Britax Back Seat Mirror

Britax Back Seat Mirror

The Britax back seat mirror provides a view of your rear facing baby at any angle while allowing installation to adjacent vehicle head restraints. The shatter proof, extra large mirror is convex to reflect a head to toe view of baby. The adjustable attachment straps allow the mirror to securely attach to most vehicle head restraints, while its soft feel frame design has a sleek, modern look.

Main features

  • Extra large convex mirror with pivot attachment provides an expanded view of baby at any angle
  • Back seat mirror pivots to view your rear-facing baby at any angle while allowing installation
  • Shatter proof, extra large convex mirror reflects a head-to-toe view of baby
  • Adjustable straps easily attach to most head restraints for a secure installation
  • Soft-feel frame design for a sleek, modern look
  • Back seat mirror pivots to view your rear-facing baby at any angle while allowing installation to adjacent vehicle head restraints
  • Shatter-proof, extra large convex mirror reflects a head-to-toe view of baby

Verified reviews



I got my Britax car seat checked out at a fire station to ensure that it was installed properly (it wasn’t – turns out about 90% of car seats are installed wrong – go get your car seat checked out too). I asked the fireman who is trained in car seat safety and he said never to put anything around a car seat that didn’t come in the original box because when you get into an accident it can become a projectile and hit your child. He specifically stated the mirrors are really bad because they are hard and positioned in the right spot to hurt your child. He also told me to return my infant car seat insert and that as long as my child met the minimum weight requirements that the seat was safe for him already and that the infant insert probably hasn’t been safety tested with car seat.So i love my Britax car seat and I have a few plush toys hanging out around but all other projectiles have been removed and I feel good about my son’s safety.

Ora Loco Hills, NM


Pros:1-Very easy to install on headrest.2-Secure on headrest not sliding or moving at all after driving. (I had the Brica mirror and it wouldn’t stay put no matter how I tried to adjust it)3-I have no concerns about it coming off in a crash.4-Large mirror and clearCons:No exciting stuff or lights just practical.

Margot Mount Morris, IL

Best one I’ve found for rear facing car seat placed in center seat

This is the 3rd mirror we tried and this will be the last. As our rear facing car seat is placed in the middle of the back seat there is no headrest. The other mirrors (Brica) we tried were “apparently” supposed to be able to install without a headrest but they did not work out in the slightest. Both fell over within minutes. Fast forward through dozens of failed attempts later to get them to stay up and then we found this one on Amazon. It straps to the adjacent headrest (with two buckle straps) and pivots which ever way you need it to. You can also adjust the angle for which ever way you need as well. It has never fallen down or off but every two weeks or so I give the straps a quick pull to ensure they are secure. This mirror has worked in the following cars for us thus far:- ’06 Hyundai Sonata- ’07 Hyundai Santa Fe- ’08 Ford F150- ’11 Chevy EquinoxHope this helps!

Sallie Pleasant Unity, PA

Mirror jiggles out of place when you’re driving

Upon adjustment, this mirror slowly shifts while you’re driving so eventually what you’ve lined up to view, is no longer viewable or centered. Therefore, we returned it. I do not want to be constantly adjusting the mirror after each car drive! I actually went back to the Jeep mirror, which works better provided the straps are long enough for your headrest.

Eleanor Annapolis Junction, MD

Don’t like how it sticks out

there is a box on the back of the mirror that makes it stick out several inches from the seat. As such, it was always sliding around and moving out of place. I wish I had kept the box so I could send it back.

Dale Summerdale, PA

Great Big Mirror

This is the best mirror out there.I am a compulsive researcher and looked at everything and tried a few other products. THIS mirror is huge and easy to use, install and maintain.My daughter also gives it two thumbs up!

Marquita Emmitsburg, MD

love love love

This works GREAT!!! Its one of the best back seat mirrors I’ve come across. Its got 2 buckles that install it securely to any backseat headrest. The mirror is large and you get a really great view of your rear facing baby’s carseat. The mirror also pivots to suit whatever angle you need it at. I love it and highly recommend it over the other gooey looking baby mirrors. I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best I’ve tried.

