Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat, Onyx

Transport little ones safely with this car seat that can be positioned facing forward or backwards. Adjust the set up to match your child’s stage of development. Features: Patented Versa-Tether Easy and infinite head pad and harness height adjustment Built-in lock-offs Infant body pillow for a cozy fit Belt holders keep belts aside for boarding Belly pad for comfort and protection Removable, washable fabric cover Sculpted base for a perfect fit Flexible buckle LATCH system One-hand recline adjustment True Side Impact Protection Extra comfort padding in head area Patented HUGS system Tangle-free, polyester 5-point harness One-pull front harness adjustment Rear-Facing: 5 lbs. to 35 lbs. Front-Facing: 1 year and 20 lbs. up to 65 lbs.

Main features

  • True Side Impact Protection
  • Patented HUGS system, tangle-free 5 point harness with belly pad and one pull front harness adjustment
  • Flexible buckle LATCH system
  • Extra comfort padding, infant body pillow for cozy fit
  • Rear facing: 5 to 35 pounds. Forward facing: At least 1 year old and 20 to 65 pounds

Verified reviews


hard to tighten

We owned this car seat for one month. It does have nice deep side wings and the chest straps are big and broad, so they don’t cut into his chest. However, here are the issues:-It does not have an adjustable crotch strap, so a bigger baby (our son is tall and skinny) probably won’t be able to use it forever. I don’t know how a chunky baby would last more than a few months without sitting on the crotch strap-Trying to pull the straps tight was extremely difficult–I thought my wrist was going to break. I never felt he was actually snug enough but I just couldn’t physically pull any harder-As other reviewers stated, the crotch buckles don’t always click, so you have to play games trying to make sure they are locked-The strap release is hard to access, making it more difficult to remove himWe then bought The First Years True Fit. Like the Boulevard, it was huge and bulky. When fully tightened in the rear-facing position using the LATCH system, both could be grasped by their bases from the front seat and pulled forward, pushing baby’s head into the back seat. The same could be done by just pushing on the backs of these carseats (in the rear-facing position), so baby’s face would slam into the back seat in a head-on collision!Finally we went with the Sunshine Radian and what a difference! It has a detachable base which, when installed in the rear-facing position, fully fills in the gap between the carseat and seat back. No bulky towels that shift, no water noodles that get squished down. And a SNUG FIT! Additionally, there is a very easy floor tether that secures this carseat further, even in the rear-facing position (The First Years True Fit offers no such tether, and Britax’s rear-facing tether is strung over baby’s head!) and even if your car doesn’t come manufactured with a specific tether point!The mesh fabric stays dry and cool even on the hottest days, there’s plenty of leg room even in the rear-facing position, and this whole seat fits (albeit snuggly) in the backseat of my 2004 Saturn LW300 (a very small backseat!). Also, there’s a little card pouch to fill out with your child’s medical information in case of an accident so emergency personel can immediately treat your child!

Opal Grandville, MI

love it

Oh my god, I love this car seat. It’s huge though. I have a 2002 4 door Saturn and it does fit in the back, facing the rear. I do not have to pull my seats up in the front. But there is very little room on either side of it. Other than that, it is so easy to use, doesn’t tangle, my baby loves it. He falls asleep right away in it, and it is high enough so that he can see out the windows and he likes that. It’s worth every single cent. I highly, highly recommend this car seat. I got it installed at the police station, and that helped a lot. It actually created a lot more room in my car after they installed it vs. when I did it myself.

Silvia Bethel, ME

What price do you put on your childs safty?

I did a lot of research before purchasing this car seat. I have a 20 month old and a 5 month old. We just purchased a new vehicle which has side curtain airbags. I wasn’t so worried about a side impact crash since your much more likely to hit head on or be rear-ended. My main concern was when the side air bags deployed would the Alpha Omega my toddler was in withstand that kind of blow, probably not, especially since I could never get that seat good and snug. The wings on the boulevard look like they would protect your child’s head from a side curtain airbag. (Airbags can cause a lot of facial damage) I was worried the wings would be too big that my kids couldn’t see out the window, but she can. I love this car seat, I purchased 2, one for each of my girls. […] It took me more time to take out the Alpha Omega than it did putting the Boulevard in forward facing. I just attached all 3 latches, sat on the seat and pulled each of the lower LATCH anchors at the same time. It is so tight! It doesn’t budge. Plus it’s so easy to remove the LATCH as well. Just remember that when your child hits 48 lbs to anchor the seat with the seat belt and not LATCH. It sits up a lot higher than the alpha too, which is good if God forbid you did get hit from the side, the car seat would be higher than the on-coming cars bumper. I also like that you don’t have to take the seat out to raise the shoulder belt height, super convenient for growing infants. The wings are also nice headrests for a sleeping child. On the alpha omega my toddlers head would always flop down in an unnatural uncomfortable position. I really like the Hugs system which prevents children from pulling the chest clip down. On the Alpha Omega my toddler was able to push the chest clip down to the buckle and pull her arms out of the straps! I haven’t yet installed the other one for my infant, still using the peg infant carrier. I will review it again as rear facing. These seats are pricey but I will pay anything to make my girls as safe as possible. If you have a toddler and are thinking of this seat the Wizard is the same, it just doesn’t have the infant body pillow, plus it’s much cheaper. I would have gotten one for my toddler but it didn’t come in the onyx color, just blue or navy. I could not imagine ever purchasing a different seat and urge you to get this seat for the safety of your children.

