Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat, Red

Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat, Red

With true side impact protection and a patented anti-rebound bar, the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. Soft, padded materials, harness pads, supportive comfort foam and an extra large canopy keep children comfortable and safe throughout their first year of life. Other smart features such as a quick-adjust headrest with no-rethread harness adjustment, a built-in lock-off, premium push button latch connectors and an ergonomically designed carry handle make the seat easy to use each and every time. The Chaperone fits infants rear facing from four to 30 pounds and up to 32″ tall, and is compatible with Britax B-Ready, B-Nimble, B-Scene, and Chaperone strollers and other major brands.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • True side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine in true or aligned, to limit injury
  • Anti rebound bar stabilizes child seat by minimizing rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions
  • Tangle free, five point harness with seven harness heights and two buckle positions for a snug and secure fit
  • Energy absorbing foam liner absorbs and distributes crash forces
  • Quick adjust head restraint and no rethread harness easily adjust the harness shoulder height and head restraint without disassembling the harness

Verified reviews


Mixed feelings

My husband and I purchased this carseat after a lot of research. We knew that we wanted a Britax infant carrier because of the great safety ratings. However, I have mixed feelings about it.Pros:- Very safe- The cow print is very cute- Extra large sunshade- The base is very sturdy- Snaps into our Britax B-Ready strollerCons:- Very heavy (when our baby was a couple weeks old, I could barely carry the carseat)- Bulky. It would not fit in my husband’s Acura TL even without the base. I have a mid-size SUV and we had to install the base behind the front passenger seat because we could push that farther forward.We eventually bought a Britax B-Safe infant carrier because it’s not quite as long, is a little lighter, and the base takes up less room in the car. We ended up packing the Chaperone away in the basement and used the B-Safe until our son was 7 months old.

Anita Paramus, NJ

Pros and Cons

I’ve been using the Britax Chaperone for over 7 months, now. I drive a mid size family car and the Chaperone does require that the seat it’s behind be pushed forward to the point that a man of average height wouldn’t be able to ride in that seat comfortably. We have two children (7 and 7 months) and have to make sure that the baby is behind me when we travel. It’s been several years since my oldest was in an infant carrier, so I’m not sure how the bulk of the Chaperone compares to most carriers on the market today. It is far bigger than the Graco Snugride I used with my oldest, but it also holds a child up to 10lbs heavier than that Snugride. I went back and forth between the Chaperone and the newer Snugride when deciding on a carrier for my daughter. My friend used the Snugride and had mostly positive comments on it. I like the new Snugrides far better than I liked them when my son was an infant. The comfort was the problem with his, but the newer Snugrides have far superior padding to the old ones. But having been so pleased with his Britax Marathon, I was on the fence about sticking with Britax for her carrier or giving Snugride a second chance. Ultimately, I decided upon the Britax because the seat itself weighs less. It’s large size can be a pain when it comes to placing it in shopping carts or when out to restaurants who don’t have slings and go the route of turning the high chairs upside down to the hold the carriers. I’d done that before with my son’s carrier, but the Chaperone is too wide to do that. It’s also too wide to slide into many booths. But I knew it was going to be bulkier than most other carriers when I bought it, so I won’t dock it on account of that. I felt like the few extra dollars it costs over the Snugride afforded us many superior safety features. I love the ease of adjusting the strap height and tightness, as well. So much nicer than the days of yore when the belts had to be rethreaded. My complaint and the reason I did dock this carrier one star is because it’s sometimes an absolute pain to remove it from the base. One side of the lever that you pull to release gets stuck about 90% of the time and won’t release the carrier from the base. It’s something that happens to both my husband and myself. It’s especially frustrating if the weather is bad or we’re running late and we can’t get the baby out of the car. We do plan on having another baby a year or so from now and I will use this seat for that baby and we’ll also likely go with Britax when she transitions into a convertible seat, so it’s not enough to make me lose complete faith in Britax. Given the cost of Britax products, however, it is a major disappointment. I can’t think of a single complaint with my son’s Marathon we purchased in 05 and we’ll likely go the route of either another Marathon or upgrade to a Boulevard when the time comes.

