Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Granite

Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Granite

Lightweight and travel friendly, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat is designed and engineered to the high safety standards for which Britax is known. Featuring side impact protection, and an energy-absorbing foam liner, the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. Removable comfort pad, harness pads, and an extra large canopy keep children comfortable and safe throughout their first year of life. Premium, push-button latch connectors, a built-in lock-off and an ergonomically designed carry handle make the seat easy to install and carry. The B-Safe is also designed to be compatible with more vehicles and comes equipped with the Britax click and go system to fit seamlessly with Britax strollers and your on-the-go lifestyle. The B-Safe accommodates infants rear facing from 4 to thirty pounds and up to 32″ tall. The B-Safe is compatible with all Britax B-Series strollers through the click and go system.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head and body
  • Tangle free, 5-point harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit
  • Energy absorbing foam liner absorbs and distributes crash forces
  • 30-pound weight capacity for safety and comfort through the first year
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


wouldn’t purchase again…

im not really a fan of this car seat.for one, it doesnt fit in the top part of a cart at the grocery store. i know you are”not supposed to”, but lets face it, everyone does. so it really annoys me.i also find it hard to get in and out of the base. i almost never get it the first time/in one motion.oh and its frickin heavy. very very heavy.the only thing i like about it is that it’s cute on my B-ready stroller (which i love)it’s not a bad seat, it does clean easy—but this is my 4th child and i have had better seats in the past

Candy Caseville, MI

Britax B-Safe vs Chicco KeyFit 30

This is a review of the Britax B-Safe infant car seat, updated for the 2012 version of the Britax B-Safe (which is to say, not a lot of updates, since there aren’t any differences between the model years!). I am a mom with two small children and have owned and/or tested over 30 car seats in the past 5 years. Overall, the Britax B-Safe is a wonderful infant seat that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends and family. It is very similar in features and price to theChicco Keyfit 30 Car Seat, so I’ll give a basic comparison to help parents decide between the two.First of all, if you want to use a Britax stroller, such as theBritax B-Agile Strolleror theBritax B-Scene Stroller, choosing the B-Safe car seat totally makes sense. The click-n-go adapters that come with the car seat (already attached) and the receivers on the strollers (easy to attach, takes under 30 seconds) make it seamless to convert those Britax strollers into fantastic travel systems. If you want to use a non-Britax stroller, check with that stroller’s manufacturer to see if they make a car seat adaptor that’s compatible with Britax infant seats. It does take practice to line up the connectors when you’re dropping in the car seat, but it does get easier with time.Moving beyond travel system usage, let’s take a look at the car seats themselves.Fit: The Britax B-Safe and the Chicco KeyFit 30 both have a 30lb weight limit. The B-Safe has a stated height limit of 32″, vs the KeyFit’s 30″ limit. In reality, both seats are outgrown when your child’s head is 1″ from the top of the shell, and in reality, the Britax shell is no taller than the Chicco. So don’t let that stated limit trick you into preferring the B-Safe.Both the B-Safe and the KeyFit 30 fit tiny babies really well, thanks to the infant padding provided by each manufacturer. Both of these seats fit small babies FAR better than the Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat. The B-Safe’s head and body pad is removable for older babies at the discretion of the parent, whereas the infant body padding in the KeyFit must be removed after baby weighs 11lbs, though the head pad removal is at the parent’s discretion in that seat. Both seats also fit older infants well, with plenty of harness positions (a major downfall of the Graco Snugride 22 Infant Car Seat, which only has two harness heights). I give a slight edge to the Britax because it has two crotch strap positions. I’d recommend that parents buy an infant seat with a 30 or 35lb weight limit rather than the 22lb limit any day — avoid the SnugRide 22!The Britax B-Safe has one drawback on the “fit” side of things: the straps can be somewhat “twisty”, e.g. they can get twisted in the buckles and can be a pain to untangle. This is because the straps are the thinner, more slippery webbing. The Chicco straps are slightly thicker and do not twist easily in the buckles, which is a big win in my book (my husband twists the straps in the B-Safe buckles every time he takes our daughter out of the car…it’s a talent, really!).Note: After outgrowing either of these seats, you’ll want to move your child into a rear-facing convertible car seat and keep them rear-facing to the limits of that seat, NOT into a forward facing seat. Check the AAP recommendations on this — they recommend keeping your child rear-facing to age 2 or the limits of your car seat, which is usually 35-40lbs and way past age two. Your child is 500% safer rear-facing!Installation: Both seats come with one base, which you install in the car and leave there even when removing the infant car seat. Both bases have an adjustable “boot” that helps you to achieve the appropriate angle of recline, and both have a level indicator on the base. The Chicco base wins for ease of installation, with its pull-strap mechanism for LATCH and easy seat belt lockoffs. The Britax base is easy enough to use, but the tightening mechanism isn’t as smooth, and the belt lockoff requires a TON of force to open and close, making the parent feel like they’re going to break it! For installing without a base, the Chicco KeyFit also wins, since the seatbelt guides are exposed already, whereas with the Britax seatbelt guides are under the cover, so you have to futz with elastic bands on the cover every single time you want to access them.Fabric: Britax gets the edge in fabric, with a slightly easier to wipe clean seat cover. I highly recommend the black for hiding dirt. The KeyFit 30 has light colors in the head and feet area, both of which show sweat and grime marks readily. Both the Britax seat and the Chicco seat are warm — there’s not a lot to be done about this. If you have a sweaty baby, they’re going to sweat in any infant seat.Canopy: Britax wins hands-down in the canopy, with a generous canopy that stays where you put it. I know that would seem like such a simple thing, but the KeyFit canopy really does not always stay fully extended, and it’s not as long as the B-Safe canopy, which is really nice when you want to shade your baby! Added benefit: the B-Safe canopy is so long that if you have two kids sitting next to each other in car seats, the B-Safe canopy can actually prevent them from seeing each other if it’s fully extended, which can be great if you want to encourage car naps.Customer Service and Manual: both Britax and Chicco have well-written manuals. Britax customer service gets a slight edge, with very knowledgeable techs answering the phones.So overall, I give the new Britax B-Safe a 4-star rating, to account for its few quirks and twisty straps, and recommend it. The deciding factor for me would really be stroller compatibility above all.

