Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Extra Base

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Extra Base

The B-Safe Accessory Base works in conjunction with the B-Safe Infant Car Seat to provide industry leading front, rear and side impact protection to manage crash forces and minimize injury. Engineered to self-guide the carrier into the proper locked position, the base also features premium push-button latch connectors, a built-in lock-off and a 5 position height adjustment feature. The B-Safe Accessory Base is easy to install and use correctly each and every time.

Main features

  • Easy to install seat-to-base design self-guides carrier into proper locked position
  • Easy to install base with latch connector storage
  • Premium push button lower latch connectors for a quick, simple and tight installation
  • Built-in lock-off tightly secures the base when installed with the vehicle seat belt
  • Height adjustment button with five positions for proper seat angle and positioning

Verified reviews



This car seat & base is super easy to install. Very easy to use. I am pleased with the purchase.

Michell Grantsville, UT

Needed for a two car family

Right away my husband and I didn’t feel that we needed to have a second base. Within 5 days of having our little one, we knew it was a need. The B-Safe doesn’t install in a vehicle without the base, and it was a hassle to reinstall the base between the two cars. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Alta Cecilia, KY


Easy to install works great. The Britax products in general are a step above. Must have if you are sharing a car seat with your spouse.

Geneva Trimble, OH

Great base for a great car seat system.

Great base for a great car seat and stroller system. In a newer car, the installation was VERY easy. With all of the Britax products, you do get what you pay for.

Evangeline Florence, TX


I have purchased three of these so far! One for my car, my husbands, and our nanny. We love this base and appreciate that it makes life so much easier!

Neva Cherry Valley, NY

a must have!

This is a must have for any family with multiple cars. Makes going places an easy task. Don’t have to worry about the hassle of moving the car seat base between cars. Just have a base in the cars you use, snap the car seat in and be on your way. If you are on a tight budget though (and this thing isn’t the cheapest), Britax car seats can be be manually buckled in (in other words, you don’t NEED a base). However, the difference is an easy snap versus stringing the seatbelt through the correct holes in the carseat, etc. The extra base saves you a lot of time and ENERGY, which you’ll probably be short on, especially with a newborn. Definitely a convenient thing to have though.

Bridgett Elrama, PA

I Love it!

I purchased this base to put it in my car. My husband’s car has the base that came with Britax B-Safe infant car seat. It is convenience to have one base per car, since we don’t have to uninstall and install the base everytime we use different car. Also, it is not that expensive to have extra base.

Octavia Okawville, IL

The ease and safety are worth the price.

Sure, you can thread the seatbelt through the actual carseat…but what a pain! After my husband struggled to belt my son into his car while he was crying and uncomfortable we invested in an extra base. Now he can have the baby in the car and they are on their way before my son has a chance to get annoyed! The 10 minutes a day this saves my husband and son from being uncomfortable is well worth the price. Also, we both have peace of mind knowing the base is properly installed and my son is as safe as can be.

Marta Faucett, MO

So convenient!

This is a must-have if you have a Britax B-safe car seat and you have more than one car. It is exactly like the one that comes with the car seat (I also give the car seat 5 stars, by the way). It makes it so easy for us to go anywhere in any car. We just click it in and go. I thought it was a bit pricey for what it is, but now I think it’s worth every penny!

Nichole Costilla, NM

Love it!

Easy to install and sits flat on both of our seats with out any extra stuff to make it level. Glad I made this choice.

Roslyn Heuvelton, NY

Grandma loves having an extra

The base is easy to install and the seat goes in and out with one button press. Definitely would recommend for those with multiple vehicles.

Jasmin Carlisle, IA

decent base

It is easy to use and set up, but the clasp is a real pain to both open and close. I nearly broke my finger trying to open it once closed. Which I guess means it’s not likely to open during use, but also means this is not an ideal product in cars where it is likely to be moved in and out of the seat often. I have had to move it 3 times since installing it and it is still a pain to open, requiring significant pressure on a very small part of one finger to open. My wife can’t do it, and even I have a hard time if I can’t get proper leverage. My recommendation is to set it and forget it. Our older Britax models were hard to open too, but not this hard. We still have the old ones and while the design is the same for the clasp it is just a lot harder to use on this model. In any case that is one very very minor complaint of this seat base.The level is a nice touch. The bottom of the base is flat, which is a huge improvement over older models which left indentations in the seat when removed. This one does not seem to have that problem.Otherwise it is what it is, a seat base. No one buys one without the seat anyhow, and there don’t appear to be 3rd party options, so you are kind of stuck with this. All in all this does the job, it is exactly the same as the base that comes with the car seat, so there is not much more to say about it.

Frankie Kure Beach, NC

Additional Seat

I bought this when on sale and I am happy I did it would have been a pain in the butt taking this base in and out of cars.

Irma Abita Springs, LA

Does what it is supposed to do

Once you figure out how to put it in the car, its easy to set up, use and transfer when needed.

Jocelyn White Lake, MI

Great to have

It is great to have more then one base, either for me and my husband or for the sitter. So glad we got this I love the b-safe car seat and these bases are great. Easy to install.

Marietta Orrick, MO

Great extra base

Works just like the base that came with the seat. It is helpful to have an extra base for my husband’s car and for the sitter’s car.

Edna Hortonville, NY

excited for a spare

it looks just like the base that came with our car seat. This was the best price we found and it came brand new. excited to have one for each car.

Luisa Gracey, KY