Elda Round Lake, IL

Huge and heavy; make sure you have plenty of rear seat room

I got this car seat free as part of the B-ready stroller event. If it wasn’t free, I would definitely not have purchased it. Although I love Britax products, this one is ridiculously huge. The base itself takes up approximately 15cm in length due to the square bar. However, it makes it convenient to get the seat in and out. The car seat is also really long and heavy. Although this means you can use it for longer, it also means that you need lots of rear seat room, and walking more than 1 block with it is a pain unless there are 2 people carrying it. We have compact cars (Toyota and Subaru) and the passenger seat has to be pushed all the way forward making it uncomfortable for anyone taller than 5’5″!

Katelyn Leblanc, LA

I don’t love it.

I really wanted to love this car seat. The cover is very plush and soft. It matches well with my silver B-ready. It’s incredibly safe, with true side impact protection and an anti-rebound bar. The canopy is also very nice and big. But in the end I just hate it. I hate this car seat! And I’ll tell you why.1) I went gaga over the no-rethread harness, but honestly it’s just a pain in the bum. It’s nearly impossible to adjust it while your baby is in the seat, and it gets stuck very easily. I end up having to wrestle with it all the time trying to raise the harness for my constantly growing newborn. In comparison to the B-safe, the B-safe’s harness is actually much easier to adjust! You just slip the straps through, easy peasy. No wrestling match.2) It’s huge! And heavy! The B-safe isn’t too much better in the weight department, but it’s much more compact. I see no reason why this monstrosity of a car seat needs to exist. I would really love to see Britax focus on getting their Chaperone to be smaller in the future. I have a Toyota Camry and it does fit behind the passenger seat, as long as I don’t have anyone else sitting up front. My six foot three husband certainly won’t fit. If you’re able to have it in the middle, that’s great, but I have another munchkin in my car, and I can’t fit both car seats in if one is in the middle. My older child is using a Britax Boulevard, still rear facing, which I do love. However, the B-safe will fit in the middle next to his car seat.3) The “true side impact protection” is all fine and dandy, but I’m not sure it really makes a difference if your car seat is in the center where it should be. With day to day use, the giant headrest is just obstructive and bulky. It makes my baby’s head crane at a weird angle, and I’m always struggling to get him into the seat without bumping his little noggin on the sides.4) The chest clip is nearly impossible to adjust. I’m sure this would be a great feature for an older child that uses the same settings for a longer period of time, but with my ever growing newborn, it’s a hassle trying to continuously drag that sucker up the straps. It does not want to move. And of course I do not have this trouble with the B-safe.5) The base is also ginormous. I understand it has this fancy rebound bar on it. That’s great. But if you’ve installed your car seat properly, you don’t need it. Ideally when you install your infant car seat’s base, you will get in the car and use your own weight to get the base as tight as it will go. If done properly, it will not move an inch, even up toward the seat. And if your child is strapped in properly, with the straps positioned in the right place and snug, I see no reason why your child will be going anywhere in the even of a crash. I feel like the anti rebound bar is a nice idea but really not necessary in the long run. You don’t see Chicco car seats with it, and they’re extremely safe. Why? Because you don’t need it.If you couldn’t tell from this review, I’ve switched to the Britax B-safe, and life is so much better now. My car seat fits into the larger portion of shopping carts. I don’t feel like my arm is going to fall off when I carry him. I can get through doors. My husband can ride shotgun. And I can adjust the darn straps!

Juliana New Bern, NC

5 stars for safety!