Alisha Woodbine, IA

Good carseat overall

Britax Chaperone vs. Britax B-SafeWe originally purchased a Britax Chaperone but after a few weeks of use, we found it to be too heavy and bulky so we purchased a Britax B-Safe. The base for the B-Safe is smaller and fits better in our Toyota Rav4. However, the B-Safe only fits in my husband’s Acura TL without the base and we had to push the front passenger seat almost all the way forward to fit it in the backseat. If you have a small or mid-size car, I would avoid both Britax infant carriers. The are just too big. Also, even though the B-Safe is a little lighter than the Chaperone, the difference is small and it’s still one of the heavier infant carriers. We do like that it clicks into our B-Ready stroller.A few other cons of the Britax B-Safe:- Sunshade is kind of small and doesn’t cover baby’s face well- I think the handle could be more ergonomic. There is no comfortable way to carry it.- Baby gets very hot and sweaty in it (I’m not sure if this is a problem with other carriers too)- No head support so we bought a noggin nest-type thing to keep his head upright- Not easy to use without the base. Difficult to buckle with seatbelt and didn’t seem very secure.A few pros:- Love the safety of Britax carseats- Easily clicks in and out of the base- A little lighter and smaller than the Chaperone- Works with B-Ready stroller- Easy to adjust harness height- Easy to buckle baby in the seat- Baby fits until 32″ tall which is a little larger than some other carseats so you can use it longerWe will continue to use this carrier because of the great safety features.

Elba Potter Valley, CA

First time parents; it couldn’t be easier! Had it installed like a pro within 15 minutes of arrival!

My wife and I are expecting our first baby boy in February 2013. We have been preparing as much as possible for the little man’s arrival. We have both done considerable research regarding out major baby purchases which led us to Britax.My wife is a public health nurse for a local health department working with high-risk expecting mothers. This experience provides her with an over abundance of literature for child safety products and practices.Her health department recommends three different car seats to it’s clients: the Graco Snug-Ride 35, the Chicco Key Fit, and the Britax B-Safe. The first two choices are purchased more often due to availability and associated costs.Although the Britax is a more expensive product line, it makes up for it in user convenience and quality craftsmanship. Britax nearly pioneered child car seat safety standards and definitely goes above and beyond when considering user ergonomics. Purchasing the Britax product line through Amazon opposed to a retail store made the cost comparable to the other two leading brands.When this seat arrived in the mail, I removed it from the box and inspected the items. After quickly reading through the installation instructions i decided I would make my first attempt to install a car seat. My wife though I wouldn’t get it done exactly right because statistically speaking, around 90 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly.So I installed the seat base in my Toyota Highlander <5 minutes , then attached the seat to the base <1 minute. So around 6 minutes on the first attempt and I’m sure it will be much quicker in the future. The next day my wife took my car to work and had the installation inspected by a certified car seat installer and "it couldn’t have been installed nay better." No too bad for the first time. I contribute my success to product design and craftsmanship. Bottom line, if you are looking for a superior product that will not disappoint, purchase Britax.We also purchased the Britax B-Ready stroller as well as the Britax infant baby carrier so look for my reviews on those if you are interested. I will update this review at a later date when I have had some real world experience with the little man in it.

