Britax Parkway SG Booster Car Seat, Matrix

Britax Parkway SG Booster Car Seat, Matrix

Featuring an innovative design and industry leading technology the Britax Parkway SG Booster Seat keeps your child safe and secure during car rides The seat s True Side Impact Protection and SecureGuard anti submarining technology manage crash forces and minimize injury to your child during a crash Appropriate for children from to pounds the seat s narrow footprint allows you to fit three across in most cars ideal for many of today s small to mid sized vehicles

Main features

  • Booster child height and weight: 38″ – 63″, approx 40 – 120 pounds
  • Seated shoulder height with backrest: 21″
  • True side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body and keeps the head, neck and spine in true or aligned, to limit injury
  • Secure guard works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt portion of the safety belt during impact, thus minimizing the risk of abdominal injury
  • Higher forward-facing booster seat capacity allows older children to remain in a belt positioning booster to 120 pounds

Verified reviews


A Bit Disappointed

I’m a certified child passenger safety technician so when I had the chance to try the new Britax Parkway Slide Guard, I was thrilled. I know child restraints inside and out.Britax has been talking for over a year about this seat and how it will fit children up to 120 lbs and how it will have the slide guard mechanism. In a crash, forward facing occupants do what is called submarining. This is when the hips slide forward in a crash causing the lap belt to ride up over the lower abdomen. The slide guard mechanism is intended to eliminate that, thereby reducing internal injuries in children. Thankfully, I wasn’t in a crash with the seat so I can’t rate that, but knowing Britax and their extensive testing, it probably does a very good job.One of the selling points of the Parkway Slide Guard was that it was more narrow and would make fitting three across a back seat easier. I just happen to have one of the old Parkways to compare it to, and the two seats are identical widths. So, I don’t see how this seat can fit three across any better than the old Parkway.I had my daughter try out the seat for comfort and fit. She is almost 10, but is small for her age (57 lbs 51 inches). She fit well in the seat, but her first comment was, “This is uncomfortable.” The webbing that holds the slide guard mechanism comes out of the seat in an inverted “V” shape. This causes the webbing to press into the inner thighs of the child. My very thin child complained about this. I would imagine it would be worse for a heavier child who had larger thighs.There are some good things about the seat. Once adjusted to the correct length, the slide guard mechanism was very easy to position on the seatbelt correctly. It is also a very nicely padded seat. Britax has never before had a booster that converts to a backless booster so this is a nice change there. Also, the seat is taller than the older Parkways which is a definite bonus. In the old Parkway, my daughter is four notches from the bottom. On the Parkway Slide Guard, she is two notches and would have years of growth room.All said and done, it is an okay booster, but certainly not what I expected after all the hype over the past year. If Britax would modify the webbing on the slide guard mechanism, that would be a huge benefit.Added 5/13/2010Britax has now said that you can remove the slide guard from this seat and use it as a standard booster. If that had been an option when I did my original review, I would have given it a better rating so it is important to note. The slide guard is still recommended, just not required.

Nettie Asbury Park, NJ

Returned item!

We bought 2 of these to replace our beloved Britax Starriser Comfy but these were too high in the seat so didn’t fit in the 3rd row with older kids (which is who they’re made for), too bulky and MADE IN CHINA!!!!!We returned these. I’m glad I bought from Amazon since they have the BEST return policy online!!!!!

Carole Nolanville, TX

Britax is still the best

One thing I’ve noticed about many other brands of booster seats is how light and insubstantial they seem. Not so with Britax – as with their car seats this booster seat is solid protection. It’s a heavy, solid seat but also well padded and contoured for comfort. The built-in slide guard helps ensure that your child can’t slip underneath the belt and out of the seat which is I think the best feature. The back is removable for when your child gets to that stage/age where they no longer need such a large booster seat.We’ve loved using the Britax car seats and are happy to move up to their booster seat now, both for the safety and comfort it provides.

