Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Caitlin

Britax Boulevard 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat Seat, Caitlin

The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 convertible car seat accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 70 pounds. The Boulevard 70 G3 is purposefully designed and engineered to minimize the forward movement of your child’s head during a frontal impact to reduce the risk of head injury with the following revolutionary Britax head safety technologies; Base with SafeCell Technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat. Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. Energy Absorbing Versa Tether features a two point attachment and staged release tether webbing to slow the forward movement and reduce the crash forces reaching the child. HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology are affixed to the seat shell to ensure proper positioning while SafeCells compress to manage energy and provide resistance to the forward movement of your child in a crash.

Main features

  • Polyester, Steel, Plastic
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • True Side Impact Protection to distribute crash forces, shield from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them in true or aligned
  • Base with SafeCell Technology designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat
  • Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • Energy Absorbing Versa Tether features a staged release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat
  • HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) Chest Pads provides resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash

Verified reviews


A Great Convertible Car Seat!

We bought this convertible car seat for my 8 month old daughter. One of the selling points is that it is convertible, or reversible from rear-facing to forward-facing as the child grows. We bought the first generation of the same model, the Britax Boulevard 70, for my son in 2010 and we’ve been so happy with the first one that when my second child came along, we decided to get the G3 for her in the “Caitlin” style.THE CAITLINFrom the manufacturer’s pictures posted above, it appears that the “Caitlin” model is mostly blue. The seat is actually a mixture of lavender and blue-gray leaves, light silver, and dark background with purple bead trim. I posted a few pictures to give better detail. Even though the colors don’t match Amazon’s picture, they’re still very nice, subdued colors for a girl’s seat.THE SEAT ITSELF- Newborn (5 lbs) to 70 lbs: I love the versatility the seat offers. It works for children from newborn all the way up to 70 lbs! In my naivety as a new mom, if I would have known that you didn’t have to buy a portable infant car seat and upgrade at 1 year to a “toddler” seat, I would have saved my money on the first (Graco) seat and just bought this one. They provide extra padding that can be removed as the child grows to allow a newborn to ride supported in the seat.- Padding: Lots of padding adds to the comfort of the seat. In shopping around, I saw seats that have very little padding and fabric over hard foam. This padding in this seat is much more comfortable for my daughter. The side impact bumpers are even nice as they provide head support for when she sleeps.- Headrest and Straps Adjustment: In other seats I’ve had, I’ve had to take the seat apart to adjust the straps, but this seat doesn’t require the extra effort. The headrest and straps can be adjusted from a squeeze and pull lever on the top of the seat. As the child grows, it’s an easy fix to move the straps and headrest up. The two are one unit as well, so if you move the headrest, the straps are going to move with it.- Recline: The seat is adjustable to 3 recline positions. The recline lever is located on the front of the seat, just behind where the child’s feet would hang. I’d suggest reclining the seat to the position you want before you install it, if you are installing it rear-facing. The lever is harder to get to when the seat is backwards. Otherwise, it’s fairly simple to adjust.- Rear-facing and forward-facing: Rear-facing is required until the child is 1-year-old and suggested until at least 2-years-old. This seat was designed to work rear-facing until the child is 40 lbs, that’s normally about 3-years-old.- Material: The material is polyester and well padded. To give you an idea, it feels soft like a new bed sheet, not crinkly as another reviewer suggested.- Washing: It says it can be hand washed with mild soap, then line dried. I would suggest not machine washing it as the material would probably lose its original shape and shrink.UPGRADES TO THIS MODELThere are a couple upgrades that have been made to the seat since the original Britax Boulevard 70:- The chest pads now have something called SafeCell Technology which is designed to compress and dissipate the energy from a crash. The top of the pad look the same as the previous model, but are noticeably thicker on the underside, about 1/4″ thick.- The EZ-Buckle system is supposed to keep the bottom buckle forward so they don’t sit on it. However, when putting my daughter in the seat, that was the first thing I had to pull out from under her.SAFETYOne of many things I like about Britax are the safety features it incorporates into its car seats. This seat was designed to not only handle the crashes from front and back well, but also from side-to-side. Something often not addressed by some other car seat manufacturers.RECALLThere was a recall issued for the plastic HUGS chest pads that affected a few lots of the 2012 model, due to some kids biting off the plastic. I have not had a problem with this happening, but Britax sent out replacements for the chest pads on all affected seats and fixed it in the later models. It should no longer be an issue. You can check the Britax website for the serial numbers of the recalled chest pads.OVERALLI’m very pleased with the purchase of this car seat. It’s well designed, versatile, and above all a safe seat that I feel comfortable to trust my child in.

