Britax Boulevard 65 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat, Cowmooflage

Britax Boulevard 65 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat, Cowmooflage

Designed to keep your child safe, secure and comfortable in the car, the Britax Boulevard CS Convertible Car Seat (Cowmooflage) features True Side Impact Protection and the innovative Click and Safe snug harness indicator. This seat fits children in the rear-facing position from 5 to 35 pounds and children in the forward-facing position starting at one year old and 20 pounds, up to 65 pounds.The Boulevard CS Convertible Car Seat At a Glance:Age/Weight/Height Requirements:In rear-facing position, fits children weighing 5 – 35 pounds; in forward-facing position, fits children 1+ years old weighing 20 – 65 poundsWarranty:6-year product life; 1-year limited warrantyCertifications:Certified for aircraft travel in harness mode onlyIdeal for: Who:Parents and caregiversWhat:Superior Side Impact Protection and keeping children safe and secure in the carWhere:Car, minivan, and SUV The Quick-Adjust Head Restraint and No-Rethread Harness allow you to easily adjust the harness height and headrest to fit your child. View larger.The Click & Safe snug harness indicator provides an audible click when the harness is safely snug. View larger.Click & Safe Technology for the Safest FitThe Boulevard CS Convertible Car Seat is ideal for parents concerned with providing proper safety and posture-support for their children during car rides. When it comes to your child’s safety in the car, it’s vital that they are properly secured. The Boulevard CS assists in the process of securing your child with the Click & Safe snug harness indicator feature, which provides an audible sound when tightening the harness to indicate when it is in the range of appropriate snugness.True Side Impact Protection for Advanced SecurityOffering True Side Impact Protection, this seat delivers superior protection if you happen to face an unexpected side-impact accident. If such an event takes place, the solid head support and deep side walls work efficiently to distribute crash forces, s

Main features

  • Convertible, rear facing five to 35 pounds and forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds up to 65 pounds
  • Click and Safe harness adjuster “clicks” when the harness straps are snug as an audible aide to help determine when the harness is snugly secure
  • True Side Impact Protection
  • Quick-adjust headrest and harness re-positions head support and harness height effortlessly without having to rethread the straps
  • Tangle-free, five-point harness with multiple harness heights for a snug and secure fit

Verified reviews



INSTALLATION:I wish I had done more research (not on the car seat) but the actual installation of the car seat. When we opened the box and checked out the seat, we were VERY happy with it. Installing it was another thing. We have a Subaru Outback Station Wagon. Thinking that it was a family car, a car seat wouldn’t have been an issue. Think again. There are only tethers in the roof (near the hatch). There are no tethers in the floor. Putting this car seat rear facing was a challenge. We ended up tethering it down on the rails of the front passenger seat. When we move this seat to forward facing, it will be a breeze since we can tether it up.LATCH system – easy to install. make sure to pull the straps TIGHT after install. Seat will wobble a bit but once you tether it down (or up) it’s very secure. If you do tether it up, make sure the seat is still within the 30-45 degree requirement. It makes it hard to keep the seat secure AND at those degrees. When we tethered it up, it looked like the seat was being pulled upright.Recline: If installing rear facing, MAKE SURE TO RECLINE THE SEAT before installing the LATCH system. It’s very hard to reach once your seat is latched.DO NOT throw away the styrofoam pieces in the seat. They’re part of the seat and not packing material. I’m glad I read through reviews before prying that foam out and chucking it. If you already threw it out, call Britax, they’ll replace it.Background Info: My son is now 6 months old. Sitting up on his own. 16lbs, 25″ tallSEAT:Straps: REALLY SOFT!! Harness is easy to use and unclip to get our baby out. Drawback is that the rubber part of the strap is too tall (it’s longer than my son’s torso. It irritates him and doesn’t seem comfortable. Britax has a lot of extra padding to make the straps bearable, there’s a padded cushion that is useful to make sure the strap doesn’t dig into his neck. There is also another pad behind the buckle so it doesn’t push onto his bits and his belly.Padding: Infant inserts removes easily so as my son gets bigger, we can take the cushion off. There’s a way to fold the flaps/sides in so it gives a snugger fit for smaller babies. Looks like there will be plenty of room to grow.Headrest: Easily moves up and down. Wish the side flaps weren’t so stiff. Seems like it will work with his large head.Style: Good looking. Fabric is soft and feels nice. Color combination is attractive. Looks like a “big boy” seat and blends in well with my car.Overall: The seat is pretty light. I carried it without a problem. It looks great in my car. Took a bit of fussing but well worth it. It’s great that the seat sits a little higher so my son can look out the window. He could see some stuff in his infant carrier but not really that great. I feel very confident and comfortable that my son is in a secured and well rated seat.

Esther Springfield, CO

Great seat but doesn’t fit my car

I ordered this seat but we are having to return it because it doesn’t fit in the ’02 Mercury Sable, or the ’03 Sable. I can’t see over it and doesn’t squeeze into the backseat very well. I can’t comfortably move the front seats forward any more than they are. This is a fabulously built seat though, but we’re going to have to buy the Diplomat or Roundabout instead. Another issue is that although our baby meets the height/weight requirements, she doesn’t meet the “seated shoulder height” requirement. I put the harness on the lowest setting and it’s way above her shoulders still. I’m going to have to use the infant carrier until she grows another inch or so. I really wish we could have used this seat so hence the five stars.

Shelia Paullina, IA

Aside from installation…A+

I hate installing car seats, period. So, when I bought this one I was not happy to say the least. In order to use the latch method you have to perfectly align the straps at or above the line–oh my god! I was cursing, sweating, and hitting things to get this thing in my car correctly. But, when you do, that seat will not move one millimeter. It is built like a brick house and I love it! Your child sits up high and is completely surrounded with safety features. I bought this for my three year old who thought it was funny to take the normal shoulder seat belt off while using just a booster–problem solved! I feel so much more relieved that she isn’t fiddling and out of her seat belt. Now I am going to purchase another for my 9 month old. It is worth every penny and curse word!

Sherrie Arapahoe, CO

Wonderful for Safety

I researched and researched forward facing car seats. I debated buying this car seat for about a month. I finally decided to buy it and I am glad I did.Positives:Easy to install. It took us about 15 minutes to install with LATCH.(just read the instructions a couple of times and watch the video on-line if you think you’ll have trouble)The seat fits well forward facing in our car. (Pacifica) It actually takes up less room then her infant carrier.It is easy to adjust the positions. No loops, no straps to re-thread.My child appears comfortable and the HUGS system ensures nothing rubs on her.The safety rating is the best!Negatives:The Click and Safe feature is pointless. It doesn’t get snug enough, even though it “clicks.” It is actually harder to make the harness tight enough. I wish we would have bought just the Boulevard.For the price, not a lot of features like cup holder. Not a big deal, but would have been nice.It does not fit well into my husbands Civic. We are looking into a smaller Britax.Overall, it is a wonderful seat. It is easy to clean and I feel comfortable knowing my child is in a super safe top rated car seat. I don’t think I would use rear facing just because it doesn’t have a removable base, so you would have to remove infant from seat to take in and out of home, store, ect. Summary: Great Forward facing infant seat!

Liza Brooks, ME

A good car seat,but not perfect

I like the Britax Boulevard. The fabric is soft and the chair seems well constructed. However, the when I buckle my baby in, why does the buckle have to point into his legs? I always feel like he is getting jabbed by it. I’m not sure what car seat would be better, but I think that this design flaw is disappointing.

Cheri Fleischmanns, NY