Britax Frontier 85 Combination Seat, Cowmooflage

Britax Frontier 85 Combination Seat, Cowmooflage

The new Britax Frontier 85 Combination Harness-2-Booster boasts best-in-class forward-facing five-point harnessed weight capacity up to 85 pounds with an industry-leading 20 inch shoulder harness height. The seat also serves as a vehicle belt-positioning booster up to 120 pounds.  Featuring True Side Impact Protection with one-hand adjustable harness height system, Versa-Tether and engineered energy management zones, the Frontier 85 is designed to be the safest high capacity seat in the industry. Loaded with comfort and convenience features, such as comfort foam, integrated cup holders and fixed armrests, the Frontier 85 is the ideal seat for the child graduating from their convertible car seat without compromising safety. 

Main features

  • True side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine “in true” or aligned, to limit injury
  • Patented versa-tether introduces a staged-release tether webbing that anchors the top of the child seat at two points to minimize forward movement in a crash
  • Quick-adjust head restraint and no-rethread harness easily adjust the harness shoulder height and head restraint without disassembling the harness
  • Highest 5-Point Harness Seat Capacity allows your child to remain harnessed up to 85 lbs or in booster mode to 120 lbs
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Verified reviews


If I could give it a 10, I would!

I was all set to buy the Graco Nautilus carseat, but was still wondering if Britax Frontier 85 might be better. Both carseats were not being sold in any stores for me to go and check them out, so I decided to order both and test them out. I am SO glad I did, because in comparison, the Britax was BY FAR the better seat! And believe me, I REALLY wanted to love the Graco seat.I would recommend to anyone to pay $100 more for the Britax Frontier 85, cause you get so much more in the long run!Here’s why:1. The furthest crotch strap slot on the Graco Nautilus measured at 6.5 inches from the back of the seat. On the Britax Frontier 85, the furthest crotch slot is 8.5 inches! My son was almost sitting on the Graco crotch strap in its furthest position and he’s only 10 months and SKINNY. With the Britax, he has plenty of room to grow and most likely will not be sitting on the crotch strap!2. When I put my son in the Britax Frontier 85, his back and head were straight and aligned (no curving of the spine). In the Graco Nautilus, my son was hunchback cause the seat or headrest pushed his head forward and curved his spine. That totally made me question how it would affect his developing posture.3. The material on the Britax Frontier 85 is sooo soft and smooth, but still SAFE (rock hard on the outside, cushiony on the inside). The material on the Graco Nautilus is awful! The seat is rigid and feels like sand paper/cardboard!4. The harness strap on the Graco Nautilus is kinda short when pulled to the limit and doesn’t look like there’s much room to grow in it. Pretty disappointing when they claim a child can be harnessed up to 65 lbs! I highly doubt that! BUT the harness strap on the Britax Frontier 85 is LONG!!!!! And here’s the best part — I’M HIS MOTHER AND I WAS ABLE TO SIT IN THE SEAT AND STRAP MYSELF IN! I am 5’1 and 105 lbs, and I was able to sit comfortably in the Britax and strap myself in harnessed no problem! Most importantly, the crotch strap was still NOT under me. That means my son can grow to my size and still remain harnessed! That is phenomenal!!! Not that he’ll need to be harnessed when he’s my size, but the option is there! That’s how I know I made the right decision.My son hasn’t been in the Britax for a drive yet (cause he’s still too little), but I imagine it will be very comfortable (to the point of sleeping in it). And when he sits in it in the house, he doesn’t squirm or scream (like he did in the Graco Nautilus). He loves it! Go for the Britax Frontier 85 over the Graco Nautilus… you will thank me! I returned the Graco Nautilus ASAP!UPDATE: I did not realize that this seat specifies the child must be at least 2 years old. So with MUCH regret, I have to send it back. I still love it very much!!! And because I loved it so much, I decided to go for the Britax Marathon 70 — also a fantastic car seat for my 10 month old son. I am now a total Britax fan! They truly make the best car seats I’ve ever seen. They are very expensive IMO, but so worth the money! I will be purchasing the Britax Frontier 85 in the future for sure, unless Britax comes out with an even better model by then! All I know is that every car seat I buy from now on is going to be a Britax! 🙂

Lottie Swan Lake, NY

Dissapointed, I wanted to love this.

