Britax Boulevard 65 TSIP Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

Britax Boulevard 65 TSIP Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

Transport little ones safely with this car seat that can be positioned facing forward or backwards. Adjust the set up to match your child’s stage of development. Features: Rear-Facing for children 5 lbs. to 35 lbs. Front-Facing for children 1 year and 20 lbs. up to 65 lbs. Patented Versa-Tether Easy and infinite head pad and harness height adjustment Built-in lock-offs Infant body pillow for a cozy fit Belt holders keep belts aside for boarding Belly pad for comfort and protection Removable, washable fabric cover Sculpted base for a perfect fit Flexible buckle LATCH system One-hand recline adjustment True Side Impact Protection Extra comfort padding in head area Patented HUGS system Tangle-free, polyester 5-point harness One-pull front harness adjustment

Main features

  • Convertible, rear facing five to 35 pounds and forward facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds up to 65 pounds
  • Deep side walls and adjustable head support provide true side impact protection to distribute crash forces, minimize lateral head movement
  • Quick-adjust headrest and harness height re-positions effortlessly without having to uninstall the seat
  • Tangle-free, five-point harness with multiple harness heights for a snug and secure fit
  • Patented Versa-Tether, energy managing top tether, anchors top of seat to the vehicle, reducing movement in the event of impact

Verified reviews


Our second seat

This is the second version we bought of this so that we do not need to switch vehicles. Soon after buying the second one the first one has a loud noise in the upper head rest when your child shakes there head back and forth which is becoming very annoying. Otherwise our shild loves it and never really complains about it. I do wish it could be more adjustable on the bottom because of our backseat. It doesnt seem to line up with the back of the seat.

Lila Squire, WV


When my girls were around 6 months old I decided it was time to start the search for a good convertable car seat. There are SO many to choose from and many of them have good reviews. What sold me on the Britax…even though they are VERY expensive and I had to buy 2?Here goes…
• REVIEWS/TESTIMONIALS: Not only are there a TON of positive reviews on here, if you go to the Britax website & look at both their Reviews & especially the Testimonials, that should make up your mind if you are having any questions. Look at the Testimonials for the Britax Marathon & Britax Boulevard, they are from people who were unfortunate enough to have the safety of the seat tested from being in wrecks. Some of the pictures & stories are amazing and will bring tears to your eyes BUT EVERY person who wrote their reviews say the Britax kept their kid safe or saved their life! I had already been leaning toward Britax but once I read all of those Testimonials my mind was made up.
• REAR FACING: After reading the importance of keeping a child rear facing as long as possible, I knew I wanted a seat w/ a high rear facing limit. Do some searches for videos to see how important rear facing as long as possible is
• 5-POINT HARNESS: After reading about the deaths of children who were not using a 5-Point Harness even though they were tall enough & weighed enough to be in a traditional booster, I knew I had to have a 5-PT Harness they could stay in till they outgrow this seat. Actually I am sure their seats will expire before they outgrow them.
• Latch: Seatbelts CAN fail
• Side Impact Protection: After watching some car seat crash tests I realize how much of a difference Side Impact Protection Makes, it is a HUGE difference
• Padding/Comfort: Considering this is something your child is going to be strapped into, it better be comfortable. This is so padded, soft & very comfortable, my girls fall asleep in them ALL the time.
• Durability: There IS definately a difference in the quality & durability of car seats. We looked at several different car seats IN PERSON and Britax felt & looked more durable than all the others. This is solid & massive, NOT cheaply made at all.
• SIZE: We have a mini van so a big car seat was no problem for us. I feel MUCH safer putting my girls in something that is huge & massive rather than a flimsy & small car seat. Also, despite the fact that many people think this big seat won’t fit in a small car, I’ve read many reviews where they do. You need to go to a BabiesRus and they will let you take the car seat & see if it will fit in your vehicle.Ease of Use: These are SO easy to use. I love that if they grow I don’t have to undo everything and re-do the straps, I can just move the knob. The front adjust is amazing, so easy to un-tighten & re-tighten.For the people who say they have problems getting the harness to adjust or tighten, you should get the straps completely loose & try to tighten them all the way w/out the child being in the seat to see if it works that way, try it several times. If that doesn’t work, take the seat out of the car & try it. If you continue to have problems you should contact Britax.For the people who said the seat belt strap is too short & pinched your childs legs, make sure you are using the circular piece of material to cover your childs legs. My best friend bought this seat and her daughter has the fattest thighs I have ever seen. She does not have any problems with this being too tight or pinching her daughters thighs.If you have trouble getting the seat belt snapped, loosen the harness, snap the belts & then tighten. This is what we do when we put our girls in thicker winter clothes or snow type suits.Also washes well. One of my girls got sick all over her entire car seat. The instructions say to hand wash but we have a hand wash cycle on our machine so that is what I did and hung it to dry. It looked brand new. Getting it back together was a little tricky but I found a video on the web and figured it out.I think I put my girls in these seats when they were around 7 or 8 months old because one of my girls were getting close to the height limit for their infant seats. They are now 13 months old and we all LOVE these seats. I also get compliments on how cute they are ALL the time. We have the Madison color that I believe was discontinued.

