Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Cowmooflage

Britax Marathon G4 Convertible Car Seat, Cowmooflage

Choose Only The Best in Safety For Your Child View larger Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Packed with comfort and safety features, the Britax Marathon convertible car seat is constructed to provide head safety through the use of Britax SafeCell Technology in the base, integrated steel bars, and energy absorbing Versa-Tether that work together to minimize head excursion and reduce the risk of head injury during a frontal impact. It offers a no-rethread and quick-adjust five-point harness and EZ-Buckle system for convenience when harnessing your child, and an easy-remove cover for quick clean-ups that also allows access to the belt paths from the front of the seat. The Marathon accommodates children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 to 65 pounds. Choose Only The Best in Safety For Your Child – BRITAX Offers Head Safety Technologies For Advanced Protection During a car crash, impacts with the front seat aren’t just dangerous – they can be deadly. BRITAX convertible car seats lower your child’s center of gravity to keep them safe, secure and away from front seat. The base of the Marathon includes SafeCell Technology comprised of SafeCells, an engineered material designed to compress in a crash. This compression lowers the center of gravity to counteract forward rotation of the seat, helping to minimize the risk of head injury during a collision. Located in the sides of the seat shell, integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and prevent forward flexing of the seat during a crash to reduce the risk of head injury. In the event of a sudden stop, the Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether strap restricts forward movement and reduces crash forces with patented staged-release webbing and a two-point attachment. This webbing securely anchors the top of your child seat to your vehicle in either rear- or forward-facing positions. No-Rethread Harness System And Comfort Features The tangle-free, five-point harness allows for multiple height positions and can be adjusted without dismantling the harness or removing the car seat from the vehicle. Two buckle positions provide a snug, comfortable fit as your child grows. The seat’s harness holders prevent the straps from getting in the way when you’re putting your child in the seat, while the EZ-Buckle system maintains the harness buckle in a forward position to prevent your child from sitting on it when first entering the seat. Rear- and forward-facing recline options, as well as high-density foam cushioning, help your child relax on the journey. And the plush cover comes with matching comfort pads and an infant positioning pillow to keep children of all ages comfortable and secure. View larger Base With SafeCell Technology Designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by compressing and significantly lowering the center of gravity, reducing the forward movement of the car seat. View larger Side Impact Protection System Diverts Crash Forces The Britax Side Impact Protection system includes a rigid shell with deep side walls lined with energy-absorbing EPP foam to contain your child’s head and body and divert crash force energy while creating a barrier against possible intruding objects. This system also protects your child’s head and chest. View larger User-Friendly Features For Easy Installation The Marathon takes the guesswork out of installing your car seat thanks to a range of convenience features. An anti-slip, contoured base grips and protects the vehicle seat. Premium lower Latch connectors make for a quick, simple, and tight installation, while the push-button allows you to easily uninstall the car seat. And easy-to-access built-in lock-offs provide a secure installation when using the vehicle lap and shoulder belt. View larger Premium Latch Installation Provides an audible click and an easy-pull strap to simplify installation as well as a push-button design for easy removal. View larger Integrated Steel Bars Integrated steel bars strengthen the connection to the vehicle and reduce forward flexing of the child seat during a crash. View larger Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether Features a staged-release tether webbing to slow the forward movement, reducing the crash forces reaching the child, and a two-point attachment to minimize forward rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat.

Main features

  • Base with safecell technology features safecells designed to compress in a crash
  • Harness ultra guard system (HUGS) provides resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash
  • Side impact protection comprised of deep side walls lined with energy absorbing
  • Tangle free, five point harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body
  • Premium lower latch connectors for a quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release
  • Base with safecell technology features safecells designed to compress in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat
  • Side impact protection comprised of deep side walls lined with energy absorbing EPP foam distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, and contains the head, neck and body
  • Tangle free, five point harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit

