Britax Infant Positioning Insert

Britax Infant Positioning Insert

The BRITAX Infant Positioning Insert may be necessary for small infants to achieve a snug fit of the harness around you child. The Infant Positioning Insert has been tested and certified for use with the following BRITAX convertible car seats: ROUNDABOUT 55, MARATHON 70, BOULEVARD 70, BOULEVARD 70 CS, and ADVOCATE 70 CS.

Main features

  • May be necessary for small infants to achieve a snug fit of the harness around your child
  • Sled tested and certified for use with the following britax convertible car seats: roundabout 55, marathon 70, boulevard 70, boulevard 70 cs, advocate 70 cs
  • For use with infants weighing between 5 and 11 lbs

Verified reviews


Don’t hesitate

My son was born 6lbs and I wish I had known prior to his first car ride home that this was just as important for an accurate fit as my choice in carseat was for safety. Why invest in a Britax and then not invest in making sure that its the most comfortable and secure ride possible for your little one. This is an excellent purchase and I would advise that if you know your baby isn’t going to be born a whopping 10lbs, its well worth the $15.00 even if its only used for a month or so for average or larger newborns.

Chelsey Hindsboro, IL

Essential for newborns in a convertible Britax seat

Yet another boring baby gear purchase, but one that’s pretty important if you’re hoping to use a Britax convertible car seat from birth. Our baby was predicted to be big – well over eight pounds – but I figured $12 was a small price to pay to ensure that he fit well in his car seat on the ride home from the hospital. He was just over 7 pounds when we were discharged, so having the insert installed was crucial. In fact, the insert is still in DS’s car seat (the Marathon), as I think he fits better in it.The insert was easy to install, though I wish this site and/or the packaging showed the difference the insert makes in terms of fit. I think it would convince more people what a difference it makes, and therefore, how important it is for small newborns to have if you’re skipping the infant carseat.

Chelsey Kimberly, WI

Fits Britax Advocate perfectly..

A must have if you are not using an infant car seat for safety reasons as it raises up the seat just enough for the shoulder straps to rest where they should be on an infant.I have never used a car seat before but I was happy how easy this was to get in under cover and buckles

Kay Willard, UT

does the trick

This insert works for our 8 pound baby. Installation instructions could be clearer but I did figure it out in the end.

Mai Sackets Harbor, NY


This insert helped my little 6th percentile baby fit comfortably in her carseat. Before the insert, she just slumped in the carseat and didn’t look like she had much support. She’d curl up into a little ball and just looked so… sad. We put this insert in and she looked like a big girl– nice and spread out! I’m so glad I got this!

Monika Mapleton, IA

Definitely needed for early birds!

My daughter was only 6 lbs and so we definitely needed this. It was REALLY hard though to find instructions on where to put it. We literally guessed.

Sondra Cory, CO

Very useful

Very simple product made of foam… helped my daughter fit into her Britax Marathon carseat when she was less than 12 pounds. We only used the positioning insert a few times because my baby grew so fast!

Maritza Elizabeth, WV

Good for small baby 13 lbs and under

It was good for my reflux baby which is why I bought the convertible seat. The insert was important until he hit roughly 13 lbs.

Ofelia Brentwood, TN

Easy & Useful

We needed this for our Britax car seat as our baby was a newborn going straight into it. (We didn’t do the bucket car seat thing.) Followed the instructions & it was fast and easy to insert. When she gets big enough, it’ll be easy to take out as well. A must need for infants going straight into on of Britax’s large car seats!

Fern Saint Louis, MO

A must!

This is an absolute must if you are using a non infant only carseat… my daughter is still using it at 8 months! Its really easy to install and take out as well

Louella Mc Intyre, GA