Gretchen Summitville, IN

Super Safe… But Very Bulky

We bought the Britax brand car seat and stroller because they were rated very high by consumer reports in safety. Our munchkin loves to be toted around in the car seat and it fits perfectly with the Agile Stroller (though you need to get the adapters which are easy to install). The only problem we have found is that it is very bulky. We own a Hyundai Santa Fe and we have to pull the passenger seat all the way forward to get it to fit properly in the backseat. You basically have the sit with your knees against the dashboard if you want to ride in the front. I love this car seat but would suggest you put it in your car before the baby comes to be sure it fits well. The other issue I found is that it does not fit in the front of a grocery cart. So I can’t let her sleep in it and do grocery shopping. I must take her out and put her in the Bjorn Carrier and leave the seat in the car.

Kristi Perry, AR

Almost perfect

If there is any complaint about this product it’s the inability to make if ( adjust it ) to make it more flat more like a bassinet and I’m clear if you do that ( dunno if that even possible considering regulations and other stuff ) why offer a proper bassinet .. but your new born wouldn’t look that comfy on it until have one month or so ..

Malinda Bunker Hill, WV

IMPOSSIBLE to tighten the straps when the seat is in the car

To tighten the straps, you need to pull outwards, but when the car seat is already in the base in the car, you cannot pull outwards for rear facing because the back of the seat is in the way.It is so hard to get this tight enough that I always break into a sweat when doing it and it takes at least 5-10 minutes to do properly, not without pain to your hands and fingers.

Lacey Plymouth, NE

Great Choice

My infant is 9 months old and we’re currently looking for a convertible carseat. He’s average ht/wt for his age and could honestly stay in this seat for another month or two, but we’re ready to upgrade him in order to give him more room to stretch out. We’ve used this seat in a Ford Fusion, Ford Escape, and a minivan and it fitted great in all three vehicles. We used the bases with the carseat in both the Fusion and Escape (FYI). Overall, this carseat was a great purchase and the only complaint I have is that our baby always sweats pretty bad in this carseat (we pretty much never set the temp in our car over 73). I’m not sure if it’s the fabric or the fact that it’s rear-facing (it’s hard to angle the air vents just right so he can feel the air), but you can remedy this by buying a Meeno car seat liner. One last thing to mention: my son was 7lb 5oz at birth and we bought the Summer Infant Snuzzler in order to keep his head from cocking uncomfortably to the side. It states in the product information that it is crash-tested and does not interfere with the safety functions of the carseat.

Rebekah Albertson, NY

Not for warm sunny climate

At first I thought this is a good seat. Now that my baby is 5 months I wish I would have chosen a different carrier/seat. The two big cons for me are that the canopy is too short and lets too much sun in and that my baby has a soaking wet back every time I take him out of the seat. This is very unfortunate and I assume that the fabric is cheap. The carrier is fairly heavy and doesn’t quiet fit all that well with the stroller base I chose.If I had to do it all over again, I would probably choose a convertible seat right away and go with a Maxi-Cosi. If I would choose an infant carrier seat again I would also go with a different brand that doesn’t get so hot. The baby sits in it very deep and it seems to be uncomfortable. Wish I had known this before.

Angeline Phillipsport, NY

Safe, Easy, Attractive and Heavy.

This carseat is amazing. It’s simple to install (and move car to car). It also fits great on several strollers and on grocery carts of various sizes (Target’s plastic carts are a little high for it.. the seat and baby will bounce a lot).The B-safe fits a great range of babies up to 30lbs.. but you are going to want to take your child out of it sooner, or at least not use it as a carrier. The seat itself is so heavy and the handle is straight so it makes carrying a heavy baby very hard.It’s easy to take apart to clean. Easy to resize and has a pocket to hold the instruction manual so you always know where it is and have it on hand.The seat does take up a lot of room in the back when it is rear facing. It reclines and seems to hit the back of the front seats right where they tilt back. I have a Mazda 6 hatchback and i needed to have the passenger seat really far forward and the back upright so a lot of my passengers were uncomfortable.