Katharine Shamokin, PA

Innovative design

Britax Parkway Slide Guard is a recent (as of Sept 09) replacement for the old Britax Parkway Booster. While a new design it roughly about the same size as the old Parkway Booster, sitting just an inch or two taller. In most ways it is a normal booster: it elevates the child so that your car’s lap and shoulder belt fit correctly. Like most high end boosters it includes energy absorbing foam and the design helps stabilize the head and spine during a collision reducing the chance of injury. Where it differs from the old Parkway and the competition is the “Slide Guard” – a clip that sits between the legs that turns your standard three-point seatbelt into a four-point seatbelt. Your regular lap belt just threads into the clip (something you or your child must do each time they buckle up). The point is to keep children from sliding under the lap belt in a crash (this happens a lot and can result in abdominal injuries). This is a feature you won’t find in the top rated (by Consumer Reports) Graco Turbobooster or the Recaro Start and to me it is the main selling point (CR doesn’t have a review for the Britax yet). It has a downside in that it’s slightly more complicated than a normal seatbelt. Older children won’t have trouble with this but younger children will need some help.I love it: I had no trouble with installing it, or getting my son strapped in. He’s not quite old enough to be trusted with getting it on correctly so it takes a little more time to get him in his seat properly. If you’ve got a lot of kids to get into car seats this could be a deal breaker for you. If you have a smaller child or one who slouches down in their seat, the additional harness connect could be a life saver.Here are the basic specs:
• Weight range: 40 120-pounds
• Height range: 38″-63″
• Armrests (note that they are fixed in place and can’t be adjusted)
• Headrest helps support the head and neck during a crach
• Narrow Footprint allows for 3-across seating in some cars
• Removable back converts to a backless booster
• Cup Holders on each side
• Color-Coded Vehicle Belt Guides indicate the path and positioning of the vehicle seat belt
• High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion the child
• Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) absorbs and distributes crash forcesYou can get this information and see videos on the Britax web site. I’d suggest doing that before you buy since this isn’t quite your typical design.

Brenda Cushing, IA

Nice booster, but not perfect.