I bought this carseat for my infant because it is top of the line when it comes to safety. As far as safety, this carseat gets 5 stars from me. First off, the carseat has an anti-rebound bar which prevents the carrier from rebounding into the seat of the car after the initial impact of the crash. The videos on the Britax website show in detail how the anti-rebound bar works. Secondly, the carseat has side impact protection unlike any other infant seat on the market. Basically, there is extra support around the head area. Not only is this great in a crash, but it’s perfect for little babies who don’t have neck control & end up with their head slumping in their carseat. This extra support helps my little girl keep her head upright and comfortable. My husband and I consideredBritax B-Safe Infant Car Seat, Redbut decided on the Chaperone because of the side impact protection.I only gave the carseat 4 stars because it has some less than perfect aspects, which I am willing to tolerate for a seat with such high safety ratings. The seat is big. Because of the rebound bar, the carseat is longer than most infant carseats & takes up more room in the backseat. I drive a 2012 Mazda5. The carseat fits but the front passenger has to give up some extra leg room. Unless you are fairly tall, we’ve found that there is plenty of space for the front passenger. My husband drives a 2010 Prius, & his car has a little less space than mine, but it’s still functionable in his car.The carseat is a little heavy, but all infant carriers are heavy to lug around. The handle is also ergonomically designed so it’s flat across the top of the handle (rather than rounded) so that you can more easier carry it in the crook of your arm.I know this carseat gets some rough reviews, but if you can see past the bulkiness, it’s top of the line for safety. And to me, that’s the #1 factor in choosing a carseat for my child.

Erna Cheriton, VA

Lives up to it’s namesake…truly a Chaperone for our child!

After doing extensive research on rear-facing infant car seats, we narrowed down our choices to the Britax Chaperone and the Chicco KeyFit. Honestly, both are great seats that are very safe and easy to use. In the end though, we decided to go with the Britax Chaperone in red. Here are a few of my thoughts:1. This is definitely a large car seat, but I feel that the size is justified. With additional safety features like true side impact protection in the seat and the anti-rebound bar on the base, it helps put us at ease that we’ve picked a car seat that goes above and beyond the minimum standards for child seat safety. It weighs about a pound or so more than the Chicco, but realistically a car seat + growing infant is going to be heavy regardless. Save yourself some trouble and potentially some medical bills and only carry car seats when really necessary (and don’t use them inappropriately, such as putting them on elevator surfaces or shopping carts!). Otherwise, use a stroller, infant carrier, etc. whenever possible. It’s just not that great for you to carry any car seat around for an extended period of time.2. This is one good-looking car seat. The red and black combination is absolutely eye-catching, especially when combined with a matching stroller like theBritax B-Ready Stroller 2012, Red.3. It’s very easy to snap in and out of the car seat base, as well as the matching stroller. Press one giant button on the back of the seat and lift up for easy removal from your vehicle. The Chaperone also comes with attachments that allows you to hook it up to a stroller like the B-Ready, so don’t lose those! Once the attachments are installed, you never need to detach or re-attach them.4. The over sized canopy is greatly welcomed when wanting to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes. One big complaint we had with the Chicco was that the canopy was so much smaller in comparison to the Chaperone.5. Do some measuring of your car seat before purchasing this or any car seat. Chances are that it will fit (unless you have an absolutely tiny back seat), but keep in mind that the base is fairly long in comparison to something like the Chicco KeyFit. Now, keep in mind that the newer Chaperone bases will have a line on the bottom to indicate how much the base can hang over the seat (perfectly legal and safe). We thought we weren’t going to have room, but once we safely installed the car seat (absolutely very little wiggle room after installation), everything looked and fit very well.6. It does include a low-birth weight/newborn foam piece that simply gets placed underneath the car seat to provide a better fit for smaller babies. One thing to remember when using the low-birth weight foam is to raise the shoulder straps all the way up, strap baby in, then adjust the straps downward to find that perfect fit. We made the silly new parent mistake of installing the foam without adjusting the straps. We sat there perplexed why our tiny baby would not fit in this car seat for a solid 2 minutes before realizing that the foam raises the bottom of the seat, which means the distance between the bottom and the shoulder straps was greatly reduced.Overall, I’m truly satisfied with the Britax Chaperone and I think my kid is as well. She looks extra cozy when sitting her new car seat, and I’m sure yours will too!