Bobby Minot Afb, ND

Britax B-Safe baby seat

Very disappointed with the quality of design. For example, attempting to adjust the level (angle) of the seat base is absurdly challenging. You have to push downward on the button to the point that you fear breaking it. Horrible engineering. And when locked at any given seat level (angle), the seat base is very sloppy rather than tightly locked, resulting in the baby rocking forward and backward because of the slop (looseness) in the seat level (angle) adjustment mechanism. To make a long story short, the mounting engagement of the seat to the base is a cheap design.Update: The main (front) bow for the canopy is constantly pulling out of the pivot assemblies (left and right sides) because it doesn’t “lock in” solidly. Reconnecting it again and again is a time consuming annoyance.The straps are a pain in the neck. If I had 4 hands, two extra to hold the straps apart while I place the child into the seat, I could manage.Removing the child from the seat is extremely difficult, owing to the “deep V” shape. Essentially, the baby’s sitting in a hole. The baby’s not crazy about the severe angle either.This seat is a mix of good and bad, but the issues above are unacceptable. I see immature engineering that should have been refined more before mass production.

Nicole Tekoa, WA

Easily adjustable

I love this carseat – it looks nice and I get many compliments on it when I am out. The straps are easily adjustable as my son grows and the click in system is helpful. I will say that to also just seatbelt the carseat without the base is really super easy so don’t spend $80 on that extra base.

Mara Swepsonville, NC

will be hot if sitting too long

my baby will get sweated if she stays in car seat a little longer, chicco one is better so rarely use this car seat

Luz Sierra Blanca, TX

beautiful and looks good

I bought this car seat for my daughter. The red color is so beautiful. I hope my girl will love it. And I also choose the Britax stroller in red.

Meredith Viola, AR

Perfect Car Seat

Pros-Light weight compared to other car seatsPrice was more affordable than Chicco KeyfitDesignEasy to adjustCons-Not a lot of padding for baby-I would highly recommend buying a second base if you have two cars.

Robin Valley, AL

Great car seat

We got this to go with the B-agile double stroller we purchased. It is much lighter and takes up less space in our vehicle than our Chicco Keyfit did. Plus, I like the sleek look.

Shelby King Ferry, NY


Easy to use, and very easy to click in and out. Owned the Chicco Keyfit and love this just the same.

Carolina Byromville, GA

Almost perfect

We registered for and received this carseat before having our first baby. Having opted for the gender of our baby to be a surprise, we loved the simple look and black color of this seat. This was also highly recommended to us by family and friends.Fast forward 4 months later and we LOVE this seat and also the B-agile stroller we got. The few complaints I have:- It’s lightweight but still not super light- The carseat straps have loosened from the back attachment a few times, not sure why. This is an easy fix but it would be preferable for it to never happen- The handle is pretty typical to other carseat handles, and I’ve never used other carseats, but sometimes I wonder if it could be designed in a way that made it easier to carry. Somehow a way that distributed the weight moreBut as I said, these complaints are few. Overall we love this seat, and our baby girl seems to love it too!

Heather Doerun, GA

Super Cute, Fit for Royalty 🙂

I love this car seat. I love Britax. It was easy to install, not too heavy, and I definitely feel safer knowing my child is in a great brand which doesn’t skimp where it counts.

Juanita Harristown, IL

So nice!

I am so excited about this carseat! This seems like a really solid built car seat. It doesn’t feel cheap and it fits well in our BOB stroller. The material is durable, although not super soft and cozy, it wipes up nicely.

Mona Brunswick, TN

Take into account how heavy it is

I have used Graco infant seats and this b-safe infant seat. This b-safe seat is extremely heavy compared to the Graco classic connect 30 which is only 7.5 lbs I got this seat with my b-ready stroller and while it is convenient to just pop this seat in and out of the stroller as baby gets heavier this is not so easy but again I am comparing it to the ease of the pull up handle on the back of the Graco ones. This seat you have to use both hands on the side of each seat to remove it from the stroller, the Graco you use one hand on the handle and one hand to unhook it from the b-ready car seat adapter. I would recommend a Graco over this seat, it is a nice seat but as baby gets bigger this is already so heavy

Casey Loomis, WA

Love it

Love this car seat! We have a convertible seat which we love as well but wanted another infant seat for my husband’s car. This is a quality car seat for a great price, just what we wanted.

