Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat

Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Car Seat

E9BB11A Features: -Convertible car seat.-Rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 1 year and 20 lbs up to 70 pounds.-SafeCells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat.-Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash.-Quick-Adjust Harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps.-Built-in Lock-Offs ensure a snug lap and shoulder belt installation with minimal effort.-Side Impact Protection comprised of deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam distributes crash forces.-Patented, Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement.-Two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat.-Premium Lower Latch Connectors for a quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release.-Infant Positioning Insert may be necessary for small infants to achieve a snug fit of the harness around your child (sold separately). Color/Finish: -Color: Onyx. Assembly Instructions: -No assembly required. Collection: -Marathon 70 Collection.

Main features

  • The Britax Marathon 70 convertible car seat is designed for children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing up to 70 pounds
  • Safecell technology features safecells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels child toward the front seat
  • Integrated Steel Bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash
  • Side Impact Protection comprised of deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head, neck and body
  • Quick-adjust harness repositions the harness shoulder height without disassembling the harness straps

Verified reviews


Another Great Britax Carseat!

We’ve been using Britax’s older style Marathons for five years so I was anxious to try this latest manifestation to see how it stacked up. It is larger, but it now fits children up to 70 lbs forward facing (and 5-40 rear facing) and still fits easily in our Honda Odyssey and forward facing in our small VW Golf. Like the older Britax models, the new Marathon is often outgrown by height, rather than weight. I sat both of our children in it and found the difference to be slight, if any, over the old model, so if you are in the market for a new seat for child outgrowing the shell, this is probably not the best choice.The legendary Britax quality continues with a solid, intuitive build. Some of the newer head protecting technology from other, more expensive Britax seats has been integrated. The new harness adjuster is amazing, making it so simple and easy to change the height of the straps. We often carpool and I’m glad I can quickly and easily customize the seat to every child.Britax seats are always soft and comfortable for riders, so much so that my children notice the difference when they ride in other seats! My four year old gave this her seal of approval comfort-wise, declaring the new design even better than her old one.There are new spots to store latch clips when they are not in use that I love, most every change is a great improvement with the exception of the locking mechanisms for using a seat belt. They are MUCH harder to use than they were on the older model Marathons. I assume that they are also safer, but I had such a hard time with it, I could imagine parents using it incorrectly (and unsafely.)The instructions are clear and easy to follow, but take advantage of seat checks in your area to make sure you install it correctly and as secure as it can be. Britax is an industry leader in safety and innovation, and I am glad my girls (at 4.5 and 6) are still riding safely in 5 point harnesses and protected by their Britax seats in the event of a crash.

Margot Roseville, CA

Another great seat from Britax

Since 2001 I’ve been hooked on Britax car seats. The quality and ease of use of their seats puts them above their competition. When I was presented with the opportunity to review the Britax Marathon 70, I jumped at the chance.We own a Britax Marathon that accommodates a child from 5 to 65 pounds, so it was nice to sit the two seats side by side for comparison purposes. The first notable difference is the Marathon 70 is a larger seat. The seat belt lock offs are designed differently (I think they’re more cumbersome than the easy to use lock offs found on the Britax Marathon and Roundabout seats). The harness adjustor strap’s release mechanism works differently. Instead of pressing down, you need to press up. After nearly 9 years of dealing with seats that had easier releases, I found this to be a tad awkward. Harness height adjustment on the Marathon 70 is a snap compared to the seats where you need to rethread the harness. You simply have to squeeze and pull (or push) to adjust the height of the harness straps. The ease of use for this function is on par with the simple adjustment of the back on a Graco TurboBooster. The Marathon 70 also boast some nice little touches that weren’t found on the old Marathon. There is now a place to snap the latch clips to the back of the seat when not in use. Parents who travel frequently and find themselves lugging their child seat through airports will appreciate the added touch of an area to clip the versa tether strap to be used as a carry handle.Installation of this seat was a snap. I installed it both rear and forward facing in my Toyota Sienna and it was easily and securely installed in both positions. Because the seat is so large, it is possible that this seat may not fit well in smaller cars when used in the rear facing position.Overall, this is a great quality seat that will keep your little one safe, comfortable and secure for many years. In the nearly nine years that I’ve been using Britax seats, I have found each of them to be worth the price.