Marci Bonlee, NC

Best Car Seat Available!

I did extensive research in the years before having my child and when I became pregnant and found that the Chaperone is by far the best infant car seat available – it meets European standards, widely known to be higher than those of the US, and it has the anti-rebound bar which may not be required by law but should be. There is a video demonstrating what the rebound bar is for and what it prevents which I highly recommend watching on I love the large sun canopy and the newer models are a stronger structure so the canopy stays up much better. I also like the new Click & Go feature of the Britax products that allow for seamless connections between the products without the need to purchase extra connectors and adapters. Though the car seat is on the heavier side – especially if your child manages to stay under the length limit by the time they reach the 30 lb weight limit – in my opinion, my child’s safety is more important than that (my arm could probably use the workout anyways!). This car seat may cost slightly more than a Graco or Chicco but the extra safety features are worth it and no doubt your baby’s life is worth more than a few Jacksons.

Freda Paauilo, HI

Great seat!

I love this seat. We chose it for how sturdy it looks and is, cute factor (cow print) was a bonus, and the height/weight limit. This car seat not only looks sturdy, it feels sturdy. It supports my daughter’s head well and the plastic isn’t flimsy. She falls asleep right away in it too. We didn’t use the infant foam as our daughter fit better without it, even with her birth weight at 6lb 8oz and 20.5″ long. It fits in our 1999 Subaru forester in a side position with the base, but the front seat has to be all the way forward and that makes it so no one can sit up there. It fits in the middle back seat without the base. It also fits exceptionally well in our 2002 dodge ram quad cab. We don’t have the latch system in our vehicles, so we use the seat belt to install it. Not hard at all. Just have to push the base down and get it tight enough. I highly recommend this seat if you are searching for one. It’s not overly heavy and bulky. It’s bigger than others, but it’s also sturdier. It’s definitely not too heavy (I’m only 5’3″, 120lbs and I can carry it easily).

Maribel Wilton, ND

Too heavy

The car seat is great, (easy in and out of the base) my son loves it, but as a grandparent, I think the car seat is way toooo heavy.

Laurie Halifax, VA

Best car seat out there!!

We love our Britax car seat!! It is good looking, durable, and most importantly SAFE!! We wanted to get the safest car seat on the market and though this car seat is a little big and heavy, it does the job way better than any other car seat! It clicks so easily into the base which is easy to install and then clicks right into our BReady stroller which we love too!!It is definitely heavier than most car seats and is absolutely NOT meant to be put on a shopping cart, but it is unsafe to put ANY seat on top of a car seat! I either use our BReady stroller when I’m just picking up a few things or put the carrier in the shopping cart part itself when I need a few more things!! It is a great car seat and would highly recommend it! Read the directions thoroughly however (manual is about 80 pages!!) because we didn’t know there was a 3rd position to the car seat handle for about 2 months!

Leola Elkins, AR

I feel safer

We had borrowed a car seat, then gave that one back & bought this one. This one makes me feel my baby is safer. Its sturdy. She is snug & is comfortable. … we are on the go a lot. I do love the fact that it is bright red, its an additional safety feature, I feel more visible in parking lots (since I’m a small woman, I love this). Now the bad: Its a bit heavy for me, but again I’m small. Putting it into the stroller is not easy. I’ve even been approached by strangers who see me struggling (no longer safe, I attract strangers). The stroller has pegs on either side where I have to aim to connect. It sucks, my last one was way better even though it was a cheaper brand. Also, I feel the car seat wobbles when its connected to the stroller. I don’t like this feeling, but my hubby says its safe. The two items separately are great. Just the connection should be improved. I am still kinda happy, I did notice those problems right away and still decided to keep it.

