Britax Car Seat Travel Cart, Black

Britax Car Seat Travel Cart, Black

The Britax car seat travel cart is a convenient alternative when traveling through airports with your car seat and child in tow. Car seats attach effortlessly using the car seat latch connectors, the same connectors that secure your car seat tightly to your vehicle. When storing the Britax car seat travel cart, its compact fold allows it to fit into small spaces, including most airplane overhead compartments. With its durable steel frame design and easy-glide wheels, the Britax car seat travel cart can be used with children harnessed in car seats for short travel distances. The raised platform protects the car seat from contacting the ground, while the one-hand telescoping handle adjusts to fit any height caregiver. The Britax car seat travel cart accommodates all Britax convertibles and harnessed booster seats, and most other brands. No assembly required.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Attachment using the car seat’s latch connectors for quick and simple use, Compact fold stows into small spaces including most airplane overhead compartments, Steel frame design for strength and durability; No assembly required, Raised platform protects the car seat from contacting the ground, Easy-glide wheels for a smooth transport of your car seat and its passengers

Verified reviews


Perfect for flying!

One of the reasons I prefer Britax is because of the superior safety of their seats. But that superior safety has a price – the seats are much bulkier and heavier than cheaper ones. This makes hauling them through the airport on a trip very difficult. When my children were young, I had to purchase a second lightweight cheap seat for travel, which sacrificed their safety when we were on the road during our travels.I bought this as a gift for my sister-in-law. Its a godsend. We’ve traveled together and its made getting the carseat through security and to the gate so much easier. Once on the plane, it just folds right up and fits in the overhead bin. I wish I had one of these when my kids were little! If you plan on traveling with your carseat, this is a must. Also, if you plan to gate check the seat definitely get a cover – we’ve had car seats come back soaking wet from being left on the tarmac in the pouring rain!

Nanette South Range, MI

Not fancy, but sturdy

Haven’t used it yet, but it looks very sturdy. We don’t have a Britax carseat, but it looks pretty universal.

Geneva Stillwater, PA

looking forward to my next family trip

Have not used this yet but is sure going to beat having to carry the chair through an airport. and if it can hold the chainand the baby at the same time will make life so much easier when traveling. ratehr than one pearent being the pack horse and drowing in bags and trollies while the other is on baby duty. should make family holidays much more plesent.

Corrine Mc Dowell, VA

Glad I got it

At first I was skeptical, but after trying to fit my Britax Advocate 70 on a lesser luggage cart, it became obvious that the beast of a carseat had specific needs. This car seat dolly fit perfectly, and we managed to transfer the seat (with sleeping baby) from the car to the cart no problem at the airport. It’s not obvious from the picture, but the handle part extends to about twice the length shown, and the car seat JUST fits on the bottom section. There is no room for extra luggage. Still, at $10/day for a rental carseat that may or may not be complete, safe, or clean, taking along our own trusted seat with this cart made good sense. We got the Jeep bag for the seat, and gate checked it no problem. This cart fit in the overhead nicely. A word of advice though, it’s better to go up the aisle with this thing on wheels (put a carry on on it) than carrying it – it kept whacking the seats on each side of the aisle…oopsy!I do wish it had some kind of stabilizer, to keep the angle steady when rolling (more of a stroller frame would have been perfect). I felt like I was jerking him around a little, since the handle was slightly too short for me at it’s max height. I’m 5’8″ and I had to walk slightly bent over to keep the ride smooth… and for sure, when stopping, use your foot to keep it from rolling backward and jerking him forward in the seat. A slightly longer handle would have been nice, since I wanted him out in front of me, rather than dragging him along behind me, where I couldn’t watch out for crazed commuters in a mad rush to get on or off of the train.I’m glad I got it, and my super skeptical husband is too.

Beatrice Brantingham, NY

We don’t travel without it!

We have a Britax Boulevard 70 CS and the 3G version. I can’t tell you how many people stop us in the airport and ask us where we got such a contraption. This makes traveling with any tyke, especially if you’re traveling solo, easy and bearable. My daughter sits in car seat, which clicks into the travel cart with the latch clips, from curbside to the security line. Then we carry her through security and ask the guards to hand check the carseat (while attached to the cart) so that we don’t have to unhook the carseat. Then she happily gets back into the carseat until she’s on the plane (the carseat attached to the cart are narrow enough to fit and be wheeled down the isle on the airplane). Then the carseat gets unhooked from the cart and belted into the seat on the airplane and the travel cart folds up easily and is stowed above in the overhead bin.