I bought this car seat to keep my daughter in a 5 point harness as long as possible. She just recently turned 6, and I stumbled upon information that she could not continue using the LATCH system after she exceeded 40lbs. First of all this information needs to be more widely advertised! I do lots of car seat research and just now found out about it.I have always been a loyal Britax user and huge fan. Their convertible car seats are by far the best to install and most comfortable not to mention they look new FOREVER! My old roundabout just recently expired and still looks new after 2 kids using it.To get to the point, the Frontier is a half-fail in my opinion. The seat belt install you must use after your child reaches 40 lbs (the LATCH weight limit), and it is REALLY DIFFICULT. If your seat belt stalks are on the outside edges of the seat you must use the long belt path which is really long! To use the short belt path, the insertion points are in the back of the seat about 12in apart. I have a tahoe and the seat belt comes from the side of the back seat, so I must use the long belt path- and the seat belt is barely long enough to buckle it in, and it is not even a rock solid install. So sadly I decided to switch the frontier into high back booster mode. You can still use the LATCH to secure the booster, and the seat belts to secure your child (a side note, switching this to and from harness mode/booster mode takes an act of a higher power). When I secured this in my car, I sat my daugher in it to get the right fit. Wow how bad it was. She is SIX! Well over the height and weight limit for booster mode. The lap belt sat partly on her stomach- which is a no-no it is supposed to sit low on the hips. This is because the lap belt guide is too high up on the seat! When researching any seat that you will use as a booster, look for the ones that keep the lap belt as low as possible (the Graco Turbo works nicely for me). Also, she happened to lean to the side and when she sat back I noticed the shoulder part of the seat belt did not retract on its own, it left a huge gap between her chest and the seat belt! After more inspection I came to the conclusion that the headrest cover actually covers up the shoulder belt guides! You can see this from the picture. This is a horrible design flaw because the cover is quite thick and stiff and caused enough friction on the seat belt to keep it from retracting on its own! It is rediculous to think that your child will not lean over to pick something up while riding in the car. Major, major flaw from Britax.I agree with the reviews that say this car seat is safe, however isn’t the safest car seat the one that you can use correctly every time? There are so many ways this one can be used wrong, especially once your child reaches the LATCH weight limit. Yes it is rated high in crash test ratings, but so are many other seats.I spoke with Britax about all these issues, and while I still love the company, I think this seat is NOT a good booster seat. The 5 point is great until your child reaches 40lbs, but if I had known all this information I would have never spent this kind of money on a seat. I had to go buy a high back booster now.I wish I had read a review like this before I purchased. If you can find a place to try this out in your car, try the install using the seat belt, and also try booster mode. Make sure this will work for you and you can get the life out of it. I can not and I’m very dissapointed.

Amber Plainfield, PA

Try cleaning vomit off of this and you will hate this seat forever

I bought this seat a few months ago, managed to get it installed and everything was fine. Until my daughter threw up in it. It says do not machine wash. Are they INSANE??? After I struggled to get the cover off, I washed it in the sink 3 times with detergent and once with spray and wash, resorting to scrubbing with a toothbrush in the crevices. It still stank. I HAD to put it in the washing machine, it still smells bad, so it’s in there again right now. Also, the top section of the cover does not come off, I wiped it down thoroughly, it still reeks. And how on earth do you clean the foam pad underneath the seat? The straps I managed to clean by dunking them in a bucket and using a toothbrush to scrub them. Luckily I still had her old car seat so I have been able to use that for now while I figure out this mess. I really don’t have the money to waste on an expensive car seat that can’t get washed well. Kids throw up Britax! How realistic is it to have a booster seat that is supposed to last for several years and not expect some poor parent to have to deal with cleaning puke out of the horrendous thing?

Hollie Grafton, VT

awesome car seat

This car seat is amazing and I’m so glad we bought this one instead of the graco one. It took me about 5 minutes to install into my car and my daughter is 3 and loves it says its so comfy and she likes that she has 2 arm rests and two cup holders. One for her juice and one for snacks. Their is nothing wrong with this car seat at all no need for the red clip that is sold extra.