Kimberley Newagen, ME

Just as good as Evenflo Triumph

Don’t get me wrong, this is a great car seat. What bothers me is that after reading all of the marketing and all of the reviews on this, I was convinced that it was worth they hefty price tag because it was so much better, more comfortable and safer than other car seats. I already have the Evenflo Triumph for my daughter and went to buy a Marathon for my son when he outgrew his infant carrier. I expected the Marathon to be far superior to the Triumph since it is more than double the price. I was dissapointed. The two seats are about equal! They are both comfortable with lots of padding, they have a similar shape, size and weight, they are about the same to install, they both allow strap movement without re-threading. Seriously, put the britax name on the evenflo and you probably wouldn’t notice a difference.So that is why I give it four stars, I feel like I was duped a little by the marketing and overpaid for a car seat.But it is a good seat, so here are the pros and cons:Pros:Nice extra padding, seems comfyStraps are easy to raise and lower without re-threadingYou can move the crotch strap forward for a bigger kidIt seems solid, hopefully that means it is really safeIt actually has a little bit smaller footprint than the Evenflo TriumphI fit TWO of these side by side in the back seat of my Toyota Camry and still have one seat open!The latch system makes it easy to installCute fabric choicesCons:It is difficult to use rear facing – it is hard to tighten the bucklesThe seat seems shallow, my average sized 9 month old sits in it rear facing and his legs already hang offIf you use this rear facing for an infant who doesn’t have head control, you’ll probably need to buy more padding/a head supportPrice $$$ – seriously I dont’ think it is worth it, there are other very similar car seats out there for half the price

Alyssa Somes Bar, CA

Great Seat!

I bought this for my 2007 toyota camry and was worried about the fit because I am 5’10” and like my seat to be as far back as possible. I put the seat in and only had to scoot up maybe an inch, even with the carseat in its fully reclined position! Did you read that, yes you did – the seat reclines!!! I put the seat in and was upset because my son would have been almost leaning forward, I put a towel underneath and it still sat up straight. my husband noticed the recliner shot in the instructions so he leaned it back and perfect! My ds loves the seat…he is 8 months old and just a little long for his graco travel seat so we got this…love it! it is a little heavy to travel with so I got a roundabout 50 to use in our other vehicle from a friend. but i love this seat, i feel like he is super safe and comfy! oh yes, straps are soooo easy to adjust, love it!

Jasmine High Hill, MO

I like it but…

After reviewing a lot of convertible car seat I ended up choosing this one.My principal concern was obvously the safety aspect and Britax seems pretty good in this area.It’s a rear and forward facing which is good since they recommended to keep your child rear facing as long as possible.The car seat seems confy, and sturdy.The only thing is that the user guide, doesn’t really guide you…My husband and I have a little bit of a hard time to figure how extend the harness and the recline system is not very easy to manuver.And this seat is heavy, we planned to take it to the plane, I think we will have to buy some of GoGo Babyz Travelmate Booster Car Seats (, otherwise it will be too hard to carry it around.

Geneva Seneca Falls, NY

Comfortable, but angle issues

My son sleeps really well in this. We’re still using it in it’s inward facing position, and I find it very hard to get the right angle. No matter how I adjust the back seat, it still sits too far upright. We’ve got to put a pillow under the front of it to get it right. I’m looking forward to using this in the forward facing position once he meets the minimum requirements.If you’re going to use this overseas, ISOFIX is indeed the same as LATCH. I must have searched for two days to get a straight answer on this because there were some conflicting comments… but finally they were compatible. I was actually not expecting it to work, so when I installed it into our car in Asia, I had been trying to hook the LATCH connectors up to the wrong part (a long metal bar that ran the width of the seat just under the back rest), so I quickly gave up and used the seat-belt attachments. Using the seat-belt attachments was fine, we managed to accomplish a nice snug fit, it just wasn’t as convenient. When I finally figured out what I was doing wrong with the LATCH connectors, I found the correct bars in the corners and have since been using this install method.