Aurora Nephi, UT


I was worried about this product before I ordered it because some reviews said it was flimsy and basically a luggage cart with the Britax name stamped on it. Well, they are wrong! It is NOT flimsy at all! It is much better quality than a cheap luggage travel cart and it has the latch connectors, which make it super easy to attach/detach the car seat. It also folds very small and very easily. No regrets at all!

Jeannie Springport, IN

Traveling must for Britax seats

We have a Britax Marathon and we needed to bring it along on our trip back home to visit family. With this I was able to attach my sons seat (which is very heavy) and wheel it through the airport (with my son in it) with ease. I left it on the seat when we went through security since his seat was too big for their scanners anyways and they did their physical check of the seat. I like that it keeps the seat off the ground so that the seat base did not get any extra wear and tear. Wheels worked great and the handle extends for taller adults if needed.

Ashley Crocketts Bluff, AR

life saver

I have a Diono Radian RXT and since this has the Latch system on the travel cart – if fit perfectly. I used this in the airports. latch the carseat to this, put the kid in the seat and off we went. The Diono Radian RXT fit into the airplane seats well with space left – and this folded and went into the overhead bin. What comfort – moving through the airports with the 35# seat and a 24# toddler – easier than carrying either one. Easily made 1 hour connections that required moving the full length of the airport. even onto/off trains, elevators and moving sidewalks. Cant say enough good about this – LOVE IT!

Beth Elkview, WV

Made traveling alone with baby so easy!

This was great, and I got it for half of what Britax charges on their website. Hooked the carseat up to it, rear-facing so I could stack my bags into the carseat. Put my son in a carrier and traveled on, without help. Folds down and fits into the Xray machines when going through security. Checked it planeside, but it would also fit in the overhead compartments. Worked out great, and I ran into another mom who had one at the airport. A total lifesaver!

Lynne Elkins, AR

Excellent for trip with just mom and young daughter

I had to go on 2 layovers across the country with my 3 year-old, and this was essential. I clicked her carseat (Evenflo) into it, she sat in it or I put my backpack in it, and away we went. I had no layover at one place (touched down when the other plane was boarding!) and I booked it with my daughter in this, and it was fast.I recommend pulling it like luggage, as that’s faster and a bit more stable than pushing, although it does handle easily pushing also. I tended to use the handle all the way extended, which brought it closer to my usual stroller handle height, but you can use it at the first "click" too if you’re shorter.This folds down to fit into even the small planes’ overhead bins, so make sure that the gate agent doesn’t stick you with a gate check sticker.I loved this handy item, which replaced a whole stroller on the trip.

Maureen Sherwood, TN


We bought this as we are frequent travelers! It is so nice to pull (or push) baby like a precious little piece of luggage! This has come in handy for early morning flights when baby fell asleep on the way to the airport and we just transferred the carseat onto the travel cart and we were on our way without disrupting baby! It fits on tight and is simple to install onto cart. It also fits in the carseat cover, still attached, which is helpful for quickly disembarking the airport. We get compliments on it everywhere we go!

Sybil Kimberly, ID

Good space-saving alternative to a stroller, if your toddler will tolerate it.