Tori Indianola, WA

Britax is the way to go!!

Britax is the best for safety (and yes you can tell the difference when examining and picking it up) – just check any online review, crash test, etc. Plus it says it is made in the USA!! Yes, it is really expensive (compared to other brands), but when you think about it, how much $$$ is your child’s safety worth? And yes, I have two other ‘cheaper’ brand carseats also, but won’t go back – only Britax from here on out.

Bernice Pomona, NJ

Better than the Nautilus, but not perfect

I got the Frontiers hoping to keep my twin girls harnessed a little longer than my oldest. He outgrew his Marathon at age 4. I’m not opposed to booster seats for kids – once they are mature enough a booster that fits is supposed to be as safe as a harness – but my personal comfort level for moving to a booster is 5something, not 4. I put my girls in these at 3 1/2, planning to hand their marathons down to the baby.My first impression of the seat was that it does not recline at all, and I thought there is no way my girls will sleep or be comfortable in these. But there is a plastic block on the bottom you move to the front for harness mode and the seat does recline then. If you are worried about recline, the seat DOES recline.The cover offerings for these seats are dismal and not what you’d expect if you are used to the soft awesome covers of the older convertible Britax seats. They should have nicer covers. One girl wanted cow to begin with which is great, cow is soft and fuzzy. The other wanted Pink Sky (mesh), and then I got a wild hair to order a Livia cover when it came out, thinking it would be soft fuzzy pink. Turns out it is stiff and slick like snow pants and my girls refused to sit in that seat. It is VERY cold if the weather is cold. I ended up getting a second cow cover to hopefully end the fighting.The covers are a little tricky to remove. I actually first did this without reading the manual – I am one of THOSE people – and later saw the directions in the manual and I actually think that would have made it worse. It calls for removing screws. I managed without removing screws. You should not need to remove screws to get the cover off. Kids are nasty creatures and car seats do get dirty LOL. I THINK my girls are potty trained well enough but we will be using piddle pads in these and praying no one barfs in the car this winter. (Which has yet to happen but hope springs eternal, right?) The NEWEST version of the Frontier has easier to remove covers but 1. comes in fewer colors and 2. comes at a higher price (and 2.1 I think is typical of Britax with crossing from safety to safety overload, just my opinion) (and 3. may be even wider than this which would rule it out in my situation) After having removed a Nautilus cover, though, I have to admit it could be much worse.The straps – I can’t tell if they really are thinner than the MA straps or if they just seem it because they are longer, but they feel thinner, and they are prone to twist. I think if they were a little thicker, it might be less so, but I really think it’s a function of the length – you know how even steel becomes bendy as the piece is longer? So that’s an annoyance but I am not sure it can be fixed. I find my kids never needed those neck pads on the straps in their marathons but I have them on the Frontier – I think they might be causing the problem. I think the girls try to make the pads lay the right way and in the process they twist the straps. I am going to remove the pads and see if that helps – but that means removing the seats and pulling the straps out. Once upon a time Britax pads were velcroed so it was easier to change you mind about having them on/off – wish they would go back to that.It’s annoying that there is no velcro to hold the straps out of the way as with the convertibles. I suspect that could have something to do with the many mesh covers, the scratchy part would be better placed on the strap than the arm rest but that would allow it to stick to and snag the cover? Seems like they could have snaps or SOMETHING, some way to hold the straps open so there is less sitting on or digging (and in the process, twisting)Installing these was time consuming, but not exactly difficult. I think they give a cutoff of 40 pounds for LATCH install with these seats unless you car says otherwise, which is annoying as the convertibles now say 48 regardless. As far as I can tell Toyota defers to the car seat. One of my girls is only 32 pounds but the other is getting close to 40 so I figured I best just bite the bullet and learn to install with a seatbelt. I used the long path method and we have locking seatbelts in our car and it was not as easy as LATCH but not as horrible as I feared. You need to be slower and more careful but it’s not exactly difficult. However since the seats are so wide, there can be something of a domino effect to how you have to install or remove them. We have a 2008 8 passenger Sienna which has 3 nearly-identical width seats in the middle row (not the newer ones with 2 captains chairs and a tiny seat) One is installed on the passenger side, one in the middle. I was able to get the Marathons in and out in any order, but for these I have to install window first, then middle – and if I need to move the window seat Frontier, I have to remove the center Frontier as well. If you need to install the seats next to each other, it can be annoying. Since the seats are so wide, I anticipate problems once we are in booster mode – there is no way the window seat girl will be able to buckle herself so we will have to do some car seat juggling again. Buckling in in harness mode is easy, and I may keep them harnessed a long time simply for that reason. (You also can’t recline the seat in booster mode, so I think they are more comfortable in harness mode)I think the most annoying thing about this seat, though, is if you need to adjust the harness height, you will actually have to remove the seat and the part you squeeze and lift is behind the seat. It kind of takes away all the perks of not having to remove the harness to adjust. While installing the seats is not AS terrible as I thought, it’s still very time consuming and somewhat annoying, and if I did have to remove harness to adjust, that would have been small potatoes to removing and re-installing a seat (or 2).So. My girls like their seats and find them comfy. They are HUGE and will not be outgrown any time soon. My husband says they look like they are sitting in lazy boys. 🙂 My girls have fallen asleep and I feel like they were more prone to slump than in the Marathon but no where near as bad as my son did in his high back booster. They may just need to adjust to the new seats. I like that they will be harnessed for a good long while in these. The girls like the cup holders. (Which, as far as I can tell do not come out, which would make cleaning easier – I know they will get gross eventually – come on, Britax, make the upkeep easier!)So to sum it up, it’s got great harnessing capabilities, but I wish there were better cover choices. The means of adjusting the shoulder height is not well thought out. And the seat is so wide it’s possible we may end up using cheaper, narrower boosters down the line. We’ll see. In retrospect I think a better option may have been to get the girls True Fits when they outgrew their buckets, which would have kept them harnessed longer than the MA (I think they go taller?)… and then just moving to cheaper (but still safe!) Graco boosters. But if you’re looking to pick between the Frontier and the Nauti, I have to say go with the frontier based on one thing – the head/neck area of the frontier is smooth and allows a child to lean back comfortably. The head support on the Nauti juts out which makes my daughter hold her chin to her chest if she leans back. It’s just not as comfy in the head/neck, even though personally I think the arm rest area is better.Updating to say that I attempted a LATCH install today, thinking it would be quick and easy – I could not get this seat to install well in my car with LATCH. I remember having the Roundabout where you only pulled one side, with my son, and never had a problem (at least I think you only pulled one side then??) but I could not get this seat in there tight. I fought with it for a while, tried some tricks, but in the end found it went in faster and better with the seat belt install. Go figure.