Augusta Conception, MO


Please do your research before purchasing this product! There has been a recall by Britax– main concern appears to be in the HUGS harness! […]

Nell Sulligent, AL

Car seat manufactured after recall date

We just received this car seat in the mail so I can yet to comment on using it. However, I was hesitant to purchase this car seat due to a recall from this summer. I can happily say the car seat I received today was manufactured on November 15 well after the recall time period. I definitely recommend buying this seat from Amazon because the price cannot be beat and the models that they are currently shipping are not included in the recall (at least mine was not).

Megan Bloomfield, KY

Smallest Britax Convertible yet

This is the 4th britax oonvertible car seat I have purchased, the 5th one I have owned. It is by far the smallest of all. My 3.5 year old was already too tall to use the seat when it arrived, even though he is almost 40lbs below the total weight and 12″ below the total height.This weekend we put all 5 britax side by side and had our toddlder sit in each one. The 2nd oldest we have (2009 marathon) is the tallest (from butt to shoulder), followed by the marathon 70 (2011-2012).I am sure the seat is as safe as all of the other models, and it looks nice and comfy. But I am disappointed that the size range for my toddler has dropped so dramatically.

Deanne Lexington, NC

Easy install and comfy…but broken in 2 weeks?

As always, fast and reliable delivery from Amazon.Easy to install, remove and reinstall into either of our family cars – a definate plus. Seat was easy to adjust for my 1 year old’s size and equally as easy to “install” her into it. We have been a Britax family from birth and this seat is a great addition.Now to explain the missing star. Within two weeks one of our chest pads had broken apart. I have contacted Britax and am awaiting a response. I am hopeful for a quick resolution as I had with the only other issue I had with a britax product. I will attempt to update my review one I hear back.UPDATE: the seat was not a part of the recall experienced by others. After speaking to a lovely rep who requested a photo for their “quality team”, a new chest pad is being sent to me free of charge. As I have always experienced from britax – great customer care.

Judy Sun Valley, ID

Straps are too small!!

We also have a Britax Marathon carseat and like it very much. This carseat, however, has been a huge disappointment. I bought this based on our good experience with the Marathon and great reviews. Don’t be fooled. My daughter is 13 months old and weighs 21lbs. The straps are already getting too small for her! In order to her her in the seat wearing a winter coat, I have to let the straps all the way out. I estimate we will only get about 6 more months use out of this carseat before we have to get something else. There is no way it will fit until she is 70lbs due to how short the straps are. I can’t believe we wasted over $200 on this carseat. If I could return it, would. Unfortunately, we are now outside the window. We have had great luck with other Britax products so I can only imagine that this is a manufacturing defect. However, given the number of other great carseats available in this price range, I wouldn’t take the chance and would recommend buying a different carseat.

Melinda Akron, OH

shoulder straps do not extend long enough

I hate this seat. I cannot get the shoulder straps long enough to get my daughter’s arms through the straps comfortably. She is not yet 2 years old and weighs about 25 lbs. I can’t imagine using this seat until she’s 70 lbs, as the manfacturer states. In order to get her arms through the straps, I have to bend her arms awkwardly which frequently makes her cry. I have not yet removed the HUGS chest pads and stitching, but I’m going to try that. It seems odd that I have to remove the additionaly safety features in order to get her into the seat without making her cry. I also bought th Peg Perego Convertible Premium seat and I am much happier with that seat.

Cathryn Sheldon, SC

I wanted to love it…

The caitlin pattern is so pretty! But I just hate the Hugs system, the rubber looks so uncomfortable, when my baby is sitting in it, the car seat cover flaps come up and you can see the styrofoam underneath, I do not have latch and there is no storage for the straps so they just hang there looking sloppy. I have it rear facing, the straps may hide better front facing, I suppose. Also I find it difficult to loosen the straps. And the seat is not well padded (compared to my other car seat – the Chicco Nextfit) I am returning this car seat. I am so sad, because it is such a beautiful pattern!

Kimberly Port Royal, KY

Hate the HUGS Chest Pads

Obviously this company makes great products, but I truly dislike the HUGS Chest Pads. This “feature” makes it very difficult to adjust and its really stiff. I actually want to remove it right now.