I’ve been a bit of a car seat fanatic since before my first child was conceived (she’s nearly 8). In that time I have tested out lots of seats and done side by side comparisons of the features each seat offers. Britax and Graco are two of my favorite brands of car seats. Both generally offer ease of use and adequately cushioned and comfortable seats. When it comes to five point harness convertible seats, Britax has always been my brand of choice. Once you experience the superior design, impact protection, luxurious fabrics and incredible ease of use, most other seats on the market simply don’t compare.In the past, I have not been impressed with many elements on Britax booster seats. Four and a half years ago the ease of use when compared to the Graco high back Turbo Booster was dismal, and the comfort level was lacking as well. I was hopeful when the Britax Parkway Slide Guard was offered to me for review as part of the Amazon Vine Program that things might have changed for the better. I am pleased to say that in many ways Britax has improved on their booster seats. Because I have been using Graco Turbo Booster seats for my oldest child for four and a half years, I’m going to give you the pros and cons of the Britax Parkway when compared to the Graco Turbo Booster.Overall the Britax Parkway SG is a very nicely designed seat. In many ways it is much nicer than the Turbo Booster, but I did take issue with it on a few minor points. I ran the seat through my usual critical scrutiny and asked my daughters ages 4 and nearly 8 to give me their input on the seat. For the most part they both liked the seat. The 4 year old found nothing wrong with the seat, other than the fact that she is 1 1/2 pounds too light to be able to ride in this seat, but I didn’t let that stop me from sizing her up in it in the garage since she meets the minimum height requirement. My older child took issue with the seat on two points. She did not like the “Slide Guard” safety feature that prevents your child from “submarining” in a crash. I can’t say I blame her since she has ridden in a seat without strap between her legs for over four years now. She also was disappointed in the arm rests. They’re smaller than the arm rests that are found on the Turbo Booster, and they’re not adjustable. Because of this the arm rests are about an inch or two two low for her to be able to put her elbows on them (and this is a child who is only 49 inches tall-it would be worse for a taller child), and they are are not long enough to even make it to her wrist. Those two features left my daughter feeling disappointed.I took issue with Britax’s claim that this was a thinner profile seat that would allow you to put three seats in the back seat. I tested this out in my van with two Graco Turbo Booster (which by the way, are about 2 inches thinner widthwise). If you’re not going to be buckling the kids into the seats, you can fit three across, but if you actually want to secure the kids in the seats (And, why wouldn’t you?) there is probably no way you are going to fit three of this seat in your car’s back seat.I also had a problem with the slide guard. I tried it out in three different seat positions in my minivan. If you have a seatbelt that has one of those little plastic button things that keep the buckle from sliding all the way to the end of the belt, you may not be able to properly use the slide guard with the seat belt as the opening on the slide guard is too narrow to accommodate it. Because of this, I only have two possible seats in my car out of five that the seat can be used.Assembly (putting the seat back on the seat base) was a snap. It took me no more than one minute. Assembly took merely seconds more than the Graco Turbo Booster, but unlike the Turbo Booster, it doesn’t fall apart easily. The Parkway is a seat that you can easily carry from one car to the next and not have to worry that the base is going to detach from the seat back in transit (a scenario that I have witnessed many times).Adjusting the head rest is a snap. Much like the Turbo Booster, all you need to do is squeeze and pull or push, depending on whether you are raising or lowering the headrest and the adjustment is done. That alone is a huge improvement on past Britax booster models.The fabric on the seat is very nice (the Turbo Booster simply can’t compete on this point). The printed fabric is a smoother material that you could easily wipe clean. The solid black fabric is a velvety plush. It’s a thicker pile that the material you find on most Britax Marathon seats. The seat pad is thick and cushiony.The foam beneath the seat pad is nice and firm. It will comfortably support a larger child. My four year old tells me the seat is just as comfortable as her Britax Marathon. Given how soft and cushy that seat is, I think that says a lot.The cup holders are a nice touch and they appear to be slightly roomier than the Graco Turbo Booster’s. I did find that they’re a little stiff sliding in and out. My 8 year old had difficulty getting the cup holders to slide out, and my 4 year old couldn’t get them out at all.The high back for the booster got two thumbs up from both of my daughters. Both said it was comfortable and neither one complained of the sides obstructing their view. The high impact foam is thicker on this seat than the impact foam found on the Turbo Booster. It is the typical higher quality that I have come to expect from Britax over the years. The slide guard is easy to adjust (when the child is out of the seat) and easy to attach to the lap portion of the seat belt.Since kids can be messy and seat covers need to be washed from time to time, I decided to see how difficult it is to take off the cover and reattach it. If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself in this nightmare of wrestling with a seat to get the cover off or on. Some seats are a breeze while others make you want to rip out your hair. I’m pleased to tell you that it is a pretty simple job. It only took a few minutes to take the cover off and replace it. The cover itself is hand wash and line dry.In all, the Britax Parkway SG is a very nice booster seat. I’m annoyed that the designers didn’t put a little more thought into the opening on the slide guard. If they had made it a smidge bigger, it would have been able to handle the issue I mentioned about about the seat belts. The great thing about the slide guard is it ensures that the lap belt does not ride up on your child’s abdomen, which could cause severe internal injuries in a car crash. I’m actually surprised that it has taken this many years for any of the car seat manufacturers to come out with something like this for the booster seats. I like the added safety feature, but I wish it had a wider opening. The arm rests and the slide guard openings are the reasons why I only gave this seat 4 stars. Adjustable arm rests that are a bit longer, and a more thoughtfully designed slide guard would have easily made this a 5 star booster seat.

Dixie River Forest, IL

It’s New and Improved…but Not Quite There Yet

First let me saying being the mom of four, I have car seats in all shapes and sizes…they have replaced shoes and purses in my house and wallet. With that being said, I was happy to try out this new and supposedly improved Parkway booster seat, especially since I own the previous model. At first glace, the seats look very similar. Of course the newer Parkway is sleeker and looks to have more foam.The first difference I noticed was the slide guard. When I read about it, I thought this idea was ingenious. However, when I put the seat in action and my daughters had to use the slide guard, it was not as seamless as I would have liked. I like the older version of the Parkway because my daughters can strap themselves in without any problems. The slide guard was a bit of a learning curve for them-especially when my 6 year old tried it, and depending on your vehicle, the seat belts don’t always work all that great with it. The other problem I noticed was my daughters complained about the thing between their legs rubbing on their thighs. It’s still pretty warm here so with shorts it’s not that great, but my girls wear a lot of dresses too and doing church and trying to fasten that thing is not all that cool. doing a crotch strap on a toddler is one thing, but on a 6 and 8 year old it’s another.The seat seems to be the same size as the previous Parkway model…I mean I have them side by side and they are definitely the same width, the new Parkway is taller. I love the fact that this Parkway model can become a backless booster as well.I have to agree with other reviewers that I cannot see how this seat can sit three across the back of a car AND still be able to fit your hand between them to fasten the actual seat belt. The arm rests are too small and the cup holders are alright…not too impressed with those either.All in all, it’s a great seat, but I am not totally convinced that this seat other than the fact that the base detaches to be a backless booster is much better than the original Parkway. Plus, I like the idea of the slide guard in theory, but in real life practice I am not sure it performs all that great.

