Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat, Cardinal

Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat, Cardinal

The new Britax Frontier 85 SICT Combination Harness-2-Booster Seat boasts best-in-class forward-facing, five-point harnessed weight capacity up to 85 pounds combined with energy-managing side impact cushion technology, reducing incoming side impact crash energy by 45 percent by diverting crash forces away from the child. The Frontier 85 SICT also serves as a vehicle belt-positioning booster seat up to 120 pounds, and features true side impact protection with a one-hand, adjustable harness height system, Versa-Tether and engineered energy management zones. The Frontier 85 SICT is designed to provide the ultimate in safety for high capacity car seats. Loaded with comfort and convenience features, such as an easy-remove cover, comfort foam, integrated cup holders and fixed armrests, the Frontier 85 SICT is the ideal seat for your child graduating from their convertible car seat without compromising safety. 

Main features

  • Side impact cushion technology features energy-absorbing cushions on the exterior of the child seat to reduce side impact crash energy by 45%, by diverting crash forces away from your child and providing extra protection for the adjacent passenger
  • True side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine “in true” or aligned, to limit injury
  • Energy-absorbing versa-tether features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat
  • Energy-absorbing base deforms in the event of a crash to absorb impact forces
  • Energy-absorbing foam Liner absorbs and distributes crash forces