Pauline Half Moon Bay, CA

not a good fit for BMW X5

I’ve had a Britax Boulevard for a year now that I’d give only 3 stars to. Despite the hundreds of reviews that the adjustment of straps is awesome, this wasn’t the case for me. A real pain from day one, and 4 times in the last year I’ve had to actually uninstall the seat from the car so that I could remove the chest straps that are stuck and one is significantly longer than the other. It’s clearly a glitch. But one that made me insane for the last time this week. Plus it doesn’t fit well into the BMW X5. Too wide, too much projection front to back which leaves little room for the front passenger if you have long legs. And you get a toddler easily kicking your seat.So we replaced with the Clek Foonf. We did not buy it for the extended rear facing, which is an awesome feature, up to 50 pounds. We bought for the size, which is VERY compatible with our car. To contrast the two, the Clek is a Mac and Britax is a PC. Or Clek is a BMW and Britax is a Buick. Clek is streamlined, well proportioned, and easy to use. The simple latch installation is FAR easier than adjustable latch straps, which the blvd has. One click and you’re done. The Britax was just too big and bulky for a good fit. The Clek fits my skinny son better too at 28# and 37″ tall. He has plenty of room, but he’s not sunken into it like the boulevard.The adjustments are accessible and very easy to use. I expect it will fit him for a long time as well. At 37″ the headrest is in the 2nd lowest position and so is the shoulder strap placement.We’ll give it a couple more weeks of use, then plan to get a 2nd one to replace our Recarro. Which is very similar to the Britax in function. Very safe, but very bulky, and just wasn’t as user friendly as I expected them both to be.

Jeannie Holly Ridge, MS

This is not easy to use – child seat belt straps are very difficult to adjust

Even though this car seat seems to have great ratings on safety features, I find it very difficult to use in the rear facing mode in my Toyota Rav4 (2013 year model).My baby is 14 months old and we bought this car seat after using the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat. My baby is approximately 23 pounds and I believe she is not considered a big baby for her age.But it is very difficult to put her into this car seat while rear facing and it takes a long time to try to adjust the seat belt straps in this car seat while the baby is sitting. Especially at the angle it sits on when rear facing. We took the seat to the NHTSA to ensure we installed is properly and they confirmed it was installed correctly and that it needs to stay at the angle we had it at to ensure it is leveled correctly.I believe a good car seat should have great safety features and it should be also be easy to use. And I do not find this car seat easy to use for every day use. We are going to shop around for another car seat. I heard there is a Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat. We will take a look at that one also since we are already familiar with the Chicco KeyFit product.

Kimberly Manville, NJ

Excellent car seat- safe and easy to use

Our daughter likes the seat so much we bought two. It’s comfy for her, and solid and safe feeling for us.It’s not so easy to pop on and off, so it’s best used as a permanent installation on a car. Adjustments are easily done.

Shauna Mexico, ME

This is our Go To Convertible Carseat.

This seat is for our fourth child and all four of them started in a Boulevard. It amazes me how much they have improved this seat over the years. It is far easier to install then the first one we had and now even has an options infant insert to help the newborns fit better. I love that it has the from tether. It just makes me feel so much safer. We actually were in a car accident with our two oldest and both of them were in Boulevards. I have no doubt in my mind that they were ok because of these seats.

Dale Kila, MT

Bought 2-24-13

• VERY comfortable seat. Super soft.
• 5-point harness system.
• Can support up to 70 lbs.
• VERY easy to install. Someone else said it took them 2 hours to install; it took me less than 5 minutes.
• Not as big as I thought it would be; fits nicely in my small ’94 Honda Accord.
• Super easy to loosen straps; insanely easy to tighten them.CONS
• Baby still doesn’t like carseats. Oh well.

Lois Taunton, MA

Great car seat, and fits in my coupe

With our daughter outgrowing her infant car seat, we researched and decided on the Britax Boulevard 70 (2012), which we purchased at a local store and put into our SUV, which we drive more often. When it came time to get the second car seat, we purchased this 70-G3 for my car, only because the 2012s were no longer available at as good a price. This one is in my 2-door sports coupe and it still fits rear-facing and in the center seat. I worried it might not fit there, or that it might be hard to see over when looking in the rearview mirror, but all was for naught. It fits great, and it doesn’t obstruct my view at all.Between the two versions we have, the main difference that I’ve noticed is that this 70-G3’s straps don’t lengthen as much as the older version, meaning we have to work a little harder to get our daughter’s arms through when buckling her in. This appears to be a safety feature ("Versa" Tether related). Otherwise, it’s a great seat so far. She sweats quite a bit in it sometimes (living in AZ), but car seats are not breathable anyway, so I imagine this would happen in any car seat, especially when rear-facing. The head support is plush and this has the true side impact protection, as well.