Ophelia Desmet, ID

Very sturdy upgrade from Graco Turbo booster.

SUMMARY: Very nice product. Anti submarining clip makes the seat safer though less convenient and comfortable. Safer, but hard to say if most people will prefer it over the much less expensive Graco Turbo Booster.REVIEW:The Britax Parkway SG is very similar in design, form and function to the Graco turbo boosters from the adjustable back to the slide out cupholders on each side. We have three of the Graco boosters and have been very happy with them. With three kids and two cars and work experience in automotive safety, we’re very much on top of the car seats.One notable difference is the “Slide Guard” (Britax’s name for their “Anti-Submarine Clip.” This is a heavy buckle which attaches to the lap belt in between the child’s legs, basically making a 3 point harness into a 5 point harness and prevents the child from sliding under their lap belt in a severe accident, or “Submarining”While this clip eliminates the possiblity of submarining and reduces the likelyhood the child is out of position during an accident, it reduces comfort and conveneince. Our 3 year old can buckle herself in with the Graco, with the Britax, we have to assist her to get the slide guard buckle correctly positioned. We hope she will learn to do this herself soon.How necessary is this? A quick search seems to indicate that submarining in a booster does not appear to be a mahor issue IF the occupant is properly seated and IF the booster is properly installed. That said, the fact that this prevents squirmy kids from getting out of the proper seating position, I’d have to say that it represents a worthwhile upgrade in safety.Britax advertises “True Side impact protection” I have to assume that Britax used some more stringent test to make this claim, but have to discount it since they don’t indicate what requirement they meet. Note: the Graco has energy absorbing foam in the headrest, the Britax does not.LIKES: Nicer fabric, Sturdy, stays in one piece when transferring from one car to another, “Slide Guard” feature add safety. “True Side Impact Protection” assumed to provide additional protection over the Graco product.DISLIKES: ~Twice the price, armrests are very short and not adjustable. Larger overall than Graco seat.Full disclosure: I received this seat through the Amazon Vine program.If you’ve found this review helpful, please let me know!

Cora Unity House, PA

Quality booster seat.

Booster seats are new to me. They didn’t have ones like this when my kids were small (the youngest is 30). Looking at the weight and height limits for this one makes me chuckle. One of mine could have used this until she went to college! I now have grandchildren, so the importance of having the safest equipment to keep them secure is important to me. Since I pick up my grandson occasionally and we usually use my car for a 4 – 5 hour trip to visit other family, I have my own car restraints. My only objection to the one I have now that uses the LATCH system is it can’t easily be removed and replaced as needed, so it stays in my car all of the time.The Britax booster does not use the LATCH system, just the seat belt/shoulder harness system in the car. On one hand, it will be nice to be able to remove the seat when it isn’t needed, but on the other hand, I feel the LATCH system feels more secure. It is a well padded seat and looks like it will be comfortable for the long trips. I do like the cup holders, but I doubt that kids can pull them out while sitting in the seat. I would suggest pulling them out after you have buckled them in. The arm rests also look very low. I have a feeling they are to keep the lap belt low more than to be used as arm rests. That would be a more critical function.When I pulled this seat out of the box, I was concerned when there were no directions. A card to send in in case of recall is attached to the seat. I hoped the directions printed on the seat were clear. I turned the base over to see the directions and low and behold, the instruction booklet has a place to be stored on the bottom of the seat. Since I have a tendency to forget where I have filed instructions, I am glad to have a place like this to keep them. Britax really thinks of everything.

Kelli Platter, OK

Simpleton says “Its Great!”

I am not a certified car seat installer. I just have 2 kids, one that is currently using a Turbo Booster and has had no complaints about it.I have been coveting the Britax booster for a while now. So when I was able to test it, I am downright giddy. Thus far, we are very pleased. The seat is soft and much more padded than the Graco TurboBooster. I love the headrest that comes out further, as it gives my daughter a place to rest her head against when she wants to. I have had no problem feeding the seat belt through the guides, although will fully admit to not using that slide guard. Whoops.The one drawback to this seat is the arm rests. They are just too low and way to small to be effective. In reality, if they are not there for safety reasons, there is no need to have them at all.My daughter is more than happy with the new seat which we are keeping for the long haul. (She is 48 inches and 58lbs, for anyone who would like to know her size).