Jenna Rockford, OH

love my Britax Boulevard

This is the best car seat out there in my opinion. It is super easy to install with either latch or seatbelt. It is the easiest car seat I’ve installed. I like the side impact protection. I feel that my daughter is very safe in this seat. It is a bit tall, so if you are using it rear facing it does take up a lot of space. My daughter loves this car seat compared to a cheap seat that was our extra for the grandparents car until recently. This seat’s seated shoulder height is higher than our cheap seat. That is why we had to replace the grandparents car seat. She is still in her Boulevard, but she is too tall for the cheap seat now.

Merle Lebanon, WI


I have two of these. One in black (onyx) and one in brown (huntington). Most of the britax’s are plush (fuzzy and hot). The onyx is better than most. The huntington is cozy but I do find it a little hot. We just got a new suv that has rear air so the hotness is not quite a problem now. With the rear air I will probably not get a replacement cover that is cooler. In my other suv which was a darker color and did not have rear air I probably would have gotten another onyx cover. The onyx has a little plushness on it but mostly it is smooth (once you take out the extra padding for small babies).Overall a great seat. Probably better than any other but it’s not perfect. The side-impact protection seems flimsy and I could see that it might break easily (which is mentioned in other reviews). And some people rave about the straps. I find they get twisted up pretty frequently. And I dont like the tightening mechanism. It is difficult to pull. The ratcheting action is not as easy to use as the smooth pull that I loved on my infant graco safeseat.But I do feel that my child is safe. Installation with the latch system is pretty easy. Installation with a seat belt is quite difficult and will likely require 2 people to get it tight enough. I can put in the seat with latch and tether in probably 5-7 minutes. Not something you’d want to do everyday but not too bad. I really like the tether. It adds alot of stability.Note: I am using this seat rear facing, center seat, in a Toyota Sequoia for a 22 pound 19 month old.

Christina Lake Linden, MI

Love this carseat!

We’ve been using this carseat for months now, and we love it. Most importantly, my son loves it. It is very comfortable, and we feel that he is very secure inside. It’s not the easiest to install, but the comfort and stability of the seat more than make up for that. I’ve washed the cover and it did really well in the washer. It wasn’t hard to put the cover back on, either. Lots of nooks and crannies for stray cheerios, but that can’t be helped. Would buy another in a heartbeat, and highly recommended to anyone.

Jannie Manning, ND

How to wash a Britax Boulevard car seat cover

Washing and reassembling Bouevard car seat is a nightmare if you don’t know how – just follow these instructions (they’re not in the manual). My baby threw up in the car and it is hand wash only, drip dry, do not machine wash & dry or else.To unassemble, first remove the harness straps from the shoulder slots; then gently take off the cover from the headrest, putting the EPS and foam inserts aside; finally, remove the car seat cover. Don’t try to take off the cover if the headrest isn’t removed as it won’t come off easily.I washed it in Woolite in a large sink, then rolled it up in a towel to take out the excess water, and hung it up to dry. A day later, it was dry, but putting the car seat back together was like a puzzle. Unfortunately, the instructions just say “put cover back on” with no tips at all of how to do it without going nuts.The car seat has a headrest that’s independent of the shell, with EPS foam lining that you have to be careful not to break. After many failed attempts, as the cover doesn’t stretch and the headrest will break if you try to bend it, I realized that if you slide the cover gently over both wings at once (sort of like putting your pants on both legs at once), and then wrap the fabric cover around the top, it’s easy and you won’t break the headrest. I had a few tense moments thinking that Britax has to sell replacement parts, as the EPS foam is very easy to damage if not done this way (Huge hint to Britax – clearer instructions?) You have to put the headrest contraption on before putting the harness straps back into the shoulder slots – I forgot and had to redo the whole process.Threading the harness through the fabric cover was also nearly impossible. You’re not supposed to remove the components of the harness, and you don’t have to either. It’s easy if you just take out the harness strap out from the top slot of the grey rubber holder (leaving it threaded through the bottom slot), enough to slide the chest clip up a little bit beyod the rubber part. Put each part individually through the fabric cover’s slot (chest clip, rubber thingie folded in half lengthwise, buckle with the metal tip first). When you’re done, you slide the chest clip down again on the strap and rethread the strap through the top slot of the rubber holder. The Marathon is similar in case you ever need to wash it.Then you rethread the shoulder staps through the back, making sure the straps are not twisted and that it’s well secured to the metal yoke in back.Half an hour later, though, and I’m done reassembling, and the cover came out fine without shrinking or fading. But I understand now why Britax sells replacement covers and why you shouldn’t feed a baby before you put them in a car seat.Other than this it’s a great car seat though, don’t let the washing bit dissuade you – it’s easy once you know how. This car seat fit great in a Honda Accord, Toyota RAV4, Nissan XTerra, Lexus SUVs, and surprisingly, a Subaru Forester.

Eunice Byers, KS

Worth every penny

This seat is amazing–not having to rethread the harness is worth a lot right there. The rearfacing tether helps get a rock solid install. Britax has great latch hooks that go on and off with the push of a button–so much easier than other brands. The fabric is luxurious and the Shannon is really pretty. Going to 65 lbs means not having to buy another seat for a long time and rearfacing to 35 lbs is much safer. I own 3 Britax seats, but my Boulevards are my favorite.

Velma Douglas, WY