Verified reviews


Best Car Seat for my child – Wish they had more Color options

WE OWN TWO OF THESE SAME SEATS, THEY ARE FANTASTIC!My husband was in charge of car seats, we each have our own duties with regards to our children, one of his is car seats, all things sports (I love sports, but my husband loves to be involved and in charge of this one), and MATH homework to name a few, mine are money, mommy time and researching important products before we make an actual purchase to name a few of my own.We don’t purchase any major items without thoroughly investigating them, including most importantly items for which our children’s lives are at stake, sorry if that seems over-dramatized, it is what it is..This car seat is fantastic, we went from a Chicco Keyfit to a Britax Roundabout 55 to a Britax Frontier SICT with our now 3 year old. All fantastic seats. When it comes to safety Britax is one of the highest rated car seats in it’s class, maybe all classes of car seats. You can review a few pointers on choosing the right car seat for your child on the NHTSA’s website under Car Seat Recommendations for ChildrenFITTING YOUR CHILD: Our daughter is in the 95% height and weight, she just turned 3 in a 4 or 5 year old’s body, checks in at 42lbs at 40 inches tall, not stocky, just tall and looks older than she is, I’m hoping this wares off before she is a teen or interested in boys, anyhow, we have always sought after the seat that would last the longest because we knew we didn’t have long in them, this was a Britax, Check, and it was up to 85 lbs Check CHECK..Car seats expire after 5 years, or after ANY car accident where injuries or major damage incur.SAFETY OPTIONS: The Britax as I said has very high over all safety ratings, so this was a no brainer. We had our eye on the Regular Britax Frontier, but when the SICT came out We quickly shifted our thinking. The 5 point harness is a must for smaller children, as your child grows the regular seat belt is easily utilized. The outstanding seat anchor latches are next generation (seat belt latch like) extremely easily used and snap in place, without wrestling, without braking a nail. The Rear/Top anchor Latch is a must, also very easily used.FITTING YOUR CAR: We have a Jetta TDI, not specifically known for being a family car, it is a smaller 4-door sedan, so it was difficult for us to fit a car seat in it, I had no idea when I purchased the car the rear seating area was so tiny. We learned that we could go to just about any store that sold car seats and an employee would take the car seat to your car for a “Fitting”. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ANY CAR.STAINS & CLEANING: if you are concerned about stains, the Britax car covers come off (this one boasts how easy) and are completely washable and dry-able in conventional machines, and, at least with our machines, the cover comes out like new every time. There is not even any balling of the fabrics, ordegrading of the quality of the fabric. Just a quick mention of 2 of the worst stains out there for babies/toddlers and kiddos, the V word and D word, both come out without a semblance of the stain, nor odor of those two lovely facts of life. I would use the words, but who wants to read about vomit and diarrhea? There, I said it.. :)NAP TIME: You may have noticed, some convertibles bring your child completely upright leaving them without any head support to nod off in the car, that is what they love to do, heck, my husband loves to nap in the car. Thankfully, the Frontier has mildly risen to this occasion, there is a little bit of a headrest for her to lean and take a snooze, but I’m sure if she remembered her carry type car seat fully reclined, made for napping she would miss it like nobody’s business. Read the manual, adjust the seat to fit your kiddo and they should have plenty of head rest to nap.My personal negatives on this seat, ranked in order from worst to just whining.1) The Rubberized arm rests do get extremely hot in the summer, we are in Texas, this past summer was one of the hottest and driest on record, I would suggest throwing a blanket or towel over just the arm rests, hot enough can and will cause discomfort, even burning (not sure the degree, not a Dr and don’t claim to be one).2) Width, while we love the SICT, and we know our kiddo has to fit in it, there is not much room left in the back seat with her in the middle seat of our late model Jetta TDI, we feel badly when we have another adult sized person sit next to her, it’s about 6 or 8 inches wider than the standard Britax Frontier 85 (which did expire in 8/2010).3) Colors, Need more options, I loved cowmooflauge, it’s not available in this seat, there are alas only 3 fabric options, Onyx, Red and Portabello, bleh on all three, what, do older kids not deserve cutesy anymore? we bought it for safety and reliability anyway. I need another for our other vehicle, BRITAX?? Gimme another more cutesy fabric option please..We give the Britax Frontier 85 SICT 3 thumbs upI began writing this in response to a reviewer who had, let’s just say, ran around screaming the sky was falling about this car seat without REALLY knowing what they were referring to. I decided to move my comment to them to the bottom so that if you wish you may read my comment to them regarding some fabric scare. It makes for a longer read, but I felt I had to mention it because like a lot of false claims they detour people from purchasing products, or doing things they may have been better off doing.————I post my comment here again to that reviewer: who is listed as the “vs” which gives them ample visibility to a review without merited “MM” 01/02/2012There actually is NO MENTION OF THE BRITAX FRONTIER 85, or FRONTIER 85 SICT in this particular article you reference.The chemical warning was for very Specific Britax Car seats, most were models 2009 and older, including some Graco Models, Recaro and other brands. I think it’s remarkable that you’ve singled Britax out here, or did you?? Graco was mentioned on both the best and the worst, but somehow you have tried to lead us to believe that 2 models of Britax mean all are, or would like to portray this as being what the tests reveled, where in fact they did not.The WARNING was for the following, word for word:According to HealthyStuff’s tests, they rated the worst seats as:Infant Seat: Graco Snugride 35 in Edgemont Red/Black & Graco SnugRide 30 in AspreyConvertible Seat: Britax Marathon 70 in Jet Set & Britax Marathon in Platinum (Retired as of 8/2010)Booster Seat: Recaro Pro Booster in Blue Opal & Recaro ProSPORT Toddler in MistyHealthyStuff listed the best seats as:Infant Seat: Chicco KeyFit 30 in Limonata, Graco Snugride 35 in Laguna Bay & Combi Shuttle 33 in Cranberry NocheConvertible Carseat: Graco Comfort Sport in Caleo, Graco MyRide 65 in Chandler and Streamer, Safety 1st OnSide Air in Clearwater, and Graco Nautilus Elite 3-in-1 in GabeBooster Seat: Graco Turbo Booster in AndersThe organization pointed out that it was unable to test for some toxic substances, such as bisphenol A or phthalates (although the presence of PVC is a likely indicator of phthalates).– END ARTICLE QUOTE –Again, the reports were from OLDER CAR SEATS and SPECIFIC MODELS, DOWN TO THEIR SPECIFIC FABRIC OPTIONS. If you are concerned about purchasing this particular car seat I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer (BRITAX Consumer Services at 888-427-4829) and not put too much weight behind a novice’s review who obviously strayed way off topic and who’s business is MOST LIKELY NOT EVEN IN THE REALM OF CHILD SAFETY.Remember you are putting your child’s life and safety in the care of a product, whichever product you choose, the NTSB has time after time chosen Britax as an outstanding award winning manufacturer for child safety.- No I do not work for Britax, or any manufacturer, I am a mom who thoroughly researches anything my child would use in situations that could be a potentially dangerous, and let’s face it, the roads are no picnic for any of us. AND YES, We do own a Britax Frontier 85 SICT in Onyx, as well as a Britax Roundabout in Cowmooflauge, We previously owned a Roundabout in Tan which was replaced after an auto accident.————–I hope this helped your purchasing decision! Make sure you go out and “test drive” the seat in your vehicle first before buying!

