Britax Chaperone Stroller, Red Mill

Britax Chaperone Stroller, Red Mill

The Chaperone Stroller is simple to with its simple new one-hand fold mechanism, making it always in position for the next logical step. Smart features include a large underseat storage basket, functional child and parent trays, and a single brake pedal that engages and disengages both rear wheels. All-wheel suspension, an adjustable backrest and calf-rest and a large canopy provide the perfect environment for your child’s first five years. Better yet, it’s perfect to use with your Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat. A complementary Britax adapter strap also allows it to work with other major carrier brands. Features: 5-Point harness Large Canopy with Visor blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from child’s sensitive skin One-Foot, One-Motion Brake saves shoes and feet by pressing single pedal to lock and unlock both rear wheels 3-Position Recline with adjustable calf rest offers customized sleeping positions for children Adjustable Height Handle is comfortable and ergonomic for all care givers All-Wheel Suspension provides for a smooth ride Practical Parent and Child Trays offer deep cup-holders and convenient storage compartment Large Under-Seat Storage can be accessed even when seat is reclined Specifications: Appropriate from 6 months (or from birth when used with an infant carrier) or up to 55 lbs Maximum Unfolded Dimensions: 34.25″W x 42.5″H x 22.5″D Seat Back Height: 19″ Seat Area Depth: 9.5″ Seat Area Width: 12.5″ Shoulder Width: 13″ Harness Slot Heights: 10.5″, 12.5″, 15″ Buckle Strap Depth: 4.5″ Product Weight: 25 lbs

Main features

  • One-hand fold with automatic chassis lock positions stroller for next logical step: placing in vehicle or standing upright
  • Large under-seat storage can be accessed even when seat is reclined
  • Practical parent and child trays offer deep cup-holders and convenient storage
  • All-wheel suspension provides for a smooth ride
  • Adjustable height handle is comfortable and ergonomic for all care givers

Verified reviews


Well thought out stroller with almost all the amenities

This is a great stroller and an excellent value. I think it holds its own to the features and feel of the higher end strollers such as UppaBaby and Bugaboo, minus just a couple of extras (no rear facing option or bassinet) and a bit less aluminum, giving you a lower price. Overall its a very nice loking, functional stroller. I posted some of my own images to illustrate my favorite features.One note, I think the camooflauge print is a really smart design. Its hard to see in pictures but the white is actually an off white abstract fleck pattern, which is great for hiding dirt and still looks crisp against the black. It has about a 90% full recline when the foot rest is pulled up and the back is down – great for napping.Pros:Easy on/off one-click brakeSleek looking and sturdy alumninum frameAdjustable padded foot restPush button tilt handle (like a car steering wheel)Free standing and sturdy when foldedAdult cup holders and convenient storage area with lidManeuverable rubber tiresTray flips up and also removes easilyGood looking, sturdy fabricHuge basketHolds Britax infant car seatsCons:Folding takes a minute of practiceJust a bit heavy for my tastePeek a boo window could be widerRear facing seat option would have been nice – a la UppaBabyWould be nice if it were click and lock compatible with other non-Britax car seatsMade in ChinaI would highly recommend this stroller. I love it!

Candice Springfield, MA

Great stroller! Easy to put together!

My baby isn’t here yet but I’m not that good with my hands and I put it together myself. The instruction booklet was very helpful. It seems sturdy and fun!

Rosalie Alsip, IL

Ingenious design and some really cool features

So we’ve had this stroller for almost a month now and we’ve managed to use it in almost every weather situation here in New York where the sidewalks and malls are always crowded and busy. First let me begin by saying that although I love the stroller I had to take off a star because of the weight. Take into consideration a 18lb baby plus an almost 20lb stroller and we’re talking very heavy here if you have to struggle up and down the stairs with both of them. Besides that the stroller travels well on almost all surfaces, except for snow which we’ve had a lot of recently. It sometimes get stuck when folding and that can also be a problem.Taking it out of the box I fell in love with the Cowmooflage design. It looks rather ugly on the computer but looks really nice after it’s assembled which was also a very easy process. Putting the baby in and out of the reclining seat, which reclines in 3 positions, was also a breeze since the snack tray lifts up which was a really great idea. The adjustable straps and 5 point harness made me feel better that my baby was both safe and comfortable. Both my husband and I are not what you considered short people. My husband being 6’5″ and me being 5’11” so having a stroller where we didn’t have to hunch over was also a plus for us. Our last stroller was a Maclaren Techno XT which also worked well in that department. We also loved the fact that the braking system only needed for us to touch down on one of the tires for the entire stroller to be locked unlike the McLaren which needed both to be depressed.The amenities are also a welcome addition. The two cup holders are perfect since it can hold something for me and something for baby and the basket although not too roomy is easily accessed even when baby is sleeping. I’d recommend the Britax Chaperone. Don’t be discouraged by my 4 stars, it’s a great stroller and I’d gladly replace my Maclaren Techno for this.

