Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Boulevard – Onyx

Main features

  • The Britax Boulevard 70 convertible car seat is designed for children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing up to 70 pounds
  • Safecell technology features safecells, to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation
  • Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • True side impact protection offers a head restraint creating an extra layer of energy-absorbing EPP foam
  • Quick-adjust harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps

Verified reviews


Advertised for baby over 5 lbs, but not really good for young ones

My baby was 4 and half months old when she started hating sitting in her infant car seat for long trip. So we decided to upgrade her car seat to something that sits more upright. I am a mom who will spend extra to buy the best when it comes to safety so this car seat fits the bill.Britax advertised that you can put newborn in it. So considering my baby was over 15lbs at that time, we didn’t think it would be a problem for her to sit in it.Well, not quite. First of all, she is too short to reach the “true impact” side protection even after I adjusted it. Second, for a baby who cannot sit up completely unassisted, she couldn’t really control her neck or body as well as a 8 month old does. So when we went for a 35 min drive and she fell in sleep, her whole head leaned forward and almost touched her tummy.She looked like a bended ball! So I know she is not ready for it yet.Now she is nearly 6 months old, we will probably try it again in a few weeks.I am sure for older babies, this is the best seat you can buy. The fact that it holds up to 70 lbs is really great. That means, one car seat all the way to 4,5 years old!I am looking forward to use it full time. But for now, she is in her infant seat.update:Now my daughter is 9 months old. She fits perfectly in this car seat. She now weights 20+ lbs and her height is at 95%, but she is still only taking half of the space, if not less so I definitely see the room to grow into this chair.To put her in rear facing position is pain especially in winter. But I think it will be the same with other convertible car seat. We drive her to the mountains so I am very comforting to know that she is well protected.

Lilly New Castle, NH

Good seat with just a couple of issues

So far, so pretty-good with the Boulevard for us. We chose this seat based on CR reviews, Baby Bargains reviews and the fact that it was easy to adjust the straps, both for tightness and height. Our son seems very comfortable in the seat and naps in it with no issues. However, the seat has some drawbacks that really shouldn’t exist considering its exorbitant price.- The seat is easy to install, but very heavy and very large. We have a 2010 Toyota Rav-4, but still think that the seat is overly large. It fits, but I don’t think we will be able to use the same model as a second seat in our smaller sedan.- The straps twist CONSTANTLY which, again, shouldn’t be an issue since this was a $300 car seat. Seriously, they couldn’t have solved that problem with a small fraction of my purchase price? They are also difficult to keep out of the way while setting my little guy in the seat, so I have to dig them out from under him (before untwisting them) almost every time. They did include velcro on the straps and seat to try to help with this issue, but it is basically useless.- I don’t know if it is due to the overall size of the seat or if it is just a bane of rear-facing seats, but it is awkward to get our son in and out of the seat in the rear-facing position. Even at 10 months, he HATES getting into and out-of the seat, though he is fine once he is in and buckled. I almost have to hold him at arms length, drop him in and then lean around the seat and into the car to fasten the harnesses. Super annoying.- I have not yet tried to remove the seat fabric for cleaning (and after reading some of the other reviews, I am not eager to try it) but the top buckle is a pain in the neck to clean if anything gets in it. Again, this could be the case with any seat, but after spending 20 minutes trying to scrape out spit-up, I keep a bib in the car to put on my son immediately.All that being said, I am fairly happy with the seat and since our son is quite tall (almost 34 inches at 10 months), we needed a bigger seat to accommodate keeping him rear facing as long as possible, so this was probably our best bet.

Rosanna Perote, AL

Great Seat..Keep child Safe in Accident

I was stopped at a red light and was rear ended, she was cleaning up her tea that spilled and didn’t notice. I had 3 kids in car seat with me, one car seat was the Britax Boulevard the other two was not. The child in the Britax didn’t seem to notice, the other 2 started crying and had bruises and starches around chest from the car seat belts. After this I replaced all the car seat to Britax, Currently I have the Advocate and Frontier and still very happy with them..These are well worth the extra money can’t go wrong with this brand.