Darla Mc Cool, MS

Great Carseat!

This is the second Britax Marathon 70 I have purchased. I have one for my car and my husbands car. In my car, I have the cow print one and it had a little bit of a smell but it was no big deal, because I aired it out a week before using it. This one didn’t really have a smell at all! I feel like my daughter is really safe in this carseat and if I had a third car, I would buy another one. It is a bit of a pain to install, but well worth it for the safety.

Phyllis Grayland, WA

Great car seat.

This car seat feels very sturdy, durable, and like it would be comfortable for my 15 month old. I also love the look in red.

Araceli Pocahontas, IA

Fell IN LOVE with Britax!!

This is the only car seat and i mean ONLY seat that my son will not scream in!! He is comfortable therefore i am comfortable! Plus it’s nice to trust a product was made with quality. I also really like this blue color. We have the blueprint and the jet black one. LOVE them both. Yes they are heavy but they aren’t meant to be carried around all day. When installed properly they stay put for a very long time!! The Graco infant seat base used to come loose after a week or 2. And the Graco snug ride was terrible about making my son sweat all up and down his back! Britax keeps his back nice and dry and i am guessing he appreciates that too. He used to scream and now he just sits and plays and babbles until he falls asleep! Thank you soooosooo much britax!!

Sylvia Sycamore, IL


Ordered this seat for my son. He is 7 months. We already have the original marathon for my daughter.- The shoulder strap adjuster is absolutely the most amazing thing I have ever seen on a carseat! When the harness straps need to be moved up as the child grows it literally takes 1 rethreading!- I use the LATCH anchors, so I cant comment on the ease of installation with a belt, but the lock offs are under the seat padding now rather than on the outside.- I have camouflauge and find it adorable!!!- The seat it visibly shorter than the original marathon…I think I read somewhere its about 1/2 inch shorter. I dont think we will make it to 40 pounds RF. My son at 7 months is only 16 pounds but 80% in height. Not that 1/2 inch makes a world of difference. My daughter is 2 1/2 and still RF at 28 pounds.- I really like the little body pillow pad…my 7 mo old still uses it because he is so skinny. Makes the carseat nice and comfy.Great carseat. Glad I got it.

Mallory Merkel, TX

Amazing engineering and safety features – a must have!

I will be using this as our primary car seat, replacing theBritax Advocate 65 CS Click & Safe Convertible Car Seat, Onyx. I will be comparing the two.APPEARANCEThe seat looks very classy and high end with a black/gray nylon-type material (great for cleaning up messes) as opposed to the cloth of the Marathon 65. It feels and looks VERY sturdy and has much larger, deeper side protection.INSTALLATIONJust like the Marathon 65, installing using the LATCH system is very quick and easy with the seatbelt-type push button latches in the seat and the clip on the back of the seat. You could easily remove it in under a minute and install in two minutes.FEATURESIt has a removable insert that hugs the back and sides of a very small baby, which covers one of the complaints I had with the Marathon 65.In the Marathon 65, there is a shoulder pad on the seatbelt to protect the baby’s neck, shoulder and cheek from rubbing the seatbelt. The one supplied had to be put in one direction and wasn’t very soft. This seat has a 360 degree super-soft shoulder pad. Very nice!In the Marathon 65, if you needed to raise the seatbelt (when the baby gets too tall for the setting), you would need to remove the seat from the car, unclip the belt on the back, pull the belt out the front and then thread them back in another set of slots, like most car seats. On this seat, it has a fantastic mechanism on top that you squeeze and it just moves the seat belt up and down without ever removing the seat! That’s just great engineering finding a solution to a common car seat annoyance.With the side protection deeper, it is a much more ergonomic for sleeping, not to mention protecting the head from crashes better.Just like the Marathon 65, but unlike the lower-end car seats, each time you take the baby out and put the baby in, you manually adjust the tension of the seat belt with a pull of a tightening strap. This is a tremendous convenience and safety feature.CONSOn the Marathon 65, the book was attached to the seat. This one is not, but I suppose you can just put it underneath.There are velcro sections on the left and right seatbelt to stick it out of the way to the side of the seat. On the old seat, the sections of velcro were too small and it was hard to get them to stay out of the way. It is worse in this seat, where the velcro is largely ineffective at keeping the seatbelt from under the baby. I’m going to try to engineer my own solution to this problem…The tightening strap is smaller than the 65 and it is more difficult to get to the loosening latch due to a smaller hole in the cover. Also, this model doesn’t click when tightening the strap.Overall, I really love this seat and would recommend it to everyone with a child under 70 pounds. The safety and convenience of this seat are just top notch.