Consuelo Ohatchee, AL

So many cool features — I love it!

We have two kids now and like ourGraco Duoglider Stroller, Sterling, but there are times when we don’t want to deal with the double stroller, when we have just one kid with us, or when the toddler insists on walking or the baby insists on being carried. In those instances, we relied on our Graco Quattro Tour Sport Travel System in Boone (we actually had the now-retired Castleton pattern). But I never liked it — it was too bulky and unwieldy. Honestly, I liked our double stroller better than the Quattro single!Enter the Britax Chaperone. WOW, is this thing ever light and maneuverable! I felt like it I could corner on a dime when pushing this thing. My toddler LOVES pushing it around and actually pushed the baby along (with a little guidance from Mom!) when we went for a walk the other day with no problems at all.I did not find the Chaperone particularly easy to set up. I’m not the world’s handiest person, but I can usually muddle through just fine. The photos in the manual were pretty unclear, I thought — maybe color pictures or line drawings would have been better. However, it was not impossible, and I managed OK in the end.The Chaperone has tons of features that I really like: It stands up by itself when folded. And it’s EASY to fold, too! The handle can be raised (nice for me, as I’m 5’10”) or lowered (see aforementioned toddler who likes to push the stroller). The footrest can be raised, if you like. The canopy can be locked in place. And the buckles are very easy to use — not at all like the fiddly ones on the Graco strollers.The non-washable cover is a potential problem … but honestly, I’ve never had to wash the covers on either of our other strollers. I don’t give my kids messy foods to eat in the stroller. And if your baby is in the phase where diaper blowouts are still a big problem, he or she is probably still little enough to be riding in the infant seat.We didn’t try the travel system, as our youngest is almost 1 and too big for the Chaperone infant seat. We do have the Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Onyx, though, and are extremely happy with it. If we do have another baby, I think we’ll probably get the Cowmooflage infant seat to match the stroller, as I’m so happy with it, and with our other Britax car seats.That said … this is a pricey stroller. If you’re on a budget, theGraco MetroLite Stroller, Rittenhouseis a nice, light choice, according to friends I know who have it.

Leanna Rapid River, MI

Looks great and rides like a dream

What a great looking stroller and rides even better then it looks, has no problem getting in and around clothing racks and around the mall even in this busy holiday shopping. The storage underneath is on the smaller side and can not accommodate the diaper bag and many shopping bags. The double cup holder is great! The break works great even on a hill. Overall, one of the most satisfied purchases we made.

Nelda New Castle, CO

too many quality issues

We’ve had this stroller as part of a chaperone travel system for 6 months now and at first I was very pleased. Easy in and out, fairly compact, good build quality, But now that we’re at 6 months I can’t reasonably counter my wife’s argument that this is a bad stroller. Her reasons:Squeaky wheels that are already starting to rust over at the hubCollapsing is just as easy but expanding into upright position is getting harder and harder and sometimes it takes brute force it seemsBottom rack folds down too easily (can lose stuff)Poor design: The top handle bar gets beat up if you position the stroller as recommended on expansion–rubber is all tornThe sun shade is week and falls offBad safety: the wheel lock sticks and doesn’t always work as it shouldIt has some good things about it but the list above is pretty exhaustive and counters all that good. Am in the process of contacting Britax to see what they can do. Disappointing!Update 8/20/2011: Got a new stroller from Britax without trouble–new one appears to be somewhat better but may be just because it’s new

Theresa Dixie, WA

Not loving it

It looks pretty but it’s not worth the money. Like some of the other comments made on here I am having trouble with the basket since it has no locking mechanism. I can’t tell you how many times I had things fall out of it so unless you have your items deep in the baket you’re more likely to have them fall out. The handle doesn’t lock tight so if you need to get the stroller up or down a curbe it will move. It’s great that you can adjust it to your hight but I expected to make it so it locks in place witout giggling. I have no problem with the tray but I do have a problem with the stroller once packed, sometimes you can’t open it unless you push it again together a couple of times. However the stroller is pretty light. The wheels are not made to last. Mine didn’t fall out but they look worned and I only have been using it for 9 months ocasionally (I have a Pliko Lite from my daugther and those wheels are by far in much better shape after 4 years of use). As someone said “it’s good for the mall” on flat surface.

