Britax Kick Mats, 2-Count, Black

Britax Kick Mats, 2-Count, Black

Keep your vehicle seat backs clean with the Britax Kick Mats. The top and bottom attachment points provide a secure fit, while its large 17.4″ x 22.5″ size ensures full coverage. Deep mesh pockets on the top of the Britax Kick Mats offer extra storage possibilities with an elastic top and fastener to keep objects in place. The water resistant fabric is machine washable and also folds for storage. Sold as a 2 pack.

Main features

  • Full size kick mats to protect your vehicle seat backs and provide extra storage
  • Large 175 inches by 225 inches size for full coverage designed to fit most vehicle seats
  • Deep mesh pockets with elastic top to securely store necessities
  • Two attachment points at the top and bottom of the vehicle seat for a secure fit
  • Washable and water resistant fabric
  • Large 175″ x 225″ size for full coverage designed to fit most vehicle seats

Verified reviews


Works well, good product, keeps seats clean…

I use this for my Rear facing baby, I just put it on the back of the seat and tuck it down to where the carseat meets the seat and it works fine but it folds and bows out in the middle at the top and needs to be adjusted constantly to make the pockets functional at all. Its a good, durable product and I would buy it again 100 times because it keeps my seat clean and that’s what its there for! The pockets are perfect for all the hair bows and binkies that accumulate in the day to day travels 🙂

Renae Mora, MO

Keep seats clean but had to cut strap to make fit

It works to keep seat clean, but my suv seat it did not fit arouns correctly so I had to cut the straps and tie to keep in place it doesn’t lay flat against seat it bubble in the middle. but I does work just I can not use pocket.

Pansy Cheneyville, LA

Great Kick mats

Feels strange writing a review for a Kick Mat, but this product was genuinely good, so felt like I should take the effort to do so.This is first time I found a good quality Kick mat, so far I had the usual cheap stuff you find many times in discount stores like Ross.The quality is as good as can be for a Kick Mat, it has the pockets and features as described, looks really nice just as in the photos.Most importantly, it fit perfectly for my big 2009 Acura MDX SUV car seat, as well as in my smaller 2009 BMW 328i sedan. My daughter stores her water bottle in the pocket, as well as we keep a box of wipes in one another pocket in each car. The Kick Mat is being happily kicked at by my 4 year old daughter, and is doing its job well in protecting the car leather.

Ada Lerose, KY


Flimsy and no way to secure. My 1YO just kicks at it and moves it at will. Maybe I’ll find another use for it.

Sarah West Kill, NY

You want a kick mat? That’s what it is…

If you are looking for a mat that goes on the back of the seat and protects it from little feet, this is the product for you. My only (small) complaint is that the top corners are slowly starting to curl in instead of laying flat on the seat like it was before, exposing those top corners and SOMEHOW my son’s feet got up there and it’s dirty now. But that may not be a design flaw, and more of a toddler flaw 🙂

Dollie Rockaway, NJ

Must have

A Must have product for infant/toddler parents, we bought for both of our vehicles for our son. We will be buying 2 more once our daughter turns around in her big girl car seat!

Cindy Ulysses, KS

Fit my car perfectly

I have the Britax system and was looking for additional car pieces. These fit perfectly over my Kia Sorento SUV seat backs and the only complaint is that the pockets do not fit much, but it is enough for the essentials for a kid: a few toys and pacifiers. Everything else can go in a carry on box stored in my trunk. Recommend!

Valerie Doniphan, MO

Great purchase!

I bought these for my new honda pilot to put on the back of the second row. They are great! My kids can put their books and all their things in them and they’re easy to access in their car seats.

Erika Huntington, TX

Fits well

I have a 2012 Dodge Durango and this kick mat fits the back of the seat well. At first I was hesitant but compare to the other brand, this seems like it’s better made. Glad I bought this because I need it, my 3 year old loves to kick the back of the seat and it’s a constant headache telling him not to while I’m driving. So this was the solution to my problem. I wished I found it sooner, but better late than never. Highly recommend to other mom with the same issues.

Tammy Nebo, WV

Protects the seat

It isn’t awesome but it covers the whole back of my seat keeping the mud off and has lived through some kicking at this point.