Jasmine Constantine, MI

Quality, safety, nice-looking. Worth the money!

I originally had a Graco carseat (snugride 30) which made strange clicking sounds as I drove down the road. So I took it to the fire department to make sure it was safely installed. It was. But the fireman told me to contact Graco because the noise was nothing he heard before, and there was a loose part in the bottom he was concerned about. Long story short, Graco kindly refunded me promptly (GREAT customer service). I was tempted to buy Graco again because the service was so good, but also scared because of the experience. So I researched A LOT and narrowed down to Chicco and Britax. I am so happy with my choice of this Britax carseat. I also bought the stroller. as a travel system, it’s awesome. The carseat easily and VERY securely clicks into the stroller. none of this elastic clips that other travel systems have. This thing LOCKS in place. The break that you only have to push on one side of the stroller?! AWESOME! But, this review is for the carseat. The carseat is ridiculously easy to install. It does not move more than an inch in any direction and fits snugly. If you have a LATCH equipped vehicle it simply doesn’t get easier than this. The website […] has really helpful instructional videos and more details that helped me make my decision. Did this cost WAY more than most? Yes. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. Register for it! This is the item you will use every single day. Spend some extra money on it. It’s worth it.

Kasey Sells, AZ

Nothing but good things to say

We bought this carseat right before our baby was born. I love red, but there are lots of red seats out there. 🙂 It was SUPER easy to install, though the first couple of times we took the base in and out both my husband and I did it together. Now I can install the base by myself and I’m a pretty small person. I have to get in the car and sit on the base to get a snug enough fit (no more than 1″ movement in any direction). We have the B Agile stroller and taking the carseat to the stroller is quite seamless, we love it. I think the only beef I have is how wide every carseat is in relation to the front seats, but honestly, it’s more of an issue with my car as opposed to carseats themselves. :)Here we are 9 months later and our little guy still fits in the carseat and we are just starting to look at convertible carseats. He is 29.5″ tall, and 18 lbs and is still more than 1″ from the top. The carseat is starting to feel awfully heavy though, carrying it back and forth. My parents bought a Graco for when we visit and it is considerably lighter, but our Britax just feels really strong, really well made and SAFE.

Justine Danbury, CT


It is a good product and is comfortable for the baby. I like a lot and use again for my next baby! It is easy to place in the car and the consistency.

Jeanie Auke Bay, AK

Good quality seat, a bit heavy and not very breathable

The Britax B-Safe infant care seat is very well made, and easy to use. Padding is very sufficient, and the materials are well made and good quality. My only issues are that this seat feels heavier than others, and has less than average ergonomics for carrying. The grip is soft and easy on the hands, but a non-symmetrical design would make it easier to carry and not bump with my legs. Also, I feel the materials/design is not very breathable, and our baby regularly comes out of the seat with his whole backside sweaty (on 15-30 minute rides).

Heidi Lorain, OH

Great Product for Great Price!

After lots of shopping around, my husband and I decided on the Britax B-Safe. Little did we know that our little baby boy would come 7 weeks early weighing 4 pounds 10 ounces. This car seat was perfect for our baby because it held babies starting at 4 pounds. It’s sturdy, easy to use, has great color and is easy to install. It is a little big for a smaller SUV but for what you’re getting, it’s worth it. Overall, great price for a great product. We also bought the Britax B-Ready stroller which goes great with the car seat.

Erma Mount Hermon, CA

Great car seat

The safety ratings speak for itself and that is why I chose Britax.Pros:The material on this car seat is so easy to keep clean.Large shade to cover the babyEasy to install in your carLight weightCons:NoneI love this car seat!

Grace Hampshire, TN

Can’t beat the price

We got this car seat free when we bought the stroller. I haven’t used it yet, but I think it will be great when baby arrives. I wish it was available in navy, but black is fine. I also wish the carrying handle was a triangle top like a different brand. It seems like it would be easier to carry and not so awkward. Overall, I think it is a well made car seat.

Iva Arlington, OH

Baby loves it and so do we

Bought this car seat because it matches perfectly with the Britax B-Agile stroller. They make a great travel system and our baby is quite happy riding around in this seat. Easy to install using LATCH (haven’t used the seat belt so can’t say about that installation) and easy to buckle the baby into the seat. We didn’t need an extra insert to take him from the hospital (7lbs 12 oz). We would definitely recommend this seat especially for the travel system it makes with the B-Agile and the price.

Lana Dana, IL