Wendi Gates Mills, OH

Great seat for young kids and allows room to grow

My daughter is tall and we just upgraded from a smaller Britax to this one.We definitely loved it for its build quality and safety features – this is the hallmark of Britax. I always feel better spending more for high quality products especially if they keep your kids safe.The seat has lots of room for her to grow into and moving up to a booster seat.

Sue Jackson, NC

Brintax, ‘nough said

It’s Britax so it’s top end safety. I was thinking Ricaro since my brother swears by it since it’s racing inspired. But I read how Ricaro has some cancer inducing material. I don’t want cancer inducing anything especially since kids are much more subceptable to those things. Oh and something about crotch area being too short and tight. Any guy and crotch is a no no.Frontier is huge. Back of my wife’s Rav 4 I have mounted this in the middle to prevent my son from getting car sick…something about being able to look outside. At first I put it squarely in the middle. There were no rooms to seat on either side. Well you can sit there but you’d be sitting side ways. So I offset it slightly toward the driver seat so there can be one person sitting comfortably, a child seat and about 1/2 seat. It is very comfortable just like my britax diplomat. My 3 1/2 year old son will have years for growing into.I kind of wish that I bought the non SICT version since it is bit smaller with the SICT air pouches and I may be able to fit 2 passengers in the back with the car seat, but I’m sure if I ever get into an accident I’d be glad that I bought this SICT. Safety first. And SICT version, you can take out the cover for washing without removing the seat. I’ve looked at the cover removal and it seems very easy to do.Love it. Love britax. My son loves sitting in it. Just wish it wasn’t as big but my son’s only 3 1/2 and I do want him safe and comfortable. Not to mention most times, it’s just me, my wife and my son who’re traveling.

Lara Sciota, IL

Britax Frontier 85 SICT vs Graco Nautilus

We have two cars, and therefore two carseats. (Honestly, who has time to move a car seat for every trip? No one, that’s who.) We have theGraco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat, Matrixin the car my son is in less often, and the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat, Onyx in the car he’s in more often. The Graco is a decent car seat, and for the price, tough to beat. The Britax is a superior car seat in more or less every way, but you’ll pay dearly for it.This is commentary after owning both carseats for over a year.Frontier 85 SICT Pros:-Easy to install. In fact, I’d give Britax the “easiest to install across the entire product line” award. We have another, and one set of grandparents has a third (both convertibles for smaller kids), and this is tough to beat. Their LATCH connectors make a world of difference.-Roomy seat, 2 cupholders. My son likes both.-Easy to adjust.-Fabric seems to be holding up well.-The buckle is easy to fasten. See my Graco review for why this is of particular note.Frontier 85 SICT Neutral:-The pads (shoulder, crotch) come off easily. As you would expect, this means they’ve been removed. But the same was true of the Graco.Frontier 85 SICT Cons:-Yes, the seat cushion is easy to remove and tends to get knocked off while my son climbs in the car. But I don’t have a problem getting it back on. Only happens once every 2-3 weeks or so anyway.-This is a very wide seat. It’s in an Acura RDX, and the middle seat in the back is not usable with this installed. The SICT part is very, very wide (probably good for safety; not so good for fitting 5 people in a car).So, in short, I think this is a “you get what you pay for” moment. The Britax is often close to twice as expensive, but it’s easier to install and use. I’m sure both are equally safe as these are both respected brands with good test results to back it up, but if I had to pick a “daily” use seat, it would be the Britax.