Alisa Omak, WA

Wouldn’t recommend for Honda CR-V

I had previously reviewed this seat poorly but deleted it and put it in my husband’s car to re-evaluate.Its first home was my trusty 2004 Honda CR-V, rear-facing, back center. My son was 7 mos old when we got it, and it was probably about a month later when I realized that I really hated this seat. The side impact protection is so clunky that it made squeezing my son in very difficult. I always bonked his head on the ceiling, no matter how hard I tried not to! Honestly, if the seat reclined back further, I think it would probably eliminate this problem. Also, I like to loosen the straps before unbuckling, but they hide it under the cover, and even at the furthest recline setting, the tightening strap and button were hard to get at. I wound up fondling the general area for the release button for a few seconds before finding it. And the tightening strap hit just where the seat met my car’s seat, and I have that baby in there tight, so sometimes the strap would sort of catch on my car’s seat, just making it take longer to tighten. All first world problems, I know, but if you’re shelling out over $200, don’t you want better than average? So we put this seat in my husband’s car. It’s actually not so bad in his! I still dislike that it doesn’t recline back further, because when my son falls asleep, he slumps over horribly, BUT it’s easier to get him in and out, and it’s much easier to loosen and tighten the harness. If you can get past the limited reclining, I’d recommend the seat rear-facing for back seats as roomy as 2013 VW Passats and better.We had to replace the cheap foam side impact headrest already, which had me miffed, too! I realize they cannot be so dense as to harm the child (and they need to absorb energy like crumple zone technology), BUT I did not expect this. If I had a do over and wanted to stick with Britax, I’d get a cheaper model. My thought is if they’re so easily snapped off, will the “technology” be there for you when you actually need it? On the bright side, they must get so many calls to replace these that they don’t even ask questions and will ship you a new one (easy to replace) in 1-1.5 weeks.PROS: Easy to clean, easy to replace parts, easy to adjust, seems cozyCONS: Recline features!!, hidden harness release button, your kid will cook in there in the summers

Carol Almont, CO

Headrests did not really obstruct the baby’s view – Chubbier babies might like the Marathon better

i did a fair amount of research before deciding on this particular car seat. Yes, it is expensive but it is also super comfortable for the baby and convenient for me and my husband. the seat belt adjusts so easily unlike the super low tech Safety 1st infant seat we received as a gift. That was a nightmare to adjust. Keep in mind the seat is tall as other reviewers have mentioned. it slightly obstructs my view when i am driving in the Toyota Corolla and my husband reports a slight obstruction also in his Toyota 4-Runner. My baby falls asleep comfortably while resting his head on the headrests. this was extremely important to us as our child sleeps immediately when the car starts moving. I also like how the seat accomodates a larger child, mine is already pushing 30 pounds and he is a little over a year. i am curious to see if this seat will last until he is 70 pounds given that he is also quite tall for his age group.i also just ordered the britax marathon 70-G3, so i will update my review to compare the two when it arrives.EDITED: I ended up also buying the Marathon during amazon’s lightning deals, and i have to say i prefer the Marathon. My son is large for his size and extremely chubby so the Boulevard is a tight fit for him, while he has room to be more comfortable in the Marathon. I think during an accident, however,the Boulevard would probably be more protective.

Roberta South Hill, VA

At first I wasn’t so sure…

After doing tons of research and comparisons, I went with the Britax Boulevard. When I pulled it out of the box, I was worried about the size of the seat- I drive a Chevy Cruze and thought it might be tight, but it was fine in my backseat while rear-facing, so I am sure that when I do flip the seat to forward facing in the future, it will be even more convenient. Also, I initially didn’t like the HUGS panels- this was when it was fresh out of the box and I hadn’t put my baby in the seat yet. I felt like they were going to be too bulky and hard, and that they’d be uncomfortable for the baby and frustrating for me to manipulate. But they are actually really great once you have your kid in the seat, and not the hassle I thought they would be. The head rest operation is easy to use and keeps the ‘wings’ of the head rest at the correct level for your baby’s size. After a few weeks of use, I feel great about this seat and would recommend it to anyone!

