouldn’t have to squish his arms in. Nonetheless, this is a no brainer especially if you have a britax stroller. I love ours!

Phoebe Locust Grove, OK

Excellent infant car seat

Very pleased with this infant car seat. Its much lighter than other car seats, snaps easily onto B-Ready stroller. The seat itself is deep which makes this car seat stand out among competition. I used JJ Cole Bundleme during winter months and my infant loved sleeping in it for hours.

Karin Moscow Mills, MO