Verified reviews


Plush features

Prior to this we’ve been using Graco car seats. The first difference I noticed with the Britax is that the fabric details are real plush and comfy. Britax has carefully designed the little details like the shoulder pads, butt pad, head rest, etc. to make them very ergonomic. This is a one piece unit that will accommodate larger babies, so there are no extra bases available for the other car. It took me about an hour to figure out how to install it because it has so many different configurations. We absolutely love this car seat design because Britax put so much attention to all the little details and creature comforts.Update:We’ve been using this Onyx color car seat for 6 months now. We like it so much, my wife bought another one in Cowmooflage color. The light portions of the Cowmooflage are actually different shades of white/yellow/tan, which helps keep it clean looking (as compared with pure white).I recommend setting up this car seat only when you have a couple hours of free time to slowly go through all the details in the instructions. According to NHTSA, 75% of all baby car seats are installed wrong.There is nothing complicated about this Britax car seat in particular; it actually has a nice simple design, but there are many configurations and adjustments depending on the car seatbelt style and baby size. This flexibility is what makes this car seat so versatile to grow with the baby and work well in so many different cars.Here are a few examples of installation items that are easy to overlook if you’re in a hurry:- Be sure that the vehicle belt is routed under the harness buckle strap (lap-should belt installation, step 5 on page 10).- Remember to adjust the harness height adjuster according to page 7.- Stow the user guide in the pocket (actually two booklet holder straps) behind the cover flap shown at location 15, page 3.

Marie Tipton, OK

Very easy to use.

The first thing that I noticed when I pulled this car seat out of the box, was that it wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. The box was huge! The second thing I noticed was that it had all the bells and whistles that you would want in a good quality car seat. It really is high quality. The color is very attractive and the material seems comfortable. It is well padded and easy to spot clean. I also really like the EZ-buckle system belly pad. There definitely won’t be anymore pinched baby legs or tummy. The harness and the harness height is easy to adjust. You don’t have to pul the whole car seat out to adjust a thing! The harness ultra guard system chest pads are great because not only do they provide extra padding, they help keep the chest harness nice and straight.I installed it front/forward facing in my Explorer and had no difficulty. I used the lap belt installation. The user guide was easy to read and was a helpful tool while I was installing it into my car.Overall, I would highly recommend this car seat to anyone. I have no complaints. I believe it will last us many years.

Hazel Reading, MN

Differences in Britax car seats.

This is how to choose which Britax car seat will work for you. It can be confusing but small differences matter.Older seats have the numbers 55 and 70 which indicates maximum weight of the child, CS means Click and Safe snug harness indicator.G4 is new line, accommodates seats up to 65 lb instead of 70lb.From the simplest to the most advanced the new G3 models go:Roundabout and Highway(up to 55 lb), Marathon, Boulevard, Pavilion and Advocate (all up to 65). First two are the base models with lower child weight and I would only consider the Marathon, Boulevard, Pavilion or Advocate.Marathon has all of the features that the rest of the car seats have except for:- true side impact protection (Marathon has Side impact protection, this the inside cushion around child’s head, models above have extra head protection),- super thick chest pads that are supposed to minimize forward movement during a crash, Marathon has a different version than the above models have, still ok though,- Click& Safe indicator, you can hear the click in the other models, when kid is strapped correctly, I can hear several clicks before I can say my son is safely strapped, after every click I can check the pads on his chest to make sure they are not too loose and keep adjusting (also Boulevard misses that option).The Advocate goes further and has a bulky addition in the head area for more safety, but it was too bulky for my VW. This the only difference between the Advocate and Pavilion.Overall I rate the this car seat 5 stars. No complaints:- baby likes it, looks comfortable and the middle position is perfect to sit and watch the world through the window and take a nap without his head hanging down,- easy to remove the seat cover ( minus only hand wash, no dryer recommended BUT I put it in a drier once after potty accident and it was fine), easy for spot cleaning,- approved for air travel,- made in the USA (“with global components”),- they don’t feel cheap, I compared different brands in the store and liked Britax the most,- seat is very secure, there is no movement like I had some with my Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car sear (minimal) but this was a separate base and seat,- my son was never sweaty after a car ride,- easy to install but I wouldn’t want to switch the car seat between 2 cars, would buy another one,- I use it for my 3 year old and he is comfortable in it, we use it in a daddy’s car, for my car he rides in a booster seat that he LOVES (big boy thing;); my 1 year old would fit perfectly in it too rear facing, I have Pavilion for her).To simplify the models it goes like this:Marathon (no click&safe;, thinner chest pads, no inside head cushion),Boulevard (no click&safe;, thick chest pads, inside head cushion),Pavilion and Advocate has click&safe;, thicker chest pads, head cushion,Advocate extra head protection.There are small differences in a price, all of the car seats are good. I used them for last 2 years and love them. Good construction, fabric and happy kids. For me the best option would be Pavilion but like I said I’ve used both a Marathon and Boulevard with no complaints. I used to have an older version with click and safe and liked it but now I don’t even pay attention that nothing clicks, I still use my fingers to see how much space my kids have around their chests.Also the Britax website is very helpful in explaining all the features of the car seats.Older versions (CS, 70, G3) are worth considering if the price is good, it looks like Britax offers new models every year, but on their website it says that car seats are good for 6-9 years from the manufacturing date (depends on the model).

