Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades, Black, 2 Count

Britax EZ-Cling Sun Shades, Black, 2 Count

Keep your child cool and shield them from UV rays and sun glare with the Britax EZ Cling Window Shades. The unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame makes application and repositioning a breeze. The Britax EZ Cling Window Shade safely clings to the vehicle window with a UPF 30 plus sun protection. The additional mesh screen provides shade to keep your child cool while maintaining driver visibility. Use the wire frame to easily remove the Britax EZ Cling Window Shade and store it away to reuse again and again. The 19″ x 12″ size is designed for an optimal fit to most vehicle rear side windows.

Main features

  • Shades and protects from UV rays and sun glare with easy on and off design
  • Unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame simplifies application and repositioning
  • UPF 30 plus sun protection blocks UV sun rays
  • Mesh screen reduces sun glare and keeps your child cool while maintaining driver visibility
  • 19″ x 12″ size for an optimal fit on most vehicle rear side windows

Verified reviews


Nice Product

We bought these a few weeks ago and overall are satisfied with this product. For about ten dollars and free shipping, it wasn’t a bad deal (there are two shades per pack). It goes up easily, has an aesthetically pleasing oval-ish shape with black trim around the edges, and thus far has not fallen off the car window. For those of you wondering, you will not be able to open the window while this is up. I think it does a good job filtering sunlight (it could be a little darker, but it’s fine as it is) and does not obstruct the driver’s view. I do wish it were a little larger so it would cover more of the window area. Would buy again.

Bridgett Bryant, FL

They dont cling in hot or cold weather

I am not at all happy with this product. They fall off when the weather turns cold (below 30) or gets hot (above 80 outside). A total wate of money. I will be buying a different product.

Brandi Grant, AL

Don’t like it

I purchased this and wish I could return it but I threw the package it came in out. The shade is very small and doesn’t cover th whole window (and I have. Civic). It also doesn’t u roll all the way so there’s a crease in the center that hasn’t gone away after 2 weeks (it from ho it’s rolled up in the package).

Althea Malta, IL

Easy to use, sticks well

What I love:- Sticks to the window- Effectively reduces sun glare- Baby leaves it along (your results may vary)What you should know:- The plastic cling side is wrinkly. There must have been lots of complaints because the package has comments that the wrinkling will go away after it is attached to a window. So far, just a week, and it is still wrinkly. Maybe if I lived in a warmer climate?- The product comes twisted (think pop up window shade), one of the wire sides still has a funny kink in it.What I wish:The product were a little larger. Dimensions are 19″ x 12″ I sort of wish it were square (19″ by 19″) but I suppose this sizing makes it more versatile.

Sharlene Braden, TN


This shade will not stick to a car window that is even slightly cold, which pretty much renders it useless. After carefully trying to make it stick dozens of times, I realized it was a lost cause. Not to mention, if we do finally get it to stick, our 11 month old daughter can reach up and yank it right off.

Manuela Simpson, NC

Finally found something that works!

I own a Mazda 3 and have bought some other sunscreen covers but they were too big. I ended up giving them to family members. For the price I thought I would try these. My rear passenger windows are an odd angle on the Mazda 3. I know people did not like they might have a few creases and whatnot but knowing they fit, that is all the matters to me! They are not dark but enough to block the direct sunlight out of my 20 month old daughter’s eyes. When I received them I actually stuck them on my fridge so they would shape out and later that night took them out to the car. We have been in the 90’s or even in the triple digits and these stay in place. Very happy I found shades that work for my little girl.Added September 13, 2012: These have held up very well! My 23 month daughter grabbed it once but was not able to remove it from the window. Think it was too far from her hands. I wanted to add I have electric windows and forget about the shades sometimes while driving through the neighborhood. I might pass family who want to see/talk to my daughter and roll the window down thinking I have destroyed the shade. The first time I did it, I was certain it was gone. Oddly enough it folded up but it did not damage the shade at all and when I rolled the window up, the shade went up to! I have done this about 10 times with no damage to the shade. I just make sure to not roll the window all the way down. I am really happy with the quality of these. Best car shades I have purchase and the fact that they fit my small back windows was the selling point!

Dixie Carman, IL

Very practical!

I LOVE these shades. They truly are ‘EZ Cling’ and can easily peel off of the windows and moved to a different car. My car has a medium tint so combined with these clings, I don’t have to worry about the sun hitting my daughter. I will be buying these for my sisters!