Sybil Neche, ND

Great seat

This seat lasted from when my son was 6 months to his 4th birthday when he graduated to the next size and his younger brother needed the space for his seat. My sons were both large and outgrew the 22 lb seats at 6 months. For the second I bought a larger weight range on his infant seat, but for my first son I bought this one. As a seat for a 6 month old the cons are that it is not removable like a carrier (which just encourages you to carry your babe which is great) and it was difficult to fit rear facing in my Toyota Camry. It had to go in the middle (which is fine) and the driver’s seat had to be pushed forward more than I like. It may be fine for a shorter person (I am 5’10") because the seat would already be forward, or for a different type of car. However when forward facing it fits great. My son loved it and didnt’ want to give it up at 4 years. I sewed the removable part to the seat because it was always falling out. I thought that the price on this seat was much higher than many others, but it is an excellent seat and at the time I had the money and have no regrets.

Ruth Riverton, NE

great seat!

this car seat is great! both my boys grew out of my 22 lbs weight limit infant carrier seat at 7 months and i needed something convertible to pu tthem in, and i wanted it to last. i used this seat rear facing for months and then forward facing for years, and i love it. it is easy to install no matter how you are using it, rear, forward, latch, or belt. it is awesomely comfortable for the kids, they nap wonderfully in their seats. the seats wash up well too, very important! i am going to continue to use this seat for another year at least with my older 3 year 40lbs boy, it is safer than a booster.

Michelle Bishop Hill, IL

Great seat with a few little quirks

We’ve had this seat about 6 months now, installed in a 2009 CR-V, and we love it. My daughter is clearly very comfortable in it and recently slept about 10 hours of a 14-hour car trip in this seat! One quirk: when it was rear-facing it was tough to get the harness straps tight. A call to the Britax customer service worked wonders–she explained a trick to try and we got the hang of it, but it is much easier to pull the harness tight now that we have the seat forward facing.Another tip for anyone else with a CR-V or similar-sized car: when it was rear-racing, this seat worked fine with the two center LATCH connectors but when you turn the seat foward facing, the footprint of the seat is much wider and we found it impossible to get it snug using the two center LATCH bars. We ended up applying common sense and using one center LATCH bar and one side LATCH bar, giving it a slightly wider anchor base, and the seat is now ROCK solid. Doesn’t move at all–the tether almost seems gratuitous but of course we use that too!And I do really like the height adjustment knobs, very handy for Little Miss Growing Like a Weed. I also think the harness pads (which the Marathon doesn’t have) are invaluable. In warm weather with tank tops, etc, the shoulder straps do come into contact with bare skin and I’m really glad I can adjust the pads to cushion her neck/shoulders. I think the straps could be really uncomfortable without the pads.

Luella Sonoita, AZ

Great seat, but don’t like the buckle

I researched for months (on-line and in stores) before deciding on this car seat. As many others stated, the seat is huge but seems very comfortable. While my daughter loves the comfort, I really don’t like the front buckle – the strap seems too short and the cover is kind of an after-thought fix. Otherwise, it’s great and I love that it’s US made, ours was only 3 weeks old when we received it.

Beulah Eucha, OK


This car seat is very big. It does not fit in a compact car very well. We have to push the front seat up all of the way. However, it is a very safe and comfortable car seat.