Justina Southbury, CT

does the job

This car seat is nice and like everyone else, I too appreciate that my baby can stay in it for so long. The cover is fairly easy to remove for washing. I like that there a few different pieces so that if only one part is dirty, I don’t have to take the entire cover off. There are a couple of things that I don’t like about this seat and that is why I gave 4 stars. 1 I don’t like the velcro on the waist belt and side cover. It doesn’t do what it is meant to do and I just don’t like something so scratchy being near my baby. 2 I feel like the head area is so wide and if my baby falls asleep in the car (which nearly all babies are prone to do), his head falls to his shoulder. I know babies are like rubber but I personally don’t like sleeping that way (on a plane) so I don’t want my baby to be uncomfortable. Also, if he is asleep and I need to turn a corner, his head goes from one side to the other. I just don’t like all of the jostling around. Plus, I feel that if I were to ever get into an accident, his poor little head would get knocked around a lot because the area is so wide. To fix this, I put folded up receiving blankets between the headrest and the seat so that the head bumper is closer to his head and he can basically keep his head upright even while he sleeps. As a tip, if you will ever be taking this car seat in and out of a vehicle, I recommend safety pinning the pocket in the back that stores the access belt. The pocket does not close and the belt is so long that having it fall out is a pain. After two nightmare-ish events at the airport and again trying to get on a cruise ship, I learned my lesson.

Josephine Becket, MA

Easy to adjust and baby is happy

I purchased this car seat after purchasing the Evenflo Triumph car seat, using it for one day, and returning it. After one day of sitting in the Evenflo, my 9 month-old baby suddenly hated being in the car for the first time. He had been perfectly happy in his Chicco Keyfit 30 prior to that, so I knew the new car seat was the problem. If you are switching from a Keyfit 30 seat, you will find that adjusting the Britax seat is very similar and intuitive (and much easier than the Evenflo Triumph). My baby was happy from day one in his new Britax seat, which was a big relief. I recommend this seat for its crash test rating, ability to adjust the straps, and baby’s comfort.

Shirley Spencerville, OK

It really is worth the money

I have always heard wonderful things about Britax, but I kept avoiding buying one, because of the cost. Finally, after my 20 month old kept sleeping so uncomfortably in our previous, less expensive seat, I bought this one. I have absolutely no regrets. It is obvious that the quality of this seat is far superior. My son was instantly comfortablle, and has been a much more cooperative traveller. I will stick with Britax from now on…it is worth the money!