Molly Kinsale, VA


This says can attach to a head rest not that it only can unless you rig it otherwise. I’m sure if I had a back head rest this would be great, but since I don’t have one, well installation is tricky and since it was a gift, well I’m SOL. IF YOUR HEADREST DOESNT RAISE AND LOWER THEN YOU WONT BE ABLE TO USE THIS AS THE STRAPS GO AROUND SIDE TO SIDE AND AROUND UP AND OVER AND DOWN AND UNDER. THIS NEEDS TO BE SPELLED OUT WAY BETTER!!!!!

Madelyn Bloomington Springs, TN

Doesn’t stay put

This mirror won’t stay put. It moves too easily. Every time I get in the car I have to re-adjust it. We even used a small hand towel to wedge behind the mirror and still I’m constantly fiddling with it.

Mable Mc Neil, TX

It works

I had thought by reading the reviews that this would be a good mirror for our little one in the back seat. I was pretty disappointed to see that it distorts the reflection quite a bit so you have to have it perfectly angled so that the babies head isn’t looking 12 inches longer than normal. It also is very sensitive to movement and I’m finding myself constantly adjusting it. I unfortunately purchased this months in advance so it’ll have to work.

Elisabeth Simpson, KS

Best mirror until you start driving

This mirror looks like a great concept. Large viewing surface, two securing straps (one vertical, one horizontal), wide base, adjustable angle…When I first installed it in my Subaru Forester, I thought to myself: “That might be my best baby purchase so far!”.Then, I started driving and discovered that the mirror itself (mounted to a ball joint) moves with each bump in the road, making it useless after a couple of minutes on the road as it doesn’t reflect your LO anymore.There might be a way to fuse the mirror and ball joint together permanently (duct tape, super glue, play dough) but I can’t try that until I have my final car seat (LO is still in portable car seat).Would have been a 5-star purchase if the ball joint didn’t move by itself.

Latanya Wingdale, NY


It may be cool to tilt toward the middle but if you get into an accident, the hard surfaces of the mirror could injure your child. I’ll stick to the cheaper soft versions :/

Lesley Aylett, VA

Great size but….

It is clear and a great size as long as you aren’t moving….once you start moving the vibration makes it impossible to see your baby. The adjustable arm is the cause of the lack of stability. We have others that just attach to the headrest without swivel ability that do not have this

Cathy Sycamore, PA

I Love this adjustable mirror

I am SO happy with this purchase. As young infants have to face backwards in the back seat of the car, I love this mirror which allows me to check in and see her. My 3 month old watches me in the mirror and makes eye contact and I like how she knows I’m right there. Other mirrors only work on a middle headrest but this one is easily adjustable on a side rest – very important since most cars only have head rests in the backseat on the sides. It was easy to put in and I have not had to adjust it since. It’s not small, but I think that’s a good thing. Good quality and recommended product.

Gay Averill Park, NY

worked but certified car seat inspector recommended against it

We bought this before we had our car seat inspected for correct installation by a certified car seat inspector. She strongly recommended against any back seat mirrors because she said they are a leading cause of distraction for parents. She said that the mirror does not give you any additional information (you don’t need a mirror to tell you your baby is crying and you can’t tell if a baby is breathing from looking at the mirror) but you can’t help but look in them, which makes them harder to ignore than phone calls or texts. Bottom line is the safest thing for your child while you’re driving is keeping your eyes on the road. This mirror was sturdy and seemed like it would do the job if you wanted a back seat mirror but we returned ours based on her recommendation.

Annette Thida, AR

Easy to use

We thought that any ole’ mirror would do until we purchased a cheap one and spent at least an hour trying to install it (the back of the mirror must be compatible with the type of backseat you have–how will you attach it–will you use suction cups to attach it to your back window, can you place it around a head rest etc) In the end, someone recommended the Britax one, and we were glad they did. It was easy to install in the car and it’s adjustable. It is also on the larger side, making it easy for my husband and I to see from the driver and passenger sides.

Lorena New London, MN


I think I would be better off without a mirror at all then having this thing in my car. Absolutely ridiculous! Two different moveable points make sure you can never have the mirror stay in the position you want it to be, once you start driving. As it keeps sliding you keep adjusting your viewing angle which I am sure is really unsafe. Maybe duck taping will help.

Aline Sterling, CO


Large mirror.Fits backseats in both cars. Clear–unlike some of the other baby mirrors that look warped.This was by far the best I saw in the stores.

Amanda Edgarton, WV

What a difference!