Lela South Jamesport, NY

Doesn’t fit the window perfectly but much better than most shades

I was skeptical about this sunshade because I got it when it first came out but overall I am very happy with it. Of course it doesn’t fit the backseat window behind the driver’s seat of our 2008 Honda Civic perfectly but the coverage is pretty decent. I don’t think any sun shade will fit perfectly unless you get a custom made sunshade. For the most part my daughter is protected from the sun while she is in her car seat. I love that there are no suction cups to help attach it to the window. I have never had good experiences with suction cups, especially in a car with the changing weather they always seem to fall off. This shade has never fallen off, I put it on once and have never had to adjust it. Of all the more affordable choices out there I think this is the best bet.

Allene Huntington, WV

Great sunshade – lightweight and safe

I bought these sunshades because I felt that if they were going to fall off the window and hit my baby, they wouldn’t hurt her. They just feel a lot safer than some of the alternatives out there. I like that I can peel them off easily and re-position them. They also fold up quite nicely and are portable! I have never had a problem with them falling off the window. I am buying a second set for my husbands car! Highly recommend!

Mae Andrews, IN

Easy On & Off

These shades are by no means large, but the ease of getting them on & off the windows, gives them their ****. They are more pratical, in my opinion, than the “roll down” shades. My windows are already tinted, but needed a little more for baby’s eyes. They are meant for a back window that is a solid one piece. I have a Nissan Versa, and there is an additional small window, so it will not cover that part because of the need for a solid surface to cling. But it will cover the larger part. For the price and the Britax name, it is worth it.

Rebecca Bedford, WY

Really easy to install

I just installed these sun shades in my car in under 5 minutes 9 months pregnant in 90 degree heat! They were super easy to put on the windows. The cling part is like plastic wrap and sticks to the window without residue.

Sheryl Enderlin, ND

Good shade, clings well, blocks sunlight but also blocks a little bit of visibility

I recently ordered another set of these and am well satisfied with this product at this price point. The only drawback is that this does block some amount of visibility, especially so when you are driving in the evening sun and the sun is closer to the horizon. The shade reflects light in a way which can lead to a little loss of visibility. The only time I find it to be a problem is when taking a right turn at a red light (or other intersection without a signal) where you are required to watch out for incoming traffic from a distance. I regularly find myself trying to peel it away to get better visibility in such occasions. The above also accounts for the reason why I removed one star from the review. (The visibility issue is only seen on the front driver side window and isn’t really that bad, but I thought i should mention it in any case)Other salient points below:a) Attractively priced: For under 8 dollars, this is the best deal.b) Excellent clinging capabilities: Have been using it for over 3 months now and this shade really clings well. Doesn’t fall and the static doesn’t lose its charge over time.c) Need to remove it if you want to roll the window down, since it’s not thin enough to fit between the gaps of the door and window glass.d) Easy to remove and attach: I can usually manage that while driving using the spare hand.e) Excellent built quality: Built to lastf) Size is somewhat smaller for larger cars/suvsOverall a good product especially given that there are not many choices in this segment. Definitely much better than the suction cup variants.

Jaime Abbeville, GA

4.5 stars for performance

These sun shades are a huge improvement over the suction cup variety. They have been on the window for a few weeks and haven’t budged. They are dark enough to be effective. The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is because the appearance is rather wrinkled. There might be a way to squeeze out the wrinkles, but who has time to do that?

Melinda Winn, MI

Really, Really Bad…Surprised that Britax would make something so shoddy

These only cling when the weather is rather warm (they don’t even begin to stick if the glass is cool), and even then, fall off in about 10 minutes. Should have returned them but who wants to bother when they are so cheap to begin with.Don’t waste your time. And please, if you have found something that works well (for both side and rear window) comment on my post!

Karyn Gate, OK

Barely blocks out any sun. Does not stick on during cold weather.

I’ve bought this because of the price and possible convenience factor. It was still quite cold outside when I got it, so I had a very difficult time sticking this on the window and keeping it up. It constantly fell. Now that it’s warmer it seems to stayed on for few weeks and I haven’t had to deal with it. However, this thing barely blocks out any sun. It perhaps makes it a bit tolerable.For now, I’ve moved this from the side window to the rear window and got a roll down blind version(from Target) with suction cups for the side window. It’s much better at blocking out the sun.

Maryann Camp Pendleton, CA

Useless for me

I think it is good thing but I do not need it. I like quality of material and style of this shades.

Lilian Cortlandt Manor, NY

Love it!

Very easy to use and take down. Perfect for those really sunny days! Very highly recommend this product if you have small children.

Katy Miller City, OH


It is a good product and is comfortable for the baby. I like a lot and use again for my next baby! It is easy to put in the cart.