Dona Van Buren, OH

Fine car seat

I had friends who raved about this car seat. I like it alright. It’s pretty bulky for a booster seat but I like that it has the 5 point harness.

Michael Jeff, KY

Fantastic Car Seat, well worth the price!

I did a LOT of research between Britax and Graco car seats, and went back and forth for several weeks before ultimately deciding on this car seat. I previously owned a Britax Marathon (which we were very happy with), but my 3 1/2 year old (who is very tiny for her age) had basically outgrown it and needed one a little less restrictive and bulky. I read the reviews on and read the research and user reviews on consumer’s report, and also went to the IHSA website. Although consumer’s report gave it about average (or a little above) reviews, the user reviews all gave it glowing recommendations (including someone who had been in a car accident while her child was in the carseat) and couldn’t understand why consumer’s didn’t rate it higher. IHSA rates it as an excellent carseat. One thing I read consistently with the Graco carseat was that even in small children, the crotch strap was uncomfortable. I am very glad I chose this carseat. My daughter loves it, and it gives her more room without decreasing safety. The cupholders are very nice, whether it’s for holding snacks, toys, or drinks. This is the first carseat my daughter will occasionally fall asleep in, and the first carseat she doesn’t mind riding in. The padding is very nice and feels super comfortable (she never complains about anything being uncomfortable, and she would tell me if she were). The material is soft but very easily cleaned with just a wipe. I would say it’s about average as far as weight is concerned (But the only time I plan on carrying it is from house to car, car to car, or car to house.). As for the installation, it’s not easy to install, but it’s not complicated either (and I can get easily confused). The first time I installed it, I did it by myself in about 10-20 minutes. Really what takes the longest is just figuring out what hooks where in each car, loosening straps to reach where they are supposed to hook, and then tightening them back up so they are secure. After the first time, it gets much easier to install, and it only takes a few minutes now. There are so many things you can adjust, I don’t think any kids would have problems comfortably fitting in here until they are big enough to ride in the seat. I haven’t tried to use it in a smaller car, but it fits great in my Toyota Sienna mini-van (captain’s seat or backseat), and in my parents Honda Odyssey. I know the price is fairly high, but it’s worth it to have a carseat for long term use that I KNOW is safe and will protect my precious cargo.