Gena Mulberry, KS

Love it!

We decided on a Britax carseat because it had great crash ratings. I immediately had my heart set on the Cowmooflage Boulevard. I tried to buy it from Babies R Us with a 20% off coupon but was told they no longer carry it in the stores. Couldn’t use my coupon online either. I found it here and it’s even CHEAPER than if I had bought it in Babies R Us with a coupon. Babies are expensive and I am out to save every penny I can, so I was thrilled with this purchase. It’s super easy to use, easy to install and my son looks super comfy in it.

Kathryn Marietta, GA

Great seat for safety and little one

We have two of the Blvd 70 seats for both of our autos: minivan and small car. These seat works well in both autos. We are very impressed with the quality of the seats and how well protected our son is in it. I wouldn’t go with any other seat. There were so many safety features and information available online. We did keep our son RF until 13 months and about 22 pounds. I wanted to keep him RF longer, thus the reason for buying a seat that goes up to 40 pounds. However, I was so tried of fighting him to get in his seat. Plus he is really long at 14 months. I know this seat is safe and well installed. So I had no worry turning him around earlier that originally planned. You know when the right time to turn your child around. At min. keep RF until 12 months. I’ve seen too many babies already FF at 10 months or so. Get this seat, you’ll be happy.

Lakeisha Everest, KS

We are buying our 3rd.

We have two of these seats right now for our 3 year old (one in each car since husband drops him off and I pick him up in daycare). Our baby is getting close to the weight limit on his infant car seat and we will buy another one to be rear-facing. It is a large seat, so when it is rear-facing the passenger seat has to be moved forward significantly but not so much that it is uncomfortable to occupy (BMW 3 series). It is also easy to install.

Lee Powell, WY

Great car seat

Let me start by saying we did a massive amount of research when purchasing a car seat. Our son had outgrown his Graco Snugride infant carrier at the young age of 6 months so we had to go with a convertible seat. After reading a huge amount of reviews and reading, reading, reading, we tried a cheaper seat first, and it did not go well. We tried a similary priced car seat and love it, but it would not install in my car without the LATCH system so we ended up going with this seat.Pros:1.) High quality seat and solid2.) Fabric is very nice and seat is very padded3.) Straps are easy to adjust and the strap/head rest height adjusment is easy to use4.) Baby’s head lays nicely on the padding instead of slumping forward6.) While it was somewhat difficult to get installed (rear-facing), and I’m not sure I could install it by myself – the install is very tight fitting and excellent! This was the 4th car seat I had attempted installing in my Hyundai Tucson that only has the lap/shoulder belt and it was the ONLY one that was truly snug. It has built in locking clips and they WORK!If you do NOT have a LATCH system get this seat!Cons:1.) We have yet to get to the washing stage of owning this car seat, but it looks like taking everything apart might be complicated.2.) I did prefer the Recaro Proride overall and as far as ease of use goes, but it would not tightly install in my car.Also, I was one of those skeptics that thought a $100 car seat couldn’t be that much different. They are. If you can manage – pay the big bucks. It really makes a difference.

Maggie Cocolamus, PA

Best seat made!

This is our second Boulevard and we love them both. The seat is no more or less difficult to use than any other brand/model, but it is by far the safest seat made. That is all that is important to me…that my child is as safe as possible. My son has never indicated any discomfort or issue with the seat and he has even gone on pretty long road trips. You can’t put a price on safety, so I feel this seat is a great value.

Kathy Crystal Spring, PA

boulevard 70 compared to the older one 65

There are many reviews on this seat already. I have both and will compare the older Boulevard 65 with the newer 70 version.Pro’s 65: easier to get staps buckled, infinite adjustment for strap height because of the twist style adjustment, the recline lever is much more substantial than on the 70 (I am seriouly afraid the recline lever on the 70 will break. it is very soft), the neck huggies are better qualitly.Pro’s 70: slightly shorter but it does make a difference, does seem a little safer (which is subjective – just my opinion), more contoured which seems to make it a little easier to get my child in and out of, does accomodate the special $15 cup holder – which was to me one of the biggest negatives of the 65 (no cup holder), the neck huggies are removable due to velcro but are not a nice and plust as the 65 (my daughter complains that they hurt her neck).Note: i have this seat installed front facing middle of the back seat in a 2003 toyota corolla and it fits fine. Would also fit rear-facing middle seat but goes a little between the two front seats. Would probably not fit rear facing except in the middle.Overall a good seat. Some better, some worse than the previous model.I recommend a non-fuzzy seat cover. They seem easier to work with. The fuzzy seats are hotter and have more friction. When moving a child around you do not need friction. I got the black, white, and grey paisley. It would be great for girl or boy.