I purchased this Britax Car Seat Travel Cart to use with our 23 month-old’s Britax Advocate 70-G3 convertible car seat for a 5-hour West-to-East-Coast flight. We’d purchased an individual seat on the plane for our toddler, and since we planned on using her car seat during the flight anyway, we figured we’d wheel her through the terminal using this travel cart instead of bringing along a separate stroller (which would have to be gate-checked at boarding). Our car seat connected very easily to this cart with the LATCH connectors, and our little-one seemed quite secure in it as we were wheeling her around (no wobbling or tilting). This is not really an issue with the travel cart itself, but if you’re planning on using this travel cart with a wider convertible car seat, such as the Britax Advocate or Boulevard (which have extra side impact protection surrounding the car seat headrest), it will NOT fit through the aisles of most airplanes. We were on pretty large airplanes for both our initial and return flights, and we couldn’t wheel our Advocate 70-G3 down the aisle of either aircraft on this travel cart. My husband had to remove our daughter from the car seat and carry it over his head in order to get it to our aircraft seats. Next time we travel by air, we plan on using our much slimmer Diono Radian RXT convertible car seat to see if we have better luck wheeling it through the airplane aisle.Although this travel cart is a good idea in theory, it didn’t work for us in practice because my daughter didn’t like being wheeled around in her car seat. She is used to being in the car seat for driving (and she adjusted well to it for flying), but she wasn’t a fan of being wheeled around in it. I don’t think she enjoyed being being so close to the ground as we zipped through the airport terminal, since it didn’t give her a good vantage point for seeing everything around her. (She’s at a very curious age right now, so this was a major drawback). She kept asking to get “out” of the car seat while it was on the travel cart, and we even had to deal with a couple of meltdowns! The next time we travel, we’re just going to suck-it-up and bring our lightweight umbrella stroller along to wheel our little-one around the terminal. She’s used to being wheeled around in her stroller, and the higher seat gives her a better viewing angle for observing her surroundings.However, if you’re traveling with an infant or a toddler who doesn’t mind being wheeled around in a car seat, then this is a viable alternative to a stroller for air travel. My child just didn’t take to it. I also deducted an additional star (down to 3 stars) because, in my opinion, this travel cart is too expensive for what you get. It’s pretty much a glorified luggage cart with a bare-bones, steel frame. There are cheaper alternatives available right here on Amazon, which seem to be just as safe and effective is this cart.Grade: B

Annie Greenbush, MN

Great cart

We used this cart traveling between multiple airports when flying to Germany. This cart was useful and durable. It allowed for easier travel. I would definitely buy it again.

Annie Weston, NE

Worked perfectly!

This made lugging the carseat through the airport a BREEZE! I checked the stroller and baby rode in here instead. He loved it! I have a 2012 Britax Marathon that I clipped on and it even fit through the aisle on the plane. Preboarding is key though. Southwest doesn’t allow preboarding for families so you’ll need to make friends with a handicap person and board with them. I learned that little tip for the way home after struggling with this and all by bags on a half full plane. (was traveling just me and baby)

Gayla Loretto, MI

Nice cart, car seat too wide for most airplane aisles…

I bought this cart in order to travel by air with my daughter, just me flying alone with her, so I could cart her and her carseat through the airport and onto/off the planes. It works great for the airport, but not so hot with the planes. Regional jet aisles are not wide enough to roll it to your seat (the cart itself is fine, but the carseat is too wide. If you have a particularly narrow seat like a Radian, it might work). The only aircraft I have been able to roll it to my seat on were an Airbus A319, and a 737, both arranged with 3 seats on either side of the aisle. Note also that some aircraft aisles are not straight all the way back (i.e. they have a dog-leg between first class and coach or something similar). I also found myself with a dilemma at O’Hare airport when boarding a regional jet and they didn’t have a jetway at our gate! The cart is nice and sturdy, and the rollerblade-type wheels roll very smoothly. The carseat attaches nicely with the LATCH connectors, and is easy to remove as well. I used the top tether for additional security – there’s a bar at the base meant just for that purpose. Make sure you fit-check the cart in a store along with your specific seat though – I happen to have a Britax Pavilion seat but not all seats fit on it as well, depending on the geometry of the seat. The cart folds up easily and locks in the folded position with just some little bumps in the base part that you push the handle part between. It does not lock in the open position though, so if you bump it, the handle will go crashing over (if there’s not a carseat attached to it, that is). I did have one airline tell me it couldn’t be stowed in the overhead bin due to the wheels – they said it was a safety hazard because people open the bin and it’s light enough it may just roll out. I was able to fit it under my seat, but it does take up a good amount of space, so might not work on the smallest planes.

Heidi Staunton, IN

Good Product

We don’t believe that it is safe to try to hold a baby in our lap during a flight. As a result, we purchase as seat for him and used our "bucket" car seat to keep him safe while riding in the plane.This product makes it much easier to transport the seat and the child in the airport. No problems.Plus, we feel confident that we can convert it to a luggage carrier once he outgrows his carseat.