Catherine Panola, OK

Love love love!

It fits in our tiny kia spectra perfectly. It is made of high quality materials. I love that there are two cup holders that are built in rather than sticking out off the side. I want my son harnessed for as long as possible so this was a perfect buy for our family. I feel that my son is safe and comfortable.

Francisca Dalton, MN

Great seat

My daughter loves her new big girl seat. Is comfortable and she can still sleep in it. The cup holders are a nice bonus – we moved up from a Britax Roundabout.

Bertha Sobieski, WI

My son says it is very comfortable I find it a little tricky to install

My 6 year old reports this seat is very comfortable. Prior to this seat (from birth to age 6) he rode in a Britax Marathon. He reports this seat is almost as comfortable he wishes it was reclined just a little more. I found installing the Frontier in our Honda Odyssey to be a bit tricky. Because my child is 45 pounds the seat must be installed with the seat belt instead of the latch. I found using the long belt path was more difficult, but achieved a more secure and tight fit. I will most likely also buy this seat for my younger child when he outgrows the Marathon. I have always been happy with the quality of Britax car seats and so far after 6 or so months of use the Frontier is working well also.

Eula Sweet Briar, VA

Love this seat – well built, nice cupholders, comfortable, and seems safe

We love these seats – they are attractive, well built, have two cupholders for convenience, my kids say they are comfortable, and they have a good safety reputation. We bought them to replace two Britax Marathons that kept our kids safe when a hit and run driver almost totalled our minivan… Was scary, but the kids barely noticed the accident in the Marathons even though my wife felt pretty bumped and bruised. We were very thankful.The Frontier 85 seemed the next logical step. After extensive research on line, we narrowed our choice down to the Frontier 85 vs. the Graco Nautilus, which we have in my mother’s car (she picks our kids up sometimes).+’s:- Room to grow on the 5 point harness height (almost 20″): My son, at 3 1/2, has a torso length the same as my 5 1/2 year old daughter. I’m hoping it will last. I have read it is the highest on the market- Adjustable harness height without major rethreading/adjustments (though you must unbuckle the seats to do it)- Ability to use it as a high back booster after your child outgrows the harness- Long life span- the seats have a 9 year life span (barring damage)- Installation with LATCH – I found the belt tightening/latching sequenences really easy with this seat – as easy as my Marathon and much easier than with the Graco Nautilus and Sunshine Kids Radian 85. The online video for installation takes all of two minutes, and my personal install was not much longer- Comfort – My kids think these are much more comfortable than the Sunshine Kids seats (they complain about the belts on those being uncomfortable) and Graco Nautilus (thin padding, uncomfortable for long rides)-‘s:- Installation with seatbelts – have read that the seatbelt based installation once you are over the latch weight limit is a real pain… They have “short path” and “long path”, but many vehicle seatbelts are not long enough for the long path install, and the short path install does not seem as secure.- armrests are in the way – the armrests do not fold up/move out of the way, so when installing you are forced to lean on them getting in and out of the car. I have read online that they can be prone to breakage- Must unLATCH seats to adjust height – inconvenient, but understand, given how it is designed. It is nice that some seats actually have a dial you can adjust without taking seat out.All in all, the best seat on the market IMHO and we love it!