Laura Chauncey, OH

Doesn’t Shade, Impossible to See Through

Clings fine, fits OK around tight spots. However, I regret putting this on my registry and unpacking it.If it provides any sort of shade, neither my daughter nor I have noticed a difference. The roll-down shade I bought from a store works much better at shading. Amazingly, I am also able to see through the roll-down shade much better, too, even though it is plastic/rubber just dotted with little holes. These cling-on shades make it impossible to even see shapes through them (extremely blurry and deformed) because of the layer of clear film underneath the mesh, which makes for dangerous driving. I wish I had seen these in a store first, then I would have known to steer clear of them due to their poor quality and design. It’s a shame, too, because I love the Britax brand otherwise.

Nona Schuyler Lake, NY

Did not work

I needed to shade back windows of my sedan to protect my newborn from direct sun rays. I bought this particular product based on positive reviews on Amazon and trust in Britax brand name (I own and love their car seat and stroller).Only positive is it sticks well to the window.It does not block the sun. It looks like a thin black mesh on the window that does nothing, doesn’t even reduce the intensity of the sun rays. You can see the shade of this screen when sun light falls on it, but if u put your hand in that shade you can feel the sun just the same. I still hold the blanket to the window to shade the car seat.

Kendra Countyline, OK

From the shades out there I think this is the best

I really like, but you have to apply at warm temp as it may come off in the cold. But overall, the cling stays on for the last two months I have not had to touch it. It fits over the area that needs to be covered and the price wasn’t bad compared to other brands. And it was a two pack, not just one as other brands. Overall, I like it a lot and there is no fuss with closing the window or suction cups.

Jackie Caroleen, NC

I have yet to get these to hang properly

These shades say that you can stick them right to the windows, but when I tried that, they fell off. I may try wetting them first to see if that help, but for now they are sitting on my table, not blocking the sun at all.Update: nothing worked. i finally just taped them to the windows.

Bonita New Concord, OH

Lose their “stick” quickly

We used these in my wife’s Jetta, but stopped using them quickly. First, they come folded up, which creases the plastic sheet used to stick to the window. I had to flatten them out to get them to stick in the first place. Second, the hold is very light and the kids figured out quickly that they are fun to pull off and play with. After this happened several times, I couldn’t get them to stick to the window any more. I haven’t found a better replacement yet, but I’ll be looking.

Heather Mark, IL

eww plastic and cheap lining

not at all into this product… plastic cheap looking lining. i dont want that polluting the air quality in my car,

Cheri Naturita, CO

Works great, just remember it’s there!

Sticks perfectly to the window. No cling issues. We and our baby can still see outside. Just don’t make the mistake that we did of lowering the window with the shade still on. It’s amazingly still useable, but just a little ripped and bent out of shape. Luckily it comes in a 2-pack! No complaints here.

Jo Oxford, IA

Made for half a window

In the picture for the item it looked like shade was on a Van window but I don’t know what window would make it appear normal size. This is very small. Not happy with it.

Carmella Hutchinson, PA

Didn’t stick AT ALL

I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon, and these did not stick AT ALL! My back windows are curved a bit so maybe that’s why. I put one of them up and pressed and rubbed it all over, let go, and it fell right off. I assume that’s how you install them, but these came with no directions, so I have no clue if water is involved, or if there’s something special I didn’t do… The other one barely clung on long enough for me to see that these are also way too small for my windows. Didn’t work for me!

Katy Coggon, IA

Don’t fit

These don’t fit on the windows in my car. I do not recommend if you have smaller back windows. I can’t comment on the quality of the product because as I said, they don’t fit.

Taylor Primrose, NE

Better than most

I have to say that I have bought several sun shades, and lets face it there is not a perfect one out there because we still have to be able to use that window when we are driving so there is not going to be a sunshade that blocks out all the sun. I do think this sun shade is very easy to install just pops right on and off which is a lot easier than most of these dumb things.It also does seem to block out more than my safety first sun shade in my other car. I honestly hate any sun shades and wish I didn’t have to use them, but my sons eyes seem very sensitive so he will cry if he doesn’t have at least a bit of protection.

Lora Peshtigo, WI

Cheap but well built

These sun shades are quite cheap but really do their job well. The fact that they stick to the window without the suction cups that are typical on such products is great. Usually suction cups only last for a little while and then fall off, but these stick very easily and stay put. We have had ours on for well over a month and there has been no sign of slipping or falling off. Britax is a great brand, we also have a carseat by them and we are very pleased with their products.

Vonda Purchase, NY