Dollie Jersey Mills, PA

excellent coverage

I am really loving these kick pads. My 4 year old loves to climb in to his car seat by pressing his shoes in to the back of the front seat. These covers keep the mud off of my seats. Super easy to install and fit my large Nissan Armada seats beautifully. I highly recommend this product for any parent!

Aurora Concan, TX

Fits well in Toyota Tacoma

These mats fit very well in our Tacoma and keep our toddler from getting the seats dirty when he kicks or stretches out his legs. The only drawback is that the pockets are very small and don’t store much, but since I bought them to keep my seats clean and not for storage, this is a minor issue. We’re very happy with these.

Adele Diagonal, IA

Great product, protects the car’s interior well

I use this in both our cars to keep the back of the seats clean and it works great, stays in place and protects the entire back of the seat.

Patrica Saint Andrews, TN

Work fine

Keeps the back of the seat protected as my toddler kicks. Works just fine for us and I don’t see any problems here

Cornelia Greenleaf, WI

save your seats! stow their gear!

I purchased this item to go along with a Britax Booster seat. The Kick Mats are great! Super easy to install – They fit snugly and do not "dangle" aimlessly along the back of the seat, so they won’t get in the way for older children getting into the car seat. There are several pockets for storing things easily for children to access – again this would be for older children, as toddlers won’t be able to reach that far. Since I am using the car seat and accessories as a grandma – i am able to put one mat in each of our cars for protection from scuffs, mud and other "kid foot" issues.This is a definite WIN and i am glad i opted for it!

Veronica Walnut Creek, OH


I am not sure what to think of it! it does not fit well in my Dart but it keeps my son from putting more of foot prints in the back of the seat! I would prob buy something else though

Gabriela Ocate, NM

Doesn’t work with integrated seat belts

Because the lower strap is just a single strip of elastic without a clasp, these kick mats don’t work with seats that have integrated seat belts. There is no way to get that lower strap under the seat belt. Instead, I would recommend theBRICA Deluxe Kick Matswhich have a detachable clasp for the lower strap.I think the Brica version is superior regardless of the strap issue because of better fabric quality and a nicer lay-flat look. The Britax is made of a crinkly fabric that isn’t as attractive as the thicker, tougher Brica fabric. Either will work fine to protect your seats though.The only advantage of the Britax is the mesh pockets which are of dubious value because your child will likely be kicking in that area and the mesh material allows dirt and mud to get kicked through into the pocket.

Katelyn Maggie Valley, NC


I bought this because we recently just upgraded my son to a bigger carseat. With a growing boy comes walking and muddy feet and since we want to keep him rear facing as long as possible, we want to protect the seats in our car. Now we have a Yukon with captain chairs and I’ve seen some of these seat protector things that are loose and tacky and I really was taking on chance on whether I’d like these or not, but I LOVE them!First, I love how it’s a two pack! Second, I love how snug it fits on the sea — even after I put a few things at the top. Third, and this may be a down fall for some, but I wanted a protector to protect the seat not to fill up with a bunch of junk. It has a TON of space below the small storage area for his feet which is perfect!Overall, I would recommend this product for anyone who wants a simple seat protector! It’s AWESOME!

Twila Valley Mills, TX

love this

definitely a good investment! got a brand new car and my kid was kicking on the seat backs already, the first time she got in…good thing I had these…all parents need these…

Bette Maine, NY

A little small, but works for me

It’s a great, simple, and well-priced set of mats. The pockets at the top are very handy since using this mat renders the small pocket on the back of the seat virtually inaccessible. I have some friends that have thicker, sturdier mats, but for our relatively calm daughter, these will be fine. The reason I took one star off was because of the size and the bottom strap.The kick mats are relatively small, and while it covers the back of my front seats well, I have a small car, so I can’t imagine it working well on, say, an SUV. The strap to hold the mat down is actually just an elastic piece that you slide over the front seat. It barely fit over my front sport seat, and then, to get the elastic to reach the bottom of the front seat (so the elastic isn’t in the middle of the passenger’s back), I had to extend the top adjustable straps almost fully so it would reach. If you have a larger car or larger front seats, I wonder if the elastic would end up too high for comfort even if you fully extended the top straps. (I hope this makes sense.)Just because it is very helpful for me to look at reviews with detailed information, I have a 2013 MINI Cooper Clubman with sport seats. One minor thing, on the off-chance you are reading this with the same car in mind, is that the mechanism to push the front seat forward to let people into the back is up on the "shoulder" of the front passenger seat, and since the top straps for this kick mat are relatively short, part of the latch is covered up by the mat. I can still access and use it fine, it’s just a minor thing specific to this car. Overall, a great product, especially for the price.