Sherri Plaquemine, LA

Step up from Graco but not sure it’s “the one”

I love the Britax carseats we’ve owned, I consider them the best of the best and worth every penny for both safety and comfort (my daughter would scream and scream in the car until we bought her first Britax, she’s 5 now and still loves sitting in her Britax and fusses and fusses when we go on vacation and take a booster). So I thought since I’m expecting another child I’d give one of their strollers a try.The last time I used a full size stroller was when my daughter was little so it’s been a few years, though I still remember how much I hated our graco travel system. It was big, heavy, hard to push and made me crazy… folding it was a nightmare and I left it open on the front porch more often then not. I wasn’t going down that route again even if they have improved them.I admit this is a funky pattern but I was looking for something a bit different and fun and this fits the bill… It’s MOOVELOUS! (ok that was bad) Right from the start I loved that it had cup holders not just for my daughters but also for me (something my beloved umbrella stroller from another competing company does not). I was happy with the adjustable height handle so both my husband and I could find a comfortable height and was glad I didn’t kick the back while walking. The basket is large and easy to access but it seems to come down frequently (not sure if I’m doing something wrong). I’m also pretty happy with the size of the shade though I wish it came with a rain shade as well for the price. While it does fold easier then I remember my old graco and is lighter it’s still pretty heavy and my husband has yet to master folding/unfolding it. Its a great cruiser for the mall but give me any jogging stroller for outside walks, these style wheels just don’t cut it on sidewalks suspension or not.I’m left feeling a bit underwhelmed for the price, maybe there just isn’t a perfect stroller (or at least not in the $300 and under range) but depending on your needs this might be a very good one for you. Highly recommended if you’re mainly looking for an attractive and comfortable mall cruiser but I’d recommend you look into jogging strollers with rubber wheels if the majority of your walking will be outside. I should also note that I do not have the matching carseat so I can’t comment on how it works together.

Connie Trion, GA

Given as a gift, very well received

Since I had this stroller shipped to my son and daughter-in-law for a gift, I’ve not seen it myself and can base my review only on what I’ve been told. My DIL said it went together easily, that the stroller is sturdy and matches up with the car seat well. First-time mothers are always extra-concerned about safety features, and my DIL seemed 100% pleased with the quality and safety of this stroller. Costly, but seems to be worth the extra money.

Trisha Flintstone, MD


First let me say that I LOVE the Britax carseats. LOVE’EM!!!!! Have four kids and have owned a Britax carseat in every shape and size. So imagine my excitement to try out the Britax stroller. Whooo Hooo….well not so fast. At first I was taken aback by the cowMOOflage. Not really a fan of that print, but hey, it’s a Britax right so I pushed my NYC vanity aside and accepted the cow print. Hey I live across from a corn field now so it’s not like I’m in a metro area. Well aesthetics aside, the stroller is sleek in it’s design. It does look nice. I thought it maneuvered just OKAY. I like my Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller in Black/Scarlet better. I can say it handles better than myGraco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller FrameI thought the cupholders were great, but for me not a life and death necessity. I thought it folded up well. Almost a one-handed fold. Maybe with practice and a little luck on your side you can get it with one hand. I still was not thrilled with it’s compactness. I was also not happy with not being able to take the fabric off to wash this thing if necessary. I think this could be a great stroller for someone who absolutely loves Britax, loves this cowmooflage print and wants to coordinate with the Britax Chaperone Carrier, Cowmooflage. For me my top things were:1) maneuverability-Not there for me.2) Compactness-My Maclaren rolls circles around this one.3) Washability-looking for a stroller I can totally take the fabric off of if the unthinkable happens, which with kids, will happen.I didn’t feel this stroller was tops in any of my top three so I will keep searching and use what I got for now.

