Britax Foot Muff, Black

Britax Foot Muff, Black

Keep your child warm on cold windy days. This is a great alternative to a blanket and does not interfere with harness system. Available in colors to match your B-NIMBLE stroller.

Main features

  • Blanket-like attachment to cover the child’s legs and feet
  • Fits all Britax strollers
  • Color: Black

Verified reviews


Sleek, warm, but hard to remove

I like this muff, but during the spring and fall when you might need the muff one day and not the next, its a pain to remove and replace since you have to take the harness totally apart and thread and rethread. I think if the slots for the harness were just grooves that the muff slide around, it would be much easier.Otherwise, the 2 zippers for each side are great, and the quality is great like all Britax stuff. I would purchase again, even with the added hassle.

Ila Hector, MN

it can be five star

i ordered Britax foot muff for my 8 months old since winter is coming. This nicely fits in britax b-agile stroller and has agood material (looks great). Only, yet big, issue is it is so small. My daughter fits in here right now. Now it is fall here. When it is winter, i doubt she can use it. It is far shorter than its stroller. Even now it is difficult to zip if she is wearing a shoe. Just wondering why britax make it little longer and roomy. Or it should put product size. It is surely not one size product.

Sylvia Manley Hot Springs, AK

High Quality but Not Without Issues

This foot muff worked reasonably well. It was thick and of nice quality materials, and certainly kept the wind and cold off my little one. However it wasn’t without it’s complications.The biggest issue is that this thing is not easy to get in or out. It takes some time, and you have to figure out how the straps all thread through it. Your not going to be deciding every stroll whether you want to use it or not. It’s either always going to be in there, or it won’t be at all.Then there’s the strap issue. The Britax stroller straps clearly weren’t designed to take this thing into account. So when you add this thing to the stroller, and then bundle up your baby or toddler in 50 layers of cloting and a thick coat (as you certainly will if it’s cold enough to use a foot muff), the straps don’t have enough length to get around everything and you’ll be pulling and straining to get the buckles together. The result will be your child very tightly bound to the back of the stroller like a hostage.The other issue I saw was the space inside the muff. It wasn’t really designed well for shoes/boots, If you’re just going for a stroll it’s no problem but if you expect to stop and let your child out to walk around then you need to put their shoes on and off. And if you’re baby is wearing a lot of clothing zipping this thing up is a difficult task.I found that in general, we had this thing in the stroller but unzipped with the child sitting on top of it, and then we’d put her in it if it was really cold and we needed to. At some point I took it out for some outting and never put it back in (and it’s still winter).It’s a high quality foot muff no doubt, but I found it less useful than I would have liked.

Maribel Prosperity, SC

Not for toddlers

Worst footmuff ever, i bought this for my 22mo baby for the winter in NYC. I tried it today, it doesnt fit her, it’ s so small that it was impossible to zip in. Whata shame britax, they had to leave more room especially for the stuff that is used only in winter with boots on. Really disappointed. Had to return,

Adrian Wingate, TX

keeps baby warm

I put this on our Britax B-agile and it fits pretty well. It’s pretty warm and comes up to baby’s belly/chest. I unzip the muff and roll it down when it’s warm. The only thing I find missing is something to keep it tight and organized when it’s unzipped and rolled down. But I still like it because it’s less bulky than other stroller warmer bags which might not be able to unzip at all.

Janna Sweetser, IN

Great product and happy baby!

My baby is 4 months old and the foot muff is a great addition to all of the Britax products we have. This is a great quality product that keeps my baby happy and warm. The material is great and not cheap looking as in the comments I have read.Update 12/4/13LOVE LOVE LOVE this addition to the Britax stroller! Is is winter now, and my 7-month-old tall baby is protected from the wind and cold. It goes all the way upto his chin, so he is well covered.

Tammie South Pittsburg, TN