Tonya Defiance, MO

Convertible car seat from birth – yep it’s possible!

We bought this pre-baby being born, and got the foam infant inserts to go with it. The day I had to bring my newborn home, I had no idea what I was doing with the buckles. We actually put the seatbelt on the baby completely wrong, gave up and I held the baby in the seat on our short ride home! (Not recommended). I am not saying this to discourage you to buy this seat, rather I think you should educate yourself on how to put an infant into a car seat well in advance of the day you decide to take the baby home from the hospital!!! Since then, obviously we figured it out. And now we love this carseat.I own both the Boulevard CS 70 and the Marathon versions of the Britax seats. The Boulevard is considerably more "luxe" than the Marathon. I like that the seatbelt clicks. At first, I hated it because I felt like it was way too constricting when it squeezed against my baby. But now I feel like I need that comfort of the click to know the seat belt is on properly. The Marathon that I have does not have the click feature, and I never feel like it’s on tight enough.We decided to not go with the infant carrier seat, and I am very happy with my decision to not get one (despite a lot of protests from my friends). A few words of advice for those of you choosing to use only one convertible car seat from birth until they outgrow the seat…1.) Newborns need a full recline! Otherwise their heads roll forward and can constrict breathing. We had to get towels and prop the seat up so that the seat would fully recline properly in our car2.) When the seat is rear facing, and in newborn recline mode, it may not fit in your car right. Especially if you are tall people that require the driver seat and passenger seats pushed all of the way back. My husband is 6’4". This is a problem for us, because the seat couldn’t recline completely and thus, the baby’s neck was constricted. We actually bought a new car all because of this!!! Not exactly the most economical approach, but we wanted a new car anyhow.3.) The cushions are essential to get with your convertible car seat so that you can properly get a ball of a newborn baby to fit into the seat right.4.) I highly recommend getting one of those inserts that wraps around the baby’s head so that the head doesn’t fall from side to side. That was a huge problem for me at first because of the lack of neck and head control in those first months.5.) If you are in a bumpy ride (think a Jeep wrangler, or a sporty subaru impreza with stiff shocks), then don’t get a seat like this for a newborn. Their head is going to bounce all over the place in the car seat.6.) It takes some practice to maneuver the newborn into the car seat because of the lack of head control. You have to sort of hold the baby horizontal, and slide them into the car seat sideways. It’s annoying but possible.Overall, it’s possible to do this from birth on, but there are definitely considerations that need to be made when making that choice!

Deborah Granbury, TX

Loved at first but now I’m starting to regret it…..

What really sold me on this seat were the impressive safety features, such as the honeycomb shock absorbers and the steel frame. I don’t care for the HUGS harness straps at all (they’re kind of a pain to manuever when tightening the straps) but as long as my baby is safe, I’ll deal with a few minor annoyances. The buckle is very simple and easy to use and the fabric is nice and soft, although it does get pretty warm in the summer, even with the A/C blasted. The seat has Velcro strapholders on the sides to catch and hold the straps apart when dropping the baby in the seat. I really love this feature but do wish it worked better. I have to put a lot of effort into making the straps stick to the Velcro, but it’s better than nothing.UPDATE 6/7/14: The HUGS chest pads are junk. One of the pads became creased at the shoulder due to regular wear and got so bad it actually cracked in half. I removed both pads and am now waiting for Britax to send me replacements. Britax customer service has been responsive but I think they should have sent me the replacements via overnight delivery rather than snail mail. It’s been six days and I’m still waiting for them. I’ll hold onto this seat for another year but when I switch my son to forward-facing, I’ll probably get a Recaro booster and move the Britax to hubby’s car as a back-up seat.

James Bentonville, VA

Disappointment for the cost, brand

This carseat is fine. I would have given is 3.5 stars if possible. We purchased this on Amazon as well as a Cosco Scenera for $40, and like the Cosco better. Two pieces of the Britax have broken and needed replacement: the HUGS restraint system and the head support that wraps around either side of the baby’s head. We found that one of the large “flaps” had completely broken off!! Thankfully, Britax does have good customer service and sends replacements quickly, but for the money you spend on a Britax, you don’t want to be replacing pieces every couple months. It’s a fine seat, but not worth the extra money.