Donna Oto, IA

Safest and Easiest To Use Marathon Yet

Britax is one of the most trusted car seat manufacturer’s around. They have been making convertible car seats for the US market since 1997. Never satisfied, Britax continuously improves their products to make them safer, easier to use, and more comfortable. In August of 2010, they released their new line of convertible car seats with many improvements. Having been a Britax customer since 2007, I was excited to see the improvements they made.My Configuration:2000 Jetta 4DRForward FacingLATCH InstallPROS:- Supports up to 70lbs forward-facing, and 5-40lbs rear-facing- Supports infants with an infant positioning insert (sold separately)- MUCH improved/easier harness height adjustment- New integrated steel bars- Serial number located in easy to find location- Harness buckle can now be in two positions- Comfort pads now removable- Super easy LATCH installation- Certified for air travel- Consistently rated Very Good by Consumer Reports (though this model has not yet been tested by CR)CONS:- ExpensiveOn March 21, 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated their recommendations for car seats. They now recommend that children stay in the rear-facing position until the age of 2, rather than their previous recommendation of 20lbs and 1 year of age. You can read the full press release and recommendations HERE. With these new recommendations, getting a car seat with better height and weight ratings become more important. Obviously the AAP recommendations are only recommendations and if your child exceeds the limits of the car seat, it’s better to switch them to forward-facing even if not yet 2 years old. Put plainly, keep your child in the rear-facing position for as long as possible and resist the temptation to switch them too soon.SAFETYSafety is the most important feature of a car seat that I can think of. Year in and year out, Britax seems to garner very good ratings from professional publications and consumers alike. The Marathon 70 has many safety features that have given previous Marathon’s a “Very Good” rating by Consumer Reports. As of this writing, Consumer Reports has not published any crash test results of the current Marathon 70.The Marathon 70 has good side impact protection, though not the better “True Impact” protection that Britax’s higher end convertible car seats have. The only difference between them is described as:Minimize side to side head movement and literally “trues” the head:Minimizing movement and keeping the neck and spine aligned limits potential injury. A abrupt, violent change in speed may cause injury to the body. By limiting the movement of your child during a crash, you are limiting potential injury.The Marathon 70 however, does share the new integrated steel bars with their more expensive seats that “can minimize the risk of your child being violently propelled forward and hitting the back of the vehicle seat in front of the child restraint.”One thing that always stuck with me from the very first Britax we purchased was being told by the car seat techs at the police station and at AAA that they used Britax car seats for their own children. I’m not sure what better endorsement a car seat could get than that!COMFORTMy children have always been pretty comfortable in Britax car seats. The seat cover material in the older Britax car seats were soft and plush but they changed the material to a more nylon like material on the Marathon 70. It looks much easier to clean but it doesn’t have the nice soft feel as the older covers. The design of Britax seats tend to cradle your child and some larger children who prefer to place their arms out of the car seat or on the sides like an arm rest may find it somewhat uncomfortable. One complaint I’d read from a lot of users in the older Britax car seats was the placement of the harness buckle (crotch area). Britax must have been listening because they now provide two different positions to help find the best location for your child. Also, the harness straps have comfort pads for the shoulder area that are now removable. Some older Britax car seats had permanently attached comfort pads, which car seat techs I spoke with, recommended be removed. The pads, while providing additional comfort, can make it harder to determine the correct tightness of the harness, so unless your child is screaming bloody murder, I would probably remove them.FITThe Britax Marathon is smaller than the Boulevard and Advocate. We have the Boulevard and Advocate in our SUV but we elected to use the Marathon for our Volkswagen Jetta sedan. We had to remove the head rest but it fit well otherwise. It could be an optical illusion, but the new Marathon 70 seems smaller than the older Marathon. Still, if you own a small car and are considered tall or you like to recline your seat far back, you might want to buy the car seat from a retailer that has a good return/exchange policy, to make sure it will work for you. We now have a Marathon 65 CS and a Marathon 70 in our Jetta and we find the fit works well for us.EASE OF USEThough I haven’t installed either Marathon with a seat belt, I have with our Advocate and Boulevard; they are a pain in the butt to install. Thankfully, our Jetta has LATCH connectors which made installing the Marathon 70 amazingly simple. Just clip the two LATCH connectors into the anchors in your car until you hear them click, then put all your body weight on the car seat (using your knees) and yank the straps as tight as you can. You can also use the Versa-Tether (the strap in the top rear of the car seat) and hook it to the anchor located in your car (see your automobile’s manual). Installation took me no more than 10 minutes and adjusting the buckles and straps took another few minutes. I recommend you read through the entire manual AND watch the installation video. The video for the Marathon 70 can be viewed HERE.The one major problem I had with the old Marathon was that adjusting the harness height required me to remove the car seat then rethread the straps. I feel like Britax read my review and custom-made the new Marathon just for us! They implemented a new system that allows you to just squeeze the handle located at the top of the car seat and glide it up or down to adjust it; no rethreading required! There is one drawback to this system though. At the highest harness height, the mechanism rises with it so it can potentially obstruct viewing out of the rear window. The best harness height system I’ve ever seen was from a competitor’s car seat that used a rotating knob located on the sides of the seat. Keep in mind that in the forward-facing position, you want the harness to be at or above your child’s shoulders. In the rear-facing position, you want the harness to be below your child’s shoulders.MISCThe serial number sticker is easily located on the right side (facing the seat), towards the top. The serial number stickers on some of their older car seats were rather difficult to find so I’m glad Britax addressed this.I always found washing the cover to be a hassle on our Boulevard seat and I admit that I haven’t washed the cover on our Advocate or our first Marathon. The cover on the Marathon 70 is easier to remove than my older Boulevard but it’s still recommended that you hand wash the cover with cold water and mild soap, then line dry it. Unfortunately, this means that you have to wash the cover when you know you won’t need the car seat for at least a few hours as the cover can take a while to dry. With the new material though, daily or weekly cleanups should be easier with only the biggest messes requiring the removal of the cover. The cover comes in several different colors and designs to match your style preference.CONCLUSIONBritax convertible car seats have advanced safety features and are consistently rated among the best. The Marathon 70 is a good choice for smaller vehicles. Britax has also made the Marathon 70 easier to use than ever before and increased the forward-facing weight rating to 70lbs. The latest Marathon is a definite improvement over previous generations and I recommend it if you can justify the cost premium.* Review sample courtesy of Britax USA