Juana Murtaugh, ID

Sturdy car seat

A good sturdy car seat, not as hard to install as other reviews make it seem. My daughter really likes it. The fabric of the straps could be thicker to keep them from rolling, otherwise no complaints.

Madeline Mineral Bluff, GA


I was wondering if my son could sleep in this seat, as it is pretty straight in the back. We just went on a road trip and he slept just fine. We like the extra protection with the 5 point harness and the cup holders are great.

Angelina Belle Fourche, SD

Keeps my children safe

This seat is a beast! I bought the Maui Blue for my son and the Livia Pink for my daughter. My son says it’s comfy, my daughter loves the pink, and I feel better knowing they’re as protected as I can make them in the car. The fabric is nice and seems easy to clean when the inevitable mess happens. I had to install them both it using the short seat belt path and it was really easy. The seats don’t move at all.

Elisa Rake, IA

Britax is the best!

My 1 year old daughter has a cowmooflauge britax boulevard & my son wanted cow too but he’s too tall for boulevard so we got him this frontier & he is more than happy. He even has cupholders unlike boulevard. I also trust Britax safety.Update: The harness straps get stuck and I’m unable to secure my son as tight as I should. I will try reinstalling & seeing where the problem is. Also, my son has a problem of his head falling forward when he sleeps & I thought this car seat will solve this problem but unfortunately his head continues to fall forward in this seat as well. He must have just weak neck muscles because my daughter never had this problem. He doesn’t complain so we’ll let it be as long as he’s safe.Update 2: Got the harness strap fixed. However, the elastic that holds the bottom car seat cover constantly unhooks. So the foam padding & plastic is constantly exposed. I called Britax about this issue & they just sent me a replacement foam padding which ripped from constantly sliding around (the rip was where the bottom seat belt part is). However, they did not resolve the cause of the problem. The just said that they’re aware of the design flaw & nothing can be done. So to solve the annoying sliding problem, my husband inserted a plastic water bottle lid so the elastic would stay put. Problem solved.

Joanna Newton, IA

Nice Seat

I have loved Britax seats for my daughter for a while now. I read good reviews on this seat. My daughter seems comfortable and seems to like it. However, it is a pain to install! That is my only complaint – not nearly as easy as our other Britax seats.

Alexandria Franklin, ID

Heavy Duty booster

Most booster seats seem flimsy, but not this one. I got it as a replacement for my Britax 70 convertible seat because it was just getting in the way every time I tried to heft my toddler into the seat. This booster has a much lower profile off the seat, so he can actually get himself into the seat. (We have a Honda Pilot, for reference)

Becky Thacker, WV

High weight harness is great to keep older kids secure

This seat fits great in my 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I have also installed it in a Nissan Versa. I love the high weight harness. My 5-year-old son will probably out grow it by height before weight. There is a spot to store the manual, but you can’t get to it with the seat installed. It makes it kind of useless if you are referring to the manual during installation.

Jeannette West Long Branch, NJ


We bought this car seat for our four year old. She is still about 7 pounds below the weight requirement to go to a booster. We feel that this seat will last her until she no longer needs anything. Our only concern is that the bottom of the cover doesn’t want to stay hooked on the bottom and keeps coming up. Other than that, it is a great seat!

Donna Amelia, LA

Super Car Seat

Now, I must be honest that I wish it has steel reinforced bars like the Boulevard does. My2 1/2 yr old grandson is sooo happy I got this for him as he gets comfort in my car, which mommy has the boulevard, which is no longer roomy enough for him. He has no head slump and quickly falls asleep in this!

Beulah Northwood, OH

Fits in 08 Scion xB AND 01 Honda Civic Sedan

So, I bought this carseat after watching it for a few days and the price had dropped about $10 extra overnight! (LOVE Amazon’s prices on things! Babies R Us is charging about $80 OVER Amazon on this same seat!) I was a little nervous because I didn’t have the chance to go down to my local Babies R Us and see if it would actually FIT in my cars; I have a 2008 Scion xB and a 2001 Honda Civic sedan. I read a lot of the reviews and found that they fit perfectly….in SUV’s and minivans! This added to my nervousness. I KNEW I wanted this seat, but I was concerned with the fact that it just might not fit in our cars. We got the seat day before last and it fits WONDERFULLY…in BOTH cars! So, for all those out there who have smaller cars, but what their child in THIS seat, fear not and buy with confidence. Britax is a great brand, we have had our girls in Britax seats since birth and that will continue to be the case until they no longer need car seats 🙂

Simone Palmer, MI

I would buy again

Love this car seat. My son is 20 months old and it has worked out really well. It’s safe and secure and will grow with him. I would buy this product aain.