Avis Gordon, PA

Love this stroller

We own both the Britax blink umbrella stoller and this stroller and have loved them both – we’ve never been disappointed with any of the Britax products (car seats especially).My daughter was all over this before we even took it outside-climbing in and out of the seat and kept asking to go for a walk. We finally took it for a spin last night for a nice long walk and I’m very pleased with it. It’s so nice and light, steers beautifully (even over bumpy uneven sidewalks). When we got back from our walk my daughter kicked and screamed because she didn’t want to get out, she wanted to walk some more.I had to read the instructions to figure out how to close the stroller – it’s not as easy as you might think initially, but once you know how to do it and have tried it a few times it’s fairly simple. I suppose this is actually a good feature in that the stroller won’t easily close or collapse with a child in it, kind of an added safety feature. I was impressed that I was even able to close the stroller with one hand while holding my daughter in my other arm. I liked that the carrying strap is just attached on the back of the handles so after folding it up with one hand I was able to sling it over my shoulder and walk right upstairs, there was no difficulty in trying to manage holding my daughter and a clunky stroller at the same time.Other features I like: The 5-point harness, and that the seat reclines quite a bit and the foot rest comes up for when your little one falls asleep or wants to lay back. The canopy on top seems like a fairly good size – it extends a little further out than the one on our full-size stroller even. The basket underneath is a good size and can easily hold a full-sized diaper bag.Some features I don’t like: There seems to be very little padding in the seating area – I could feel metal bars through the fabric of the seat when I was adjusting the straps. This didn’t seem to bother my daughter at all, but I think I will invest in a stroller blanket/pad to provide a little more comfort for long walks. I miss the cup holders we had on the bigger stroller, but I did see a fairly inexpensive stroller attachment I can buy and use with this stroller so I think that can be easily taken care of.Overall I love this stroller and am very happy with it (as I have been with all of the Britax products we have tried).

Viola Big Bend, WI

Not worth it

I have the chaperone infant seat and this is the only stroller that works with it, so you don’t have alot of choice. Overall, a terrible purchase. Hardly any storage space under the seat. The basket will collapse for no apparent reason and everything falls out. If you co off road, like a park or boardwalk, dirt gets into the wheel assemblies and squeaks like you can’t imagine. Not very padded. Hard to clean. Wheels are not durable at all. If you are on uneven terrain, it does not do well, like uneven sidewalks. You have to do a little work to go from using the infant seat to not using it. Pieces have to be flipped up and buttoned down. It is never easy to put the infant seat in either. Almost always have to try at least twice. I have had this for over a year. It has already been replaced by Britax twice. I also think they are discontinuing this soon and just not telling people. The coowmooflage pattern has already been discontinued, they are no longer making it. As a plus, I do get alot of compliments at the mall.

Latisha Grand View, ID

Stroller with Style and Great Features

I really like the overall look of this stroller. The pattern is classic and suitable for a boy and a girl. For a mid-priced stroller my wife felt as though this one had many of the higher end features such as the double cup holder and large under seat storage.. We currently have a jogging stroller with shocks that provides a very smooth easy to navigate ride. The chaperone has a much different and not as smooth feel when you push it. It does have rubber tires which is a plus compared to many of the strollers out there with plastic wheels. However, this stroller works really well when we are in crowded places and don’t want to be stuck with the longer jogging stroller. The stroller features an adjustable handle height which is great for dads.

Rosalie Wilburton, PA

Great Big Stroller

It’s a great big stroller not well suited for fitting in a vehicle. But being a great big stroller it’s great stroller for tooling about the zoo or long days downtown. It seems like it’s going to hold up well. It folds very easily and the extendable handles are great for those of us that are a little taller. I agree with the other reviewers in that it could use a little more padding in the comfort department. The fabric thus far is easy to clean.

Rae Peridot, AZ

Fantastic sleeper for my three year old …

I’m long past the daily need for a stroller, but I pull this thing out everytime I sense someone is about to fall asleep or will fall asleep during the outing.1. This is the easiest stroller to click-n-go with one hand currently being sold. It easily clicks open, and does so safely, and closes with equal ease.2. It’s sturdy, durable and easy to steer.3. The sheer behemoth size of this monster makes a perfect sleeper stroller even for a five year old, which I’ve had a few in who slept soundly.4. This is rugged enough to stand up to everyday use, but I’m glad I no longer have to.5. One would think that the ‘Cowmooflage Print’ would be an awful choice in fabric pattern, but after I got this it was quickly apparent that his was actually the best color for several reasons.This stroller gets a lot of remarks, ooh’s and aah’s and people all fancy the cow print when they see it in real life versus in a picture.

Chasity Hagaman, NY