Bernice Pinecrest, CA

Too big and can only be used a few months

This is a very safe seat that is easy to use when the baby is small. It is huge, however. If you have a small four-door car, do not buy it. Also, my baby was out of this seat well before he hit even twenty pounds. His feet dangled horribly and I finally could not click him into the seat even with the straps pulled out as far as they could go. I have friends who use their well-designed infant seat for much longer. Buyer beware because my baby is of average size and he was out of this seat by the time he was four months old.

Angelina Cromwell, CT

roomy for baby

I went to the store to measure the car seats, and this was the roomiest one I found, especially when it came to shoulder width. I think the no-rebound bar and the roominess make it a clear winner. The canopy comes down nice and low, too, and I love the no-rethread harness (babies grow so fast!). The baby loves it!

Candace Capels, WV


This baby is fantastic. We love how solid it is. Once attached via LATCH the base doesn’t move. We have a RAV 4 and it fits behind the passenger seat now the bad part. It’s HUGE. the box arrived with the B agile stroller. It was bigger than the stroller box. The base is the major big part. We have three children 10 5 and a newborn. Our 5 year old is still in a booster which is the recarro brand our 10 year has to sit in the middle and he is squished into the spot.All in all we love this seat and the Britax brand items We’ve owned pegperago and britax. Britax is by far a much better product.Hope this helps.

Paige Columbia Cross Roads, PA

To all those who are looking for a car seat.

To all those who are looking for a car seat.. I just received it.Our baby is not due for another 3 months however we wanted to get a jump start.We are overseas right now and Britax will ship the BASE to APO but NOT the Seat 🙁 which makes no sense but if you have friends and family maybe they can help.We payed a friend to ship ours, and the box was intact along with the seat.The seat has some weight however the padding, and TSIP is lovely!! It does not feel cheap at all. So it gives me some motivation to work the upper arms and after all who does not want buff lean arms 😉 …Just looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. :)The seat feels very sturdy and I am so happy with my choice after reviewing many reviews on this seat along with Peg Preggo, and Chicco, Maxi Cosi this is the one I chose and I am happy I did.After ordering it, a nurse practitioner I work with informed me this is the top of line and what she would order if she had a baby.The fact of the matter is safety comes first, and all the rest of the issues I have seen people complain about are not worth complaining to me.As for the complaint about the size, we measured our back side seats with the front seats where we would normally have them and then we measured with the middle seat and the middle console (which is the safest place for baby and where we will put ours)there was plenty of room for all of them. This is something you might want to do prior to ordering. We have a Nissan.No matter how heavy it is as long as our baby is safe I am happy.Friends of ours have this same one and even with a 10 pound baby in it, it’s still ok to carry as I have.Like I said it’s just incentive to work those arms and shoulders out before the baby comes. I will update after the baby.

Rosemary Buckhorn, KY

Sweet seat

We bought this car seat because it is super safe and goes with the B-Ready that we also bought. Another reviewer said it was hard to get this seat out of the base, but I find that it comes out easily when operated correctly. You have to squeeze the release BEFORE you start to pull at all. When you do that, it comes out easily. If you start pulling before completely squeezing the release, it will get hung up, but so will any other infant carriers out there (the one we had with out daughter was really easily hung up). Love the safety features of this seat. FYI: It comes with both the click n’ go adapters for the Britax strollers and also the foam infant insert for smaller babies. So no need to call Britax for the adapters and no need to purchase the insert separately. I can see what some people were talking about with the sun shade being long and possibly getting in the way when it goes in the base, but if you hold the back of the seat under when clicking it into the base, this is an avoidable problem. The long shade will be nice for keeping a baby’s eyes and skin protected from the sun. Really happy with this purchase.

Audrey Little Plymouth, VA

This seat and its base is a BEAST!