Charmaine Kaukauna, WI

Saved me in the Atlanta airport on a 12 hour delay

I missed a connection in the Atlanta airport with my two year old son and spent 12 hours walking back and forth between terminals trying to get on a flight. If I hadn’t had this travel cart, I would’ve collapsed in an exhausted, crying heap in the middle of the airport. I was able to cart my son all over the airport in his carseat, he was safely contained, and he could even nap. It has been awesome and I recommend it for every traveling parent.

Verna Stanford, IN


This is great for carting the car seat through the airport. Folds up easy and super easy to attach the seat to it. I used another brand once and the car seat was really hard to put on and keep it on, this one is perfect!

Gracie Fairfax, VT

Perfect for Traveling!

We fly often and this is great because it allows me to gate check the car seat instead of giving it up at the check in counter. I’ve checked our son’s car seat in at the counter a few times and found that it does far more damage to it than at the gate. So now we always check things in at the gate, it’s much better for its longevity! The cart works great with my son’s car seat, its a maxi cosi. I wouldn’t want to be carrying that throne of his with out a cart like this. AND best of all is that I can just leave him in the car seat and roll!

Lenora Casmalia, CA

Travel stroller in disguise

We actuallyy got this for free when we ordered our carseat on amazon. This is great for hauling a carseat through an airport (if you’re using the car seat on the airplane). It also serves a a make shft stroller because you can put your kid in the carseat and then push them through the airport on this.

Delia Farnsworth, TX


I used this for my first flight with my daughter. It was just me and her and I needed an easy way to carry her through the airport without lugging a car seat, stroller, etc. This worked really well. My only complaint is that it’s a little hard to maneuver, I struggled to get it from upright position onto the wheels only. My husband didn’t have that problem when he tried it, so it must be a matter of strength and height.

Alisa Terlton, OK

Best purchase ever

So I had a family emergency per say to get to out of state I’m 7 months pregnant with 22 month old. Who obviously needed his car seat for travel after we landed. Instead of me trying to corral him and tote my car seat and carry on I simply strapped him in and pulled him along. I gate checked this (with car seat) attached and it arrived at my next destination. If your a frequent flyer I say get this!! A must

Casandra Smithville, TN

Works just like it’s supposed to!

But I wish it had bigger tires. It doesn’t do well in the parking garage of the airport we use. I mean it does fine, we just have to pause and take each crack in the pavement carefully. We just gate check the car seat and leave this attached with the handle all the way down and haven’t had a problem. Knock on wood.

Emma Sicily Island, LA

Used with our Diono seat

This was great. Very easy to use, good securing mechanism, 2 positions for the handle height. Make airport travel really easy.

Cherie Sophia, NC

Make other airplane passengers jealous

We use this any time we travel with the kids. Mainly when going by plane.The car seats fit onto it very snugly. However it takes a bit of work to make the straps tight enough initially. After the straps are adjusted once it is fairly easy.Our toddler loves sitting in her car seat and being wheeled around on it with this.When we use this to take the kids through the airport on their car seats, I see a lot of other families look with envy. At least once per trip another parent comments that they want one too.

Elma Corona, NM

very practical to have when traveling with car seat

This is definitely a must have if you plan to travel by plane with your small child and want to put the car seat on a seat in the plane. The Britax car seats are heavy and this is definitely essential for mobility and comfort when walking from point to point at the airport. I would like for the seat to be a little sturdier on the cart. If you get this item, you will notice that there are only 2 parts on the bottom where you can fasten the seat and sometimes it can be slightly uncomfortable to pull because the seat feels a little wobbly. Not so much that it would be unsafe, but enough the it makes you stop adjust and keep going. So this is why this item is only getting 4 stars and not 5 from me. Very good product and overall am very happy with it.

Leta Warm Springs, AR

I expected more

We love our Britax car seats. They’re so well made and comfy for the kids. They’re also really expensive, so we expected to quality we know in the car seats to be present in this product, too. Not so much. It’s your average luggage cart. Folds nicely and the wheels work well, but there are not enough contact points to hold the seat to the frame when you’re wheeling it around. Hence, you spend a fair amount of time taking your child out of the seat to re-center it on the frame. Not cool when you’re rushing through airports.

Eileen Calhan, CO