Minnie Ardmore, PA

Frustrated with rear-facing option

We purchased this car seat because of the excellent reviews. I felt I could live without the cup holder, and bought one separately. My son is 17 months old. He is still too young to be forward-facing, but he’s also too big to be in the infant bucket. This seemed the perfect seat. My car is a 2007 Nissan Murano. It does not have the floor latch that the user manual recommends. Although the manual says it can be installed without the floor latch, it really can’t. What ends up happening is that, in order to make the straps tight enough to stabilize the seat, the whole seat back comes up. So, instead of being level to the ground, the seat is at an angle. Not only does this make it difficult to get a child into the seat (the least of my concerns), it forces the child’s feet up against the seat back, so essentially, my son’s knees were up by his ears with his feet pressed flat against the seat back. If we got into an accident in this position, he would likely dislocate both legs. Not to mention how uncomfortable it must be. I ended up having to put the seat forward-facing, which is just unsafe for a child of this age. The APA recommends rear-facing until 2 years. I don’t know whether I can return this seat or not, but I think I"m going to have to. I’m so disappointed, and frustrated.

Shari Concord, TX

Onyx car seat and Giraffe

I didn’t order the onyx color, but I wanted to respond to last poster who had a problem with the Fabric, I noticed in a lot of pictures they show the Onyx Marathon G4 with the Plush inside. Although on Britax’s own website they show the Onyx G4 without the Plush material in the inside but it does have the new padded seat insert.I’m a little confused by this also unless Britax makes different versions. It may be worth contacting them and asking.Amazon is selling the true Marathon G4 in Onyx, but they just need to change the pic to reflect the true picture. They need to get the pic of the G4 Onyx car seat as shown on Britaxs website.On another note, I received my Giraffe print Open box, very good condition, brand new. Color is beautiful. Nice and subtle color. Girly but not to cheesy girly, with bright pinks and that sort of stuff. Love it!

Misty Wedgefield, SC

Comfortable and will provide years of use

Compared to our other car seat brands, Britax’s seatbelts buckle easily and don’t get twisted in the sliding buckle slot. They are soft and comfortable. The base is flat, causing a little less damage to the car’s seat underneath. Overall, there is clearly a lot of thought and engineering in the Britax car seat. It’s a little more expensive, but the seat will last for years as your child grows. Overall, it’s a good investment. We’ve never been disappointed by a Britax product.

Tammy Trebloc, MS

Great car seat

I really cant compare it to other seats out there, however, it works really well.Bought 4. Two for my wife’s car and two for mine. All four had zero issues.Quality is great and they are fairly easy to install.

Bernice Castalia, OH

Britax Giraffe Car Seat

This car seat is really padded for both safety and comfort. The material is very easy to wipe clean. If there are any "cons" I would say it isn’t the easiest car seat to "find" the button inside to adjust the straps and the straps have, on occasion, twisted a little. But, all-in-all, it’s a pretty good car seat and I recommend it.