Car rides are much more enjoyable since we put this mirror up. Our baby amuses herself by staring into it, and even when she’s upset she’ll stop crying to look at herself. I also like being able to glance back and see that she’s okay; the image is undistorted and easy to see. It was a cinch to install and is very adjustable. I’m glad I spent a little extra and got this mirror over the Brica.

Vonda Vernalis, CA

Useless, impossible to install securely – UNSAFE.

We bought this to use in my Subaru Outback with my newborn in a center-position in herDiono Radian GTX Car Seat (Midnight). Unfortunately, we didn’t use that vehicle until the return period had expired, or we would ship this back pronto.First, the straps are not designed to tighten around the headrest properly – you have to reach around behind the headrest and pull upside down to take the slack out. Even after you have the straps tightened, however, any jostling whatsoever completely unfastens the harness from the headrest. EVERY TIME we put her in her seat, we would tap the mirror somehow and it would immediately collapse, forcing us to either remove it or pretzel-bend over her in the carseat to re-install it.In addition, the mirror is supposed to adjust on a pivot mount. The mounting hardware is so cheap that it slides freely, and the mirror just hangs from it – you can’t actually keep it in any position other than DOWN.This was a total waste of money. We love theBrica Baby In-Sight Mirror, Grayfor our older daughter (3yo, rear-facing in aDiono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat, Shadow), and will be purchasing another one to replace the terribleBritax Back Seat Mirror.

Alana Monterey, LA

Poor image quality

The distortion of this ‘mirror’ is really a drag (it’s a mirror laminate on a plastic backing of course, due to safety issues with real glass hanging over baby’s head in a moving car). Like looking into a funhouse mirror from the back seat.

Genevieve Rising City, NE

Invaluable For Car Rides

We plugged along for a few weeks without a mirror, but were constantly wrenching our necks to make sure our daughter was okay (or awake/asleep). This mirror installs instantly, allows a clear view from both the passenger and driver’s seat, and even allows her to see us.

Gwendolyn Villisca, IA

Large mirror

This is a great large mirror. It’s easy to see your baby in it. However, it can block some "rear-view viewing." It’s also pricey compared to the other mirrors out there. However, you can avoid the 2 mirror situation (one in the back and one clipped to your rear view mirror).

Fern Hillsboro, IN

A must for the car!

Wouldnt drive without it. Can’t live without it. Love the shatter proof reflective surface which makes it super light. It also installs super quick and stays put. The only time it moves is when my dog nudges from the back seat. It stays put though! Love it now that my daughter notices me looking at her and smile back at me. Secure and very necessary.

Alexandra Max Meadows, VA

Mirror doesn’t stay put very well

It works well enough, but the mirror drops with the regular driving motions so I end up looking at my son’s belly or the floor. I have to reposition often. It’s great to have for long trips, but it isn’t something I’d buy again from Britax. Usually Britax makes excellent products so I was pretty disappointed with this.

Anita Ophir, KY

Works Well, Great Peace of Mind

This mirror is a really great addition to our baby gear and is easy to use and provides a great reflection, even in low light and sun glare. The mirror is big enough to get a really good view of your baby- perfect for quickly locating a dropped pacifier! The only problem is that if you hit a good sized bump, the mirror might jostle into a different position. For small bumps and normal driving conditions it stays in place really well, but I hit a speed bump too fast and it knocked the mirror down on the headrest to where I couldn’t see baby’s face. I don’t think it would ever fall off or fall on the baby due to the way you fasten it on the headrest, though. Very safe, and I would definitely buy this for friends and recommend it to others.

Jacqueline Raymond, IA

Easy to install

We purchased this in preparation for the arrival of our son. Installation was very easy. The construction of the mirror looked pretty durable.

Della East Claridon, OH

installs great in my nissan rogue

We bought 5 different mirrors before this one! This one easily moves in any direction you need it to and stays. Highly recommended for head rests that don’t lift up or move.

Shelia Portage, WI

perfect for seeing baby!

Exactly what I wanted to be able to see baby in the back seat! It swivels making adjusting it to the perfect angle easy! So happy with this mirror!!!!

Kristie Webster, TX

Perfect fit in Jeep Wrangler

This item works great in the backseat for me to see the baby. I have not had any problems turning it in the proper direction to see the carseat and once I set it in position, it stays put. No problems yet!

Selma West Jefferson, NC