I bought this seat for my second child because we already had the bReady and bAgile strollers and I wanted a compatible car seat. My first child had the combi shuttle, the only other infant car seat with an anti-rebound bar. I jumped on a sale a store had for this car seat and got it for considerably less than the bSafe seat. The ease of use and compatibility with other Britax items is extremely convenient but the size of this seat when attached to the base has forced me to retire it to the “backup” car seat. I have tried installing it in both rows of my very large SUV and the backseat of my VW passat and no matter where it is placed the seat in front of it is totally unusable unless you are shorter than 5’5″ or don’t mind having your legs pressed against the dashboard. The problem is mainly the base, where the anti rebound bar is. The combi seat has the bar attached to the actual carrier and is considerably shorter once installed. The only way to make this seat functional for my family is to install it without the base, but I feel that the whole point (and major safety highlight) was the anti rebound bar on the base. I would recommend the bSafe seat for use with Britax strollers or the combi shuttle for the anti rebound bar feature.

Naomi Federalsburg, MD

Not for small cars!

The Chaperone did not fit in my 2005 Saab 9-2x (same as a Subaru Impreza). We returned it and went with the B-Safe.

Carmella Owings, MD

If you’re going for safety, this is the car seat to pick

I would give this car seat a 5 but it is heavy. However, the reason it is so heavy is because it is the safest available car seat on the market. It also came wiht a nice fabric and wipes clean easily. It works very nicely with the B-Agile stroller. Also, if you are purchasing the B-Agile stroller to go with this car seat you should know that you need both the manual for the stroller and the car seat to be able to figure out how they work together. It is a little annoying but only a slight inconvenience. I would defintely recommend it.

Deloris La Mesa, NM

One of the safest seats you can buy!

I feel very safe that my son is in this! It is a great infant seat, easy to detach, adjust, and move from car to car!

Kayla Stanton, MO

but offers great protection and is very comfortable

Bit heavy and large, but offers great protection and is very comfortable.

Bernadette Ridgewood, NJ

Great, sturdy.. only a bit heavy!

My son is almost 7 months old and i am still using this car seat as he is 7.2kg, so he still has some way to go before outgrowing it, which is great. The seat is very comfortable for the baby, was since he was a newborn, and it positions him perfectly so that he can look around if awake or rest comfortably without his head wobbling to the front when asleep. I also attach some soft toys to the handle bar and he plays happily.Attaching it to the base in the car is VERY easy and getting it off might be a bit tricky at first but you quickly get the hang of it. the installation was pretty simple too.The only issue is that it is really heavy… if i had to carry it from the car to my appartment it would be an issue. I always use a frame that i bought that converts it very easily into a stroller, and use it as my main stroller for now (i think its the baby trend snap n go – very useful!)Thankfully i have not tested it in a crash situation yet, and hope i never do, but it looks very secure.

Kari Smithville, AR

Wonderful and safe car seat, just a little too heavy.

Once upon a time I was a car seat inspection assistant and participated in two car seat inspection days at my local not-for profit. The nightmare seats I saw and the even worse installation attempts I saw made me very worried for when I had kids.We have a 2008 Chevrolet Malibu and were concerned that the seat would not fit. However, it fits perfectly in the center of the back seat. Given my experience with car seats I handed the seat to my husband to see if he could figure it out without my help. I intervened once to show him how to attach to the LATCH system in the car. He had the whole thing installed, tightened so that it didn’t wiggle from side to side and leveled (using the awesome built in levels on the car seat!) in 10 minutes!!After safety (which this car seat has been rated as top notch) proper installation should be everyone’s next concern. This seat was a dream to install.Two things I don’t like; it is really heavy and it doesn’t clip on to a shopping cart.

Beverley Elmdale, KS

Great car seat

I was able to get this car seat on sale which only made it a better purchase. It is great for my daughter. Easy to load and unload if you leave the base in the car. My husband and I each have a base in our cars so we only have to unlatch the car seat to go from vehicle to vehicle. My only complaint is the size. I have found this is a problem with all infant car seats, so I didn’t deduct points. We drive a Chevy Traverse and the seat fits nicely behind the driver or passenger seat and there is still leg room. However, in our VW Jetta, if you put the car seat in with the base, you will be eating the steering wheel or your passenger will have their knees to their chest.