Lessie Alcove, NY

Great Booster Seat!

Be aware, that this is not a full car seat; but a booster seat for larger toddlers and kids. Otherwise everything about it is top-notch, as you would expect from Britax. The fabric, fit and finish are very high quality. However, the unit I received was made in China, so FYI for folks who are concerned about these things.

Dorthy Gibson, LA

Not the best high back booster

My 4.5 year old was finally moving to a "big girl" seat in my car and wanted out of her Convertible carseat. She was way too tall anyways for it and my son who was 6 months at the time fit perfectly into it. So had to get her a booster.I knew I wanted a high back and this one came pretty highly rated. The one thing I totally missed in every review is that there is no safety hinges for the tethering to the car seat itself. I am totally unsure how I missed that.The carseat itself is very cute, very easy to clean and install. It does not tether so it just sits on top of the seat, which is scary. Both of our cars have leather and she slides everywhere. I finally purchased a pad and she no longer slips around in it.I like everything else about the seat, just the tethering part scares me more then anything.I had to purchase another booster for my husband’s car and went with the Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System which we love. It was not only cheaper, but it had the tethers!If I could do it over I would purchase the Graco over the Britax. Sad too, my infant seat and both convertibles were Britax and we loved those.

Inez Albion, RI

Works like it was designed to do but still 4 stars

Even though it does what it’s supposed to do, secure your child in your car/van/truck I couldn’t give it an entire 5 stars. My son is 6, tall and lanky but doesn’t have the suggested weight that’s required for him to be out of a booster seat. After reading the reviews and thoroughly investigating numerous car seats we decided on this one. It wasn’t too expensive and got glowing reviews from almost everyone. I must say that this is my second car seat purchase after buying my very first one when he was a new born because it’s a requirement to have a car seat when leaving the hospital. We’re New Yorkers who recently moved to Colorado so were either in cabs, riding the subway or using the bus. Here in Colorado I had to buy a vehicle. I ended up getting a Dodge Grand Caravan and this seat fits in the bucket seats and the back seat very well. There was no problem setting it up. Installation was SUPER EASY!! My son is secure in the seat and I feel better that the lap seat is also included. He knows how to buckle himself in and we always buckle up before leaving the garage. The reason I gave 4 stars is that it tends to lean to the sides at times when we turn. He has complained a few times that he’s leaning when turning corners etc. I’ve checked and rechecked and still can’t find what’s causing it to do that, not sure if that will be a problem in a crash but I’m hoping that it won’t. I plan on contacting Britax to see what can be done about that. Besides that slight issue I’d recommend getting this seat. I’m currently pregnant with my daughter’s due date being February 5 so I went ahead and got the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat, Red being extremely satisfied with the Britax brand.

Carey Dickinson, TX

You do need a booster seat. No, really.

• Booster seats in General
• This is another one of those things that falls into the “they didn’t have this when I was a kid” category, however that should not stop you from underestimating its necessity of efficacy. The problem is that normal seatbelts are designed for full sized adults. The shoulder belt which goes across the chest of an adult, goes across the neck of a child. The lap belt which goes across the hips of an adult, goes across the belly of a child, and can cause injuries to internal organs (liver, spleen, etc.) in a crash. The booster seat just gives a child a few extra inches of lift so that they’re positioned properly and the seatbelt can do its job. The NHTSA recommends booster seats for children from ages 4-8, unless they’re 4’9. It is also required by law in 38 states and DC. (With more probably coming). Although I’m getting different numbers from different places, most places I’ve seen claim that the use of a booster seat can reduce child injuries by 50%-70%. Certainly something that you’d want for your kids.
• Britax
• Britax has been making car seats for years, and they have a solid reputation for making the best and safest stuff in the biz.
• This booster seat
• Thankfully I haven’t been in an accident with this eat (and hope I never am), so I can’t review it from what is ironically the most important aspect, but I can tell you that it fits snugly and certainly seems to secure the occupant properly. The installation instructions are simple and clear. The only downside is that it is a little high, so in a mid sized sedan (2000 Toyota Corolla if you’re curious), it does block a little bit of the view, but it’s about the same amount as you would have with a tall passenger in the back seat.