Blanca Mc Clave, CO

Great car seat

After a bit of research we decided to purchase the Britax marathon 70. We needed 2 seats and I was a little concerned about it fitting in our Toyota Matrix. When it is rear facing it will fit in the middle position in the matrix. It is too big to fit behind the passenger seat. We like having the seat in the center so this isn’t an inconvenience for us. We also have a Jeep and this had no problems fitting behind the passenger seat. The Latch makes it really easy to install. I feel very safe with my little one in this seat. It’s very easy to adjust the height of the straps which has been great as he’s grown. I have no complaints with this seat so far.

Neva Temple, ME

Wonderful Car Seat!

We absolutely love this car seat. It is so easy to get our son into and out of and it is roomy and comfortable for him. I love how easily you can adjust the straps and the ease of cleaning it. It did take a while to install the first time, but now it just takes a minute. It attaches very strongly and doesn’t wiggle around at all. It is very large, though, so if your vehicle is too small it may not fit. We have an SUV and my other two children (not in car seats) sit on either side of the seat and they still fit. We had a car seat we didn’t like prior to this one, so we appreciate this one even more. It was worth every penny!

Wendi Texico, IL


After so much research on so many car seats I finally decided on the Britax Marathon. It was always rated number one or two (second to the Britax Boulevard) for safety and I just didn’t want to comprise on safety. Lets face it we have spent more money on worse things! It feels secure in the car, it feels comfortable and not like a thin piece of fabric on foam on plastic like some other car seats, and it is nice that you can adjust the belts while it is in the car instead of having to take it out and rethread everything. A few weeks ago I was pricing car seats for my sister and found a Boulevard on Amazon for $215… about $20 less then what I paid for. The only difference is an added pad near the headrest but I wouldn’t have minded paying less for more safety. (side note: the car seat title now says “Previous Version” on amazon and that makes me want to do some research as to see what they updated on this carseat… may be worth looking into for you as well.)

Adrienne Goshen, NJ

Very nice, sturdy carseat.