Judith Walterville, OR

Keeps my babies rear-facing longer!

I’m no expert on car seats, but I’ve done a bit of research and I know that extended rear-facing is far safer for my precious cargo, so I was pleased to add another seat that could keep our newest family member safer. We already own a couple of other convertible seats in a couple of different brands for our older child, and the differences I noted in the Britax were that for a similar price, the seat is much less bulky and seems to have a little more comfort and style in mind than the others. We’ve been concerned about having two rear-facing seats puzzled into our vehicles at the same time, but the size of this one has put those fears to rest.It’s a great seat and a good price with an excellent safety record.

Leslie Longwood, FL

Love this seat!

This is the 3rd seat my daughter has been in, in her short 6 month life!!! And this one is the keeper!! She suffers from GERD/ acid reflux, and this is the only seat that had a great flat back, flat seat to make an angle for her to sit in instead of folding her over which put pressure on her stomach! My only complaint is that with a child in the smaller size, the rubber pieces are too long to also accommodate the strap covers. I had to remove them for now until she is tall enough to move the headpiece up in size!!! I would highly recommend this seat for moms with kids who have reflux, or who need to have a good "supported seat" with an angle instead of a "bucket"

Glenda Byars, OK

Easy to install and Very comfortable

We bought this for our son after we realized the Britax we used with our daughter had expired. We had used Britax, Chicco, Graco, and Evenflo in the past. Between infant carriers, convertibles, boosters, and ours and Nana’s cars we had gained experience with each different brand.Britax is the best there is. No question.Installation was simple and secure. I love the Britax anchors and how they click into place almost like a seatbelt themselves. I was surprised when we purchased another brand, evenflo, that they didn’t have the same fasteners. After I install a Britax I am confident that the seat is secure. With others, not so much. Luckily my brother is a fire fighter and checks the seats for us.The 5 point harness is easily adjusted to a true fit. The straps are also padded so my son is comforable in the seat. They also don’t get twisted up like in other car seats. The extra padding around the butt and head add to his comfort. The material is very nice and wipes clean.I am very happy with Britax. After experience with several car seat brands I will only buy and recommend Britax going forward. They are very easy to install and I cant find nothing to complain about. They are worth the cost for the peice of mind that comes with a quality car seat. Amazon also has Britax on lightening deal very often to reduce the cost.

Concetta Etterville, MO

very good car seat

Looks great! fits into a small car with the narrow and elevated base. Recommend to somebody who has very small back seats

Terry Rangely, CO

Love it

I love this seat I recived it on time like it said I have a britax marathon 70 from 2011 that I had bought for my first who is still using hers she will be 3 soon still has lot room they have improved even more on this seat the harness shoulder pads are longer now they improved the buckle belly pad so that it stays forward evey time u get ur child out which I do love that it stays in place forward whole lot better then the older one because they bunch up or end up moving around I plan o buy one these belly pads for my first childs seat they also improved the extra padding support for the younger baby’s now they have it as a lil seat they sit on instead of having it behind there backs so I love this one it also is pretty thick and soft and comfy feeling they improved all the stickers on the side there a lot better this seat is vey nice the seat itself is very well padded easy to adjust every thing easy to install u can also go on britax website they will show u how to install it on a video I love britax convertible car seats I will always buy them for my children if I need to oh and im hearing people say that some of there harness straps are short but I don’t see how they would be on this seat there is just as much harness strap as on my older britax

Rowena Lohrville, IA

Really like it

Of course, I haven’t been in a car accident (thank God) to test the safety of the car seat, but I really like it. Appearance-wise, it is very sturdy. Also, it was a BREEZE to install. I was actually going to pay $50 to have this professionally installed in my car, but thought I would try it myself first. I have Dodge Charger; a sort of bigger car, and this fits perfectly, rear facing, in the middle backseat. I made sure I adjusted everything to my baby (straps, recline, etc) before I put it in the car. This also made things easier. Then, all I did was strap the LATCH connectors in and made sure they were nice and tight. After installing, the car seat moves extremely minimally, which made me feel even better. I’m so glad I did it myself instead of paying someone! I’m also happy that this car seat will last my now 7-month old for awhile. Very good purchase and also a very good price on Amazon.