Angela Willard, MO

very good

We bought this item after a good experience with the britax chaperone. our son is on the large size and at 10 months of age, he has overgrown the chaperone infant carrier. This item has a very good cushion, easy to install, but is bulky. It is well built and the fabric feels soft. We mounted it on the back passenger-side seat. We own a toyota rav4 2010 and it is difficult for my wife (petite size) to put the baby in and out of the seat. This item was not available in stores near our home for us to try it before we buy it. I highly recommend that you actually install this and try it before you commit and buy it.

Jocelyn Apalachicola, FL

Extremely happy

My title says it all. I’m thrilled with this seat. I’m very familiar with Britax and used them with my first son. When I saw that they remodeled their seats I was interested in seeing what they did differently. The new seat is amazing. It’s sturdy, solid as a rock yet soft and plush. It’s super comfortable from what I can tell. My infant son seems super content in this new seat. I honestly don’t think I would change anything. I have no complaints at all. I love this seat and would buy it all over again, after all…my son’s safety is my first priority and that’s what Britax is known for.

Teresa Harrods Creek, KY

Great safe car seat

We have been using this seat with my 7 month old daughter for about two months now, we bought it because of the price via Amazon as well as the reviews and reputation of Britax. The seat was very easy to install and size for my daughter, the sliding belt adjustment is very handy. The head and neck support is nice too. We recently took a road trip and my daughter was able to comfortably sleep several hours in this seat.I’d also like to mention that while on vacation we were involved in a nasty five car accident in which we were rear ended at high speed causing us to impact the car in front. There were no injuries however our car suffered heavy damage. The Britax seat performed amazingly well, my daughter was fine (once she was over the initial crying) and the seat sustained no damage itself. She only had some minor abrasions on one of her shoulders, I’m thinking the nice pad had shifted during her sleep through the night, but other than that she was 100% thanks to the seat. I would highly recommend.

Marisol Rayland, OH

Excellent product.

Safe, sturdy, comfortable, attractive. No complaints.My son has liked this carseat and it turned out to be well worth the money. He moved into it sometime around 15 months, I think. And he still fits in it at 3 1/2 years old, though the harness is getting a little difficult to snap together. He’s on the big side for his age, and we are about to move him to the booster seat style. He’s at around 38lbs and 38" tall. I honestly don’t think you could ever fit a 60 or 70lb child in this seat, even though it’s technically rated that way. Maybe a super skinny 60 pound child, but I can’t imagine they’d be very comfortable.We have another baby due in a couple weeks and are happy to be able to use this seat again.

Laurel Stoddard, WI

Great Sturdy Car Seat

I don’t know much about the safety of this car seat other than that we did research and went with a brand we felt comfortable with. We got the “caitlin” design, and I have to say it really is pretty. I felt like it was the best color option out of the other ones, which weren’t very pretty imho. The seat itself wasn’t that hard to install, except we had to look online for a video on how to install the anchor to the floor of the car, but there were very helpful videos online. The harness is a little bit of a pain compared to smaller car seats, but I don’t think it’s particularly any worse than any other car seat would be. The kids get bigger and strapping them into car seats gets harder. I will say, we have this rear-facing and it gets a lot of sun, and while it may get warm/hot, it’s never burning so much that I can’t put my son in it for a few minutes before the car cools down. We live in the South. All in all, I’m pleased with it, and feel like it is good quality and safe.