Lynne Sandusky, MI

Great, safe car seat

This is our second Britax car seat and we love it – the brand is very reliable, easy to install, comfortable and safe. It also looks much nicer than some of the other options out there and is easy to clean, just remove the upholstery and throw it in the wash. The booster seat is so roomy and easy to put my daughter in. I also love the cup holders on either side.

Stacey Isleton, CA

Great booster

This has been a great seat so far and our son loves the cupholder part of it. He seems to really like sitting in this chair.

Mayra Rogers City, MI

Awesome carseat!

First I want to thank the people that gave tips for installation. I used them (especially the one about threading the belt back through the seat hole to tighten the chair). I have a Honda CR-V and the installation was so easy and the car seat is very secure! This seat is not going anywhere. My two year old loves it and it looks great too. I feel so safe with him in this product but it is important to read the book and adjust the straps to your child before you put the chair in the car. I never would have known to flip the bottom wedge piece to the back for harness installation since it comes out of the box with it ready for booster. So be sure read the instructions.I am in love with this seat. Another awesome product by Britax.

Adelaide Mylo, ND

Great for larger vehicles

Love this seat! My daughter said she feels like a big girl in it and thinks the colors are cool.The pros:- It is large enough that a child can grown into it and you will never have to get another seat to replace it.- It can fit large toddlers or smaller preschoolers- Very comfortable- Stapes do not rub childs shoulder- Easy install, I installed it in about 5 mins and that includes having to take it out and reajust the shoulder part.- Childs head does not fall to a akward angle when asleep. This seat supports head, so no more painfull neck postions.The cons:- Its heavy- I do not see this fitting in small cars- In med size cars it will fit but not next to other seats, unless your good a puzzles!!!- I do not like the round pad at the crotch, it moves around and bunchs up- The shoulder strap adjuster is akward to get toAll in all I give it a 5. If I were in a smaller vehicle I would probably give it a 4 because of it being to big.

Celeste Bismarck, ND

This is definitely the best in its class. Here’s why…

As with everything else we conscientious parents/grandparents (yes, I realize that I’m not the only psycho researcher out there), I researched booster seats religiously. This entire process took me about 3 months when I realized that my second daughter is insanely large for her age and she would be outgrowing the car seat momentarily. The funny thing is that I own a Marathon and a B-Nimble stroller and worship them both, so the Frontier 85 was the front runner right out of the gate. However, I didn’t want to be hypnotized by the Britax brand (although I totally am), and let “the greatest booster seat ever” allude my grasp; hence my journey began.I don’t putz around either. I gave some lower end seats an honest investigation, because you never know where you may find a precious gem of a surprise! But alas, I didn’t. Then I moved on to familiar territory: Clek, Recarro, Diono just to name drop a few. I knew two things going in: I want a 5 point harness and the best bet in the unlikely event of an accident. The Marathon (Cowmooflage) that we have owned for 3 years, is an incredibly safe and thoughtful chair, so it made sense to just upgrade to the Frontier (which is also Cowmooflage).There are 2 points that I would like to address that other reviewers have made complaints again. Unlike the Marathon, the tightening on the LATCH system is only one sided. However, Britax has cleverly instructed us to pull the slack through the slot near the bottom right of the seat. I just installed this seat today and it is remarkably easy to do. I’ll teach you a trick. Don’t pull the slack straight out towards you. Kneel on the seat with all of your weight bearing down, and pull the slack in a straight line hard and to the left. Kind of like a lawn mower but in the opposite direction. When I lifted my knees, the seat didn’t budge, not even to “give” from releasing my body weight. This puppy won’t move an inch, Just like the Marathon. For reference, they are both installed in a Saab 9.7.The Cowmooflage material is the only material however that is not like a thick shiny tent-like material that I’m just not down with. I’ve actually never seen or felt a seat with similar material, but it stays cool when it’s supposed to and vice versa. You can tell it’s expensive.This brings me to my final point which is the price point. Don’t even flinch. As soon as you open the box, your anxieties will be released. This seat feel $300, no doubt about that. My 3.5 year old daughter’s face lit up when I opened the box and she said, no kidding, “Cool!” There are 2 built in cup holders- seemless, no less so nowhere for gross things to fester. Consumer reports and parents alike rave about this seat. keep your kids buckled for as long as humanly possible. If they’re older, use the booster mode or park farther away from their school. Kidding. Kind of.Bottom line, if you’re on the fence, jump.Safe travels to you all…