Sylvia Sardis, TN

Should work for most. Wish it were made with sturdier fabric and heavy duty stitching

This did not last very long. It looks nice and appears to be well made. However, within first 2 weeks of it being on the seat in front of my 2 y.o., he discovered that he could hook his heels in the pockets and yank them. I was driving on a highway, so there was nothing I could do to stop him. Pockets survived, but mat completely ripped away from the strap that ties it around front seat headrest. Wish it were a sturdier fabric and construction.

Vera Little Plymouth, VA

Happy with kick mats and would purchase again

I like this product. I was originally going to purchase other kick mats that were clear. I liked that this add pockets at top of both mats. My only issue that I didn’t give it five stars for was that the pockets are not really deep enough for me. I believe there are three pockets and these are divided by velcro in between so a larger (longer) item could be placed in pocket if desired. I have a two year old and his car seat places his feet right at back of my seat so little effort is needed to put his feet on back of seat. This has helped greatly so dirt isn’t going into my car fabric. Also, this is very easy to install. You slip over seat, there is a strap that goes by crease of the seat between seat and back rest. Not thrilled that it won’t stay in the actual crease between seat and back so it’s visible in the front of the seat it is attached to. Person sitting in seat that it is attached to cannot feel that they are sitting on the strap though. It also has a second strap that fits around the head rest. I would purchase this item again. Price was reasonable.

Dolly Lafayette, MN

Work great!

I love that these are black and blend in with my car. Also, they wipe clean super easy so you don;t have to take them off and wash them every time they get dirty.

Adrienne Gallipolis Ferry, WV

Fits our Ford Freestyle seats

These fit our Ford Freestyle seats, so we’re happy with them. I agree with all of the other reviewers that said the pockets were pointless. My 2.5yr old kicks at them & likes to catch his heel in them. I’m tempted to cut them off just to remove the temptation for him. We never put anything in them.

Sylvia Crossville, AL

Simple and effective

I just got a new car at the same time that my soon was tall enough to start kicking the back of the seats in wintertime. These work great and were very easy to put in. Didn’t even need to use the directions

Trisha Glen Haven, CO


This is perfect so perfect I am ordering another 2 pack! Nice pockets easy to get to and sooo easy to install fits perfect on my seat backs of my Highlander!!!

Mayra Krotz Springs, LA

Works great in my VW Tiguan

Fits my Tiguan Front seats brilliantly. Easy on & off but lovely and secure. Great product also really pleased with quality.

Alexandria Tarentum, PA

Needs more pockets.

Wish there were more pockets. There are only 2 small pockets at the top (separated by a "Velcro" divider). Easy to install & fits well.

Elise Fairland, OK

These are great

I decided to give the Britax kick mats a try. I had been using the Brica ones, which work fine, but was interested in the pocket the Britax ones have. I had been keeping hand wipes and small toys in the door pockets of my Audi Q5 and they were getting full. These kick mats fit my car sets very well.What I like the best is that the material is tough and slippery. I can wipe dirt off them with a baby wipe, if it gets too messy. Very easy clean up. The pockets are not easy to kick my 2yr or 4yr old (4yr old is very tall). I don’t think the pockets could handle very heavy items, nor would I suggest it in the event of a car accident. I’ve been keeping simple things in them; a full package of wipes (;=1368997256&sr;=8-2-fkmr2&keywords;=say+yes+to+carrot+wipes ) and very small lightweight toys. It’s really handy when the kids want to bring a small toy in the car with them, but I won’t allow it out of the car for fear of losing it. The kids have a safe spot to put their toy and it doesn’t fall on the floor or get lost in a crevice somewhere.I have not had any problems with pocket tears.

Wendy Castle Creek, NY

Perfect for my Corolla!

So glad I bought these, worth the money. The mesh pockets are perfect for storing toys, etc. My 17mo old kicks the seat, so I got these just in time.

Lynn Marietta, NC