Jasmin South Willington, CT

Very Nice

We bought this for our older daughter(2 years old) to see if we’d like it enough to get for our younger daughter when she’s ready to transition out of her infant car seat. Forward facing it has been much better than the Evenflo Symphony 65 we have. In the Evenflo her head would always be flopping forward when she fell asleep. Not so in this car seat. It seems to hold her better and be very safe. It is more cramped and hard to see out the sides than the Evenflow with all of the padding and I thought this would cause her to dislike it, but she loves it and seems very comfortable in it. Also, the straps have padding for the shoulders and rubber guides in the middle which I thought were going to make it uncomfortable for her, but she has not complained and the rubber glides have even saved a more troublesome cleaning of the straps themselves after she had spit up. I had my doubts, but after having it for awhile we love it.

Tamera Slidell, TX

Boulevard 70 – easy to install and use

Our daughter is 9.5 months old and about a month ago we decided it was time to start transitioning to a convertible car seat. We love herChicco Keyfitinfant seat and while she still fits into it safely, the seat plus the baby had just gotten too heavy to lug around. Since my husband drops her off at daycare and I pick her up we decided to install the convertible seat in my car and keep the Keyfit docked in his car until she was closer to outgrowing it.I did near-obsessive research on convertible seats, since our goal is to keep our girl rear facing until at least 2 years old and ideally until she reaches the height or weight limit of the seat. In the end, our choice was between the Britax Boulevard 70 or theSunshine Kids Radian XTSLand after using the seat for a month now we’re very happy we chose the Britax.INSTALLATIONOur Boulevard is installed in my 2010 Chevy Equinox, which has LATCH anchors only in the two outboard positions. Since we only have one child right now we decided to put her car seat in the center seating position, which requires the use of the seatbelt to install the car seat (as GM does not allow borrowing of lower anchors).I was able to get a fast and very solid install in the center using the seatbelt. This was checked by a tech at a car seat check and they confirmed that I had installed the seat correctly. Due to the angle of my vehicle seat there’s no need to use a pool noodle to get the correct angle for our older baby. The seat is tethered with the VersaTether using the Swedish method (the D-ring is looped around the front passenger seat track). Unfortunately in my car this means that the front passenger loses a little bit leg room, but it’s worth it to have her seat tethered rear facing and is not objectionably close to the dash for my 6′ tall husband.Britax has a good user’s manual in my opinion, and the installation videos on their website and Youtube channel were also helpful.I did attempt a LATCH installation outboard and when tightening the LATCH belts to the smallest limit I still could not get the seat tight enough. This is because the back seat of the Equinox is slid all the way back the the tethers protrude quite a bit from the seat bight. However, I’ve installed the seat using LATCH in two other cars with no trouble. I personally prefer the seatbelt installation anyways. I have not attempted a forward facing install with either LATCH or the seatbelt.USE AND COMFORTThe baby is very comfortable in the Boulevard. The no-rethread harness makes it easy to adjust to the proper height; at or below the child’s shoulders when rear facing. The seat cover is easily removed without uninstalling the seat, and the Cowmooflage print is super cute!The harness is easy to adjust and to use. The belly pad is a nice touch especially as the weather is getting warmer (the buckle will be hot!). There is a torso comfort pad (which we removed) and there are comfort pads on the shoulder straps above the HUGS pads. The chest clip is easy to use although the HUGS pads do slide around a bit underneath the chest clip. The headwings have the additional benefit of providing a comfortable spot for her head to rest since she often naps in the car on longer trips (this was the deciding factor between the Boulevard and Marathon). The straps are decidedly non-twisty and I like the little velcro tabs to keep the harness open to get the baby into the seat. It is a bit awkward to get her in and out but that’s due to the Equinox’s sharply slanted C-pillar – this would be an issue for any rear facing convertible seat in my car! Front-to-back the seat takes up about the same amount of room as the Keyfit and base.SAFETYI am a mechanical engineer and therefore I like to think that I know a bit more about dynamics and mechanics of materials than does the average parent. The Britax seats appealed to me because of the use of steel in the seat construction. While all seats on the market in the US must pass the same crash tests, I personally feel that our child is safer in a seat that is steel-reinforced over a seat that is all plastic construction. The steel reinforcement does make the seat heavy, but not as heavy as the Sunshine Kids Radian. I also personally prefer using a seat with anti-rebound features. In the US the only convertible seats that can tether rear facing are the Britax seats and the Radians (the First Years True Fit Premier has an anti-rebound bar). All things equal, I wanted a seat that tethered.It is a no-brainer that extended rear facing makes toddlers safer in the event of a serious collision. I had read that the Britax seats did not have the highest harness slots on the market and that some car seat advocates felt this was a negative. Our girl is on the lighter side in weight and of average height, so getting the seat with the absolute highest possible harness slots and weight limits was not our paramount concern. However, we did want a seat that will likely get her to 2.5 or 3 years old rear facing, and the Boulevard should be just fine for our rear facing goal.OVERALLThis seat is easy to install, easy to use, comfortable, and safe – what’s not to like? We are so happy with the Boulevard that my husband will be getting aBritax Marathon 70for his car soon, and my parents have purchased a Marathon 70 for our baby girl to ride in when they’re babysitting.