Our son has been looking a little squished in his Graco Snugride 32 lately so even though he hasn’t completely outgrown the max height or weight, we decided to get him a ‘big-boy’ carseat. One thing we both agreed on was that it was important to us to keep him rear-facing as long as possible. After much research and reading other people’s reviews, my husband and I narrowed our choices down to two convertible carseats: the Britax Marathon 70 and the Graco My Ride 65. Both had wonderful reviews but we decided to get the Britax Marathon 70 in Blueprint.I was worried that this carseat might be too big for our Toyota Corolla but it’s surprisingly not! My husband was able to install it in about 30-45 minutes and it’s very sturdy and stable. I tried shaking it and it hardly budges. I’m still able to see over it, out my back window, through the mirrow when I’m in the driver seat. When I sit in the back, there’s still plenty of space for me too. My son does seem to have a little more room and I’m glad that we’ll be able to use it for when we switch him to forward seating.The cover material is very soft and comfortable, and in his first time riding in his new carseat, my little guy actually fell asleep and stayed asleep even when I lifted him out to bring him into the house. The sides are lower so he can see out the window better, which is also nice. I also love that I can adjust the height of the shoulder straps with the lever instead of having to take the carseat apartSince we haven’t had it too long, I haven’t found much wrong with it. One thing I did notice was that the seat does seem a little shallow. Our boy’s not considered tall but his legs still have to be in a bent position for him to use this seat in the rear-facing postion. So it might not work so well for a long legged little one. I did read that the Graco one has a deeper seat so the child’s legs are able to straighten more. Another thing is (and perhaps its just us) that the seat didn’t seem to recline much even though I thought it had three postions. When my son fell asleep, his head kept rolling forward. I asked my husband if the recline was already as far as it to go and he said yes. So like I said, it may be just our seat.Overall, we’re pleased with our choice, although we would have loved to been able to compare the two choices we picked in person.

Colleen Hickory Plains, AR

The Perfect Car Seat

I have tried many other brands of car seats (Graco, Evenflo, Eddie Bauer, Baby Trend). This is my favorite and the one I wish I had bought to begin with. It will last my daughters the longest (we have 2 side by side in our back seat) and really is not that expensive compared to the other Britax models. My toddler is comfortable and it makes long highway driving so much easier on me and my husband. My infant falls asleep every time we are in the car with this seat. I know the seat seems expensive, but there are so many features that I now realize make a big deal in the end. Some of the features I love about this car seat are:1. Height adjustment2. Ease of Adjusting the Straps for if your child has on a jacket, etc.3. Crotch Strap Protector so you won’t pinch their legs accidentally4. Material feels soft5. Extra padded for extra comfort6. Slight Recline in forward facing for car sleepers!7. Available cup holder (we have one for each of our seats and they are not the greatest, but they are better than nothing)I highly recommend you purchase this car seat. My children are safe and comfortable, which was worth every penny to me.

Emma Smithtown, NY

Baby likes this seat!

My little lady is 30 inches long and about 24-25lbs at 8 months old, so she had already outgrown her infant carrier-type seat by 7 months! She was so squished in her other seat, poor thing. We went with the Britax after doing some research, and she really seems to enjoy the car ride now. She definitely didn’t like to ride very much before we upgraded. The seat is very cushy, with plenty of room for her to grow. The straps do seem to get twisted often but I think that’s to be expected with any car seat you buy. I think it’s definitely worth the extra money to buy a seat like this, that is comfortable and safe, and will last a larger child like ours for more than a few months or a year. I even catch her dozing in it sometimes, she just turns her little head to the side and falls asleep.If you have concerns about your child’s size and which type of Britax seat to get, they have a great app on their website that allows you to put in your child’s measurements. It really helped us decide on the Marathon since we have a big girl.

Maryann Hallowell, ME

Great seat – well built

This seat is a beast, but apparently very highly safety rated! It definitely is large — I only have one car seat at this time, but if you had two – I think it would take up your entire backseat. We just went on a 16 hour road trip and my 6 month daughter did pretty good. Seems to be comfortable. I like the fabric – seems wipeable.

Suzanne Earlsboro, OK

Excellent car seat

I ordered this car seat after my friend recommended this one. Installation was a breeze and i have a minivan and it was very easy to install. We installed it rear facing.My baby is very comfortable and clothing material is very good. The seat itself is very sturdy and safe.This is the best car seat you can get. Very highly recommended

Eleanor Omaha, NE

Now a die-hard Britax fan!!!