Georgina Halbur, IA

booster car seat

now my 6 year old daughter is on this and she likes it. steady but light weight, like the color too.

Lorraine Fishing Creek, MD

Very happy

I’m very happy with this booster seat; we bought two; one for each car. I like that it includes the slide guard for extra safety, but it is difficult to use. I’d like to see Britax try to redesign it so it attaches to the car’s seat belt more easily somehow. I find myself not using it on short trips because of its difficulty, which I know I shouldn’t do.

Sierra Pottersville, NJ

Nice – but could be better

I was shopping for a booster seat for my 5-yr-old (45″ and 41 lbs) who had outgrown her Evenflo Generations seat. At first, I was figuring on buying a Graco Turbobooster or the like, but then I actually felt them in-store and I just didn’t want to put my child in something so flimsy, especially when there was the Britax Parkway nearby!ProsThe headwings on the Parkway are so sturdy and so well designed – they keep my daughter’s head up when she falls asleep on long trips. I really like that it has side-impact protection (something a backless booster, such as her Evenflo Amp that we only use when we fly and don’t want to lug a bigger seat, just can’t compete with). The fabric on the seat is beautiful and seems comfy. I also feel that she is very secure in the seat (when properly belted, see below). Since she was previously harnessed (and is still harnessed in the Britax Frontier we have in my husband’s car), she doesn’t at all mind the slide guard between her legs. She also likes the “magic” cupholders that can be retracted into the bottom of the seat.ConsUsability. It’s so difficult to get her properly locked in this seat, as compared to a harness seat (with which she is able to secure herself). The belts get twisted up easily, the seat belt clasp always seems to be difficult to reach (even when there is an empty seat next to it – which is not always the case), the armrests are so low, that when my dad puts her in – he sometimes runs the seat belt over them. After I assist my daughter in getting belted in, I pull the bottom belt snug (it has to be loose when securing the slide guard, and getting it snug after it’s latched is not an easy task with the low armrests) and then take up the slack in the top belt in order to get a secure fit. I would be afraid to let my child secure herself, as I believe this last step is essential in making this seat safe.I do feel that when properly belted, this is a safe seat. I am very glad that I purchased a Frontier for my husband’s car – as he is less detail oriented and would likely have our daughter improperly secured in her Parkway. I’m not sure if I would purchase this seat again – over a Graco Turbobooster, yes – however, I may spend the extra $ and buy another Frontier if the choice arises again.

Janna Starlight, PA

Nice seat, the submarining clip is an essential feature

Like some of the other reviewers have posted, I was more concered with my son’s safety than the comfort of the seat. As an infant, we had a Britax and it always worked well. When he got older, we switched to a Graco booster and I never felt that it was as secure. The seat wobbled, he could reach out and move too much, and there was no submarining clip.So last week, I bought the Britax seat. I’m so glad I did. The seat is much more secure, stays in place, doesn’t wobble, and best of all, the submarining clip between his legs means that he won’t slip under the seat belt during an accident. I’m much more pleased with the quality than my other booster (which was cheaper) but when it comes to child safety, you get what you pay for. From now on, I’m sticking with Britax.

Kathy Moyie Springs, ID

Nice booster seat

I got this an extra seat so my daughter could ride in our second car without us having to move the Britax Marathon, which can be kind of a pain. She’s tall enough for it and just meets the weight requirement. She seems to fit in it well. When my son needed a booster a few years ago, the Britax models were too narrow for him. My daughter is slender compared to him and I think that is why this seat is a good fit for her.It was simple to assemble by sliding the back on the base and snapping it in place. It is lightweight and easy to put in the car. The padding is comfortable and the pattern is very nice. It has two arm rests, but they are short and a bit too low for my daughter to use. She does really like the cup holders. There is one on each side, so if you have a car seat next to this booster and it blocks the holder on that side, you can use the other. They are difficult for my daughter to pull out though if she is already seated; she pulls them out before climbing in. Her other complaint is that the slide guard bothers her legs. It is an inverted V and the straps press or rub against her thighs, particularly if she’s wearing shorts. I think it is a nice safety feature to have though and I don’t mind putting up with a few of her comments.It’s designed for her to use with or without the back for a long time, so I’m sure we will get a lot of use out of this seat. Overall, it does the job and I am very pleased.

Lacey Gerton, NC