Diann Edinburg, TX

Awesome car seat

Can’t beat the Cowmooflage!I think a lot was said in the lengthy reviews, but I’d add:- White on the cover is not really white – it has that slight “streaky” pattern in… teething biscuit color. Did not like it in the beginning, but now I know better – you don’t need to wash the cover every time little hands smear something on it.- The straps are annoying, my poor little dude had his arms scratched a bit a few times, when I was trying to roll the buckles into place.- Yes, it is pricey, and you can buy decent seats for half the price, but this one should be fine up to 70 pounds. Unless you have a huge baby, it should last for about 5 years – even with the original price of $300, it’s around $60/year. Try buying an infant seat for that much…- Safety features are awesome. Watch a few crash test movies on Youtube. Car seat seems really sturdy, metal frame is a nice feature, buckles wrap around the little person tight, etc.- Comfort – rear facing demands the flattest setting, and the additional strap, that you can add to keep the car seat positioned pulls it even more, so sometimes my son ends up in a semi-flat position. He’s not happy with that if someone rides in the back seat with him, as he wants to pull up and play. Of course, he doesn’t have side view either, but for me side view is so much less important than side impact protection… Can’t have both. Protection > View, sorry, baby.- The CS vs non-CS version – from a few friends with the newer one – you can’t really hear the click, and it works 1 out of 3 times. Do not bother…Have another one on the way, I’m already bugging my husband about getting a second seat for her, but I guess we’ll wait till she needs one. Unless the price drops below 200…

Gwendolyn Dennysville, ME

Love it!

Just bought a new family car and also a new car seat . . . after all the time and energy spent researching what to buy I have to say I am probably more pleased with the car seat. You would think a new car would get my attention, but no, it’s the new Britax car seat that I love. It looks great, it is super comfy and sturdy, I love the fabric, it is easy to adjust, and it fit so nicely in my smallish 2011 Forester. I love it!! And more importantly, so does my baby. Sure, I like the car just fine. But the car seat, WOW!

Vivian Ashton, IL

Really like the upgrades

I have the previous model Britax Boulevard in my wife’s car which we both like very much. I bought the new Boulevard 70 version for my car. I love the upgrades. It’s a sleek new seat with great safety upgrades. It’s also a little bit smaller so it fits nicely in my car. You can’t go wrong with this seat, and you’ll feel good knowing it’s such a safe car seat. My favorite aspect, which sets this car seat apart from the others is the side impact head cushions. Many car seats, including other Britax models do not have side impact protection.

Pearlie Berlin, NY


Great car seat, much better than other brands, this is our 3rd car seat, now I need another one for other car and will buy the same. There is no need to do all the brand research and comparisons, just go with Britax. In addition to be one of the safest, it is comfortable for my 2 year-old and easy to install for us!

Charmaine Raquette Lake, NY

Great convertible carseat!

We have used this seat with our daughter for nearly 1.5 years now and love it! She is off the charts for her age (2 years old, but the size of a 3 year old) and fits VERY comfortably in this seat. It is very sturdy and safe! Definitely worth the cost!

Marisol Troy, NY