Bettye Tannersville, VA

Reduces Seating Capacity, But Safety is Worth It…

Having my daughter move to within an hour of our home was a treat – but, it also meant we needed to purchase a booster seat for our car. I knew my daughter was pleased with Britax products and reviewers’ comments on the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat confirmed that company’s product quality. Having been T-boned a little over a year ago, I was definitely interested in Britax’s side-impact technology. I wanted to be sure my grandson would be well-protected when riding in my car and this seat seemed to be the logical choice.The Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat is heavy and quite large – it filled one of the “bucket” seats and made it useless to install the center piece which converted my backseat’s capacity to a three-passengers. However, since safety and not seating capacity was the priority, I was not concerned with this issue. Individuals who must have the maximum seating capacity in their vehicle may want to consider other, more compact booster seats. Had this been installed in my daughter’s 2003 Honda Accord, that vehicle’s seating capacity would have been reduced to three people from its stated five-passenger capacity.In addition to the safety factor, I liked that the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat has cup holders that do not extend beyond the seat’s already wide profile. The onyx seat color was chosen for practical reasons – my grandson, like many little ones, loves dirt and attracts it as if he were a magnet and the dirt iron shavings.Installation of the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat in newer vehicles is not difficult, even for grandparents who have not installed a car/booster seat in 30 years. Although it took a bit of time and some discussion over what the instructions were trying to tell us, my spouse and I had this seat securely in place in about 30 minutes.Be sure to get the manufacture date off the box label so that you can register the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat on the BritaxUSA’s web site. The information is not on the registration card included with the booster seat, but the web site asks for it. If you write it on the card before you discard the box, it will save your having to root through your recycles.Amazon’s price for the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat, Onyx was the best I was able to find. If you are looking for a safe, high-quality booster seat, you may want to consider the Britax Frontier 85 SICT Booster Seat.

Sheri Oral, SD

toddler seat

Love it! My little guy wasn’t ready to go without a harnness and this was a perfect option! We both feel safe with him in this.

Kayla Menifee, CA

Great car seat

This is a terrific car seat. Everything you read about it is true. Solid and sturdy, lots of padding including the sides with impact protection. The conversion from harness to belt will be a snap and the harness gives my wife peace of mind until our daughter outgrows it. The only thing I wish it could do is have an adjustable back so that it can be angled back. However, its made in a fully upright locked position and probably for safety. My daughter’s head flops down when she’s asleep, but kids can sleep in almost any kind of position without affecting them, so no harm there. We dont use the circular cushion thats on the buckle because it slides off everytime my kid comes out of the seat. Doesnt affect the safetyof functionality one bit.If you have the means and are serious about quality and safety, get this seat! You wont regret it. And for all those parents who worry about people saying its a pain to get this car seat in and out of the car: DONT BE. Its a car seat, people! You secure it and leave it alone. Why would you NEED to move it around so much??? If you are going to do that, get a more flexible, lighter seat and dont complain about this one just because its designed for safety in mind.

Agnes Hilbert, WI

peace of mind

like this a lot as it gives me a peace of mind knowing my child is surrounded by great protection…one small complaint…the seat is too straight up…maybe good for older children…my 3 yr-old sinks in this seat at first, then now she’s used to it, but whenever she sleeps in the car her head still bobs back and forth when I hit the break…we had a marathon b4 this and that seems to be better for a sleeping child as it’s more reclined…she looked more comfortable sleeping in the marathon…she even said she likes that one more than this one…but in the long run, we need to move to a booster seat, so I had to get this one…

Nadine Dennard, AR

great car seat!

Easy to install, and super easy to secure my child in it. The straps loosen and tighten easily and my son love the double cup holders. Still using it as a car seat so I cant speak to its use as a booster.

Celia Bienville, LA

Great seat!!

Bought the Britax SICT for my very tall two year old. After reading countless reviews, insurance reports & government reports, I found this seat to be the most highly recommended. Some would say it’s a little pricey but I believe you get what you pay for; my child’s safety is not something I’m going to be cheap about. Also, because of the versatility, this seat will be the last one I ever buy for her. My daughter loves it! She appears very comfortable & enjoys the arm rests & cupholders. Regarding installation, it’s actually easier (using the latch system) than others due to the latch connectors. I’m very pleased with this seat & would recommend it to everyone.

Vickie Waldron, AR

My baby is growing up!

I love the britax brand–this will be my son’s third Britax seat and with upper weight limit, it will be his last. I was really worried that it wouldn’t fit in my older jetta but it took up no more room than my Britax diplomat. I broke a sweat installing it but that is worth it getting those latches tight enough. My son calls it his cool seat. He no longer throws his cup at me when he is finished because now he has a place to put it. I love how sturdy and safe it feels. I have a hard time imagining a preteen sitting in a high back booster, but we’ll see. It is great for my three year old!

Alexandria Denton, KY

Great Car Seat

I love this car seat and my son seems very comfortable in it. I’m happy that this will grow with him as a final booster. Wish there was just a cup holder on one side, and a snack container holder on the other. We haven’t found a snack container that it will hold.