Katharine Sarles, ND

Awesome Quality

This Booster is not cheap its a quality seat. If you are a worried about a booster seat not providing enough support for your child this the one for you. It is sturdy and comfy. My daughter is on the smaller side of the growth chart so i wasn’t sure about going to this kind of seat. After seeing it I was no longer concerned. She is completely secure in this seat and she feels like a big girl. It is perfect for your growing toddler into kid stage. This will be her last car seat for sure. She loves the dual cup holders. It has a high back and wide seat (not too large) it doesn’t tip easily from side to side either. You can’t put a price on safety and that is why I invest in Britax they are pricey but you are getting what you pay for and more.

Cassie Hammond, MT

Harness/back/guards that grows with your child

Just edited my review to suggest this to any potential buyer: Go directly to the Britax website to look at the videos, measurements including range of shoulder height adjustments, etc. Their description covers everything you could ever want to know. But I would still recommend shopping Amazon for the best price. […]Just purchased and installed our Britax Frontier 85 harness-to-booster seat, and we are absolutely thrilled. The main selling points in our decision:(1) REPEAT BRITAX USERS- we are sold on the Britax brand(2) 5-POINT HARNESS SYSTEM that grows with your child. We definitely wanted to keep our granddaughter in a 5-point harness system for as long as possible rather than putting her in an across-the-body seat belt.(3) THE HARNESS-TO-BOOSTER DESIGN THAT YOUR CHILD WILL NOT OUTGROW: Although our Britax Marathon car seat indicated that it could be used to accommodate up to 65 pounds, the harness height is limited to the pre-cut slots, and once you are at the topmost slot, the harness height cannot be adjusted any higher; and the harness should be OVER the shoulder, not level or below child’s shoulder. So, unless you have an unusually small child, don’t count on a car seat accommodating your child’s shoulder height. Our granddaughter is tall for her age, but at 3 she had outgrown the harness height on her Britax Marathon, so it was time to start shopping. With the movable back, the harness height will be adjustable for years to come. With the one-piece design of the headrest/pads/harness, as the back is raised to accommodate the height of the harness, so is the headrest/pads, thus `growing’ with your child’s height. I really loved this feature.(4) DOUBLE DUTY At the appropriate time, the back can be removed, thus leaving a booster seat only. That’s two-for-the-price-of-one without sacrificing safety or quality, in my book.(5) AMAZON PRICING – the price dropped on this the day I purchased; and was far less expensive than any other site I found on the web. Plus we love Amazon’s free shipping and return policies.(6) FABRIC CHOICE – based on others’ reviews and after looking at close ups of the fabrics offered, we selected Maui Blue. Our Marathon carseats had a velour-type fabric and, believe me, that is HOT during the summer. The Maui Blue looked durable and comfortable.(7) INSTALLATION: Because we had a Britax car seat before, we did not find installation difficult. So, we do not anticipate removing/replacing to be difficult.(8) So much easier for the child re getting in and out of seat versus a baby car seat. She LOVES the cup holders, and we do, too!ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: According to factory suggestions, have your child sit in the seat for adjustment purposes prior to installing in your car. Although easily adjusted once installed, why make it more difficult than it needs to be?We already have suggested this model to others and will continue to do so. Should we find any future problem, I will update our rating here. At this point, we have no complaints or design change recommendations.

Rebekah Grizzly Flats, CA