After being disappointed by Graco’s quality of car seats, I decided to try Britax! I recently bought a Britax Frontier 85 and was SO excited about the seat. My son is 10 months old and is outgrowing his Graco infant seat. I didn’t realize however that the seat is only good for children at least 2 years old. So with MUCH regret I had to return the Frontier! I ordered the Britax Marathon 70 and absolutely love it (as much as I did the Frontier 85).It is so nicely cushioned and yet spacious enough. I’m 5’1 and 105 lbs and I can sit in the seat (not harnessed of course) with the headrest at its highest. My son’s back is not curved in anyway and his head is not pushed forward at all. He looks so comfortable, I want to be him in this seat! I love that I will be able to rear-face my son for longer and then forward-face him when he’s ready. The crotch strap is GREAT! Moving it is a breeze — just slide it over (nothing to disassemble). It has 2 position, but the furthest one is pretty far (8 inches from the back of the seat). The Graco Nautilus’ furthest crotch strap measured at 6.5 inches from the back… one of the main reasons I returned it cause my son would have no room to grow into and would inevitably be sitting on the crotch strap before he’s even 2 years old. The harness straps are so easy and FAST to adjust!!! You just move the headrest up and down! No need to unfasten the harness and re-thread it through the loops. The recline is a REAL recline (3 positions). Graco Nautilus’ recline was like half an inch difference. Oh, and the steel frame is excellent (versus a heavy-duty plastic). I think all car seats should be made of a steel frame. Which makes this car seat, though very expensive, worth the money in every way!!! And I’m pretty frugal. From now on, every car seat I buy will be a Britax!

Rosie Little Falls, MN


Purchased this car seat on clearance at Babies R Us…and love it! I had a Britax Roundabout and I feel that this seat while larger is more stable and secure. I got a super deal on the Roundabout and it was rated one of the best in that price range…but the extra money is well spent on the Marathon. You can use it up to 70lbs as opposed to 50lbs. I love this brand and the safety that they provide. I will continue to buy Britax as long as I need a car seat!

Joan Woonsocket, SD

Worth every penny

This is the Cadillac of car seats and I am so glad I paid more to get a top of the line car seat. It has excellent reviews and is worth every cent I paid. It is extremely easy to use, easy to install, easy to take in and out of a car if necessary and easy to adjust as they grow. Britax is by far one of the best brands out there for car seat safety and I am so pleased for this product. I love it so much I bought the same one for my parent’s to have in there car. Safety is the concern and it is priceless.

Estella Clintonville, WI

Britax Marathon 70

I ordered the Britax Marathon 70 car seat for my son who was outgrowing his infant car seat (the Chicco Keyfit 30). I had been researching convertible seats for several months before deciding on the Britax. I have a small car (BMW 328i) and wasn’t sure that there would be enough room for the Britax. However, the new models are slimmer in design and the Marathon doesn’t take up any room than the Chicco car seat.Marathon Pros:1. Comfortable (the padding is nice and plush).2. Easy to install using the LATCH system (I haven’t tried installing it with seat belts yet).3. Easy to adjust harness and headrest (no more rethreading the straps).4. Has 2 buckle positions and extra padding around the buckle.5. Easy to clean (the cover is machine washable).6. Higher rear-facing weight and height limits (40lbs and 49in).The only con is that the seat is quite heavy, which would make it hard to switch between cars. The only other thing I don’t like is that my son’s head slumps forward when he falls asleep in this car seat. Overall, the Marathon is a great convertible seat that will last you for a couple of years.

Esther Omena, MI

Love love my Britax

I read a lot of reviews online before buying this carseat for my son. When I first got the carseat, my son was 9 months old and it was huge on him compared to his Graco Snug Ride 32 that he had. Now he is 13 months old and it seems a lot less big. My son is in the 95% in height and 85% in weight which is why I went for this carseat as I want to keep him in a rear facing carseat until he is 2 and forward facing as long as I can.

Sherry Lawndale, IL

Great car seat

This is a fantastic car seat. My 11-month old son weighs 28 pounds and has a long torso, and he is very comfortable. We frequently take 5-hour car trips to visit grandparents, and he is so much more comfortable in this than he was in the baby carrier. Very spacious. Solidly built. Easy to install with Latch system. The one-hand height adjustment is a great perk. I hope to use this seat for years!

Shannon Lyons, IN

Comfortable car seat

It is very easy to install and very comfortable. My 9 month old loves it. It is easy to get him in and out and on many occasions, when he falls asleep I’ve been able to get him out without waking him up. The only thing is the black cover somehow seems very prone to stains, but in the other car we’ve installed the red and it is softer and easier to clean the stains off it.

Graciela Point Hope, AK