Juana Bronston, KY

Don’t let its size fool you – it fits in a small car

When my son started outgrowing the Roundabout, I tried the Boulevard and was very surprised to see that it actually fit well in our 2004 Subaru Forester, which has a notoriously small, narrow back seat. Install was easy and rock-solid.Although the Boulevard “looks” huge in the store, it’s OK once installed rear-facing because the base is very compact. Also, this car seat has a small footprint so it doesn’t hang off the edge.Side to side, the Marathon and the Boulevard are about the same size. The Boulevard is actually smaller than the Graco Sport car seat, which has a very large base and could not be secured tightly in the Forester. Seat depth from the back to the crotch strap is 6″ for the Marathon, 6.5″ for the Boulevard and 7″ for the Roundabout, so if you have a boy, go for the Boulevard.Although the front passenger seat of my car is moved forward more than I’d like, I can still sit there in a pinch (I’m 5’8″ and my knees are 2″ from the glove compartment, with the seat very upright). In back, the car seat takes up the whole right seat (there’s not much of a “center seat” anyway), so there’s really only room for an adult behind the driver. I must clarify that this happens with any car seat I’ve tried – the problem is the size of the back seat, not the car seat.The Boulevard car seat will not fit rearfacing behind the driver’s seat in my small car. Front-facing, the size of the Boulevard is not an issue.As with any Britax, the front passenger seat should not be moved or reclined after the car seat is installed – it could interfere with the back tether, the angle of the car seat and the clearance between the back of the front seat and the Britax (there must be about an inch or two fingers, to allow the car seat some give in case of a crash). Follow the manual’s instructions to make sure the seat is level – there’s a red line on the base as a guide.The Boulevard also fits well in a Honda Accord, Nissan XTerra, Toyota Rav4 and Lexus SUVs. However, if your car is really, really small and you want that side impact protection, try the Britax Diplomat, about the size of the Roundabout but with wings and a 40 lb. maximum weight limit. If the Diplomat doesn’t work, and you need a rear-facing seat, it’s time for a minivan.

Beverley Monticello, SC

Seatzilla: It’s like a La-Z-Boy for your baby.

We ordered the Boulevard in the Madison design last week, after looking at the Britax Marathon, we decided to go for a seat with the better side-impact protection.The first thing I noticed when it arrived was that the thing is absolutely huge. I had an opportunity to see it in a store after buying it, and the Boulevard seriously dominated the shelf. The next thing I noticed was that the build quality is incredible.Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant about buying in to the almost cult-like following Britax has, but the Boulevard really is the most serious safety seat I have ever seen. And after reading a few posts about Britax seats, and the (alleged) importance of manufacturing dates, I can say that the seat we received from Amazon (not a third party seller) had a manufacture date of 02/27/2009, and we received it on 03/30/2009 — so no need to worry about buying an “older” seat.A few tips for potential buyers:1) Look at this seat in the store before you buy, especially if your back seat is small. Make sure you understand exactly how big this thing is.2) The instruction manual is designed to be permanently affixed to the car seat. Fortunately, I read the manual before nearly breaking the protective foam that its cord is covered by.

Carrie Early Branch, SC

Great Seat

I love this carseat’s safety record, and really when it comes to carseats I guess that’s all that really matters. Although it is so big, traveling with it is kind of a pain. Other than that, no complaints!

Martina Charleston, SC

Love this seat!!!!

I am totally sold and only buy Britax from now on. They are so solid and the safety ratings great. My son was comfortable in this for two years and i have just passed it along to my daughter, who is tiny at 10 months but looks so sturdy and comfortable in it as well. The fabric has held up to two years of snacks and toddler mess. All i did was vaccuum it and it still looks good as new. The rear facing installation is a bit awkward but once it’s in its rock solid! not a seat for moving from car to car i think. I just bought the Frontier 85 for my three year old, just as comfy and solid. We’ve had many safe roadtrips with a sleeping toddler out of this seat !

Lois Crystal, ND

Love this seat

This seat is great. The latch is super easy to install, and the adjustable harness is a breeze to adjust. The infant padding fit great when we were transitioning between bucket and bigger seat. I would (and will) definitely buy Boulevards again. We have two and a Marathon, and the Boulevards are worth the extra money. My daughter sleeps with her head on the wings.

Liliana Harlem, MT

Daughter loves it

After lots of research, I decided on this Boulevard car seat. When the box arrived I thought that it was going to be huge. It was, but fit in my Santa Fe easily. I like the versatility to be able to have it both forward and backwards facing. We got this for a drive cross country when my daughter was not yet 1 but growing out of her infant carrier, she was very comfortable riding facing backwards as she was high enough to be able to look out the window. Now, facing forward, she also sits high and enjoys the same. I think it would really be nice if the seat cover was able to be removed for cleaning purposes. I bought the Madison print for quite a discount since it was not being made anymore and might not be willing to spend the full price. Recently bought a Graco Nautilus 3-1 for the grandparents which was more reasonably priced and just as good of quality. Doesn’t sit as high as the Britax, but she still seems to like it. The Nautilus has a nice cup holder on it which makes it easier for snacks/drinks during long trips. Bottom line, Britax is a great product, but if the price is stopping you, I recommend the Nautilus.

Octavia Blairs, VA