Angelina Vernon Rockville, CT

great car seat

This car seat is great. It’s very highly rated for safety, and it’s well made. We bought an extra base, so it’s super easy to go from Mom’s car to Dad’s car. We also use it with the snap n go stroller, so we don’t have to wake baby when leaving the car.This is our second Britax infant car seat, because my older child was sitting in hers (older model) when we were in an accident. Another car hit us from behind. My daughter didn’t even notice (until she heard Mommy panic). The car seat was in perfect condition (as far as I could see), but we replaced it as is recommended for accidents. It kept my daughter safe, the most important thing a car seat should do.

Socorro Lemon Springs, NC

thumbs down

Very bulky and the canopy was useless. Wouldn’t stay up. Do not like how it fits onto the b agile stroller. Returned this item.

Latasha Owosso, MI

Great carseat, some minor issues but overall wonderful

We purchased this car seat after lots of research. The top of the line safety ratings were incredibly important, and the anti-rebound bar is unique to this car seat. Our son was premature, only 5 lbs 5 oz when we took him home and we have never had issues with the seat. Our baby fit perfectly fine from the day we took him home. He seems to find the seat very comfortable, constantly falls asleep in the car. I love the extra head support the seat has because even when he had poor neck control, his head was always upright and straight. He is now close to 4 months and everything is still great. That being said, there are 2 things I don’t particularly love but will definitely tolerate due to the fact that my son seems to love it and the safety ratings are great. First off, when people say this car seat is large, it is! We have a 2008 Acura MDX SUV and the car seat forces the front passenger to give up leg room. If you’re tall, it would prob be difficult to sit there with the car seat in place. The second thing I don’t love is the fact that the car seat is heavy. On a side note, I would imagine most car seats are heavy, and for us, we mostly leave the carseat in the car and take the baby in and out of it for convenience. We also have a Britax stroller which has the click-n-go system which means all I have to do is pop the car seat into the stroller and I’m ready to go. So, that being said, the weight is not too much of an issue for us as we rarely have to carry it. Overall, great car seat, would definitely recommend to any parent.

Lauri Goldvein, VA

Nice but not roomy enough for my 4 month old (Update )

I must say I love this car seat. I got the cowmooflage and it looks amazing. It solid and a good replacement for my old safe and snug car seat. He spat up a lot in that car seat, so I got the chaperone, and in this the spit up has reduced. That said, I think I love this seat more than baby does. At almost 5 months, he’s about 26 inches and 17 pounds and this seat is not roomy enough for him. but for the infantino tag along chimesInfantino Tag Along Chimes, Frog and Duckconnected to the seat, he’d have rejected it from the first use. However, when it comes to safety, it looks and feels safe and that’s why i love it.It gets 4 stars because sweet baby doesn’t love it so much. 🙁 Will I buy again? Probably not but I love it though.Update: 30th Jan, 2014After using this seat for 5 months, well, i’d say it is a solid seat and quite roomier than I thought, because now baby is almost 10 months and still fits in. He doesn’t cry anymore when placed in the seat, I think he loves the seat now. The canopy is big enough and covers my baby well from the sun.However, the pain in this seat that I hate hate hate is the harness. It’s always getting stuck when loosening to take baby out. It is quite a pain working that almost every time. I would have given it 3 stars for the harness alone, but because baby is loving it now, I’m leaving it at 4 stars.

Marta Vieques, PR


Super safe, super.easy to use. If i had.any complaint, which i.don’t, it it is a little heavy. Very fast assembly and quick snap on gadgets. Love it.

Arlene Rose Hill, NC

Third Britax carseat

For our first daughter, we started with a graco infant car seat. When we went to look for a convertable car seat that could be rear facing, we researched and ended up with Britax Boulevard & Pavillion (one for each of our cars).Now for our second child, we got rid of the graco and went for a Britax infant seat. We love how easy they install and the safety features of the Britax brand.

Dianna Frontenac, KS