Lucile Clarkson, NY

PERFECT for my son

This seat is perfect for my son. It is a very heavy, yet excellent quality booster. I love that it has the side air impact too. Overall, great seat.

Patrica Sutton, ND

I love this seat

Please make sure your child is of the correct weight/height/age for this seat. It’s not for the little ones! I have had my son in here for a few months. He’s almost three years old now. He loves its. I love it. He can climb in by himself – he actually insists on this. The straps pull nice and loose to get him in there and tighten well (the only qualm I have is it’s a bit weird of an angle to pull to really tighten it, but that’s just the nature of what you’re doing, not the seat’s poor design). The seat cover doesn’t really clip too well on the bottom but this isn’t much of an issue either. I keep meaning to look under there and see what the matter is, but I just don’t get around to it. It doesn’t flap up or obstruct anything, just slides around a little.

Aline Antes Fort, PA

Daughter is a fan

This car seat, like others with the latch system, is easy to install. My daughter loves the cup holders and feels like a big girl sitting in the seat. Like other Britax car seats with the side impact technology, this car seat does require more space than other booster seats similar to it, but we feel the extra space needed is worth the added protection. We’ve owned the seat for a little over a month and don’t have any complaints so far. I will certainly update my review if any issue arise.

Erin Falmouth, MI

Huge but great for safety and comfort

This is our eighth Britax car seat. And it’s the best one yet. We have one other Frontier from 2010, and this new 2012 model is improved, to my surprise. The seat cover comes off much easier than with the older Frontier model; the fabric itself is more durable; and the cup holders are integrated and actually hold water bottles without having them topple over.The superior safety of the Britax Frontier has been discussed by many, so I won’t repeat again here. The addition of the side impact feature makes this seat astoundingly even wider than ever, but it still fits easily into our cars.

Justine Sand Fork, WV

4 1/2 stars

Great seat!Love Britax and feel confident my children are safe in their seats. I do wish the straps didn’t twist constantly and the seat fabric didn’t constantly peel up. It makes my husband cranky. Wish Britax released a more affordable model. Less well-off folks deserve safer kids, too!

Margarita Brockway, PA

Exceptional, safe, quality product and comfortable!

This harness booster seat is the way to go if you are looking for something for your three year old. It will grow with your child and will serve as a booster seat and utilizes a car’s seat belts at an appropriate age. This is a good product!!My three yr old (42 inches, 37 pounds) was uncomfortable in his Eddie Bauer carseat- the kind that he graduated to from the infant carry car seat and I started looking for something else. I purchased a simple Evenflo convertible booster seat for around $50 and used it for a few days but there was a HUGE QUESTION in my mind about whether it was safe. By all of the info on the actual booster seat and from other online research, my son is ‘appropriate’ for the seat, but it is not a wise choice. Using an adult seatbelt was not comfortable for my son and did not make me feel confident either.So, back to the drawing board and MUCH MORE RESEARCH. I had no idea that you could purchase HARNESS BOOSTER seats. I have never seen one in any store- Target, Walmart, Toys R Us. Thank goodness for the internet and Amazon. After reading many sites about children’s safety, carseats, etc, I decided to purchase this model.The cost of this harness booster seat initially made me wonder. I have never owned or used a Britax product prior to this purchase. It is the higher end of the Frontier line. I purchased it because the cover is completely removable and can be washed. On the base line Frontier model you cannot remove the cover and the purchase of an additional cover, only available from Britax itself, would run at least another $75. It also has additional side impact safety features too.It was very easy to install in my Kia Sorento.The straps on the harness straps are wide and cannot twist. (Twisted straps was a constant problem on our previous Eddie Bauer carseat. Two years of untwisting was a real pain!!)My son is very comfortable! He talked about how much of a ‘pillow’ he had behind his head- these are his words. His legs now dangle, instead of sticking out straight and hitting the seat in front of him.There are two handy and well designed cup holders.I feel safer with him in this seat- and I know that the addition cost is well worth it. I am horrified that I actually purchased the Graco model- which may work for others, but it is not for us.I can also say that I should have looked at Britax products sooner- and I wish we had had a Britax carseat from the very beginning of my son’s life.

Grace Grand Chain, IL