Julia Addison, MI

Love love!!!!

This car seat is awesome! I love the Britax brand, I really feel like my daughter is safe in them. This one is a little nicer than the one in my car and has air bag gel in the harness. It has great padding for her and she is still able to see out the window. Next kid will only have a Britax! Only think I would have done different is lighter color, it is not in Texas and the black is getting hot.

Leticia Rockville, NE

Really wanted to love this carseat but I hate it

I own 5 of these Britax Boulevards; 2 are in my car, 2 in my husband’s and 1 in grandma’s. I’ve loved all of the Boulevards except the G3 that’s being used for my one year old in my car. I can’t say how much I hate this seat. It is so so so difficult to adjust the straps. I also think I have a defective car seat. One of the straps keeps falling off of my one year old’s shoulder. She used to be rear facing so we had the straps below shoulder level as advised by Britax. Due to this issue, we turned the car seat to face forward and moved up the straps above her shoulders as advised. The strap still keeps falling off of her shoulder. I’ve tried adjusting it to different lengths and I think the slot where the strap comes through may not be aligned correctly (manufacturer’s defect). I contacted Britax but that was two weeks ago and I have not heard back from them. You’d think after investing over a $1000 in this company’s products, you deserve a response. Anyway, dealing with this car seat has been such a nightmare. I may have bought the “safest” car seat but I don’t think my child is safe in it. We’ll either get another car seat or switch it with one of the others but we still have one with a huge issue.

Maryann Rose, NE

easy to install

We own three Britax convertible seats. They are super easy to install by using either the LATCH or the seat belt. I like how easy it is to tighten the harness. I chose Britax since it can be tethered while rear facing. This seat is very heavy so it would not be fun to transport from vehicle to vehicle. I have a lot less issues with the straps twisting on the Boulevard than on the Marathon. I think the HUGS pads slide much easier on the Boulevard than the Marathon. My only disappointment is that there are velcro tabs on the sides to attach the harness to when not in use. This is supposed to keep you from having to dig the harness out from under the child. These tabs do not work the greatest, but the theory behind them is good.My child is on the tall side so this seat will not last as long rear facing as a Diono or the Chicco Nextfit would. She will make it pat two years old rear facing, but I was hoping to make it close to four. Amazon has by far the best prices on this seat.I am very happy with Britax products overall and will most likely purchase a Britax booster seat when the time comes.

Kristen Salamonia, IN

great car seat!

easy to install, comfortable for my daughter, and comes with the safety of britax. we were planning on getting a 3-in-1 but a friend told us that this is better for a 2-year old since the straps are lower and the seat is more padded. we are happy we went with his recommendation.

Dianne Derby Line, VT

Great Carseat!

We had a hard time choosing a carseat that would fit our needs. We went back and forth between other Britax models. We went with the Boulevard because it was highly rated and included additional head support. The color on the Onyx version is great. It’s very durable. I struggle with getting my 1 year old in and out of the car, but I’m shorter and have an SUV so that’s probably why. Other than that it’s a great seat with high ratings. I will encourage Britax and their Boulevard car seat to all my friends!

Tonya Collins, IA

Love Britax

Great seat. It’s a little big, but I don’t think I would feel like my kid was safe in a smaller carseat. The little gray straps did break after awhile, so I’ll need to call the company and see about getting those replaced. We’ve used Britax carseats since our son was born and love their products! You definitely get what you pay for with this sort of thing, and Britax has proven itself to be worth every penny.

Roxie Greensburg, LA

Good quality car seat

After months of research and reading multiple reviews I decided to go with the Britax Boulevard. Overall I really like this car seat for my 1 year old. It seems well made and very secure. The few cons are that it is a little difficult to instal (rear facing) and the belt can be a little tricky at first. Even with these to minor challenges I would still highly recommend this carseat.

Chrystal Reva, SD

Love it!

I love everything about this car seat. Easy to install, sturdy, lots of padding. One of my favorite features is the padding around the belt buckle, it keep the buckle forward so you don’t have to fish it out from under the child and prevents from pinching skin in the buckle.

Ollie Kentland, IN


We LOVE this car seat!! When we started looking for a seat for my little girl who was outgrowing her infant carrier, basically everyone I knew told me to go with Britax! and I am sooo glad we did. We got another one for my husband’s car as well! Easy to work and install and you can tell your baby is comfortable and safe.

Velma Hyder, AK