Liliana Navesink, NJ

Less baby sweat!

We bought this car seat because our baby is a sweater and in the infant seat. We were going on a trip to Alabama in the summer and knew if she was hot, we would all be miserable.The first day I installed it (easy install) i was STUNNED that the "lap" belt is actually an upper thigh belt. I immediately text my friend that has one and started googling just knowing i installed it wrong. I was assured by my friend that is the way theirs fits too and google told me that it was safer than a lap belt due to internal organ damage in the event of a wreck. Ok, I suppose I can see that…It took me a little while to get used to belting across the upper thighs but the baby didn’t seem to care the first time or any other time.We have to use rolled up swaddle blankets on the sides to help keep her in the middle of the seat. I definitely think it would be great for wider babies. Ours is rather skinny so the swaddle blankets seem to help.

Sheree Jeffrey City, WY

great car seat

Just upgraded from the infant Britax Chaperone to this G4 model and we love it. It seems more comfortable and plush and looks nice. There are much more extensive reviews on Amazon, just wanted to reiterate that it has met our expectations.

Aileen Stump Creek, PA


Cant go wrong with Britax. We love the Marathon style because our back row is narrow

Mari Ash Fork, AZ

Worth the Price to go for the More Expensive Seat

When my daughter outgrew her infant seat we purchased another, less expensive convertible car seat. I know that all the care seats have to meet the same safety standards so I was hesitant to spend a ton of money if they are all about the same. Boy was I wrong! My daughter hated the other car seat almost instantly, it was difficult to install, and the straps always dug into her neck (even with pads). I finally decided to break down and buy one of the more expensive car seats and I don’t regret it all. My daughter, who is 1.5, is now so much more comfortable and can actually fall asleep in the seat without her poor head bobbing all of the place. The padding is soft, the straps easily adjust for height and tightness, the strap pads that come with the seat are soft and removable. The seat is also a breeze to install and didn’t require any extra padding or adjustments to get it to fit in my car. I would say that this car seat is definitely worth the money!

Lilian Steeles Tavern, VA

Great seat!

I have a 2011 ford edge and it fits perfectly with extra space for my son to tilt back.I have it rear facing for now but should be switching it soon.I had another brand and it was so hard to snap and unsnap him. Also I really like the bottom cover it protects the snap and it keeps the belt from scratching his little legs.

Beth Sunray, TX

Officially a Britax convert

Love the updated Britax Marathon! I already have a Britax Marathon 70 for my older daughter and have been very satisfied. The G4 version is even better. The material is easier to clean (although can get a little chilly on very cold days, so use a piddle pad or similar) and there is extra padding around the crotch strap. I was worried the pink giraffe print would be too much, but it really isn’t once you see it up close. Even better – the pricing on Amazon is hard to beat.

Callie Poulan, GA

Great Car Seat

Great quality. Between my husband and I plus the grandparents we now own 4 of these carseats. My child is very tall for his age its fits him great. It can be used for a small child easily as well.

Marian Morris, PA

Baby and mama love it

I currently have a Recaro ProRIDE for my daughter. Our decision was based on ratings and price. We were going back and forth between the Recaro and a Britax. When I saw it on the Vine newsletter, I had to get it. Now I’m wishing I had gone with the Britax earlier! It is so plush and comfortable but it doesn’t sacrifice safety for looks. My 8 month old is still an infant so I was happy to see an infant cushion to make it more comfortable and secure for him. The headrest and straps are easy to adjust with one hand. It is a little more challenging to adjust when it is already installed in the car but not impossible. The seat was easy to install in the car, following the instructions. (Note: I drive an SUV so I have more room to work with.) I love how high up it is so my little one can look out the window. And he looks so snug in it. Fortunately, we have not had to test the safety of the seat and I hope we never do but I definitely have peace of mind knowing that he is secure in a strong, well-made car seat.

Winifred Barnesville, MD